EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis) It seems that the “collective West” so-called “leadership” has reached a desperate state of affairs, where every dissenting voice has to be “canceled”, every opposition, ideological and political, has tobe suppressed.  In the latest episode of such an effort, the Vatican’s “courts” called AB Vigano for a trial regarding “public statements that show a denial of points necessary for the preservation of communion with the Catholic Church.” Let me make a wild guess: This episode will further raise his reputation and the love of the faithful towards AB Vigano to the highest point…


source – ncronline.org

Archbishop Viganò says he faces schism charges from Vatican’s doctrinal office

By Christopher White

In the weeks following Viganò’s 2018 attack against Francis, many bishops’ conferences around the globe issued statements specifically denouncing the former nuncio. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops did not and more than two dozen U.S. bishops issued statements of support for Viganò at the time.

In October 2021, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the then-head of the Vatican’s Congregation for Bishops, penned a fiery response to Viganò charging him with carrying out a “political frame job” and labeling his actions as “extremely immoral.”

More recently, in 2022, Italy’s military chaplain, Archbishop Santo Marciano, published an open letter to Viganò condemning his spread of conspiracy theories.

In his June 20 blog post, Viganò said he considered the charges brought against him to be an “honor,” adding that Vatican II is a “moral and liturgical cancer of which the Bergoglian ‘synodal church’ is a necessary metastasis.”

A representative from the Vatican’s doctrinal office did not immediately respond to NCR’s request for comment. The decree states that if Viganò remains unresponsive through June 28, he will be sentenced in absentia.

According to the church’s Code of Canon Law, the charge of schism is punishable by excommunication.


  1. The Pope thinks he’s Merrick Garland and the DOJ! Archbishop Vigano is one of the bravest Bishops who speaks the truth and he will be punished. Another great injustice and more propagated lies about religious freedom, rituals and religiosity behind big organized religion. Living a cloistered life is a mental disease. It is not natural for men or women to live with the same sex where they are isolated, for a cloistered, monastic life leads to delusional thinking when all you have surrounding you are other yes men and women.

    • Jane, thanks for the great research as usual! The article written by Vigano is real. It is honest. It is truthful. I respect this man of God immensely for what and how he speaks in love directly to his people. This man is of great faith!

      Let’s be honest, the global church movement all boils down to the money grab going on between all the big religious institutions for warm seats. The Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church’s are not the only big religious institutions which are losing patrons by significant numbers and missing out on the lucrative tithes and offerings which go along with the expensive church “club” memberships which helps to support them locally, nationally and internationally. Never mind about what percentage of money taken in by each church annually actually stays within the local church or community, verses what is sent to the archdiocese to support the over bloated hierarchal system. The story is the same, be it the Greek Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church, The Episcopalian Church, etc.,

      The whole Global movement is about big religion and their special interests: pandering to an unrestrained group of Hispanic migrants and other alphabet people minority groups to help fill not only the seats and the pews, but more importantly, the coffers which are running dangerously low which are needed to support the upper management keeping them comfortable in their grandiose unholy palaces, condos, homes and edifices which they have built as monuments to themselves.

      Yes religion, believe it or not, has hurt, repelled and alienated a LOT of people. Many church goers are not well versed in God’s written Word or the Bible. These immense religious institutions are church based, not Bible based meaning, there are no Bibles in the pews, the services are ritualistic which leave little room if at all, from which to deviate. If you miss a couple weeks of attendance, it’s likely you didn’t miss much at all. So why then, shall one even bothering going to church at all? Well, I think that question has clearly been already validated and answered! With most church services not being led by the gift of the Holy Spirit within the Pastor or Priest, churches get bogged down in the dogma of theology as scholars of religion. They forget what propelled them to the Priesthood from the beginning and they stop teaching.

      People today are looking for more substance from our community churches. You can say the church has basically failed us as a Christians. The pandering we are seeing today is just another mis-step by these big institutions which have moved so far off the beaten path of God’s Word, cannons and laws one can barely recognize what religion they actually represent.

      Archbishop Vigano speaks to an audience who thirsts to be fed by the Word of God. When the big church institutions of today wake up sometime down the road (if ever), they will realize that their “calling” to the priesthood was not an anointing but a big yank from the anti-christ.

      • Margaret, you stated clearly what needs to be said and shared by all. Might I add that non profit status has given government control of churches. Thank you for wise words.

        • You’re exactly right on that too Jane. I think at this point, many churches are trying to “undo” what was done by revoking their non- profit status…It’s not an easy process, but it can be done. So be it! Or, at the very least somehow separate the non-profit entity from the profit entity, so that the church can still somehow benefit and the taxpayer will still receive credit.

          However, I’m not quite that convinced that this is the ultimate goal of the wealthy governing elites as this will prevent THEM from donating their money to the “just” causes they believe in order to manipulate and gain the system. The “system” can simply be the IRS and a deduction on one’s taxes for charitable contributions and not the true nature of why churches actually do exist, which is to bring people to repentance, save souls and bring sinners to salvation. Where then, will the uber rich elites be able to funnel their money to avoid paying taxes to the government if, the government takes away the non-profit status of any 501c3?
          Thank you.

          • Margaret, you asked where will the Uber rich funnel their money to avoid paying taxes to the government if, the government takes away the non-profit status of any 501c3?

            The Uber rich billionaires currently funnel their money in the non profit Republican and Democrat Party as well as countless other charities and foundations. I don’t know how this will play out by 2030 because the central banks all over the globe are working furiously on rolling out digital currencies. It’s in flux but all coming together. I will post two links I read today about this question you asked.

            Hold on…I will get those links and post them in another comment here for you.


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