EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis).  Helleniscope’s friends Jim Giatras and George Michalopulos sent us comments on the absurdity of this story: Turkey forced the Swiss organizers to remove Pat. Bartholomew’s signature from the official statement of the so-called”Peace” Summit in Switzerland, “because Bartholomew was there as an observer only”.  Well, the Patriarch who contributed to the violence in Ukraine has no place in any Peace summit to begin with!!

My personal feeling is that we are living the last days of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.  Decades of decadence by corrupt, degenerate and faithless “hierarchs” led by a more corrupt and degenerate Bartholomew have led us to this pathetic phase… Yes, I know the prophesies about Constantinople – these prophesies do not say much about the Patriarchate though...


source – middeasteye.net

Orthodox patriarchate removed from Ukraine statement after Turkey protests

Ukraine and Switzerland release new list of signatories to peace communique after Ankara asked for explanation

The organisers of the Ukraine peace summit, held earlier this month in Switzerland, have removed the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Eastern Orthodox Church from the list of signatories following protests from Turkey.

Despite Patriarch Bartholomew attending the summit, which took place on 15-16 June, only as an observer, his signature on the communique sparked outrage in Turkey several days after the conclusion of the conference.

Numerous opposition publications labelled the incident as “scandalous”, claiming it violated Turkish sovereignty and the Lausanne Treaty, even while Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan was in attendance.

As ecumenical patriarch, Bartholomew is considered by many as the head of the Orthodox Church. The patriarchate is based in Istanbul, where it was founded in the fourth century, when the city was known as Constantinople.

However, Ankara does not recognise the patriarchate’s “ecumenical” title under the Lausanne Treaty, which recognised the sovereignty and the boundaries of the modern state of Turkey.

Turkey treats the body overseeing over 200 million Orthodox Christians in Greece, Russia, Ukraine, the Americas and other regions as a local head of the Orthodox Church, which may be represented internationally only with government consent.

Last week, the Turkish foreign ministry officially requested an explanation from Switzerland.

A Turkish diplomatic source disclosed that the patriarchate was not among the signatories when Ankara initially signed the communique. The communique emphasised that Ukraine’s “territorial integrity” should be the foundation for a peace agreement with Russia and called for Kyiv to enter into dialogue with Moscow to end the war.

“The patriarchate was added to the list days after the summit,” the source told Middle East Eye, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The source added that Switzerland and Ukraine had to release a new list on Tuesday following pressure from Ankara, removing the patriarchate from the signatories. The Swiss foreign ministry website, however, didn’t place the action under the “changes to the list of supporters since the first publication”.

The website only added that: “The Ecumenical Patriarchate attended the Summit as observer and supports the principles set forth in the Joint Communiqué.”

Israel in attendance

The source also said that Turkey had expressed its displeasure with the event, for other reasons, to the summit’s organisers while it was still ongoing.

Fidan was scheduled to co-moderate a panel on food security on the second day of the summit, but he did not attend the session after learning that Israel and the Greek Cyprus administration were also participating.

Turkey says Cyprus has become a military base targeting Gaza

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Turkey doesn’t recognise Cyprus, after a 1974 Turkish military intervention divided the island into two zones.

“Fidan only attended the main session, delivered his speech, and then left the building, returning to Turkey the same evening,” the source added.

Ukraine values the presence of the patriarchate, due to a religious dispute with Moscow. Ukrainian churches have been under the authority of the Russian Orthodox Church leaders in Moscow for centuries. But in 2019, Patriarch Bartholomew signed a decree granting independence to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, marking a historic split from the Russian Church.

In a speech during the summit, Bartholomew stated that the patriarchate established the Ukrainian church as a self-governing ecclesiastical entity, independent of the Patriarchate of Moscow, to meet the needs of Ukrainian Orthodox Christians.

“And we did this – against all odds and at all costs – because we firmly believe that the Orthodox Christians in Ukraine deserve an ecclesiastical voice of their own,” he said.

A Ukrainian official told MEE: “We understand the sensitivity and are cooperative with the Turkish side to resolve all concerns. The Ecumenical Patriarchate is important for us from a humanitarian point of view and religious dimension.

The patriarchate’s participation in the summit did not affect its status as a religious institution, the official added.


  1. Old Bart must be removed quickly. He is guilty of violence, lying, and manipulation of priests and bishops and Orthodox Christians. Bart turned against God’s church. Be done with him! Out! Go!

    • Hey Jane .. before you remove Old Bart or Elpi , your going to have to remove Mistotakis and his regime who pay his salary to be violent, and lie , and manipulate all Orthodox priests with State Department heads Blinken and Geoffrey Pyatt! Maybe you missed my post in the “The Faith Walk Requires Courage and Perseverance with the Lord” article which tell you why and how Old Bart is guilty of only one thing .. as Peter was . they both denied Christ at least 3 times to save their lives, threatened by “Barbaric empires and the Anti Christ High priest of Judea and Washington! I highly recommend it !

  2. Bartholomew stated:

    “And we did this – against all odds and at all costs – because we firmly believe that the Orthodox Christians in Ukraine deserve an ecclesiastical voice of their own,” he said.

    Replace “Ukraine” with “United States of America” and I support Bartholomew 100%

  3. Public testimonies and confessions – Transparency in the Orthodox Church.

    Behind closed doors …

    I heard a story once of a promising and devout high ranking bishop of the church who early in his career, was kidnapped by a group of unknown assailants.

    Days after he was released, he suddenly changed his tune.

    Was the bishop blackmailed and were his loved ones threatened?

    So that a member of the clergy does not stray from the path, whether they are a deacon, priest, bishop, Metropolitan or Patriarch. Should there be a verbal and written statement recorded on video, made by all the family members, close friends and parishioners of Orthodox clergy?

    In the event of being physically threatened or blackmailed, should parishioners, family members and friends publicly release any and all responsibility from a relative who is a member of the clergy?

    If they choose to do so, without being pressured or manipulated, the relatives and friends of clergy could by their own free will, reaffirm this position every few months, only if they choose to do so.

    Have there been contracts similar to this drawn up before?

    An example in Popular Culture.
    Read about Patrick Geary and how the Corleone family dealt with him.

    Patrick Geary | The Godfather Wiki | Fandom

    Watch The Godfather Part 2 — Senator’s New Friend – YouTube

    At Michael Corleone’s trial, pay attention to how Senator Geary now speaks in favor of the Corleone family.

    The Godfather: Part II (1974) – Michael’s Trial – YouTube


    • “In judgement i come into this world , so the Blind Can see , and those who can see will go blind” Jesus
      So Sandy , you can see now as to who and how .. we are fooled and deceived by .. that only God can let us see , and Breach the Twisted minds of 2.6 billon Christians by the Anti -Christ teams of the Crime Syndicates of the ruling Republican and Democratic parties of America and Israel!
      Donald Trump in the debate yesterday .. told a National T.V. Audience .. that we are on “The imminent Brink of WW3” And that is the last thing Zionist Joe Biden , Anthony Blinken , and the rest of the mobsters of the Republican and Democratic congress wanted America to hear, but what God wanted us to hear! Now you can see ..but the bad news is .. if you do nothing to confront the Anti -Christ Team.. God will allow WW3 , and we all will go Blind !

      • First off, can you identify who are part of the Anti -Christ Team?

        Once you’ve identified them and you know who they are, what’s the next step?

  4. Arthur Samouris, I was just about to press send and express the same opinion which you presented so well. Let me add this:
    Patriarch Bartholemew, in your role as first among equals(or as you claim,without equals), when are you going to heal the rift that exists between you and Patriarch Kirill? It’s causing divisions in Orthodoxy. Your job, as first among equals, is to preserve the unity of the Church.
    My suggestion, reserve some of that love you lavish on Pope Francis and apply it to Patriarch Kiril.


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