EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): This was Tucker’s first trip to Australia, but his performance at the Freedom Conference in Canberra was nothing but spectacular!… In the first video below, which became viral, he destroys a stupid Australian journalist.  I suggest that you watch the whole video – truly entertaining and informative!…




  1. Tucker is simply brilliant! His ability to succinctly articulate his opinions with facts and counter arguments is masterful. My favorite is when he turns and says to the Aussy Journalist, “I think you are dumber than you look” and then finishes by saying after her repeated questions and his answers of rebuttal and rebuke, now I know you ARE dumber than you look.”

    While in Australia, I hope he gets another meeting with Julian Assange. JA should be heralded as one of the bravest people who exposed the whole ugly plot against our freedoms by the government. Long live JA! To think, he wasn’t even convicted of a crime and held against his will for 12 years.


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