EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis).  Please look at the short video below and tell me which expression fits best: “A dog with the tail between its legs” or “A wet cat”?  Either way, you can enjoy Zelensky acting like he should have acted a long time ago… Talking about the many wounded and dead on the battlefield, emphasizing that “time is running out” and, just a few days after the Switzerland peace summit ended, talking about “a second peace summit”!! Yes, you read right. He now wants a second peace summit!!

What happened? I think the changes have a lot to do with the phone call by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to Russian Defense Secretary Belousov, the first such communication in 16 months. Austin was told straight out that Russia has directed its Armed Forces to neutralize US drones over the Black Sea, which practically means (along with the rest of the “facts on the ground”) “Game Over.”  To grasp the full meaning of this, please consider Pres. Putin’s trip to North Korea and Vietnam and the rekindling of Russia’s relationships with Libya, Venezuela, Cuba.  Not to mention the news that Russia has supplied the Houthis with hypersonic missiles, and many suspect that Hezbollah will have the same soon – if it doesn’t already). There is no Western defense against those: not only they fly up to 27 times the speed of sound but they also change course on the way to their target…

For more detailed and informative analysis please link here to “Moon of Alabama” or here to Larry Johnson’s blog…



  1. Character traits of Mr. Z:
    A proud look
    A lying tongue
    A heart that devises wicked plans
    A false witness
    Sows discord
    Sheds innocent blood by his hand
    Runs toward greed


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