By Gail Sheppard –

What some are calling a train wreck of a debate, I would call a predictable set up.  How like the Democrats to set up their own candidate in such a public way.  They don’t want the guy they just HAD TO HAVE for all the wrong reasons, which we pointed out to them 4 years ago, and NOW they’re squirming to get out of the deal.

They have to get rid of him and are pretending to clutch their pearls as if it is a surprise to anyone that Joe has seen better days during this one debate.

This is AFTER he did every single thing they wanted.  So maybe it isn’t Joe who is “off” his game.  Maybe it’s the people who shoved him into office in the first place after 4 decent years with Trump.

If there is any question this is the case, you can listen to those 30-something women who kept trying to break in to say what a “shock” it was that Joe did not perform up their imaginary standards when, in fact, he did exactly that.  Joe Biden is still the guy who has to sit out elections in his basement.  Nothing has changed.

But loyalty is not one of their strong suits, which is why they don’t “get” why Republicans choose the best candidates and stick with them.

Their bratty little indignities roll right off our shoulders.  That they think they’re scoring points by calling President Trump, “Former President Trump,” is indicative of how petty they are.  Saying “he lied about everything,” unable to supply one example in real time is also something we’ve come to expect from them.  Long on emotion and short on substance.

Did Trump lie when he said if the country wasn’t in such bad shape, he’d rather be golfing?  Nope.

Did he lie about high inflation?  Nope.

Did he lie about the lack of respect Kim Jong Un and Putin have for Biden?  Nope.

Did he lie about immigration and the wall?  Hell, no!

We really do have illegal migrants flooding our boarders who were flown here from parts unknown at the behest of their own governments who don’t want them.  They are being put up in swanky hotels.  Just ask the 9 democrat governors who are singing the blues in their bluer than blue states.

Did Trump lie about how his administration swiftly expelled illegal migrants – including asylum seekers – at the border?  No.

During Trump’s tenure, all the sorting out of who was likely to be an asset vs. a serious criminal was done on the other side of the border, not here in America and I for one, appreciated that.

As Americans, we welcome migrants who enter our country legally, as they are not coming here to drain our resources in healthcare, education, housing, etc.   We welcome them so much we have a process in place for bringing migrants into this country.  We are not cold-hearted.  But no one expected several million unvetted people being hustled in through crooked NGOs who make no secret of wanting to tank our economy.

If this is not clear to you, you haven’t done the research.  Look at who funds these organizations.

Trump wasn’t “lying” about how well things were going when he was president.

Too many Dems (speaking of CNN), have this Tinker Bell mentality where if you “believe” in something hard enough and “clap your hands” (i.e. wag your tongue with vigor), it makes what you’re saying, true.  It doesn’t.  It just makes you look stupid.

Trump did not “lie about everything.”  Nor did he sidestep any questions.  When asked if he would unequivocally accept the results of the next election, what did Miss Pea Brain expect him to say?  Has she not been listening?  He’s answered this question a dozen times before.

Let me repeat his response lest anyone forget again:  He will accept the results of any fair and honest election.  Who gets to decide that?  We do.  The American people and we don’t feel all that warm and fuzzy about 2020.

WE believe the election was stolen.  What is Trump supposed to say?  “Yeah, I will say right here, right now, Missy, that I will accept the results of the next election even if the better part of the country doesn’t.”  Really?

This election was stolen from us, not Trump.  Trump is doing what he promised to do and that is to represent the American people.  Look around you.  The American people aren’t all that happy at the moment.

And while I’m at it, I’m going to tell you, yet again, I think the Paris Accords is B.S., too, because we were the only ones putting our money where our mouth was.  The American people don’t want to keep picking up the tab because then it becomes OUR initiative and of all the countries represented, we’re not the one causing all the problems.  Why don’t you ask France and the other countries how committed they are to climate change before you assume we’re not because we don’t want to keep picking up the check.

What is comes down to is this:  We, the American people, would like to benefit from that “democracy thing” ourselves, once in a while.  We are driving this.  We put Trump in the driver’s seat because we’re tired of living with the bullshit and frankly, we’re running out of time.

We aren’t trying to make up our minds based on a debate, even if it were a particularly good one, which it wasn’t.  The Dems wanted this debate because they wanted an excuse to let go of Biden.  Which leaves them with what?  Kamala Harris?  What are they going to do with her?  Have her debate Big Mike?  If they think they have problems with Biden, introducing a woman who is a guy into the mix is not exactly a winning hand.  Why the need for secrecy if being LGBTQ+ is AOK with the Dems?  Is Mike saying it’s really NOT OK to be who you are?  Because that’s what people are going to think and by “people,” I mean people who might have voted for Michelle had she not been Mike.

The American people have already made up our minds.  Those who haven’t aren’t paying attention.  Some will come around.  Some won’t.  Either way, it won’t matter.  Trump has the votes.  Biden doesn’t.  Kamala won’t go quietly into the night.  They should have thought of that before they brought her in.  The Michelle/Mike thing is too much to swallow.  (Eww, did I just say that?)

Missy said Trump was sidestepping questions because she didn’t get the answers she wanted.   She thought she was being clever by half, even though the questions she thought were so important were anything but.  They have been broached by so many, it’s like having a kid in the back seat asking, “Are we there yet?” every 5 miles.

In terms of the courts not hearing Trump’s case, “No standing” has more to do with the sad state of affairs in our judicial system, which matches the sad state of affairs in our executive branch, which matches the sad state of affairs in our legislative branch.  Not hearing a case is not vindication, dear ones.  It’s a nothing burger.  No standing means the party cannot show harm.

I kind of understand that.  Trump wasn’t harmed.  We, the American people, were harmed.  Trump is not his own candidate.  It wasn’t Trump’s election.  It wasn’t his way of life that hung in the balance.  It’s ours.  It was OUR election.  And OUR candidate wasn’t given a fair shot.  The election was taken away from US, not Trump.

Although, he’s paying a pretty hefty price on our behalf.  God bless him.  Would Biden go to jail to save you from yourselves?

They’re railroading him in the courts.  They accuse him of raping a woman who can’t remember what the circumstances were and awarded her an obscene amount of money????  Really?  Hey Jed or Jim or Rick, what if that were done to YOU in a land where misdemeanors become felonies.  We know the courts are crooked and do this all the time which is why so many innocent black people are warehoused in jails.

The courts are corrupt.  But I never thought I’d see the day where they would try to get rid of populist candidate during a presidential election.  Did you think we’d abandoned him?!   Not on your life.

But so much for democracy, huh?  Every single American should be crying foul.  I’d like to think if the situation were reversed, I would be siding with the Dems if something similar happened to them.

But they are the polar opposite of the rest of us who continue to hold in esteem the “Kennedy esq” mentality that candidates like Trump, who actually give a damn about our country, should lead it.  Like JFK, Trump abhors wars, especially when they can be avoided which is why during the 4 years he was president, he didn’t start any.

Don’t recall a single question about that!  Yesterday, we were about as close to a world war as we could get, and Trump had to bring it up!  What are these people smoking these days?

Behind the scenes, the Dems are talking about what would occur if the U.S. returned to a draft.  That should startle the 20 somethings since they would be the ones hustling their butts over to Ukraine to replace the Moms and Pops who are aging out under the heavy hand of the Azov Nazis.  But frankly, the people CNN chose to educate America on the ins and outs of the debate are just not that bright.

“Trump lied about everything!”   OK, let’s fact check the wannabe fact checker.  (Good for him for stepping up.)

CNN Daniel Dale: “Trump says some Democratic states allow people to execute babies after birth, an egregious lie that is illegal in every state.”  Let’s look at this.  New York passed a law allowing abortions at any time if the mother’s health is at risk.  According to the WHO, health is defined as follows:  A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

When NY passed this law, a discussion ensued with respect to how a woman flooded with hormones could become mentally unstable when about to give birth and change her mind about wanting a child which, if forced to have, could negatively impact her mental health according to a given health practitioner.  This concern was left unresolved.  So, a full-term baby could be aborted (executed) to preserve the perceived “health” of the mother, as defined by the WHO, at the time the baby is due.  This was a shocking revelation for many.  Aborted babies, even a full term one, could have their heads ripped off or could be delivered and taken into a room where they would die from lack of nourishment.  I’ve been in such rooms in these hospitals.  Nurses often take turns rocking the babies to try to alleviate their suffering.  Dale may not have liked the way Trump phrased it, but Trump wasn’t “lying.”  People don’t like the way it sounds because, let’s face it, it sounds horrible.

Because it is horrible.

Anytime you extinguish another’s life for any reason, it’s an execution which is defined as the carrying out of a death sentence.

Dale:  “He (Trump) said everybody, even Democrats who wanted Roe v Wade, overturn Roe, supported by two thirds of Americans, even more Democrats. He said every legal scholar who wanted roe overturn abortion returned to the states. Legal scholars have told me directly this is not true.”

When one is “fact checking,” they should fact check their own facts!  What Trump said was, “All legal scholars (that he spoke to, as he’s not talking about the universe here), both sides, wanted, and in fact demanded that Roe v. Wade be overturned.” 

I would ask Dale which legal scholars he” directly talked to”?  Trump’s statement doesn’t have anything to do with abortion.  It has to do with which level of government should make decisions regarding abortion, whether pro or con.  I think Dale would be hard pressed to find a legal scholar who would argue it shouldn’t be the state.  Women getting all hot and bothered over this being a prohibition against their rights are ill-informed.  And if women want the right over their own bodies, why don’t they protect themselves from getting pregnant in the first place?  In the Roe vs. Wade days, women didn’t have reliable options.  I say, “Take control of your own body and quit making babies if you don’t want them!”  Abstinence and birth control are both free.

So, in closing, in this debate we learned only one thing new.  The Dems are going to ditch their candidate.  They’re going to cut and run.  Wish they spent half their time trying to get behind what the country needs instead of running around playing musical chairs with all the possibilities.  Guess we’ll find out their choice soon, as music is winding down.  We’ll all have to grab a chair.  It’s about to get interesting but not in a good way.


  1. I could not waste my time to read the whole of your totally false article. Here’s some major points

    The only reason illegals are crossing the border is because the US economy has an existential pull. They are NOT invading. Invaders take over the radio and TV stations and impose their laws. Illegals are mowing your lawn and feeding your face by killing chickens and picking vegetables. Invaders boss you around. Illegals are being bossed by others.

    You say ” And if women want the right over their own bodies, why don’t they protect themselves from getting pregnant in the first place? ” Its like saying don’t go driving, because if you get into an accident its your fault.

    you say “Aborted babies, even a full term one, could have their heads ripped off or could be delivered and taken into a room where they would die from lack of nourishment.” That is manslaughter. If you have any proof of even one such case, report it to the police. Otherwise you are an accessory to murder.

    You say “All legal scholars (that he spoke to, as he’s not talking about the universe here), both sides, wanted, and in fact demanded that Roe v. Wade be overturned.” Let alone that Trump alwaysx uses “everybody says”, with no proof, but also, Legal scholars have no business telling women what to do with their bodies.

    You say “They’re railroading him in the courts.”. Did you know that in order for someone to be indicted a grand jury must find cause? Ans he can’t be found guilty unless ALL 12 jurors agree that he is. The fact that 12 jurors agreed that he was guilty in 34 counts is evidence enough that he is guilty. He broke the law. The law must punish law breakers.

    You say” The Michelle/Mike thing is too much to swallow. (Eww, did I just say that?)”. This sentence alone qualifies you to be a card carrying member of the willful ignorant society of morons. Any serious person won’t bother to reply to any of your idiotic comments any further. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.


    Durham Report , House Committee hearing and probe, Twitter files, Julian Assange , and Public Poll: Don’t Blame Hellenisope for challenging Joe Biden elections, State Department and Zionist Republican and Democratic Crime families criminal Crimes against political opponent , not only in America, but the countries of the entire world !..Blame Corrupt DOJ, FBI and Justice System running a “Racketeering and Protection Racket ” which enable the two competing Crime families to break all laws of God and Man … to make all of Joe Biden and now House republican leader Mike Johnson’s crimes , “legal”.

    “It wasn’t the mobsters who ran the most organized criminal schemes in America, but corrupt political “bosses,” “The gangs were thugs in the employ of the political machines,”, intimidating opposition candidates and funneling votes to the boss. In return, the politicians and police chiefs would turn a blind eye to illegal gambling and prostitution rings. .” half million dollars a month in bribes to police, politicians, federal investigators and Judges.”
    Howard Abadinsky, criminal justice professor and author
    of Organized Crime.
    HEADLINE : US House votes to sanction ICC over Israel
    Lawmakers want to “punish” the court for the Gaza war crimes probe
    The US House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to punish the International Criminal Court for seeking to charge Israeli leaders with war crimes in Gaza.

    ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan has sought arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant,

    This sentence alone qualifies you, BOBBI KARP , NOT HELLENISCOPE to be a card carrying member of the willful ignorant society of morons.

  3. Making me wrong is apparently more important than talking about the issue. The issue was not what you think about me. The issue was whether or not “Trump lied about everything,” hence the title.

    I didn’t call illegals “invaders.” I said illegals were invading our borders. If I were to say weeds were invading my garden, would you think I was assigning blame to the weeds? The illegals would not be here were in not for the crooked NGOs who are supported by our present government. They want to tank our economy. The illegals are merely a means to an end.

    About women, you actually made a good point with your driving analogy. When one drives, one is responsible for injuries incurred as a result of carelessness, inattention, and just irresponsibility. Because that’s the case, drivers are required to obtain insurance. That’s all I’m asking. Women have the means to insure themselves against getting pregnant if they don’t want to become mothers. Be responsible and accountable.

    Manslaughter doesn’t involve forethought. There is no intent to kill in manslaughter. There is with abortion! People aren’t reporting it as a crime because it’s legal, not because it’s manslaughter!

    Late term abortions are particularly gruesome surgical techniques involve crushing, dismemberment and removal of a fetal body from a woman’s uterus, mere weeks before, or even after, the fetus reaches a developmental age of potential viability outside the mother.

    About half of all U.S. women having an abortion have had at least one previously. I know two women who have had more than five each, although this was back in the day when women were told it was “just cells” in the first trimester.

    This was also before the WHO came up with their constitution defining “health” as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”,belief%2C%20economic%20or%20social%20condition

    Legal scholars are not telling women what to do with their bodies. Legal scholars were asked to weigh in on whether or not abortion should be addressed on the federal or the state level.

    With regard to Trump’s statement, to think he meant he talked with every legal scholar on the planet and because he didn’t, he’s lying is ridiculous. He was talking about the legal scholars he solicited and they thought it was a state matter, as federal courts are restricted on the types of cases they are authorized to hear.

    The Supreme Court ruled Trump could not be prosecuted for election interference, so the grand jurors got it wrong. You might find this interesting:

    If none of these people (in the video) were charged for offering their opinions, why should Trump be charged for offering his? It’s holding him to higher standard in a free country which is defined as: “a country where people can express their opinions without punishment.” And this is being done to a candidate during an election cycle. If that’s not being “railroaded,” I don’t know what is.

    People don’t usually comment on statements like mine because they know I’m right.

    • You forgot to explain away your “Michelle-Michael” comment. That alone proves that you are no neutral arbiter of the truth, but only a cult member of conspiracy theories. For that alone, you have no credibility.

      “I didn’t call illegals “invaders.” I said illegals were invading our borders” Someone who “invades” is an invader. You can try these tactics with people that have the same IQ as you do. Which is in the single numbers.

      You say. “The NGOS want to tank our economy. Well. they haven’t been doing a good job in the 3 and a half years Biden has been at the helm. Unemployment is the lowest ever, the stock market the highest. America had the best after covid recovery of all major economies.

      You say” People aren’t reporting it as a crime because it’s legal, not because it’s manslaughter!” Where have you seen that killing after birth is legal? It is murder. Have you witnessed one? Bring proof and file charges with the district attorney. Otherwise you are accessory to murder.

      You say “Legal scholars are not telling women what to do with their bodies”. Yes they are. Even if they say that it should be state or federal restrictions, they are interfering. I am a man. I would never give an opinion to a woman, when it comes to such an intimate part of her body. If those “legal scholars” are men, they should shut their mouths.

      You say “The Supreme Court ruled Trump could not be prosecuted for election interference, so the grand jurors got it wrong” You are wrong. The grand jurors gave their verdict BEFORE the SCOTUS gave their opinion. Up to that time, it was a crime. thw grand jurors did their job as should have been done.

      You say “If none of these people (in the video) were charged for offering their opinions”Expressing your opinion is not against the law. Sixty four courts ruled that there was no evidence of election interference. That should have put the matter to rest. But Trump got his lackeys together on January 6th and incited violence which had victims and made a mockery of our tradition of smooth transfer of power

      You say :People don’t usually comment on statements like mine because they know I’m right.” I say : HAHAHAHA. You’re too funny.

      • Bob, the whole “Michael/Michelle” first came up when Obama was POTUS. On two separate occasions, he accidentally called his wife “Michael.”

        Since then, it’s taken on a life of its own. Mdme Obama did not help herself with all those photos of her in a dress with a very perceptible bulge you-know-where.

        • As for the whole “immigrant/invader” thing, I’ll come out and say it: these people ARE invaders. I don’t care what brought them here, all you have to do is go back 1600 years when the Goths and other barbarians crossed the Roman limes because they were scared witless of the Huns. They destroyed the Roman Empire in the West. Dark Ages followed in Europe.

          • Do you know that the same thing was said about us Greeks? They said we were lower humans, non-white, aiming to bastardize America. Do you know that Greeks weren’t allowed to immigrate to America from 1924 to 1964 ? They were jumping ship. Ask any greek and they’ll tell you that if they didnt jump ship they married someone that did, or they have family that had. The Goths invaded organized as an army. They didnt go to the Roman empire to wash dishes, wait on tables, work in slaughter houses, pick vegetables and mow the lawns. How ignorant can you people be?

          • Something doesn’t add up with the comment about Greeks “jumping ship” between 1924 and 1964…

            I personally know of a mother with two young daughters who migrated from Greece to the US in the 1930s, just before WW2…there is no way they “jumped ship” or “hid from authorities”…

            In another example, the 1953 earthquake in Kefalonia displaced tens of thousands of people, and most of them ended up in the US, Australia and Canada…did they all “jump ship”? Wasn’t there a deal cut between Greece and the US to absorb many earthquake victims?

            Finally, there were Greek passenger steamships that routinely crossed the Atlantic between Piraeus and NYC throughout the 1930s ,1950s, and early 1960s…were these passengers also “jumping the fences” of Ellis Island, and swimming to Lower Manhattan?

          • This reply is to Markos. First of all, the “jump ship” term was used by all the illegal Greeks. They were the passengers and crew of the ships that would land at a harbor and not re-board the ship. Greeks were jumping ship or overstaying their visas even after the 1964 immigration reforms. Because they had no sponsors. That stopped after Greece became member of the EU. Greeks are going to Germany and England.

            Yes, there were refugees accepted, after the war as “displaced persons” which exceeded the quota for legal Greek immigration. The quota for legal Greek immigration was in the hundreds per year. It was based on the arrival of immigrants before 1880. Before 1880, not too many Greeks were immigrating, and it was based on the 1880 numbers because that would allow more Northern Europeans and practically shut out Greeks, Jews, Italians and Slavs.

          • Bob,

            Greece formally joined the EEC in the late 1970s…earlier you made a universal statement above that didn’t make sense, and now you are walking it back with more logical details, so that’s good. Eventually we’ll get some consensus here. While it is true that many sailors on merchant marine ships would “jump ship” frequently, resulting in vibrant communities at most US sea ports (including Baltimore / New Orleans / Houston), this percentage of “migration” usually did not include women and children, so your assertion appears to be an exaggeration.

            We are getting closer to converging on the reality of what happened, but a lot of immigration continued in the 1970s, and even into the early 1980s. Migrations to Germany had started in the 1950s, but mostly from Northern Greece, where they could board a train and easily be in Munich in 48 hours. Pelopoponesos required 2 trains to get to Thessaloniki, because for those that know the details here, the width of the rails on the Athens to Peloponesos line was different than the width of the rails between Athens and Thessaloniki…besides, the Port of Pireaus was a different avenue that bypassed Thessaloniki, and proximity to Pireaus was a factor for that “exit door” as well.

            As a result, other parts of Greece were “pre-destined” for other countries, depending on who their member of Parliament was, and what “deal” he brokered with the target nation…needless to say, money was always involved “per head” for “legal migration” as well…there was a recent Helleniscope article pointing out that “money” was involved with getting Greek orphans adopted in the US…there are books out there about the early Greeks in the United States, and how they would give a “cut” of their wages to a “slick Greek” who mediated to figure out what mine or railroad operation to send them to…in Greece, stories abound on the street about how politicians during those years of “mass migration” would become the benefactors of such “funding” as well…

            In later years, the disgusting inflationary and nationalization policies of Papandreou in the 1980s destroyed and reversed industrial / small business growth, leading to more migrations to Germany during those years as well…Papandreou was just “following orders” by his overlords, because “Greece in the EEC” meant that Germany had to absorb Greece’s industrial capacity in exchange for Greece becoming a “resort” for Germans, French , British tourists and retirees in the future, eventually making Greece less and less affordable to the Greeks (do you remember which government lifted the restrictions on “foreigners” being able to purchase Greek Real Estate, resulting in a skyrocketing price trend and pushing the average Greek out of their own country?)…passing laws that were hostile to business development, innovation, and the and the Greek people themselves was the best way for Papandreou and subsequent Prime Ministers to fulfill their overlords’ wishes.
            In short, earlier waves of immigration were due to poverty from various wars…later waves (starting in the 1970s-1980s, and including since 2008), are a result of intentional destructive economic policies by politicians who don’t care about the Greek people.

      • Lots of YOU statements here. Is it not possible to talk just facts with you?

        The Michelle/Mike situation doesn’t “need to be explained.” It is what it is. The burden of proof is on you if you want to take issue with what I said. It’s a whole rabbit trail in itself. It’s also something that is going to be in your face soon if she/he runs for president, so you’ll see it for yourself.

        What do you know about NGOs? Name 3 facts. GO LOOK SOMETHING UP. We need to get you away from believing things are the way you “think” they are. I’m not at war with you, Bob. Bring some facts to the table proving that NGOs aren’t behind this massive migration effort, bypassing our laws of entry into this country.

        Name a single legal scholar, and by legal scholar, I’m talking about people who are not talking about abortion one way or the other, but people who are talking on a whole different level that has to do with what kinds of cases belong in federal court and what kinds of cases belong at the state level and why.

        And if you’re a man, you very much need to be part of the discussion (thank you, by the way, for agreeing to do so) because men are often the ones who put women in the position of thinking we have no other way out, but to get rid of the babies we’re carrying. Some women use abortion as a form of birth control, but many women don’t want anything to do with it. They’re pushed into it because men don’t want to step up and take responsibility. The pill came along, and it was like a “get out of jail free” for men. The expectation was and is, “it’s a woman’s problem.”

        I wasn’t talking about “killing babies after birth.” They usually inject the child with something that stops their hearts before they pull them from the uterus. This is done during late term abortions. So, it’s not WHEN they kill the child, it’s the fact that they DO kill the child. There are many cases, usually in earlier abortions, where the babies are just pulled out then allowed to die.

        I remember when I worked in a hospital in Long Beach installing Omnicell systems which look like huge vending machines for floor stock. (This was years ago.) I volunteered my time to rock babies in the nurseries before and after work.

        One day, I felt a cold coming on and worried I might get a baby sick. The nurse told me, “Trust me, it’s fine. That baby won’t be living through the night.” I held that little child so long I didn’t even bother to go to work that day. I was the last one to hold her (sadly the ONLY one to hold her and I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it). – They let the children die if they survive the birth, my friend. They don’t “kill” them.

        Sixty four courts did NOT rule that there was no evidence of election interference. (I think you’re referring to the numberr of changes, not the number of courts, BTW.)

        The courts did not agree to hear the cases so they didn’t rule either way. We already talked about this.

        I really love conversations where people want to get at the truth. But this HAHAHAHA business shows you’re not serious and frankly this conversation isn’t worth any more of my time.

        Monomakhos is coming back up very soon and after we tell the world what REALLY happened to Monomakhos, probably the most shocking story you’ll ever read because the names of the people who delibertly tanked us after 15 years are friends and you’ll recognize their names, and once that is out of the way, maybe we’ll circle around to talk about this other stuff more.

        • The Michelle/Michael thing is an indication that you are a victim of conspiracy theories. Enjoy it. If its a fact, then, prove it. Have you looked at her privates? You can’t designate someone as being a hermaphrodite, with no proof. But proof to you, promoters of lies is unknown

          The same goes with the NGOs. You’re telling ME to prove that no NGOs are involved. I didn’t say they were or weren’t. What I said that if they wanted to “tank the economy” as you said, they are not doing a good job. Another words, the economy hasn’t tanked. Get it?

          As for me naming a legal scholar, why should I? You have the burden of proof. You made the statement. Not that it matters anyway. Because no legal scholar has the right to tell a woman and her doctor what it best for the woman.

          As for men persuading women to have an abortion, it is terrible. Only the woman should decide. Its her body. And that’s why I said no man has the right to interfere.

          Yes, you were talking about killing babies after birth. Here’s your statement: “”could be delivered and taken into a room where they would die from lack of nourishment. I’ve been in such rooms in these hospitals. Nurses often take turns rocking the babies to try to alleviate their suffering. “”So, you were eyewitness to murder and did nothing. SHAME ON YOU.

          You say “The courts did not agree to hear the cases so they didn’t rule either way.” By not hearing the cases, its an indication that there was no proof. So, of course its a loss for the plaintiff and its the same as if they looked at the evidence and found against him.

          The HAHAHA business is nothing when compared to “Michell/ Michael. You lost any kind of seriousness and all I can do is laugh.
          As for monomakhos, I’ve never seen it or heard it. But if you’re the editor, I wouldn’t bother. Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen

        • Hey Bobbi …your right about what the Anglo White Supremacist Saxon Protestant government and populist thought of Greeks.. Irish, Poles , Russian, Chinese, Indians ,Blacks, Catholic , Hispanics and just about every race in the world ! Not only that ..if they didn’t migrate to America.. the WASPs of U.S and England would simply go over their countries and take them over make them better people! While you admit their crimes and racism .. they who run America and England will never admit it .. as follows

          In 1937, Churchill stated that:

          I do not admit … for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.[2]

          Henry A. Wallace, Vice President of the USA, reports in his diary that during a White House lunch in May 1943 Churchill “said why be apologetic about Anglo-Saxon superiority, that we were superior, that we had the common heritage which had been worked out over the centuries in England and had been perfected by our constitution.”[1

      • “My “cruel, demeaning comments”? What about her comment of “Michelle-Michael”? That’s not cruel or demeaning according to your standards? Find a comment of mine that beats the above in cruelty and diminution.

          • You can’t tell people someone is gay, if you have no proof. Have you checked her privates? If not, then, you are an ill person in need of a cure. Fantasizing what someone’s privates look like is not healthy. Check yourself in a mental hospital

        • What about .. Joe Biden and the Evangelical and Jewish Zionist cabal in the U.S congress, and the soon to be arrested war criminals Netanyahue and media calling University Presidents , Faculty, Students, and citizens of America .. Anti Semetic because they Pro Palestinian , Anti Israel Genocide, Anti-Vaxxers and while doing this issue Arrest warrants against them , and get journalist and Presidents fired for failing to oppress those who dare call them Zionist or War criminals! Hey Bobbi …you can’t tell someone your Anti-Semitic . what proof do you have ! And not only that.. they call and connote Anti Semitism to be supporting Terrorism ! Of course , Gail Sheppard can call her Michele or MIchael .. who else has publically promoted LGQBT and TRANSGENCER LIFESTYLES TO THE WORLD

  4. Bob, no I’m not in their bedroom. Nor am I in the bedrroom of ANYONE who is purportedly gay. But the Obamas are public figures and I am free to report what many people have said and onserved; so many that it is considered common knowledge. Here are some of the stories and pictures I’m talking about.


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