It was a huge slap in the face of Patriarch Bartholomew, Karloutsos, and the Deep State, who have been using Orthodoxy as a weapon against Russia.  The new Patriarch of Bulgaria Daniel, had issued a lengthy and very harsh letter to Bartholomew in May 2019 against Ukrainian Autocephaly – accusing him of numerous violations – including that he was using violence to take Ukraine’s Church under his rule!!

By Nick Stamatakis

Helleniscope was right one more time. A few days ago, we predicted the election of Met. Daniel of Vidin as the new Patriarch of Bulgaria (link here)!! Pat. Bartholomew and Karloutsos were working behind the scenes for years to elect someone they could control and above all, someone that would go along their destructive policies regarding Ukrainian autocephaly. They failed miserably!

How involved was Karloutsos in this project? Very involved. Two years ago, Karloutsos – accompanied by a bunch of “Archons of Disaster” – spent a few days in Bulgaria and Romania on a “Religious Freedom Mission” (Link here). Translation for some of you who are unfamiliar: They were on a State Department and CIA mission, trying to attract the leaders of these two Churches to pro-Western positions.

In March 2023, Karloutsos invited the Consul of Bulgaria to New York, Mr. Angel Angelov, to his Hamptons Church and treated him like a King! Please look at the photos by linking here from the official website of Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry.

To no avail.  All this effort led to the election of a true Orthodox hierarch, someone who knows the history of the Church and its canons better than anyone.  Not only is Daniel a very conscious Orthodox leader, but he has the courage and the conviction to stand up to the heretic Bartholomew with a letter (May 2019) similar to the letters of AB Anastasios of Albania. You can read the full letter of the then Metropolitan Daniel of Vidin by linking here – it is a true monument of Orthodox faith and ecclesiology!!  And a huge slap in the face of Bartholomew!

No wonder Bartholomew did not look happy at all today during the enthronement.  The whole Balkan peninsula is against Bartholomew on Ukrainian Autocephaly: Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Serbia, most of the Metropolitans of Greece, and half of Cyprus!!  This is the end result of the foolish policies of Bartholomew and Karloutsos.  They caused a schism in Orthodoxy and they are now a small minority trying to pretend they are “first without equals”!!  What an unsurpassed arrogance! What a bunch of faithless fools!

June 30, 2024,

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The enthronement of the new Patriarch of Bulgaria (upd) (VIDEO)


The enthronement ceremony of the newly elected Bulgarian Patriarch Daniel has been hold at the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. It is recalled that Metropolitan Daniel of Vidin was elected the new Patriarch of Bulgaria, whereas Metropolitan Grigory of Vratsa came in second with 66 votes.

During the ceremony, the new patriarch will receive the crozier of the first Bulgarian patriarch following the restoration of the Bulgarian Patriarchate by Patriarch Cyril. Also, Patriarch Daniil will receive the engolpia, showing Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, and the Holy Cross. These sacred items also belonged to Patriarch Cyril and were crafted by an Armenian goldsmith from Plovdiv.

The enthronement occurs in the presence of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Elder Metropolitan Emmanuel of Chalcedon, Elder Metropolitan Apostolos of Derkoi, Metropolitan Job of Pisidia, and representatives from various local Orthodox Churches.

Specifically, the Patriarchate of Alexandria will be represented by Metropolitan Emmanuel of Diospolis; the Patriarchate of Jerusalem by Metropolitan Timotheos of Bostra, Exarch of the Holy Sepulchre in Cyprus, and Archimandrite Raphael, Exarch of the Holy Sepulchre in Greece; the Patriarchate of Romania by Metropolitan Nifon of Targoviste, Patriarchal Exarch, and Hierodeacon Nicolae Iftimiu; the Patriarchate of Georgia by Metropolitan Andrew of Gora and Protopresbyter Giorgi Zviadadze; the Church of Cyprus by Bishop Christoforos of Karpas, accompanied by Archimandrite Stylianos Stylianou; and the Church of Greece by Metropolitan Efstathios of Monemvasia and Sparta and Metropolitan Maximos of Ioannina. President Rumen Radev, Vice President Iliana Yotova, caretaker Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev, Speaker of the National Assembly Raya Nazaryan, and other politicians and dignitaries are attending the ceremony.


  1. Axios to Patriarch Daniel.

    Bartholomew indeed looked less than thrilled in the pictures I have seen. This goes to show that even with the machinations of Bartholomew & Karloutsos, God has won and always will win.

    No doubt that Patriarch Daniel, and the other Bulgarian bishops, are aware of the “Bulgarian stallion” incident in the Metropolis of France under Emmanuelle.

    Serbia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania, Montenegro, Albania, most of Greece & Cyprus – You’re right Nick, the Balkans (and indeed the majority of world Orthodoxy) are united against Bartholomew.

    With the election of Patriarch Daniel I think it’s safe to say that the Bulgarians, the rest of Balkan Orthodoxy and the majority of world Orthodoxy will NOT be following Bartholomew to perdition next year, if God indeed does allow that to happen.

    I’m still of the opinion that when Russia officially wins this war and dictates the terms and Turkey’s continued clamp downs on the Patriarchate that there will not even be a “reunion” next year.

  2. AXIOS!!!!! Met Daniel’s thoughts on Saint Seraphim Rose, which speaks volumes!

    Patriarch Daniel on Fr Seraphim Rose:

    “In these days of the feast of the Dormition of the holy Mother of God, we come here to this holy place to venerate and give honor to another dormition, of the ever-memorable hieromonk Seraphim Rose. The holy Mother of God bore for all of us her Son and God our Savior, and is blessed by all generations. Fr. Seraphim also contributed to my life and to all of ours here, and to those of many more people, and we come here to give due love and to receive his blessing. When I was making my first steps into the Church in the middle of the ’90’s of the previous century in the years after Communism, Fr. Seraphim was very popular among the new Bulgarian converts who were entering the Church for the first time. It was very unusual and surprising to hear from this place, where Western culture flourishes, someone who has a sober view, and who warns us of the dangers of this consumer society, and raising our children in such a way that they become small princes and kings, in whose hearts the passions are rooted from early childhood. And all this not from a psychological point of view, but the Orthodox point of view—that the modern world makes the Chrisitan life more difficult and is so dangerous for the salvation of our souls. He was the very presence of Christ.
    Later when we learned how he had formed the Brotherhood of St. Herman of Alaska with Fr. Herman, and they started issuing the magazine The Orthodox Word with the mission and blessing of St. John Maximovitch, and grew in the faith before his eyes, and we learned how they had come here and started this monastery, bringing the water up the hill, and so on, he and Fr. Herman and all the brothers who came to live here became examples for us. Now we can see that he succeeded in dispelling the lie of the spirits of this world and showing that Western society is poisoned with dangerous ideas which from the beginning of the Christian life make it impossible … In his works he succeeded in bringing so clearly to everybody a defense of the truth of our faith and in overcoming that spirit which has caught the majority of people who live here.
    No one had done this before, especially in regards to evolution—bringing forth the teaching of the Fathers in such detail and making it so clear that people who would read it would not be influenced by this false spirit. After this we felt that it is not enough to paint his icons and to enlighten our minds with his works, but we also needed to receive his blessing, and to ask him to help those who defend the Orthodox faith, and to bring the teaching and words of Fr. Seraphim to all our friends and to all people. I am grateful and thankful that I can come here for the first time to take part in the celebration of these days of the Dormition of the holy Mother of God. I have desired for a long time to come here, to his grave, to see, to touch, and to venerate, and to receive his blessing. May God by His mercies, and I believe by the prayers of Fr. Seraphim, bless all of us, and strengthen us in our struggle to go our way in this temporal world as Fr. Seraphim went, and to receive, as I believe he received, the crown of life.”
    Orthodox Christian Telegram

    Bart looked so miserable! Too bad, so sad…

  3. Yes, I saw this news on I have followed the stories there regarding whom they will elect and I thank God for the result. We don’t need a Barto sympathizer on the Patriarchal throne of Bulgaria. May Barto some day wake up.


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