PHOTO: Ambassador of Greece to DC, Mrs. Katerina Nassika (silver hair, black glasses, right of center) is very proud to be part od the “Pride Parade”… We are not proud of her AT ALL…We are not proud of ANY of the globalist puppets of the Mitsotakis government…

EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Here is the best example of all our globalist problems and travails. The Ambassador of Greece to the US, Katerina Nassika, and Embassy staff participated in the Washington DC Pride Parade alongside their EU counterparts to spread a message of love, acceptance, inclusion, and solidarity! Meanwhile, they were, are, and will be totally incapacitated when it comes to protesting the 50 years of Turkish occupation of Cyprus, the continued usurpation of the Name of Macedonia by the minority of Bulgarians of Skopjie, and NOT ONE WORD for the recognition of the Hellenic Genocides by the Turks… Not to mention the renewed attempts to grab Greek sovereignty in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.


Greek Embassy joins Washington DC Pride Parade

The Ambassador of Greece to the US, Katerina Nassika and Embassy staff participated in Washington DC Pride Parade, alongside their EU counterparts to spread a message of love, acceptance, inclusion, and solidarity!

As an advocate of diversity and inclusion, the Embassy of Greece believes in the fundamental rights and equality of all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Our participation in the Pride parade signifies our commitment and support of the LGBTQ+ community both within Greece and abroad.

In Greece, social respect and legal protection for the rights of the LGBTQI+ community have significantly improved over the past few years, making Greece one of the most liberal countries in Southern Europe. 

The latest milestone came in February when Greece became the 16th country in the European Union, the 21st country in Europe, and the 37th country in the world to legislate marriage equality.

From June 21-29, Thessaloniki hosted EuroPride 2024, Europe’s most important annual event for LGBTI+ visibility and inclusion. Tens of thousands of LGBTI+ people from across Europe gathered in Thessaloniki to celebrate diversity and advocate for equality across the continent and around the world.

You can read Greece’s Strategy for Equality of LGBTQI+ community here (in Greek).


  1. Κάποτε μιλάγαμε για τις λέσβιες
    απαξιωτικά , σήμερα είναι τιμητική
    Βρε πως αλλάξαν οι καιροί……..

  2. Is that Omogenia or Homogenia?
    The Hellenic Republic has abandoned its borders, its culture, and its religion.
    It sucks to watch this and it dishonors our progenitors and our glorious past.

  3. What a disgrace!! WE have no Huge Greek protest in front of the Turkish Embassy on Cyprus! The establishment Greek American organizations serve the CIA/Globalist masters!

  4. Good analogy Nick. WTF is her business representing Greece in a pride parade. How does that promote our national interests? Are the LGBTQ going to fight for Cyprus if it comes to it?. Her business should be only when dealing with other nations, promoting Hellenism’s interests. t Everybody is jumping on the “pride” thing. WTF is there to be proud about? Has any gay found the cure for cancer? The way it looks, if we don’t participate in a pride parade we are going to be regarded as “not with it”. That is sad.


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