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Gingrich: The Key ‘Lessons In Liberty’

Historic leaders often share something important in common. They are not born great. Their greatness is a result of a lifetime of difficulty and consequential choices.

As Jeremy S. Adams discussed in his book, “Lessons in Liberty,” this is especially true for remarkable Americans. In the book, Adams details the inspiring lives of extraordinary Americans and what we can learn from them today.

George Washington, for example, struggled his entire life to keep his temper under control. This lifelong effort made him a model for discipline and restraint. Clara Barton nursed her badly injured brother back to health when she was only 11 years old. This harrowing experience later equipped her with the skills and bravery to serve as a nurse in the Civil War. U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye was a 17-year-old Japanese American who lived in Hawaii when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The sneak attack angered him so much he joined the U.S. Army to fight in World War II.  Despite discrimination and hardship from the U.S. government, Inouye became a highly decorated soldier and longtime U.S. Senator.

I spoke with Adams about his book on a recent episode of Newt’s World. He is a serious scholar and educator. He teaches social studies and political science to highschoolers and students at the University of California at Bakersfield. He was the Daughters of the American Revolution 2014 California Teacher of the Year and a finalist for the Carlston Family Foundation Outstanding Teachers of America Award.

We talked about the personal wisdom of Washington, Barton, Inouye, and other extraordinary Americans. Adams said in his book that Americans need to “honor what is honorable, praise what is praiseworthy, and most of all, emulate which is highest and best, so we can take advantage of the miracle of human freedom.” While no historic figure is perfect, their fallibility makes them so worthy of our study.

Unfortunately, many young students in America are not learning about our great historical figures. Forty percent of Gen-Z members characterize the founding fathers as villains. Fifty percent of high schoolers say that their lives have little to no meaning, and only 52 percent of Americans would be willing to fight to defend the country.

Something disturbing is happening in classrooms across our country. Our nation’s young people are being influenced by viewpoints, values, and behaviors of people who hate America and the principles on which it was founded. As President Ronald Reagan said, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Each generation has a duty to renew and protect America and its values.

As we discussed on the podcast, America is also bigger than a singular party. It is bigger than any ideology. We are more than just Republicans or Democrats. We were more than federalists or anti-federalists. We are all Americans. The 10 men and women Adams discussed in his book were from different time periods and backgrounds. Some were liberal and some were conservative. But they all worked to make America great.

Importantly, none of them were personally born great. Their greatness was a choice. That is the key lesson of liberty.

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  1. Gingrich is the grandfather of polarization in this country. He is a politician and its expected that he is a hypocrite. However, his hypocricy is overwhelming. The truth is that there is misinformation in our schools. And he is the major cause of that. Let’s start with the military. He is saying that most Americans would not serve their country. Yet, he got deferments from the draft, during the Vietnam war, just as Clinton, Bush the 2nd and Trump did. He says that 40% of Generation Z characterize the founding fathers as “villains”. Where did he get that figure from? He is not telling us. Facts to him are not important, just as they weren’t when he was the speaker of the House.

    He is saying that “Our nation’s young people are being influenced by viewpoints, values, and behaviors of people who hate America ” There are plenty of influences with social media being so readily available. Most of it is trash. Some of it is propaganda. But whatever it is, it is part of the 1st Amendment. He is no judge of what young people should hear. If I had my choice, I wouldn’t let young people listen to him. He has debased America’s politics and has turned a great political party into a party disseminating hate, cruelty and lies.

    Gingrich wants to be the “Christian” crusader for America. Yet, he is divorced three times and has cheated on all his wives multiple times.

    This man has no business telling anyone how to be a Christian or a patriot.

  2. President George Washington is reported to have seen an Angel while praying for America…
    the Angel of Liberty showed him what America would go through…

  3. “It is a tribute to the American People that their leaders and Representatives perceive it necessary to lie to them, to Wage Endless Wars , however, it is not a tribute to the Public that they can so easily be fooled” Daniel Elsberg ..Pentagon Analyst and Pentagon Papers : Vietnam lies , Attrocities and War crimes…
    Helleniscope .. spare me Fox New contributor ..Republican New Gingrich to tell us again how exceptional the white supremacist Anglo Protestant rulers of America , and which we have been brainwashed everyday by Fox News contributors .. Mark levin and Shane Hannity , not to be confused with Tucker Carlson to patriotically stand up for American liberties to wage criminal endless wars to spread our exceptional democracy to foreign countries of the world ! The best news by Newt…is that more young people recognize that the Republican and Democratic ruling parties of America are “Villanious criminal enterprises that have continued from 1776 what their cousins and ancestors of England have done . “Tax the people of America with no representation” Nothing has changed !

    • Halleluia! For the first time Michael and Bob are in agreement! We need to celebrate, no matter what reasons each have to dislike Gingrich…

  4. The issue Nick.. is whether you agree with not only Bob and I , but Marcos , that the “Sons of Liberty” of the Republican Party, like Newt Gingrich, and Republican Members of the House and ‘Senate have colluded with the “Sons of liberty “.of the Democratic Party like Joe Biden and the Democratic Members of the House and Senate have colluded with the law enforcement agencies of America and the Justice Department to support a Criminal enterprise running a “Racketeering and Protection Racket” which has enables the Presidential and Congressional leaders of both parties to break Constitutional and Domestic, International , UN Charter laws , Nuremburg tribunal law of 1944 , and the Rico Act .. “Racketeer Influence and Corruption Organization Acts”

    The U.S. Supreme Court has made it official: the president of the United States can now literally get away with murder, extortion , Blackmail, money laundering , War Crimes , Crimes against Humanity, Crimes against Peace , genocide, Obstruction of Justice, Obstruction of Interstate and International trade and commerce etc etc .. all embodied in the “Criminal Foreign and domestic policies approved by the ruling Republican and Democratic parties !

    In a devastating 6-3 ruling in Trump v. United States that is equal parts politically short-sighted, self-servingly partisan, and utterly devoid of any pretense that the president is anything other than a dictator, the Supreme Court has validated what Richard Nixon once claimed: “When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.
    The problem I have with Bobbi Karp.. is that whatever he accuses Republican leader Newt Gingrich and the Son’s of liberty of the Republican Party of doing illegally and criminally , Joe Biden and the “Sons of liberty of America and Israel” of the Democratic Party are doing illegally and Criminally, or are planning to do ! Now you know how Americans are funding a “Mafia State” And allow it !


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