EDITOR’S NOTE This Short video reveals much of the core reasons of all wars and particularly the Ukraine War.  Ukraine’s agricultural land is by far the richest land in the world – known for centuries as the “breadbasket of Europe”.  Monsanto, Blackrock, J.P. Morgan, and others are directly or indirectly invested in the Ukraine War.  Are we going to allow these people to draft our children and send them to die so they can make profits?



  1. The citizens of the United State of Apostasy, a government that made a covenant with Hades, will do nothing because they still have comforts. Perhaps when finally stripped of their comforts, there may be a moment or two of uprise. But the evil powers will use AI weapon control on them.

  2. Thank You LInda for being the only reader of Helleniscope to comment on just another bit of information which indicts the Republican and Democratic ruling parties of America and EU officials of EU/Nato .governments like Greece. as the leaders of a Criminal Enterprise who use “Fascist Capitalism” to dominate the Economic, Political and Military sovereignty of all the countries of the world and violate all Rico Act laws ..Racketeering and Influence Corruption Organized Crime” And they have been doing this unbeknowst to the people of America for “Decades and Decades!
    What Helleniscope describes are the Perpetuators of the wars not only in the Ukraine , but the entire world! More importantly, it describes how the U.S. used Economic foreign policies ..like Economic Sanctions to extort adn coerce cooperation of foreign governments like Greece to wage Endless wars against countries, who threaten the economic monopolies of the U.S and EU Crime families! Specifically , The EU ..”made an offer they could not refuse” to the Ukraine in 2013 to take the Ukraine over ,like Greece.. and surrender its sovereignty! However , the leaders of Ukraine rejected their “Offer” and accepted a far greater offer from Putin and Russia ! And the rest is history .. Banks and Wall Street ..declared war on the Ukraine and Russia.. called Regime change ! The elected leader of Ukraine in 2013 .. has rejected an offer that he was not supposed to refuse from the cabal of IMF, EU Central Banks ..all clients of the U.S ,Israeli, and EU ” Mafia Bloc!

    He argued Ukraine could not afford to sacrifice trade with Russia, He also described an EU offer to lend Ukraine 610m euros (£510m; $828m) as inadequate and said it would need at least 20bn euros a year to upgrade its economy to “European standards”.
    He believed the IMF (U.S and EU controlled International banking system) had ignored what he saw as reasonable demands to lift tough conditions for its earlier help, such as increasing the retirement age and freezing pensions and wages. Nothing less that the same conditions that the Banks of EU made of the populist of Greece, and unlike Tsipras of Greece and against the wishes of the Greek populist , the leader of Ukraine rejected this Blackmail and extortion scheme!

    He also announced a far greater Economic package offered by Russia !

    Russia would buy $15 billion of Ukrainian Eurobonds to be issued by Ukraine and that the cost of Russian natural gas suppliedto to be lowered to $268 per 1,000 cubic meters (the price was more than $400 at the time)] The treaty was signed amid the escalating Euromaidan movement which sought closer ties between Ukraine and the European Union.
    In 2014 .. Helleniscope also revealed that State Department Operatives Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt colluded with the EU on an intercepted call, which has been featured on You Tube and other outlets .. to literally overthrow the government of the Ukraine and “Hand Pick” Neo Nazi Ukrainians to take over the government of the Ukraine and the rest is history !
    So Helleniscope .. consider this post as my one comment for the day as allocated by you .. and all fact checked and clearly very interesting to linda and the readers of Helleniscope !


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