EDITOR’S NOTE (Nivk Stamatakis): As we approach the November elections, it becomes ever more clear that the Democrats’ plan is, once again, to rig the elections. Just today, we learned that the Wisconsin Supreme Court restored the use of absentee ballot drop boxes in the swing state ahead of the upcoming elections — a reversal of a past decision from the court that could impact voter participation. Did I clarify that we are talking about unattended ballot boxes that collect mailing ballots?  Yes, my friends, it is that serious… Meanwhile, the patriotic organization “OmegaforAmerica” is trying to provide to the hapless RepublicanNational Committe (RNC), the technological tools to clean up the voter rolls.  Or, have the unbeatable proof in Court that those who “voted” are non-existent at best… 


Cut The Cards – Before Votes Are Cast

Republicans want to cut the deck after the illegals vote – probably not a good idea

If elections are on the level, or close to it, conventional election strategies can prevail.

Canvassing, get-out-the-vote drives, register the bartender, that sort of thing.

If elections are no longer on the level, none of those things matters.

The RNC, seems to believe elections are not on the level – and they want to cut the cards – AFTER the cards are dealt. After ballots are cast.

The GOP’s strategy is to hire 100,000 poll watchers to watch those ballots and make sure they are properly counted. After they are cast.

Some of us data guys think elections are no longer on the level, not even close to it, so we believe you should cut the cards months before the election – by stopping mail-in ballots – the 67% of the illegitimate ones that go out to Walmarts, gas stations, strip malls and laundromats.

Why are elections not on the level?

You decide.

We use quantum technology to compare property tax rolls with voter rolls. With a single click, we see hundreds of thousands of “registered voters” whose address is a convenience store, gas station, laundromat.

We see as many, using time series analysis, in college dorms – for 25 years!

Most of these vote. Do you think they vote Republican?

If you do, you are a RINO, delusional, or you work for the RNC and you will canvass them and send them direct mail.

We show in every state – over 100,000 such voters – who vote – like the guys voting in Texas or Mississippi, from an RV Park – for 15 years – with the sign on the front that says “no registrations for more than 2 weeks.”

It wasn’t a couple of voters, there were thousands, across many RV Parks and marinas, with a different real address.

The swing states each have over 500,000 such voters – all anomalous.

Elections are not on the level. The voter rolls are getting worse – not better.

The grifter national voter integrity orgs have done nothing successful to clean them – because their lawsuits are not working, they are ignored even if they win, and they have zero technology to see the most rudimentary voter roll fraud.

NGOs are in full tilt registering illegal aliens and transients – knowing these transients will be long gone when mail-in ballots arrive – and the NGO will vote them for their Leftist candidate.

The NGOs know most of the national voter integrity orgs, all of them actually, are donor-driven, not results-driven. That’s why our Fractal teams, in every swing state, constantly find anomalous voters – living in strip malls and gas stations – for 25 years!

An election is not on the level when 5% up to 15 % of the voters are at addresses that have no bedrooms or where someone cannot legally live for more than a period – yet lives there for decades – like a frat house!

Elections are not on the level when there are enough anomalous voters in any state to swing a statewide election.

Elections are not on the level when states have voters on the roll over 1,000 years old – still voting.

That is the case in about every state we’ve seen – from Michigan to Mississippi.

One of the ways to stop the madness is to cut the cards – not once but constantly.

What does that mean?

Technology brings us a solution.

That means downloading a copy of the voter rolls, on different dates, comparing every item in roll A with every one in roll B – called snapshot analysis – creating a “delta deck.”

That is a list of all the new voters, or changes to current voters, our NGO friends add or augment in these voter rolls.

Then take that delta deck, and sort it by address. This is one of the many ways we find ballot mills.

Here is an example in Arizona.

A warehouse in snapshot A has two registered voters. The quantum system shows the street view which is clearly a warehouse, with no apparent living quarters.

In the next snapshot, 6 weeks later, there are 14 registered voters, then 5 weeks later, 55 registered voters.

You cannot do that sort of analysis with the crappy technology the voter integrity orgs or the RNC use – but with quantum, you can do this, instantly, from your phone, with instantaneous response.

Why is that important?

NGOs need to register 20,000 illegal aliens, not 200.

They need to move an election in a swing state – and they do not know in advance how many ballots they may need – so they must go big.

Registering 20,000 transients at 10,000 locations is impossible – because they cannot control those ballots after they are mailed. Too many moving parts.

Thus, the need for ballot mills – aggregation points where they collect hundreds of ballots in one location – or the U.S.P.S. does it for them.

We started seeing these aggregation points first at churches, homeless shelters, RV Parks, colleges (students in college for decades).

Now we see, in every state, even Kansas, Mississippi, Alaska as well as every swing state – industrial facilities loaded with new voters.

Back to cutting the cards.

If you let these identity/location combinations continue to aggregate, with no intervention, the Leftists can do a Kari Lake whenever they want – like they did to her adding 22,000 new voters, in one county, days before the election.

This is the way to control elections – and the Left has been doing it – with no pushback from the national voter integrity orgs, for decades.

When you interfere with ballots going out to Walmarts, laundromats and 7-11s – it really screws up their cadence.

Recently in Wisconsin, like in the last 30 days, one of the teams did just this and it is having extraordinary results.

Leftists cannot claim “disenfranchisement” which they love to claim, because the Wisconsin boys changed the narrative.

They are stopping a mail-in ballot from going out to Phineas – because Phineas lives in a laundromat – and in Wisconsin, the law is clear you must vote from where you live.

But if Phineas shows up at the polls, with his ID in hand, in his super clean laundromat-cleaned clothing – he is welcome to vote.

That is the “ballot first” strategy Fractal teams perfected and it works every time it’s tried.

So cut the cards now.

Stop the mail-in ballots from going out in the first place.

If you let these fake-voter, NGO-created ballots into the system, Lara Trump just hired 100,000 poll watchers to make sure they are counted!


Jay led the team that built the eBay fraud engine, the underlying technology for the TSA No-Fly List and the fraud systems for State Farm, GEICO, USAA and other major insurers. 

Jay’s team was awarded 6 patents for revolutionary Similarity Search technology – finding fraud in complex data – invisible to all relational technology

Jay is the only known person ever banned from The American Thinker.

Jay can be contacted at his Substack:  Substack.com/Omega4America

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  1. First. There is a degree of fraud or a percentage of “tolerance” for error or theft already built into every system worldwide, be it government or business. America is no exception to the math of applied statistics using technology with room for human error albeit, intentional or otherwise. I have no doubt that the coming election will be yet another brazen attempt to steel or illegally discredit the coming 2024, Presidential Election should Donald J. Trump prove to be the obvious big winner. All indications thus far, are similar to those in the months preceding the 2020 election if not even more solidified.

    However, I am also of the belief that the tactics used this go-around, will be different than those used in the 2020 election and will carry with it, a number of different scenarios already being tested which will ultimately cast the predetermined outcome such as, if A happens, then Z is implemented, if B situation arrises then, Y is implemented and, so on. One of the scenarios could be simply failing to certify the election in the electoral process in December, well after the election results are cast, counted and tallied. But for argument sake to Omega4America’s Substack article, I need to call a spade a spade.

    Not all illegals live in manufactured homes, RV’s or on boats. Yes, I’m sure the majority of them rent something- somewhere, even bedrooms where there are possibly 2 unrelated individuals or more sleeping in a small crowded single room in twin beds in a single-family house where 10 people can call “home.” The same applies to lower income, unemployed or working class individuals who may also chose or, can only afford to live in one of the above housing options mentioned. To achieve a stolen election using only illegals and ballot stuffing methods is a little more complicated than what Omega4America suggests and not exactly the sole purpose of my rebuttal.

    In rebuke of the author’s simplistic characterization of RVers and Marina “dwellers”, I say the following:

    Believe it or not, it is important first to note, that not all legal US citizens, naturalized or born in the US, chose to exercise their voting rights. Friends and family in our circle and beyond, while once actively engaged or even passionate about politics and their right to vote, have now become passive toward the political process and have opted out of participating in the election process and politics altogether. Just as those who at one time attended church religiously, no longer are members of any religious affiliation. Truthfully, on one hand, I can understand how our political system can exhaust one mentally, just as the church has done a poor job of preaching the Bible with modern examples. On the other hand, it breeds contempt, apathy, complacency and the decision to grant Satan as the victorious “winner” which, I cannot possibly, EVER accept under any circumstances.

    However, to help present a better understanding of how one can live in an RV, a boat, a manufactured home, etc., and still legally vote, let me present you with these thoughts~

    There is a fast-growing segment of the population, since covid hit in 2020, who have made a paradigm shift of priorities in their lives and have taken to the open roads or water in their RV’s or, on their boats never to look back! Whichever recreational vehicle one choses for part or full-time living such as a travel trailer pull behind, a fifth wheel, a B class van conversion, a C or Super-C, or a class A motor coach or, on a boat or yacht of one’s choice, there is still a clear pathways towards domiciling your chattel property and registering to vote legally. The questions truly lie in whether the same rules can legally apply to illegal aliens, as it applies to legally abiding citizens? It is not my intention to comment on open ballots or unmonitored ballet stations. That simply should be outlawed and not permitted by law under any circumstances. Voting should be restricted to the ballot process ONLY on Election Day when a valid Driver’s license can be used for verification of legally identify citizens of a country.

    The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines domicile as “a person’s fixed, permanent and principal home for legal purposes.”

    RV or boating domicile refers to the place full or partimers legally define as their “home,” when they do not have an actual house or property that serves as their permanent and principal home.

    While “residence” and “domicile” may be used interchangeably in conversation, legally, they have different definitions. Domicile is the place one considers their permanent legal home, while residence refers to any place where a person lives.

    A person can have multiple residences, but no person can have multiple domiciles. For example, a person could own homes in two different states and spend a minimum length of time every year residing in each state. They would have two residences. However, that person can only have domicile in one state. That domicile state would be their permanent address and controlling jurisdiction.

    Since traveling full-time Boaters and RVers primarily move between states and, or countries, throughout the year, they often do not have a clear residency state. Therefore, it is important for full time RV families to establish domicile in one state so they have access to government resources and can fulfill their civic duties.

    Without domicile, full time RVers would be unable to register vehicles or boats, pay property taxes and get insurance coverages on their chattel property. Domicile also dictates where Boater and RVers pay state income taxes, serve on jury duty, vote in elections and purchase health insurance.

    The same rules should apply to all states, but are they enforced in all 50 states is the important question? One can argue, that without fraudulently obtaining illegal documents, it would be extremely difficult to obtain legal domicile status without going through the arduous task of first meeting the requirements and second obtaining the necessary legal documentation required to establish state residency.

    The below requirements permit a gold star designation on a driver’s license which signify that all legal requirements to meet state residency and vetting have been verified in order to legally obtain a driver’s license and proof of residency for voting. Required documentation includes the following criteria: a Photo id such as a valid Passport or a current driver’s license; a birth certificate, a social security card/number, a residential title/deed claiming you own a home or property in a particular county and state in which you are applying, and two supporting monthly statements from utility billing companies or other similar banking documentation with your name and current legal address, a W-9 or 1099 tax filling statement or other similar tax or IRS filing.

    How do I know this so well that I can regurgitate with confidence that which is required? Because my husband and I just completed the process of moving from the state of Florida to Tennessee and choosing a lifestyle change from one of home ownership to becoming full-time RVers with land ownership to claim domicile within the state of TN. I don’t know about you, but I have not moved to a new state in over 36 years. And while I had to go through the gold star requirements for renewal of my most recent Florida’s Driver’s License, I had to produced many of the same documents over again in my county in Tennessee in order to establish residency. Since our particular purpose is not necessarily to travel full time on a year-round basis, but to have a homestead on acreage we purchased, the requirements met and still aptly apply.

    Factors to consider when selecting an RV/Boating domicile state include the following topics when deciding the best domicile location for your family and circumstances:

    1. Location of residences. The first consideration is whether or not you will retain any homes while traveling. If you do not plan to sell your current house or apartment, it may be easiest to continue using that address to domicile.

    One factor for determining domicile is the place you would return to from trips. If RV/Boating life is temporary, and you will eventually end of back in y our home state, that state is likely the best choice for domicile.

    2. Length of residency requirements. Some states may require people to physically be in the state for a specific length of time before qualifying for residency or domicile.

    3. Tax rates. Income tax and personal property tax rates are a big consideration for many full-time RVers or Boaters choosing a domicile state. Alaska, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, Wyoming, Washington, and South Dakota are the states that do not currently have an income tax.

    While establishing domicile in a state without income tax can lead to major savings, it is not always that simple. Full time RVers may also have to pay tax in states outside of their domicile state if they live or work in another state for a large portion of the year.

    Thus, getting back to my original question, if an illegal can somehow obtain all the same criteria for establishing domicile, then most probably, they were obtained fraudulently unless, they go through the lengthy process of becoming a US Citizen. Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to present all the necessary supporting documentation which meet the criteria for being granted permission to vote legally. Now, I’m sure there are many “back door” portals to fraudulently gaining access such as unmonitored ballot boxes, but just because you may live full time in a boat or an RV, or in a manufactured home, doesn’t disqualify you or mean that you can’t still legally vote. Omega4America’s article is weak and misleading at best on how an election can simply just be stolen by poorly over generalizing using a narrow sector of the population who either choose intentionally or can only afford to live in the housing options proposed in his article and singled out. Please, I’m not stupid, nor was I born yesterday.


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