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Man Bites Snake and Kills it – In India!


EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s a classic story about the news.  News is not “dog bites man” but “man bites dog”!


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India: Man bites snake twice after being bitten; snake dies

The 35-year-old retaliated by biting the snake twice in response

Believing that biting the snake back would neutralize its venom, the 35-year-old bit the snake twice.Image Credit: For illustrative purposes only

Bihar: In a bizarre incident, a resident of Navada in Bihar, acting on the superstition that it would counteract the venom, bit a snake back after it bit him.

Ironically, the snake died, while Lohar was rushed to a hospital where he survived with medical treatment, according to media reports.

Santosh Lohar was asleep at his base camp after a day’s work laying railway lines when a snake bit him. Biting the snake back in retaliation, the 35-year-old bit the snake twice. This unusual reaction led to the snake’s death and landed Lohar in the hospital.

His colleagues took him to the hospital, where he received treatment and was hospitalised overnight before being discharged the next day.

Earlier this month in Indonesia, a 30-year-old woman was swallowed whole by a python. Her husband found her feet sticking out of the 30-foot serpent’s mouth and killed the snake, but it was too late to save her.


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