By Anonymous Australian Faithful

People notice, people understand, and eventually and unavoidably, people talk to communicate… Whilst Archbishop Makarios enjoys the multimillion whole floor
apartment and the multiple business class trips to Europe every single year (which my grandmother’s candle money purchased for him and continuously pays for), on the Holy Day of the Ascension of our Lord 2024, and once he was personally informed that H G Bishop Emilianos of Meloa was diagnosed with prostate cancer (level 7 out of 10), not yet
knowing if there were metastatic cells in his body, he kicked him out ofhis 3×3 bedroom and took away his car.

B Emilianos found himself sick with cancer, homeless and without a vehicle for his medical appointments. It blows my mind how some church people operate and why! I just don’t get it! All our family and friends in QLD are scandalised like there is no return, and I wonder if
anyone of us (the simple lay people) would ever, ever, ever do such a thing to our children! Kick them out from their tiny room, while they are suffering, and then keep the whole house empty… for what? To prove which exactly Christian point? Point…??? Christian…??? I am lost here…

A Cypriot family collected the poor, sick bishop from the streets and gave him shelter and a car so that he could somehow comfortably deal with his medical condition, knowing that there are still humans on this planet and in this country.

In the meantime, Archbishop Makarios restricted B. Emilianos from entering any of the Churches under his authority (Australian-wide), except St Paraskevi in Taigum. Was it one of his brand-new local synod decisions? Who knows…but, why man, WHY? No one will ever
understand! He then went ahead and wrote to his other bishops a letter accusing B. Emilianos of participating in Dr Marendi’s funeral at St Paraskevi, when not only it was the only church in Australia he was allowed to enter, but also when (as the family verified) he was not invited to this funeral, and when (as the 300 people present can testify), he never went to this funeral! Honestly!!! I do not know what honesty is anymore…church people’s honesty…!!! Looks like the sick and homeless bishop is not even going to St Paraskevi any longer, after all these plots against him. Sick, homeless and… churchless…

And then we wonder why he quit… Our church leaders… The examples for our next generation, of our children…Full on depressing despair ahead… “κλαφ’ τα Χαράλαμπε”!!! “Cry us Harry”!!!

B Emilianos at the monastery he founded in Perth.

B Emilianos with his relatives in the USA


  1. This is a wise warning to all. Be careful who you confess your sins. Reflect on how you judge the hierarchs you involve your self. Repeatedly, we see dysfunctional behavior in the clergy.

  2. May the Lord have mercy on Bishop Emilianos. He has done much good for the spiritual development of the faithful. Ironically, despited the shameful example of how Israel persecuted its prophets, the Church continues to persecutes its saints. So much of life is unfair, cruel & doesn’t make any sense, even in the Church, but, fortunately, the paradox of the cross reveals that it truly is the invincible weapon, if it is accepted (i.e., “wielded”) with humility, forgiveness & faith in God’s providence.


    Nick from the above article, what do they mean by the following:

    “..head of the Patriarchal Delegation, Metropolitan Emmanuel of Chalcedon, who was wearing an episcopal mantle and carrying a pastoral staff, co-officiated at St. Peter’s Basilica.”

    What do they mean by co-officiated?

    I haven’t seen anywhere where Met. Emmanuel *actually* officiated at the Mass.

    • Met. Nathanael did what he is not supposed to do: co-celebrate with Catholics. But they are who they are. Soon they will be left without followers. Hopefully our parishes will be able to save the properties four generations of Greeks built and will not allow the vultures of Phanar grab them.

    • The inference is subtle. The levels of “vestments” worn by Orthodox clergy are directly related to what exactly they are about to do. A bishop can walk around in a plain raso, but when the bishop starts putting on layers of vestments over his sticharion, he is becoming more “official”, and he is elevating himself from “merely observing” to being a “participant”. It’s fairly complicated to go into the multiple layers here, but the author of the article is familiar with this process, and is pointing out that the amount of “layers” that were worn by these bishops constitute more than just a “mere presence”…From that point on, it is not clear from the vague word “co-officiated” what exactly they “shared” in this service, but the article infers that the bishop was certainly dressed “to participate” (a.k.a. co-officiate)… Nevertheless, we have ample evidence in the past (and present) of Popes and Cardinals being allowed to recite the “Our Father” during Divine Liturgy, being allowed to sit on the bishop’s throne near the chanting stand, being allowed to bless Orthodox faithful with the “myrodocheion” during Holy Friday, being allowed to cense the faithful during the Resurrection service, even the Pope’s “Pheme” being chanted at the Phanar in his presence, etc, etc etc,….ample evidence to demonstrate that reciprocity by the Roman Catholics to allow participation in common prayer even other forms of participation in their services by “Orthodox” bishops is not out of the boundaries of reality nowadays…maybe next time the NH article will give more detail.

  4. His story resembles much the life of Saint Nectarios of Aegina. I keep dear Bishop Emilianos in my prayers. Lord have Mercy on those who betray and take advantage of their position within the church. Please Lord and Mother of God bring guidance and a spiritual enlightment to this sad situation +++

  5. Pride, hubris, the love of money, appearance without substance, surrounding themselves with sycophants and little accountability are unfortunately hallmarks that are evident within some – not all – of the Greek Orthodox episcopacy and clergy. Christ-like humility is neither manifested nor understood while basic Christian charity is totally absent. The injustice directed towards His Grace Bishop Emilianos is beneath contempt.

    I will not provide my real name, not for lack of courage but to protect close family and friends from the opprobrium that the many sycophants would heap upon them following this contribution.

  6. Όλη αυτά τα γεγονότα μου θυμίζουν
    μια ιστορία σ’ένα χωριό της Χίου που
    κάποιος χωρικός πώλησε τον γαίδαρό του σε έναν κοντοχωριανό του.
    Ο αγοραστής όπως ήταν φυσικό αρωτούσε λεπτομερώς τα χαρίσματα του γαϊδάρου που θ’αγόραζε, όλα θετικά μου τα είπες κοντοχωριανέ μήπως έχει και κανένα ψεχάδι για να ξέρω . Το μόνο ψεχάδι που έχει είναι
    ομοφυλόφιλος , χαμογέλασε ο αγοραστής πλήρωσε και πήρε στο χωριό του τον ομοφυλόφιλο γαίδαρο.
    Μια μέρα τον παραφόρτωσε και ο
    γαίδαρος θύμωσε και σε κάποια στιγμή
    βρήκε την ευκαιρία του βάρεσε μια κλωτσιά και τον ξάπλωσε στο έδαφος.
    Δεν πίστευε αυτό που του συνέβη και
    έτρεξε πίσω σ’αυτόν που του τον
    πούλησε και του εξήγησε αυτό που του
    συνέβη και θυμωμένος του είπε γιατί
    δεν με ενημέρωσες ότι κλωτσάει μου
    είπες μόνο πως είναι ομοφυλόφιλος και
    εκείνος του απήντησε πλέον σε χωριάτικο λεξιλόγιο από έναν Πούστη
    γαίδαρο όλα να τα περιμένεις.
    Τα υπόλοιπα δικά σας

  7. It is interesting to read this article and the comments there of concerning the fate of Bishop Aimilianos in Australia as if it was the only case of “Malfunction” in the circles of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. What happened to Archbishop of Methodios Fugias of Theatira (England); To Archbishop Spyridon of USA; Why were they expelled and disappeared without any explanation; Of course the New Pope of the East doesn’t care about nobody as he doesn’t care about the Orthodox Church and about Christianity at all, when he equaled Christianity with all the Religions. Concerning the above mentioned Clergymen, it is curious to see why they virtually disappeared without speaking up for the reasons they were “ejected” from the body of the Church. Unfortunately, this is the situation in the “Greek” Orthodox Church now. What happened to Archbishop Nikiphoros of Askalon, of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, who was defrocked because, as a Bishop and member of the Synod, protested the policies of the Patriarchs of Jerusalem and is fighting alone for 36 years now for the Church of Jerusalem; Does anybody care;

  8. Orthodoxy is ruled by the New World
    Order ( Greek Orthodoxy) and passes
    the pulling strings to people like
    Pope and Alex Karloutsos.


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