EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis).  A few days ago, it finally happened: The “silent majority” woke up and took to the streets of Thessaloniki to participate in a “Family Pride” demonstration that shook the whole of Greece.  The main slogan in this demonstration was “Keep Your hands off our children!”, while “Greece means Orthodoxy” was a close second. Let me underline here that when it comes to how integral is religion for their national identity, Greeks come at number one in Europe!  Maybe this is why the globalists are applying specific plans (including “Kasselakis” whose only political purpose was exactly that, to soften the Greeks’ attachment to their traditional values and, as Elpidophoros has put it, to “modernize”…

Other slogans were heard mostly against Mitsotakis – whose party dropped like a rock in Northern Greece in recent Euro-elections” and in many instances came behind the “Elliniki Lysi” by Kyriakos Velopoulos.  It was inevitable… The time will soon come when Greek voters will have to consciously vote against anyone associated with the mafia political families that have devastated the country over the last five decades.

For now, however the struggle is against the woke ideology that has penetrated the school system and introduced books like this:



source- protothema.gr

Θεσσαλονίκη: Ολοκληρώθηκε το Family Pride – Βίντεο και φωτογραφίες

«Βάλτε τέλος στην παράνοια τους, πες τα πράγματά με το όνομά τους» είναι ένα από τα μηνύματα των διοργανωτών

Λίγο μετά τις 9 ολοκληρώθηκε στον Λευκό Πύργο από όπου ξεκίνησε στη Θεσσαλονίκη η συγκέντρωση του «Family Pride», μία εβδομάδα μετά τη μεγάλη παρέλαση του Europride 2024.

Μετά τις ομιλίες και αφού έψαλαν τον εθνικό ύμνο και άφησαν στον αέρα τα μπαλόνια (ροζ και γαλάζια) οι συγκεντρωμένοι ξεκίνησαν πορεία που κινείται σε κεντρικούς δρόμους της πόλης. Στην κεφαλή βρίσκονται άτομα που κρατούν ελληνικές σημαίες σημαίες αλλά και παιδιά με σημαία «ορθοδοξία ή θάνατος». Οι συμμετέχοντες φωνάζουν συνθήματα όπως: «Ελλάδα σημαίνει ορθοδοξία» και «κάτω τα χέρια από τα παιδιά μας», όπως και ότι «η Ελλάδα ανήκει στους Έλληνες».

Την ίδια ώρα βρίσκονται επί ποδός δυνάμεις της ΕΛ.ΑΣ. και της Κρατικής Ασφαλείας προκειμένου να διασφαλίσουν ότι όλα θα κυλήσουν ομαλά μέχρι την ολοκλήρωση της πορείας.

Δείτε βίντεο και φωτογραφίες

"Family Pride" στη Θεσσαλονίκη

«Βάλτε τέλος στην παράνοια τους, πες τα πράγματά με το όνομά τους» είναι ένα από τα μηνύματα των διοργανωτών, που αναφέρουν ακόμα ότι «ο όρος “οικογένεια” είναι μοναδικός», ενώ άλλο πανό – εθνικιστικής οργάνωσης – γράφει «κάτω τα χέρια από τα παιδιά, οικογένεια είναι μόνο η παραδοσιακή».

Σημειώνεται ότι στη συγκέντρωση η οποία παρουσιάζεται ως «μια μεγάλη γιορτή της ελληνικής οικογένειας», συμμετέχει και μερίδα μελών του ακροδεξιού χώρου.


  1. Great, except the “silent majority” largely walked away from God long ago which is what lead to all this in the first place. Only 4% of people in Greece attend Church regularly these days. I hope that changes.

  2. Pride parades are a misnomer. There is nothing to be proud of, partaking in homosexual acts. In order to display pride, you must have an accomplishment. Such as having invented the cure for cancer. Or even winning the Euro finals. But just for being gay? What’s to be proud of? Its their business what they do behind close doors, between adults. But I dont want to know and I won’t give them the satisfaction of attending one. Now, it has become a parade that even non gays attend. To “show their support”. Support for what?

  3. This is great news. The people of Greece are building a wall up now that will block government from perverting the definition of family and gender and protect children from perverts.

  4. Typo :
    Helleniscope forgot to write “Keep” your hands off our children “

    This parade is fantastic turnout for Greece which generally lost it’s one time loyalty to Christ.

  5. Good to see this of course, but 60% of the population decided not to vote in the recent European Parliament elections, resulting in New Democracy “gems” like Tsiodras and Autias being “promoted”… As long as the voting majority is “silent” during elections, the politicians will continue not to care about events like this…

    • Natsios and Velopoulos in the Greek parliament are both against gay marriages and they both promise to promote traditional family values when they are voted to govern Greece. Watch them in u tube

      • Λεωνιδα,
        On the surface, you have taken the bait…except that Velopoulos had a chance to join forces with Natsios and a couple others to get the 75 votes necessary to bring a “no confidence vote” to try and slow down, or even derail that abominable law that was passed by Syriza and New Democracy…and he didn’t.

        Velopoulos also dragged his feet (because he is a product of New Democracy), causing Natsios to step in finally and make that important request that the parliamentary votes NOT be anonymous…that’s the only reason we know who voted Yes and who voted No.

        The only thing Velopoulos decided to do was throw a temper tantrum and accuse Natsios of “stealing his idea”, when Natsios saw the clock running out and decided to step in and do what Velopoulos had claimed he would do many days earlier…

        Why did Velopoulos not take decisive action? You have 3 guesses, and the first 2 don’t count…a barking dog is loud, but when it’s on a chain, the thief laughs while he burglarizes the home…


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