EDITOR’S NOTE (Alex Aliferis): Former Head of NATO Admiral James Stavridis is a Deep State Globalist promoter. He is in the Council for Foreign Relations and the Rockefeller Foundation. The Greek American community need to know how he has attacked President Trump. In the New American magazine, it describes in detail of his betrayal against the Republic of the United States of America in promoting the Globalist CFR agenda.
The article described “On December 30, Admiral James Stavridis appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program, in tandem with Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) president Richard Haass, to charge that the Trump administration’s “obstructing” of Joe Biden’s security team is “dangerous.” The next day, on December 31, The Daily Beast co-published with SpyTalk a piece by Jeff Stein and former CFR/FBI/DOD analyst Patricia Ravagli accusing President Trump of serving, in effect, as Russia’s agent in attempting to “smear” Joe Biden’s son Hunter. These are but two out of many examples of the ongoing subversive effort over the past four years by Deep State operatives from the national defense/national security apparatus — in concert with their comrades in the media — to overthrow President Trump and undo the 2016 election.”
He is the Benedict Arnold of present-day America who sold out the USA for the Globalist agenda and One World Government. President Trump won 2020 and he is still our President. Biden won with voter fraud. Watch out for the election audit from Arizona.


Deep State Military Brass, Intel Operatives: More Attacks on Trump, More Promotion of Biden

On December 30, Admiral James Stavridis appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program, in tandem with Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) president Richard Haass, to charge that the Trump administration’s “obstructing” of Joe Biden’s security team is “dangerous.” The next day, on December 31, The Daily Beast co-published with SpyTalk a piece by Jeff Stein and former CFR/FBI/DOD analyst Patricia Ravagli accusing President Trump of serving, in effect, as Russia’s agent in attempting to “smear” Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

These are but two out of many examples of the ongoing subversive effort over the past four years by Deep State operatives from the national defense/national security apparatus — in concert with their comrades in the media — to overthrow President Trump and undo the 2016 election.

For the Stavridis/Haass MSNBC appearance, Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire and Way Too Early host Kacie Hunt filled in for the usual Morning Joe hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, both of whom are CFR members and intense hate-Trump globalists. Lemire asked Stavridis if he agreed that the Trump administration’s “stonewalling” of Biden’s security team could be “dangerous” and “taken advantage of and exploited by our adversaries.” Admiral Stavridis responded, “The right word, Jonathan, is dangerous…. There are tactical problems, operational problems and strategic problems.”

The retired Navy admiral warned, “There are real-world consequences here. And I absolutely call on the Pentagon officials who are indeed Trump loyalists — who walked in the door less than a month ago at the very senior levels, including the acting secretary of defense — let’s do the right thing here for the nation.”

Selling Out for Globalist Honors, Pelf
But critics have good reason to question whether the admiral is truly motivated by doing “the right thing for the nation,” or doing what’s best for the globalist oligarchs with whom he’s obviously thrown in his lot. It was apropos that Admiral Stavridis was coupled on the MSNBC program with CFR honcho Richard Haass, since Stavridis is a longtime member of the CFR, a fact that neither the MSNBC host nor Stavridis mentioned. And he is not simply an ordinary member, by the way, but a director of the CFR, as well as a director of the group’s Nominating and Governance Committee, its Studies Committee, and its Election and Appointments Board.

Is this important? Well, let us consider the opinion of another admiral of the United States Navy, the late Admiral Chester Ward, former judge advocate general of the Navy and for many years a member of the Council on Foreign Relations before becoming one of its fiercest critics. According to Admiral Ward, the goal of the CFR is the “submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government.” He noted that “this lust to surrender the sovereignty and independence of the United States is pervasive throughout most of the membership.” Admiral Ward added, “In the entire CFR lexicon, there is no term of revulsion carrying a meaning so deep as ‘America First.’” The CFR is the brain trust, the nerve center, and the public face of the unelected, unaccountable Deep State cabal that has taken control of our government. (See herehere, and here.)

Admiral Stavridis personifies the ambitious military man who betrays his oath and sells out his country. For his faithful service to the globalist agenda, Stavridis has been richly rewarded since his retirement with lucrative and prestigious appointments. Undoubtedly, among the most profitable of those rewards is his appointment to operating executive with the Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest private-equity funds. One of the three founders and co-executive chairmen of the Carlyle Group is David Rubenstein, who also happens to be chairman of the CFR, as well as chairman of the CFR’s Global Board of Advisors. In addition, Rubenstein is also a member of the super-elite Trilateral Commission. Like most of the other big Wall Street firms, the Carlyle Group is heavily invested in China, partners with corporations controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and has brought many CCP-approved employees into its Asian investment operations. The admiral is also chair of the Board of Counselors for McLarty Associates, the high-powered consulting and lobbying firm employing Thomas McLarty and John Negroponte, both members of the CFR and Trilateral Commission.

Stavridis’ globalist ties don’t stop there: He’s also a director of the Rockefeller Foundation, which has been at the center of funding for the leftist cultural-political-economic revolution for the past century. In addition, he is columnist for TIME magazine and a national security commentator for NBC and MSNBC, along with disgraced former CIA chief John Brennan, and other hate-Trump members of the Deep State intelligence community. He endorsed Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. He has received awards from the Atlantic Council and the Simson Center, both CFR-aligned globalist “think tanks” that wage war on American sovereignty and independence. To top it off, he is a “Davos Man,” joining the World Economic Forum’s annual luxury confab of billionaires, celebrities, and politicians that annually swoop into Switzerland in their Learjets and Gulfstreams to lecture the rest of humanity on the need to reduce consumption. The sanctimonious WEF plutocrats are now pushing their master plan for transforming all life on the planet through their Orwellian “Great Reset.”

The Benedict Arnold Brigade of Today’s U.S. Military Services
Unfortunately, Admiral Stavridis is far from alone among our top-level military brass in prostituting himself for globalist cash and recognition. Plenty of generals and admirals have jumped on board the one-world gravy train and joined the CFR: Admiral Michael G. Mullen, General David H. Petraeus, General Colin Powell, Admiral William Crowe, General John M.D. Shalikashvili, General Michael V. Hayden, Admiral Peter A. Garvin, Admiral William H. McRaven, General Stanley A. McChrystal, General Barry R. McCaffrey, General Eric Shinseki, General Merrill A. McPeak, and General H.R. McMaster — to name only a few of the many, many high-ranking U.S. military officers that have become leading figures in the sellout of America. They have played an indispensable role assisting their CFR brethren in politics and the media in imposing a subversive agenda of political correctness on the U.S. military services. Radical feminism, LGBTQ perversion, racial identity politics, ethnic affirmative action — all this and much more have been used (and are being used) by the CFR military elites to destroy the finest and most important military in the world. Moreover, they have led a decades-long campaign selling perpetual U.S. military involvement in no-win foreign wars, as well as UN “police actions,” “peacekeeping,” and “nation-building.” The ultimate objective of these efforts, as has been revealed in numerous Presidential Decision Directives (PDDs) and official actions, is to gradually transfer command and control of America’s Armed Forces to the United Nations and its subsidiaries.

It doesn’t matter how many stars, medals, and citations a general or admiral has, if he’s selling out his country to the United Nations, China, or anyone else, he’s a Benedict Arnold. We may do well to recall that Arnold, whose name is now loathsome with dishonor, was General Benedict Arnold.

He was once known as “the hero of the Battle of Saratoga” for his dashing, daring leadership in rallying the American forces against the British. Nevertheless, ambition, avarice, and bitterness at being passed over for promotions led him to betray his country and sell out to Britain for lucre and a generalship. Likewise, Aaron Burr had fought bravely in the War for Independence, rising to the rank of colonel before leaping into politics, where he became vice president under Thomas Jefferson. Although he is remembered chiefly for his duel with Alexander Hamilton (which ended in Hamilton’s death), more notable, arguably, was his treason plot that included General James Wilkinson, another war hero, and then the highest-ranking officer in the U.S. Army.

Practically every country has had its military turncoats. Among the most universally despised is Vidkun Quisling, the Norwegian army officer and politician who betrayed Norway to Hitler and served as “minister president” under the Nazi occupation. He was later tried, convicted, and executed for treason, and the name “Quisling” is forever associated with traitors. Rome had its Cataline — the soldier, senator, and criminal degenerate who hatched a conspiracy to overthrow the Roman Republic. And long before Catiline, Rome had its General Caius Marcius, the legendary war hero whose valor and victory during the siege of Corioli earned him the surname Coriolanus, a name Shakespeare made famous (or infamous) in his eponymous play Coriolanus. Embittered by Rome’s failure to honor him as he wished, the arrogant warrior hooked up with Rome’s enemy, the Volsci, and led a Volscian army against his patria, Rome.

Changing Commands: The Betrayal of America’s Military
The historical examples cited above (and many others like them that could be cited) usually involved one, or a relatively small number, of generals scheming (with enemies foreign and/or domestic) to overthrow and take control of the government. Their coups d’etat sometimes involved coordinated invasions by enemy forces. The treasonous coup attempt we face today is the concerted action of a multitude of individuals and organizations, and is the culmination of decades of planning, and decades of subverting and undermining our society and institutions.

In his 1995 book Changing Commands: The Betrayal of America’s Military, John F. McManus detailed the treachery and treason that was already then decades in the making. And that was 25 years ago! (The opening chapter of this important book, “The Changing Role of America’s Armed Forces,” may be read here.)

Unfortunately, not enough Americans heard or read McManus’s important warning about the globalists’ treason against our Constitution and their devastating attack on our military institutions. So the Deep State forged ahead unhindered — until, that is, President Trump began to overturn their one-world apple cart. When that happened, they rolled out their Benedict Arnold chorus line of generals and admirals to launch an unprecedented series of vicious, partisan, public attacks against a sitting president.

Thus, General John R. Allen (CFR), for instance, has repeatedly made high-profile media attacks on President Trump. (By the way, he was an Obama appointee and has previously endorsed Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Important to note also is that he is president of the left-wing, globalist Brookings Institution. None of these points are mentioned in the media puff pieces that present him as a stellar military commander.) Admiral William McRaven (CFR) authored an op-ed titled “Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President” for (of course) the New York Times, one of the Deep State’s leading Hate Trump sound boxes. General Colin Powell (CFR), former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called President Trump “a menace” to the Republic and claimed he “lies all the time,” among other derogatory charges. These political generals and admirals have also signed on to multiple letters with dozens (or in some cases, a couple hundred) of their military cohorts to attack President Trump. As to be expected, the anti-Trump media presents these outbursts by the CFR Quisling commanders as proof of President Trump’s unfitness to command and his alleged lack of support among members of the Armed Forces.

235 Patriot Generals and Admirals Respond to the Anti-Trump Quisling Choir
However, hundreds of America’s senior military leaders and millions of retired and active members of the military services enthusiastically support President Trump and find these scurrilous attacks to be outrageous — besides being criminal under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). In the run-up to the November 3 election, 235 retired generals and admirals signed a letter outlining the national defense-national security reasons why they were endorsing President Trump and opposing the policies of the Biden-Obama-Clinton-Pelosi Democrats that have dramatically weakened our military and endangered our national security. As expected, the same Fake News media that shamelessly boost the CFR’s military lackeys in their attacks on Trump almost totally censor any coverage of the senior military officers who support him.

All of this has many of our military veterans fighting mad. When former Defense Secretary General James Mattis joined the Quisling Choir’s assaults on Trump, Colonel James Bathurst, USMC (Retired) penned a blistering open letter to Mattis. Colonel Bathurst declared that after getting “the full drift of your senseless, destructive, undeserving slander of our president, I cannot hold back.” “Just so you know, this is from a retired Marine colonel who spent nearly as much time in uniform as you. And considering my love of the Corps and my brothers and sisters, it does not bother me one bit to state without any equivocation you are a disgrace to our Marine uniform.” Bathurst, a storied combat Marine and author of We’ll All Die As Marines, wrote, “Who do you think you are to speak out in such a disgraceful manner against a sitting president? Do you believe your rank entitles you to talk such trash?… You Mr. Mattis (I will not call you by your rank — you do not deserve it) are a disgrace to my Corps. I believe the only people who genuinely care about what you said are your fellow Marines who are disgusted with your pompous ass…. You Mr. Mattis are a despicable, egotistical, self-centered person of no value to my country.”

Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Jim Lechner is likewise fiercely critical of the globalist claque of military brass attacking Trump. Colonel Lechner, a combat infantryman with 27 years in the Army, is a survivor of the Battle of Mogadishu (Somalia, 1993) and the Battle of Ramadi (Iraq, 2006). “Where were they during the Obama administration, when the rules of engagement (ROE) were getting American soldiers killed?” in Afghanistan, Libya, and elsewhere, the combat veteran demanded. “The administration imposed an unworkable strategy and ROEs that were criminal. Why didn’t these flag officers speak up about that?” he asked, echoing the anger of many other veterans.

Taking Action, Proffering Charges
Brigadier General Albert E. Brewster USMC (Retired) has gone a step further, formally proffering charges under the UCMJ against the generals and admirals who have violated the code with their contemptuous (and contemptible) remarks about their president. In a letter to the editor to The New American, General Brewster explained the gravity of their violations and the potential consequences: court martial, dismissal, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for up to one year. General Brewster specifically names Mattis, McPeak, McRaven, Allen, and Mullen, but notes there are many others who also could be similarly charged.

The Deep State Fears the Patriot Soldiers
Interestingly, while the Deep State’s controlled media chorus promotes the pampered, perfumed Quisling Choir to give the impression that America’s men at arms detest President Trump, they are simultaneously warning their liberal-left audience that the U.S. military ranks are filled with soldiers, sailors, and airmen who idolize Trump. Patricia Ravalgi, the former CFR/FBI/DOD analyst mentioned at the top of this article, warns in the Daily Beast that “Recent polling shows that among military veterans, approval ratings for Trump are higher than among the civilian population. In my experience, the support for Donald Trump among a large segment of the U.S. military is downright cult-like.”

Ravalgi claims that Trump’s “rage” could bring on a “Civil War,” and that his “cult-like” followers in the military would follow him instead of following their oath the Constitution. Rather, she and her comrades in the Orwellian media industrial complex fear that too many in the military would follow President Trump and the Constitution. They are fearful because, as she says, “The extent of the visceral hatred much of the military feels for Democrats, the ‘deep state’ and the ‘fake news media’ is a new phenomenon.” The Deep State globalists have good reason to be fearful because it may be that, at last, the sleeping American giant has been awakened.

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