EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Sometimes we get jealous to watch priests of other denominations have the courage to go against the establishment and the mainstream media propaganda… Enjoy the clarity of this 20′ sermon – it’s worth your time!



  1. Excellent salient points from Fr. Nolan,
    he posits since global Pandemic of 2 years we must stay vigilant in trusting anything coming out of news media —
    example: there’s simply no balanced discussion re: war in Ukraine,
    mass media will dictate who you should condemn — and that’s Russia.

    24/7 Media demonizes Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine – but more disturbing is Zelensky a global elite,
    has spiritually invaded Ukraine…

    It’s why he’s darling of Hollywood liberals and his agenda is similar to the old
    Soviet Union:
    1) communism
    2) atheism
    3) moral corruption

    • That’s a good summary of Fr. Nolan’s speech, Zoey. Like you I agree with Fr. Nolan, especially when he judges correctly that the spiritual harm that Pres. Zelensky has done is perhaps more harmful than the material harm that Pres. Putin has visited upon Ukraine by military force. Only those members of the kingdom of God, whose thoughts reach beyond the physical dimension, are able to grasp this truth. To others it is probably shocking.

      Having said that I will say this: The homily is the priest or bishop’s opportunity to expand on the Gospel of the day and apply it to his congregation’s lives. Although topical issues like the war in Ukraine may be touched upon as they relate to the Scriptures and Tradition (or the magisterium in the Catholic Church), it is not appropriate for a priest to make a political speech in place of a homily.

    • I surely do, sir. He’s a brave man of God. Fr. Nolan is celibate, so he could be received into our Orthodox brotherhood of clergy and even be considered for the episcopate. Of course, since he is Roman Catholic his way of thinking is typically legalistic, so he would have to come to an understanding of the Orthodox phronema first. That may be a bit of a stretch, as it requires some fundamental unlearning and relearning.

      I am not aware of many American Orthodox clergymen who have spoken out clearly in defense of the Faith during the “pandemic”, or in defense of Russia during this war. Abbot Tryphon is the only one who immediately comes to mind, but he has a wide media exposure so he sticks out.

      • Because you are not clergy. The Orthodox clergy in my humble opinion is very much defending the faith and keeping an open mind about what’s going on in Ukraine and Russia. It’s typically the higher up’s and the clergy in NY who are misguided.

  2. Thankfully, Father Nolan is courageously speaking out against heresy and the worldwide, antichrist plan of action, past/present. Good for him!👏🏻

    We are all co-responsible to vocalize publicly our disdain, and do not comply to the whims of these demons. We will be judged by our silence if we don’t.

    Θα κατακριθούμε με την σιωπή μας….

  3. Why have they removed the video of the Catholic Priest? Is it because he revealed the truth? I was blessed to have been able to watch it but it should be available to all those who wish to watch it – this is what democracy is, or not anymore?

  4. I contacted Fr. Nolan, here’s his reply, including a link to the video now on a Google drive:

    Dear Friends,

    Those who have been unable to access my recent Ukraine sermon can find it at the following link. 

    Feel free to download, repost, and share as you like.

    Also, if you are so inclined, please make known your thoughts on the cancel-culture mentality to Father William Lawrence, FSSP, my provincial superior at whose request this sermon was removed: nas@fssp.com

    Pax Christi
    Fr. Daniel Nolan


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