EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): A lightning coming straight from the Holy Mountain just stroked AB Elpidoktonos – along with his Fordahmite apologists – and left them frozen to eternity as an example of heresy!!! Enjoy it below in English and Greek…


28 July 2022
Communication of the Holy Community of Mt Athos*

On the occasion of recent public appearances and positions taken by members of the clergy of the Church, including hierarchs, who have created the impression that it is possible for the Church to accept any other form of family, apart from the one established by the Holy Gospel, the Holy Community of Mt Athos wishes to respond publicly.

The Holy Mountain, as a place of prayer and asceticism, in an unbroken liturgical and spiritual continuity, humbly prays for the entire world, and for all people without distinction.

The sacrament of baptism, by which a person becomes a member of the Church and receives the grace of the Holy Spirit, is undoubtedly the visible expression of God’s infinite love.

The effort to live according to the Holy Gospel and the law of God ensures the conditions for participation in the sacraments of the Church.

In light of the above, we cannot but express our regret for the above public appearances and positions of persons of the Church, which have given reason for the faithful to be scandalized.

It is clearly foreign to the teaching of the Gospel and the Orthodox ethos to allow it to be understood that a “same-sex couple” can be considered as a family and to recognize the right of such a couple to adopt children, since any such form of adoption or adoptive childguardianship is contrary to the teaching of the Gospel, human nature, and also to the ethos and traditions of our people. At the same time, it violates the elementary rights of innocent defenseless children, who do not have the possibility to choose a normal family environment.

We express the above as a voice of sincere interest in the course of our country, and indeed at such a critical period for it.

May the Patroness of our country and of the Holy Mountain, the All-Holy Theotokos, intercede with our Lord Jesus Christ to lead everyone to repentance and to life according to the light of the Gospel and its teaching.

All the Representatives and Abbots of the Twenty Holy Monasteries of the Holy Mountain of Athos.



Καταπέλτης η Κοινότητα του Αγίου Όρους! Αδύνατον ένα «ομόφυλο ζεύγος» να θεωρείται οικογένεια και να υιοθετεί παιδιά

 “Είναι σαφώς ξένο προς την διδασκαλία του Ευαγγελίου και το Ορθόδοξο ήθος να αφήνεται να εννοηθεί ότι ένα «ομόφυλο ζεύγος» είναι δυνατόν να θεωρείται ως οικογένεια και να αναγνωρίζεται σε αυτό δικαίωμα υιοθεσίας τέκνων, καθώς κάθε τέτοιου είδους μορφή τεκνοθεσίας η αναδοχής αντίκειται στην ευαγγελική διδασκαλία. Δεν θα μπορούσαμε παρά να εκφράσουμε την λύπη μας για τις παραπάνω δημόσιες εμφανίσεις και τοποθετήσεις προσώπων της Εκκλησίας, οι οποίες παρέχουν αφορμές σκανδαλισμού του πιστού λαού”, αναφέρει μεταξύ άλλων στο ανακοινωθέν που εξέδωσε η Ιερά Κοινότητα του Αγίου Όρους

Αναλυτικά το ανακοινωθέν:

Εξ αφορμής προσφάτων δημοσίων εμφανίσεων και τοποθετήσων κληρικών της Εκκλησίας, ακόμη και ιεραρχών, οι οποίες αφήνουν να δημιουργηθεί η εντύπωση ότι είναι δυνατόν η Εκκλησία να δέχεται οποιαδήποτε άλλη μορφή οικογένειας, εκτός από αυτήν που θεσπίζει το Ιερόν Ευαγγέλιον, η Ιερά Κοινότης επιθυμεί να τοποθετηθεί και δημοσίως.

Το Άγιον Όρος, ως χώρος προσευχής και ασκήσεως, με αδιάσπαστη συνέχεια λειτουργική και πνευματική, εύχεται ταπεινά υπέρ του σύμπαντος κόσμου, για όλους τους ανθρώπους ανεξαρτήτως διακρίσεων.

Το μυστήριο του βαπτίσματος, με το οποίο ο άνθρωπος γίνεται μέλος της Εκκλησίας και λαμβάνει την χάρη του Αγίου Πνεύματος, αναμφισβήτητα αποτελεί την ορατή έκφραση της άπειρης αγάπης του Θεού. Η προσπάθεια να ζήσουμε σύμφωνα με το άγιο Ευαγγέλιο και τον νόμο του Θεού εξασφαλίζει τις προϋποθέσεις για την συμμετοχή στα μυστήρια της Εκκλησίας.

Υπό το πρίσμα των ανωτέρω δεν θα μπορούσαμε παρά να εκφράσουμε την λύπη μας για τις παραπάνω δημόσιες εμφανίσεις και τοποθετήσεις προσώπων της Εκκλησίας, οι οποίες παρέχουν αφορμές σκανδαλισμού του πιστού λαού. Είναι σαφώς ξένο προς την διδασκαλία του Ευαγγελίου και το Ορθόδοξο ήθος να αφήνεται να εννοηθεί ότι ένα «ομόφυλο ζεύγος» είναι δυνατόν να θεωρείται ως οικογένεια και να αναγνωρίζεται σε αυτό δικαίωμα υιοθεσίας τέκνων, καθώς κάθε τέτοιου είδους μορφή τεκνοθεσίας η αναδοχής αντίκειται στην ευαγγελική διδασκαλία, την ανθρώπινη φύση αλλά και στο ήθος και στις παραδόσεις του λαού μας, ενώ ταυτόχρονα παραβιάζει και τα στοιχειώδη δικαιώματα αθώων αντυπεράσπιστων ανθρώπων, που δεν έχουν την δυνατότητα να επιλέξουν ένα φυσιολογικό οικογενειακό περιβάλλον.

Τα ανωτέρω εκφράζομε ως φωνή ειλικρινούς ενδιαφέροντος για την πορεία της πατρίδος μας, και μάλιστα σε περίοδο τόσο κρίσιμη γι᾽ αυτήν.

Είθε η Προστάτις της πατρίδος μας και Έφορος του Αγίου Όρους Υπεραγία Θεοτόκος να μεσιτεύει προς τον Κύριον ημών Ιησούν Χριστόν για να οδηγήσει όλους σε μετάνοια και ζωή σύμφωνα προς το φως του Ευαγγελίου και την διδασκαλία Του

Άπαντες οι εν τη κοινή Συνάξει Αντιπρόσωποι και Προιστάμενοι των είκοσιν Ιερών Μονών του Αγίου Όρους Άθω.


  1. AXIOS!!!
    It’s high time this arrogant gang of
    depraved vipers — posing as Hierarchs of
    GOA are put on notice —
    their satanic agenda will not fly!

  2. If one does not see their error then there can not occur true repentance. So where does this leave us? I see the floodgate open. Your thoughts can take it from here.

  3. It’s way too late. It’s over. The GOA is dead.
    Many other denominations of Christianity have also .been destroyed in these dark times.

    Like a dead corpse rotting away, today’s “organized/institutionalized local church system” bares virtually no likeness or semblance to what was once a living and vibrant community of believers who knew what is was to be set free from the entanglements and the yokes of bondage.

    But right off the bat, someone might be saying, “…What in the world are you talking about? My church isn’t distorted or deformed. In fact, our pastors are humble men, filled with the Spirit and many saints have benefited much from their ministry. Our church is Christ-centered and God-glorifying, vibrant and growing…” etc., etc.

    A dark veil hangs over the world now. All of us are to blame for what is happening and what will come.

    • Absolutely not! This defeatist attitude is the work of the Devil and benefits the enemies of Church who want to drive us away from the Church. Our Church has survived worse heretical, servile and unworthy hierarchs… Now it’s the time to be present, now it’s the time to be vocal now it’s the time to fight. Push the Priests to respect the Holy Tradition (which is as important as Holy Scripture) and the Canons! It’s in the preamble of GOARCH’s Constitution for crying out loud! That’s where the intentional (?) marginalization of the Greek Language in which both the Holy Traditions and Holy Scriptures have been given to us and each generation before us becomes of paramount importance! How can the flock keep the shepherds to account if neither of them can parse the Scripture, Tradition and the Canons of the Church? Ignorance begets ignorance which begets doom. It’s time for Renaissance! Reconnect with the roots instead of axing the roots and then wonder why the tree of Church shrivels and dies!

      • Mr wilderness, again you show your ignorance, most of scriptures was written in Hebrew and as mentioned before, Jesus spoke Aramaic and not Greek. Your ignorance and stubborn attitude confound me.

        • You are grossly wrong… what your ignorant self doesn’t know is that we have not had the Hebrew Bible. the only Hebrew Bible we have are the forged, falsified versions that the PseudoJews use called the Masoretic texts. Of course they disagree with the text of the Septuagint which is in Greek and was created by the Hebrew High Priests of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and commissioned by the Greek ruler of Egypt Ptolemy. So the Oldest vernacular text we have for the Old Testament is in Greek. The same applies for the New Testament let alone for the bulk 9f the patriotic traditions and the Holy Synods, the Canons etc… IGNORANT! Did you sleep through Sunday school? You ignorant pseudoChristian?

          • Mr Wilderness, am I to assume that you believe the Old Testament was originally written in Greek? The septuagint is a Greek translation from the Hebrew. Do think Abraham, Moses, Elijah and the other characters of the OT spoke Greek. I also assume you believe Jesus spoke Greek. You are correct about one thing, I slept through Sunday school. Thanking you for being so diligent in your studies. By the way, were your SS classes conducted in Greek?

          • No I do not assume the Old Testament was originally written in Greek and I wrote that clearly. The point is we don’t have the original text of the Old Testament and we don’t need to since the 72 High Priests of the Holy Temple THEY created the Greek Text of the Old Testament aka the Septuagint which is equivalent to the original and the ONLY bona Fide Vernacular of the Old Testament we have. The same cannot be said about the English… So Greek is the only bona Fide vernacular language we have both for the Old Testament’ the New Testament and the Canons and the Bimillenial Holy Tradition of the Christian Church. Those that tried to be Christians ignoring Greek were led astray into heresy… like the Pope and the Protestants. In short you can’t be an honest Christian (or a Jew) knowing Greek.

          • I think you should moderate your position. I am among the minority in this audience who can read the Gospel in the original and understand it to a certain extent. I can tell you that the basic message is clear in translation in any language. Now if someone is a scholar or a religious leader and he is debating the fine points comparing passages of the Bible, then yes you may need the Greek. But please leave the average faithful Christian outside of this: they can be very good Christians without knowing Greek at all. If you go down this road you will be defying Saint Paul and the Ecumenicity of Christianity

          • Mr wilderness, your logic confounds me. Do you believe that today’s Jews do not have a “bona fide” version of the Old Testament? Additionally, I assume that the Russians, Serbs, Bulgarians, Americans etc, who do not know Greek are not ” honest Christians” ? Please remember that there are many saints and even apostles who did not know Greek. Please remember that we worship a Savior who was a Jew and probably did not speak Greek.

          • It is difficult to hit a moving target. Did you say that to be an “honest Christian” one must know Greek? How about all the saints who where not Greek and did not know Greek? And again, Jesus may not have known Greek . He spoke Aramaic the language people understood. Please be honest and respond to my statement.

      • Exactly. We will not be defeated that’s why some of us must stay and fight!
        If everyone leaves for Russian or Antiochene churches then the Godless crooks of GOA win.
        Stay and fight to remove
        the depraved Elpidoforos!

  4. Deep corruption and depravity are evident in the GOA leadership. We can see this by their “fruits.” “Profession to be wise, they became fools,” comes to mind!

    These are not true bishops of the Holy Orthodox Church or righteous shepherds of Christ. They are betrayers and false teachers. They are dangerous impostors intent on destroying the Church, scandalizing the faithful, and scattering the sheep.

    I am reminded of the warnings for Fr. Reardon:
    “Alas, it is a demonstrable fact that the people of God, when they fall, often enough do not fall to the level of good paganism, but much lower. They sink down so far that even the law-abiding pagan is bewildered.” ~ Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon


  5. Τα παλιά τα σπίτια στην είσοδο είχαν τριά Καντούνια από ένα δεξιά και αριστερά και ένα
    από επάνω που τα έδενε.
    Σ’αυτά τα Καντούνια στηριζόταν η πόρτα της είσόδου. Στο μεγάλο σεισμό του 1881 που
    εισοπεδώθηκαν ολόκληρα χωριά στη Χίο, ένα από αυτά τα χωριά ήταν και το χωριό μου τα Φλάτσια.
    Σκοτώθηκαν πολλοί , η Γιαγιά μου η Λεμονιά
    που ήταν μικρό παιδί σώθηκε γιατί στάθηκε κάτω από αυτά τα Καντούνια, το σπίτι όλο έπεσε εκτός
    από τα Καντούνια.
    Έκανα αυτήν την αναφορά για να καταλήξω πως
    το Άγιο Όρος είναι το ΚΑΝΤΟΥΝΙ ΤΗΣ ΟΡΘΟΔΞΙΑΣ που θα σώσει την ίδια και ολόκληρο
    τον Ορθόδοξο κόσμο.


  7. Red Alert🚨
    Orthodox Observer CENSORED my Reply
    to their defending Gay Baptism
    by Rev. John Chrysavvigis.
    Here’s my reply to him —

    Mr. Chrysavigis why don’t you
    join Episcopal church – you
    vacuous spokesman or
    Damage Control flunky for
    every stupid + disgraceful
    thing some Hierarch does?
    Yes go join the has been
    Episcopal church which
    crashed + burned after
    allowing deviant
    homosexual priests etc.
    St Paisios would spit you out
    you shallow effeminate nerd
    in a priest robe.
    Don’t forget St. Paisios
    healed certain homosexual
    men of their sickness who
    came to visit him on Mt. Athos
    Sodomy IS a most
    egregious sin as St. John
    Chrysostom explains, as all
    Chrysostom explains, as all
    Patristic Fathers explained +
    frankly one doesn’t have to
    even be educated on such
    things; an innocent child will
    find visceral loathing at the
    thought of two sodomites
    + their abominations
    those 2 surrogate babies
    will grow up without a true
    Mother be their spoiled,
    selfish deviant freak dads
    paid a female, a “mother” to
    create them for their latest
    perverted whim as the rich
    feel entitled to do.
    As Jesus warned:
    “It’s easier for a camel to get
    thru eye of a needle, than a
    rich man to enter kingdom of
    SHAME on you + boy Elpi
    who’s so Not worthy to be an
    AB – they kicked out AB
    Spyridon who did far less so
    Bartholomew made biggest
    mistake of his life, we can
    forgive him as he’s probably
    gone senile + is lied to by
    his gang of homosexual
    Hierarchs like Met. Emanuel. What disgrace!

  8. Isn’t this Rev. John Chryssavgis the dude who’s dirty job it is to clean up after the elephants in the circus? >
    GOA = 💯% big top circus along with
    queer freaks > yikes

  9. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on Your Orthodox babies. And Lord have mercy on us all for our anger and indifference. Lord send Thy Angels to stand guard over Your Orthodox babies, cradled for a time in the arms of those cradled by the Adversary, as we ourselves cradle up to the Adversary in our foolish unbelief. Have mercy on us! Through Your Spirit may Your babies shine upon those men and all that come near Your innocent and beautiful Orthodox babies, so they all might be led towards salvation. In the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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