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Who Is That Greek “Fruit”? Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, New Monkeypox Czar…Is He A Satanist?


EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis).  The White House announced today that two doctors, Robert Fenton and Demetre Daskalakis, would be the coordinators of the effort against monkeypox.  Immediately the internet was flooded with Daskalakis’ “fruity” images that you can see below also… Unconfirmed information from deep inside the GOARCH headquarters insists that AB Elpidohporos has already set a date to honor him and to invite him further to lead all GOARCH and Patriarchate activities relevant to LGBTQI+ individuals and assist them with necessary information as they belong to a high-risk group.  A tentative date for vaccinations either in New York or in the Phanar has not been set up yet… But Daskalakis’s presence assures our religious leaders that they will be given the highest priority… God help us all…

IS HE A SATANIST? Take a look at this tweet by Benny Johnson
Benny Johnson
Meet Demetre Daskalakis. Demetre was just appointed by Joe Biden to be the official White House National Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator. Demetre proudly wears the official symbol of the Church of Satan: The Pentagram. Joe Biden appointed a Satanist to the White House.







SOURCE: twitchy.com

White House monkeypox coordinator is actually a pretty hot leather daddy under that suit

As Twitchy reported back in July, chicken little Eric Feigl-Ding was trying to scare everyone about monkeypox, citing a study saying there was an airborne risk of transmitting it. Science writer Benjamin Ryan took Feigl-Ding apart, reporting on a study of 528 global cases that found just 0.6 percent were from household transmission; 95 percent were likely transmitted via sex between men.

We’re guessing the White House didn’t yet have a monkeypox coordinator, because they sent out Covid Response Coordinator Ashish Jha,  who stressed that it’s “really important” not to use this moment “to propagate homophobic or transphobic messaging.” In other words … science.

It looks like the White House has finally finished tip-toeing around the subject and sent out monkeypox coordinator Demetre Daskhalkis to signal to those for whom it’s really important to have an awareness that it’s circulating.


As Twitchy reported earlier, NBC News put out a piece on how monkeypox is ruining men’s plans for hot boy summer. As Oilfield Rando put it, “This is an actual NBC news article MOURNING the loss of gay orgies.”

Daskalakis looks handsome in that suit, but underneath, he walks the walk.



The leather pentagram is cool.







  1. No virus has ever been isolated.
    Biden is controlled
    Elpi is controlled.
    The Empire is in decay.
    The GOA has been attacked!
    The Empire is imploding.
    The Empire is desperate
    The Empire is eating itself to death.

    Do not wait for the priests and bishops to save you. Elpi is evil. Run! Run as fast as you can from these godless men.

  2. Hey joe: Have I got the perfect guy For the job, Perfect right. But then you Can’t unsee this…

    Just like corrine jp when she errrrrr talks…

  3. Gross! Everything coming from despicable Joe Biden is always unseemly because Joe Biden is extremely unseemly —
    just go ask his daughter Ashley

  4. In all his tattoos he couldn’t find a single spot for anything Christian or Hellenic symbol to be proud of… ZERO GREEK PRIDE, ZERO CHRISTIAN PRIDE so he rightfully belongs to the SatanoTyrranic regime of Resident Biden. By the way what does the prefix “Dr.” is supposed to signify? That he knows how to tell his arse from his head? They are interchangeable anyways!

  5. You simply can not fabricate yet another bizarre twist and turn against God and our nation. Thank you Nick for revealing truth once again. It’s time to call a spade a spade. Would we expect anything less from sleepy Joe Buyden’s Nazi satanic regime? Sadly, I would say not.

    Take a look at the information regarding our new Greek Tzar Demetre:


    The CDC blew it when this virus could have easily been contained and eradicated early on. The CDC was hesitant to say Sodomy for fear of “offending” the homosexual community. So now the virus is entrenched. It is only appropriate that the regime would select an alternative lifestyle individual to represent the Monkeypox infected groups of individuals.

    Welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah where the Demonicrats and their evil ways will ultimately succumb to God’s will and rapture. Lord, we pray for the mountain of Government to move and thwart all plans for evil by the enemy. Lord we speak confusion over these groups who defile your commandments. Lord we call for righteous leaders to rise and replace the unrighteous in office and claim victory in your name Jesus, amen.

  6. The Athenians of antiquity may have allowed mentor fondling but there was no penetration (p184, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Freeman, Oxford, 1996) as indeed the Greeks reviled penetrative homosexuality. The entire myth comes from Cavafy to justify himself. Homosexuality comes from the east, where it was never objectionable in Hinduism and Buddhism. Homosexuals fled nazis to religios institutions through out Europe, but in Greece it was most pernicious in the monasteries as in 1926 the soviet dictator Pangalos forced those under fifty out of monasteries to farm the newly acquired (1895) Thessalian Tsifliks.

  7. What a sicko! He has Hunter written all over him! Or should I say, painted?! The libs have reached a new low, flaunting their allegiance to the biggest liar of all time! 👺Have they no fear of their future address in hell and burning in a river of fire?! 🔥

    Lord have mercy…..


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