The “Embassy” interfered in the deliberation/voting process of the Greek Parliament!! Other European Embassies celebrated the victory!! It was an unprecedented intervention of the combined West in Greece’s domestic affairs!!

By Nick Stamatakis

Before the well-known “dissenters” start questioning my assertion on the title that the same-sex legislation by the Mitsotakis government was against the will of the Greek people, let me take this out of the way.  Ι remind everyone, once again, that I am among the few in this community trained formally in writing questionnaires and polling. But let me also underline my preference for informal polling means and techniques. Why? In contrast to answering a formal questionnaire, these informal means reflect without biases the valid will of the people. Using mostly such informal means, I could assert many weeks before the 2016 election that Donald Trump would win. I paid a price for this prediction – I will explain on time if the globalist parrots provoke me.  They are the same parrots who will doubt this new assertion on our title today.

This time, our informal means of polling the Greek public opinion are better than in any other occasion. Following an institutionalized process of “openness” that led to the establishment of a website (, the Greek government is obligated to put all proposed legislation to public deliberation. And so they put the same-sex legislation, misleadingly titled (as is also the habit in our Congress) “Equality in civil marriage, amendment of the Civil Code and other provisions” (link here).

Those who follow the link to this government website will realize that more than 6,000 comments follow this proposed legislation. If you have the patience to go through some of them, you will find out what I found: About 80-85% are clearly against the legislation!! Manolis Kottakis, the editor-in-chief of “Estia,” the oldest and most credible Athens daily, verified the same and was very explicit in many appearances (please link here for one of them).

But we have witnessed many “anomalies” in the process around voting for the same-sex law:

  • We witnessed a direct involvement of the US and European powers in the process. As we reported three days ago, the Joint Statement on the U.S.-Greece 5th Strategic Dialogue (link here) in its very last statement explained:  “The United States welcomed Prime Minister Mitsotakis’s pledges to legislate equality in marriage and continuing to implement the National Action Plan to expand protections for LGBTQI+ persons in Greece.”
  • We witnessed an unprecedented intervention of the American Embassy in the legislative process. Manolis Kottakis reported that members of the Parliament were receiving anxious phone calls from the embassy until the last minute, asking “how the process was going”!! (link here)
  • Other European Embassies proceeded to celebrate the victory!! In synchrony with the leftist President of Greece Mrs.Sakellaropoulou…
  • The whole process brought to the surface a clear attempt of the West to undermine the Greek (Orthodox) identity.  Just the NY Times article (before the vote took place!) celebrating that “Greece is the first Orthodox country to vote for the same-sex marriage law” tells you all you need to know. The combined West used Greece’s domestic policy to leverage the geopolitical game against Russia.  This game of the degenerate Western elites has already been lost.  Not simply because Russia (and China and the BRICS) are impossible to beat on the ground, but because nature is impossible to be defeated by a slew of “identities.”… Just take a look at the dismal enrollment in the US Armed Forces, where degenerates are put front and center. Real men (especially from the American South and Midwest) are abstaining or quitting by the thousands!!
  • Many observers noted that only 107 (out of 158) MPs of the New Democracy Party voted for the same-sex law, which means that N.D. lost parliamentary confidence!!
  • Even further, it was noted that N.D. openly cooperated with the Kasselakis party and other leftist parties or groups in Parliament. This is likely a preview of things to come, as Mitsotakis is acting in every way as a leader of a liberal-leftist party and not the traditional right-wing New Democracy. Mitsotakis reached the lowest of all points in the parliamentary life of Greece to ask the ND MPs to stay away from the Parliament during the speech of Antonis Samaras, a former ND leader for many years and a former prime minister of Greece!! Unbelievable!! (to watch Samaras’ speech link here).
  • Mitsotakis’s cooperation with the Left will inevitably continue.  Mitsotakis’ DC patrons have given him specific orders to tighten ties with the Skopje government in order to close up the Balkans to the imagined Russian assault!!  Mitsotakis is set to put the final gravestone in the steal of the Name of Macedonia by the puppets of Skopje and the most beautiful piece of Greek history. Soon, there will be more laws to pass on this…
  • A new major party or right wing coalition will inevitably be formed on the right.  In politics, suppressing a “spring” too much will unavoidably cause a return to its natural size.  In Greece, no matter how the patriotic right wing seems weak now, it will eventually find its way against the unnatural coalition of anti-hellenic powers.

As for the Greek-American community, we were already contacted by several leaders of our civic organizations who expressed their disgust at the recent events and their plans to ban the corrupt Greek politicians who voted for this atrocious law from our events and parades.  The common denominator of their expressions to me was: “What is the use of fighting for Cyprus or the Name of Macedonia or the Recognition of the Genocides if we throw the institution of the Family and Orthodoxy in the trash can?  Without Family and Orthodoxy, there is no Greece and no Hellenism!!”

Helleniscope offers to all of our leaders (LINK HERE) the names of those who voted for this disgusting law and calls them not to allow them to take part in our upcoming parades.  We did the same just a few years ago against those who consented to allow the Skopje puppets to use the Name of Macedonia!  Use this list to know who is a patriot and who is not!! Our Federations should lead the way!! No anti-patriotic politicians in our parades!! Here is a wonderful opportunity for AHEPA to prove that they have something in common with “Filiki Etaoria” (I am not holding my breath!)…

Ferbuary 17, 2024,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



Παρά τη θέληση του λαού, διεφθαρμένοι Έλληνες πολιτικοί ψηφίζουν νόμο για το γάμο ομοφυλοφίλων

Η «Πρεσβεία» παρενέβη στη διαδικασία διαβούλευσης/ψηφοφορίας της Βουλής των Ελλήνων!! Άλλες Ευρωπαϊκές Πρεσβείες γιόρτασαν τη νίκη!! Ήταν μια πρωτοφανής παρέμβαση της συνδυασμένης Δύσης στα εσωτερικά της Ελλάδας!!

Του Νίκου Σταματάκη

Πριν αρχίσουν οι γνωστοί «διαφωνούντες» να αμφισβητούν τον ισχυρισμό μου για τον τίτλο ότι η νομοθεσία για το ίδιο φύλο της κυβέρνησης Μητσοτάκη ήταν ενάντια στη θέληση του ελληνικού λαού, επιτρέψτε μου να το βγάλω από τη μέση. Υπενθυμίζω σε όλους, για άλλη μια φορά, ότι είμαι από τους λίγους σε αυτήν την κοινότητα που έχουν εκπαιδευτεί στη σύνταξη ερωτηματολογίων και στις δημοσκοπήσεις. Αλλά επιτρέψτε μου επίσης να υπογραμμίσω την προτίμησή μου για άτυπα μέσα και τεχνικές δημοσκοπήσεων. Γιατί; Σε αντίθεση με την απάντηση σε ένα επίσημο ερωτηματολόγιο, αυτά τα άτυπα μέσα αντικατοπτρίζουν χωρίς προκαταλήψεις την έγκυρη βούληση του λαού. Χρησιμοποιώντας κυρίως τέτοια άτυπα μέσα, μπόρεσα να προβλέψω πολλές εβδομάδες πριν από τις εκλογές του 2016 ότι ο Ντόναλντ Τραμπ θα κέρδιζε. Πλήρωσα ένα τίμημα για αυτήν την πρόβλεψη – θα εξηγήσω εγκαίρως αν με προκαλέσουν τα παπαγαλάκια της παγκοσμιοποίησης. Είναι οι ίδιοι παπαγάλοι που θα αμφισβητήσουν αυτόν τον νέο ισχυρισμό για τον τίτλο μας σήμερα.

Αυτή τη φορά, τα άτυπα μέσα δημοσκόπησης της ελληνικής κοινής γνώμης είναι καλύτερα από κάθε άλλη περίσταση. Μετά από μια θεσμοθετημένη διαδικασία «ανοιχτότητας» που οδήγησε στη δημιουργία ιστοσελίδας (, η ελληνική κυβέρνηση υποχρεούται να θέσει σε δημόσια συζήτηση όλη την προτεινόμενη νομοθεσία. Και έτσι έβαλαν την ομόφυλη νομοθεσία, παραπλανητική;y με τίτλο (όπως συνηθίζεται και στο Κογκρέσο μας) «Ισότητα στον πολιτικό γάμο, τροποποίηση Αστικού Κώδικα και άλλες διατάξεις» (σύνδεσμος εδώ).

Όσοι ακολουθήσουν τον σύνδεσμο στον ιστότοπο της κυβέρνησης θα συνειδητοποιήσουν ότι περισσότερα από 6.000 σχόλια ακολουθούν την προτεινόμενη νομοθεσία. Αν έχετε την υπομονή να περάσετε μερικά από αυτά, θα διαπιστώσετε αυτό που είδα κι εγώ: Περίπου το 80-85% είναι ξεκάθαρα ενάντια στη νομοθεσία!! Ο αρχισυντάκτης της «Εστίας», της παλαιότερης και πιο αξιόπιστης εφημερίδας της Αθήνας, επιβεβαίωσε το ίδιο και ήταν πολύ σαφής σε πολλές εμφανίσεις (παρακαλώ συνδεθείτε εδώ για μία από αυτές).

Αλλά έχουμε γίνει μάρτυρες πολλών «ανωμαλιών» στη διαδικασία σχετικά με την ψηφοφορία υπέρ του νόμου για το ίδιο φύλο:

  • Γίναμε μάρτυρες μιας άμεσης εμπλοκής των ΗΠΑ και της Ευρώπης στη διαδικασία. Όπως αναφέραμε πριν από τρεις ημέρες, η Κοινή Δήλωση για τον 5ο Στρατηγικό Διάλογο ΗΠΑ-Ελλάδας (σύνδεσμος εδώ) στην τελευταία της δήλωση εξήγησε:  «Οι Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες καλωσόρισαν τις δεσμεύσεις του Πρωθυπουργού Μητσοτάκη να νομοθετήσει την ισότητα στο γάμο και να συνεχίσει να εφαρμόζει την Εθνική Δράση Σχέδιο επέκτασης των προστασιών για LGBTQI+ άτομα στην Ελλάδα».
  • Γίναμε μάρτυρες μιας άνευ προηγουμένου παρέμβασης της Αμερικανικής Πρεσβείας στη νομοθετική διαδικασία. Ο Μανώλης Κοττάκης ανέφερε ότι μέλη της Βουλής δέχονταν ανήσυχα τηλεφωνήματα από την πρεσβεία μέχρι την τελευταία στιγμή που ρωτούσαν «πώς πάει η διαδικασία»!! (σύνδεσμος εδώ). Στο ίδιο άρθρο φαίνεται ότι
    αλλες Ευρωπαϊκές Πρεσβείες προχώρησαν στον πανηγυρισμό της νίκης!! Σε συγχρονισμό με την αριστερή Πρόεδρο της Ελλάδας κα Σακελλαροπούλου…
  • Η όλη διαδικασία φανέρωσε μια ξεκάθαρη προσπάθεια της Δύσης να υπονομεύσει την ελληνική (ορθόδοξη) ταυτότητα. Μόνο το άρθρο των NY Times (πριν γίνει η ψηφοφορία!) που γιορτάζει ότι «η Ελλάδα είναι η πρώτη Ορθόδοξη χώρα που ψήφισε υπέρ του νόμου για τους γάμους ομοφυλόφιλων» σας λέει όλα όσα πρέπει να γνωρίζετε. Η Δύση χρησιμοποίησε την εσωτερική πολιτική της Ελλάδας για να αξιοποιήσει το γεωπολιτικό παιχνίδι εναντίον της Ρωσίας. Αυτό το παιχνίδι των εκφυλισμένων δυτικών ελίτ έχει ήδη χαθεί. Όχι απλώς επειδή η Ρωσία (και η Κίνα και οι BRICS) είναι αδύνατο να νικηθούν στο έδαφος, αλλά επειδή η φύση είναι αδύνατο να νικηθεί από μια σειρά από ψευτο-ταυτότητες… Απλώς ρίξτε μια ματιά στη θλιβερή κατάσταση στις Ένοπλες Δυνάμεις των ΗΠΑ, όπου οι εκφυλισμένοι προβάλλονται, και οι πραγματικοί άντρες-στρατιώτες (ειδικά από τον αμερικανικό Νότο και τη Μεσοδυτική) απέχουν ή παραιτούνται κατά χιλιάδες!!
  • Πολλοί παρατηρητές παρατήρησαν ότι μόνο 107 (από τους 158) βουλευτές της Νέας Δημοκρατίας ψήφισαν υπέρ του νόμου των ομοφυλοφίλων, κάτι που σημαίνει ότι η Ν.Δ έχασε την κοινοβουλευτική εμπιστοσύνη, τη γνωστή “δεδηλωμένη”!!
  • Ακόμη περαιτέρω, σημειώθηκε ότι η Ν.Δ συνεργάστηκε ανοιχτά με το κόμμα Κασελάκη και άλλα αριστερά κόμματα ή ομάδες της Βουλής. Αυτό είναι πιθανότατα μια επισκόπηση των γεγονότων που θα ακολουθήσουν, καθώς ο Μητσοτάκης ενεργεί με κάθε τρόπο ως αρχηγός ενός φιλελεύθερου-αριστερού κόμματος και όχι της παραδοσιακής δεξιάς που είναι η Νέα Δημοκρατία.
  • Ο Μητσοτάκης έπεσε στο χαμηλότερο σημείο της κοινοβουλευτικής ζωής της Ελλάδας με το να ζητήσει από τους βουλευτές της ΝΔ να φύγουν από τη Βουλή κατά την ομιλία του Αντώνη Σαμαρά, πρώην αρχηγού της ΝΔ επί πολλά χρόνια και πρώην πρωθυπουργού της Ελλάδας!! Απίστευτο!! (για να δείτε την ομιλία Σαμαρά συνδεθείτε εδώ).
  • Αυτή η συνεργασία Μητσοτάκη με την Αριστερά αναπόφευκτα θα συνεχιστεί. Οι πάτρωνες του Μητσοτάκη στην Ουάσιγκτον του έχουν δώσει συγκεκριμένες εντολές να συσφίξει τους δεσμούς με την κυβέρνηση των Σκοπίων για να κλείσει τα Βαλκάνια για τη φαντασιακή ρωσική επίθεση που δήθεν έρχεται!! Ο Μητσοτάκης ετοιμάζεται να βάλει την τελευταία ταφόπλακα στην κλοπή του ονόματος της Μακεδονίας από τις μαριονέτες των Σκοπίων και να πουλήσει πιο όμορφο κομμάτι της ελληνικής ιστορίας. Σύντομα, θα υπάρξουν περισσότεροι νόμοι για ψήφιση για το ζήτημα αυτό.
  • Ένα νέο μεγάλο κόμμα ή συνασπισμός είναι βέβαιο ότι θα σχηματιστεί στα δεξιά. Στην πολιτική, η υπερβολική συμπίεση ενός ελατηρίου θα προκαλέσει αναπόφευκτα την επιστροφή στο φυσικό τουμέγεθος. Στην Ελλάδα, όσο κι αν φαίνεται αδύναμη τώρα η πατριωτική δεξιά, τελικά θα βρει τον δρόμο της απέναντι στον αφύσικο συνασπισμό των ανθελληνικών δυνάμεων.

Όσον αφορά την ελληνοαμερικανική κοινότητα, επικοινώνησαν ήδη μαζί μας αρκετοί ηγέτες των πολιτικών μας οργανώσεων της Ομογένειας και εξέφρασαν τον αποτροπιασμό τους για τα πρόσφατα γεγονότα και τα σχέδιά τους να απαγορέψουν τους διεφθαρμένους Έλληνες πολιτικούς που ψήφισαν αυτόν τον φρικιαστικό νόμο γίνονται πιο προδοτικές πράξεις. Ο κοινός παρονομαστής των εκφράσεών τους προς εμένα ήταν: «Τι ωφελεί να παλεύουμε για την Κύπρο ή το όνομα της Μακεδονίας ή την αναγνώριση των Γενοκτονιών αν πετάξουμε τον θεσμό της Οικογένειας και της Ορθοδοξίας στον κάδο των αχρήστων;  Χωρίς Οικογένεια και Ορθοδοξία, δεν υπάρχει Ελλάδα και Ελληνισμός!!»

Το Helleniscope προσφέρει σε όλους τους αρχηγούς μας (ΣΥΝΔΕΣΜΟΣ ΕΔΩ) τα ονόματα όσων ψήφισαν αυτόν τον αποκρουστικό νόμο και τους καλεί να μην τους επιτρέψουν να λάβουν μέρος στις επερχόμενες παρελάσεις μας. Αυτό το κάναμε μόλις πριν από λίγα χρόνια για όσους συναίνεσαν να επιτρέψουν στις μαριονέτες των Σκοπίων να χρησιμοποιούν το όνομα της Μακεδονίας! Χρησιμοποιήστε αυτή τη λίστα για να μάθετε ποιος είναι πατριώτης και ποιός όχι!! Οι Ομοσπονδίες μας πρέπει να πρωτοστατήσουν!! Όχι αντιπατριώτες πολιτικοί στις παρελάσεις μας!! Ιδού μια υπέροχη ευκαιρία για την ΑΧΕΠΑ να αποδείξει ότι έχει κάτι κοινό με τη «Φιλική Εταιρεία» (να το δώ και να μην το πιστέψω!)…

Ferbuary 17, 2024,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



  1. People in Greece don’t have money for food and clothes and to pay their bills and these corrupt puppets spent months talking about poustia?

    You have to ask what these western zionists, have on these Greek politicians, to force so many of them to vote against their own beliefs and culture. It’s nothing short of a disgrace, Greece is finished.

  2. In judgement i have come into the world that the Blind Can See, and those who can see…will go blind .Jesus!

    God is here and has been …”Who Else can breach the twisted minds of 2.6 billion Christians by the Great Deceivers of the Empire of lie and its Media servant who have deceived the Christian Populations of the world to believe they are the “Saviors and Chosen People to save the world , not God! It was God ..who Crazed the Satanic Zionist ruler of Ukraine to attack , and gets this Original Church of Christ , Caretakers of the holiest sites in Christodom,..the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem , and the holy Seplucher, and who wrote the 27 letter of the New Testament in Greek ! And in doing so ..He did something that the most powerfull army in world history ..2.6 billon Christians could understand …”Only Evil forces attack the house of God and murder and arrest the servants of God! God is not going to wave a wand and smite them , that is not how it works …we the people and worshipers of God are the caretakers of his laws .and therefore we must do what he has ordered from his churches!

    Epoch Times headline today: Churches destroying America by remaining silent!

    Hey Nick….you are seeing God’s new world order , which, is not exactly that of the New and Old Global world order of the U.S, Israel and EU/nato criminal enterprise which violates both mans and Gods laws to oppress humanity and to cannibalize the populist of God world to monopolize all the money and power of the world to allow “White Supremacist religious tribes and mobsters to rule the world! In America and Europe ! Thanks to the Jewish and Evangelical Zionist of America and Israel their is no separation of Church from the corrupt Media and Satanic State…and therefore God demands that the Orthodox and Catholic churches ..the original churches of Christ , meet their obligation to him ..and bring truth to 2.6 billon Christians , not by Degenerate non believers of God parading thru the halls of the U.s and EU parliament and member colonies of Europe like Greece! to enforce the laws of God , and purge all members of the governments of America , Greece. and Nato Governments who have aided and abetted , not only the promotion of Heinous crimes and violation of Gods laws in promoting lifestyles contradicting fundamental laws of God , but commiting Heinous crimes and violations of the human and religious freedom of the Clergy, Monks , Nuns staff and members of the Ukrainian Orthodox church , and the mass slaughter of Orthodox and Catholic Christian and Muslim of the people of Palestine! In other words Nick…the response to our prayers has been answered … God no longer will tolerate his churches, using their feeble adherence to remaining silent to State Affairs , that no longer enforce any laws of God or man to commit heinous rimes on the world ! To give you another example … today a New Jersey Senator approved 60 billion dollars more to aid and abet atrocites being committed by Jewish Zionist Regimes of Ukraine and Israel! Resolution are pending in Greek Orthodox churches ..which will do exactly what the monk of Mt.Athos are doing …demanding that all Orthodox Christians of New Jersey condemn all U.S congressman for violating the l;aw of God. in supporting Zelensky , Biden, and Netanyahue …and request that all N.J. senators and congressmen voting to provide Ukraine and Israel with more blood money of Orthodox Christians be voted out of office and face criminal prosecution for violating the laws of God !
    And quess what , Lambros… “The Influence Peddlers o Satan” ..are no match for the “Influence Peddlers of the laws of Christianity and God ” These lawmakers of God have a “78% approval rating, while the lawmaker of the U.S congress …have only a 6% approval rating ! And Lambros you can see… and the consequences of remaining blind ..will get you no Passport to Heaven!

  3. Από που να ξεκινήσω και που να
    τελειώσω, όσο και αν προσπαθούν οι
    σκοταδιστές να σκορπίσουν το σκοτάδι
    και στην Ελλάδα, το γεγονός πως
    Ο φυσικός και νοητός ήλιος ανατέλλουν ακόμη στην Ελλάδα η
    ελπίδα θα παραμένει πάντα ζωντανή
    για τον επαναπατρισμό όλων εκείνων των αξιών που γέννησαν ο Ελληνισμός
    και η Ορθοδοξία.
    Όλοι αυτοί οι σιχαμεροί που ψήφισαν
    υπέρ του νομοσχεδίου θα τιμωρηθούν
    κάποια μέρα από την θεία δίκη, διότι
    αυτό που συνέβη μου θυμίζει την
    καταδίκη του Χριστού από τους Εβραίους οι οποίοι φώναζαν στον
    Πιλάτο να τον σταυρώσει και.οι αμαρτίες
    να πέσουν στους ίδιους και τους
    απογόνους τους και δυστυχώς αυτό συμβαίνει και στις μέρες μας.
    Το νομοσχέδιο το οποίο εγκρίθηκε ήταν μία καταδίκη εναντίον του ήθους,
    της ανθρώπινης αξιοπρέπειας και της
    φύσης δηλαδή του Θεού, ο οποίος
    μας δοκιμάζει και αυτούς που διά
    των πράξεων των τον αγνοούν τους
    καταδικάζει σε αυτοτιμωρία σκληρή.
    Αυτοί όλοι που σήμερα χαίρονται για
    το κατόρθωμά …….. τους σύντομα θα
    ζήσουν την σκληρή πραγματικότητα,
    αν όχι οι ίδιοι θα το ζήσουν στο στενό
    τους περιβάλλον και οι ίδιοι οι
    απογόνοι τους θα τους βρίζουν και θα
    τους λένε εσείς μας δείξατε , εσείς μας
    σπρώξατε δια της ψήφου σας σ’αυτόν
    τον κατήφορο. Τι να τα κάνετε τε τα πλούτη και τα γαλόνια όταν θα
    βλέπετε το στενό σας περιβάλλον να
    κολυμπά στο βούρκο της αμαρτίας.
    Χθές χάθηκε μια μάχη , όχι όμως και
    ο πόλεμος που έχουν ξεκινήσει οι
    Νεοταξήτες κατά του Ελληνισμού και της Ορθοδοξίας , όπως έλεγε και ο Μακρυγιάννης , ότι και να κάνουν πάντα θα υπάρχει η μαγιά , το προζύμι
    το οποίο θα μας τρέφει και θα μας τονώνει.
    Το γεγονός πως μέσα από αυτόν τον κυκλώνα της πίεσης , της εξαγοράς και της ΑΠΙΘΜΕΝΗΣ προπαγάνδας , ένα
    πολύ μεγάλο κομμάτι του Κοινοβουλίου , αψήφησε τις απειλές
    και έμεινε Όρθιο , για μένα σημαίνει
    πολλά . Μπορεί ο Αρχιεπίσκοπος , για
    κάποιο λόγο που δεν γνωρίζουμε να μην στάθηκε στο ύψος που περιμέναμε, αλλά γενικά η στάση της
    Εκκλησίας ήταν ικανοποιητική και με
    την αλλαγή της ηγεσίας θα γίνει περισσότερο, Ελπιδοφόρα.
    Βλέπετε οι Σατανάδες εργάζονται συστηματικά , έπρεπε πρώτα να φάνε τον Χριστόδουλο και μετά να φέρουν το επαίσχυντο νομοσχέδιο , γιατί γνώριζαν πως με τον Χριστόδουλο δεν επρόκειτο να περάσει.
    Αυτό που έκαναν στοχοποιήθηκαν και
    είμαι βέβαιος πως θα ισχύσει το:
    “ μωραίνει κύριος ον βούλεται απωλέσαι” Αμήν.

    • ON behalf of Helleniscope and the Captain…I have translated The Captains Greek Post and important message to English…and will do so when I have an opportunity… additionally Nick, your Article said everything that needed to be mentioned …however , the Greek Government of Tsipras disobeyed a rejection of the EU slave owners loan sharking Bail out loan for Greece by a voted upon referendum which was rejected by the people of Greece! And basically was a Testament that the People of Greece did not want to be a part of the Criminal Enterprise of the U.S led EU Nato Bloc. Keep that Greek coming Captain!

      The Captain February 17, 2024 at 4:30 pm
      Where to start and where to
      end, no matter how much the
      obscurantists try to spread darkness in Greece as well, the fact that the natural and imaginary sun is still rising in Greece, hope
      will always remain alive
      for the repatriation of all those values born of Hellenism and Orthodoxy.
      All those loathsome people who voted for the bill will one day be punished
      by the divine trial, because what happened reminds me of the condemnation of Christ by the Jews who shouted at
      Pilate to crucify him and the sins to fall on them and their descendants, and unfortunately this is still the case today.
      The bill that was approved was a condemnation against the morality
      , human dignity and
      nature of God, who tests us and condemns those who ignore him through
      their actions to cruel self-punishment.
      All those who today rejoice in
      …….. achievement will soon
      live the harsh reality, if not they themselves will live it
      in their close environment and their own descendants will curse them
      and tell them you showed us, you pushed us through your vote down this
      slope. What to do with riches and gallons when you see your close environment
      swimming in the mire of sin.
      Yesterday a battle was lost, but not the war that the
      New Classists have started against Hellenism and Orthodoxy, as Makriyannis said, whatever they do, there will always be yeast, the leaven
      that will nourish and stimulate us.
      The fact that through this cyclone of pressure, takeover and IMPROBABLE propaganda, a very large part of Parliament defied threats and stayed Standing means a lot to me. The Archbishop, for
      some reason we do not know, may not have stood up to what we expected, but in general the attitude
      of the Church was satisfactory and with
      the change of leadership it will become more, Promising.
      You see, the Satans work systematically, they had to eat Christodoulos first and then bring the shameful bill, because they knew that with Christodoulos it was not going to pass.
      What they did was targeted, and
      I’m sure it will be true: “the Lord fools you, you perish” Amen.

  4. In 2015 America legalized homosexual unions & gay activists promised they were not interested in bothering the Church. They lied. Outside of Orthodoxy & Evangelicals they not only dismantled the American mainline churches but they’ve sued religious bakers for refusing to bake wedding cakes & any business that stands on religious principles. Nothing is ever enough for sexual deviants for as psychologists observed they suffer immense hostility.

  5. I know I’ll get piled on, but, what the heck. here’s my two cents.

    First of all. Greeks are not religious. Only about 2% of Greeks go to church every Sunday. The majority declare themselves Christian, but, its more of a cultural phenomenon than genuine faith.

    The church of Greece objected to I.D.s that had no religious affiliation. They were saying the end of Greece, is coming. Then, they objected to the option of civil marriages. Now, more than 50% of marriages in Greece are civil. Then, they objected to cremation. Even though Greece has run out of cemetery space and has to dig out the bodies after three years. Now, the church objected to same sex unions, but to Archbishop’s credit, the church did not take it too far. After a little time has passed, people will forget about it, as they forgotten all the other laws that there was opposition.

    As for Nick’s assertion that the law went against the will of the people, it probably is correct, even though the NYT said people favor it by a small margin. However, laws don’t have to be enacted by public approval. The voting public can punish New Democracy during the next elections.

    • If you can let some sunshine through your blinders you will distinguish faith from religiosity. Greeks are very faithful since ancient times. Why? Because we are sailors and it’s impossible to navigate the seas without being faithful. Most of us don’t step often in a church these days – does it mean we are not faithful? Look at our hierarchy.. what god do they believe in? Power and money… Ancient Greeks cursed their gods: «Νη τον Διαν» they used to say. Were they not faithful? No they were not very pious – Greeks we are rarely pious. But we are faithful as no other people on Earth. Above all this whole thing is not about religion but about the institution of the family without which there is no society, and no Greece…

    • Lampros may I implore you for starts to not being a communistofascist tyrant who claims he can speak of people that he doesn’t know and he doesn’t represent… You barely know your own self so please stop making disingenuous statements and bogus assessment about the mindset of others… Can you rewrite then your comment with this little but very important caveat? Thank you

  6. What a wicked government! We were very sad to witness that this law was passed in Greece. Since there is such a great divide between the government of Greece and the Church of Greece (i.e. the people of Greece), such a law for an Orthodox country should have been put through a Referendum (and lost!). The government of Greece is a sell out and does not represent its people. Also, there should be a vote of non-confidence against this government! Please start the petitions against this immorality. Tx

    • The wickedness and unDemocratic nature or this treasonous law is that the people who voted for it wouldn’t have been elected if they were sincere about their intentions to the voters… So this is an example how we DONT have Representative democracy but rather corrupt and lying oligarchy… The same happened with the treasonous Prespes agreement where MPs of the now conveniently extinct ANEL party who campaigned that they would never vote anything closely resembling the Prespes agreement were elected like Elean Kountoura for example… Representative democracy means the Representative votes the conscience of his constituents NOT HIS OWN!

  7. The religious ppl will not forget it! Excommunication is great idea – & didn’t Patr. Bartholomew excommunicate the Greek prophetess Vassula Ryden from Sweden? She claims Jesus writes thru her hand & that He condemns society’s glorifying homosexuals.

  8. MrKirios– I gather you are making a reference to them “not knowing” her identity before the grandoise alleged “wild” funeral.
    Perhaps there are Strawmen and Straw women -useful idiots in all jurisdictions, willing to play dumb while promoting their anti-family, anti-Christ agendas; and perhaps they have already infiltrated our church’ ministries. They know what they’re up to– but we unfortunately are letting this infiltration occur.

    • Yes exactly. Much like the Archbishop staged his highly publicized baptism of the surrogate babies of the gay “couple”, the Greek Church will be host to other like activists who seek to pervert Church teaching now that they have been given official recognition in Greece. There will be more and more so called gays demanding that their babies be baptized while at the same time rearing them in an environment that rejects the teachings of Christ. Mitsotakis has severely damaged the his country’s reputation as the epicenter of Orthodoxy by allowing the demonic LOATKI movement to take hold in Greece.

  9. Τώρα ο γνωστός γελοιος-γράφος τους μητσοτακικού κήρυκα θα σκιτσογραφεί τα γελοία-γραφήματά με το τρόπο που η εβ/μασωνική του ιδεολογία επιτάσει πανηγυρίζοντας για τον εκφυλισμό του ελληνισμού. Οτι ακριβώς έκανε επί ‘πανδημίας.¨ Το Ελληνοσκόπιο θα μπορούσε να έχει ένα γελοιογράφο να ανταπαντά στα παρα φύσιν και φιλοτομαρίστικα σκίτσα του εν λόγω αχρείου;

      • On behalf of Helleniscope, ..translated post to English from Greek … keep the Greek comming… And may I add … when Greece removes MIstotakiis and his Cabal of Traitors , they should remove all U.S and Nato bases who are not in Greece to protect the Religious and Human Rights of the population of Greece , but to wage wars against Ortthodox coountries like Ukraine, Russia , Palestine , Syria , Iraq and so many in the Middle East! Without removing Greece from EU and U.S rule …Greece can never be Free and Sovereign.! Iraq and Syria ..are demanding U.S. bases be removed by the U.N. !

  10. Γ Σεριάτος February 18, 2024 at 12:20 pm
    Now the well-known cartoonist of the Mitsotakian herald will sketch the ridiculous graphs in the way that his Ev/Masonic ideology dictates by celebrating the degeneration of Hellenism. Could the Hellenoscope have a cartoonist responding to the unnatural and pro-Tomarian cartoons of this scoundrel?
    • Helleniscope February 18, 2024 at 12:24 pm
    I am ready to accept proposals…

  11. Ανάμεσα στους βαθειά διεφθαρμένους, κατά το πλείστον, Έλληνες πολιτικούς, υπάρχουν και 31 της ΝΔ και 11 του ΠΑΣΟΚ ‘Ερμαφρόδιτοι’ που δεν είχαν/έχουν τους γενετικούς αδένες, ώστε να προσδιορίσουν τη θέση τους, και κατάπτυστα συνεχίζουν να υποκρίνονται και ψεύδονται. Όλοι αυτοί οι υπο-υπάρχοντες και απέχοντες πολιτικοί είναι εξ ίσου διεφθαρμένοι και συν υπεύθυνοι για το αποτέλεσμα ‘Κατάντια’ του νόμου που ψηφίστηκε. Ο λόγος ύπαρξής των στη Βουλή δεν είναι άλλος παρά η ψήφος των για ΝΑΙ ή ΟΧΙ.Τιποτε άλλο.
    Δυστυχώς, αυτά τα πολιτικά αποβράσματα θα εξ ακολουθούν να έχονται στις…εδώ παρελάσεις και εκδηλώσεις, συνεχίζοντας το παιχνίδι της καλλιεργημένης κατ’επάγγελμα εξαπάτησης.

    Helleniscope, οσο για τη στάση της ΑΧΕΠΑ… don’t hold your breath!

    Σε άλλο μέτωπο, ενώ η Τουρκία δικαιολογημένα γιορτάζει την επιτυχία έγκρισης για την αγορά 119 F-16, ο διεφθαρμένος πολιτικός μηχανισμός στην Ελλάδα, ζητω κραυγάζει συγχαίροντας για επιτυχία…των ΛΟΑΤΚΙ. Η κατάπτωση από κάθε πλευρά,είναι όχι μόνο σοβαρή, είναι και εθνικά επικίνδυνη. Συλλυπητήρια λοιπόν σε όλους που κινούνται με κριτήριο τον κομματοσκυλισμό. Τώρα, μένει να δούμε τη στάση των εδώ…πατριοτικών οργανώσεων, γιατί οι εις ΗΠΑ παρουσιαζόμενοι ως λομπίστες, στην πραγματικότητα αρκούνται και στοχεύουν μόνο για εξασφάλιση προσωπικής προβολής/οφέλους/ύπαρξης και…πώληση εισιτηρίων…γιορτάζοντας την επέτειο της εθνικά ανωφελούς ύπαρξής των.

    • On behalf of Helelniscope and Scot …Translation of Scot Post from Greek to English .and Yes Scot it will continue ..and apparently with Immunity and complete confidence that they will retain their power , as long as they and the Rest of the EU /Nato government believe that America will punish them and remove them from office ! And that is what they fear and are blackmailed ..just look at what they have already done …start a war with Russia for America …..

      Scott February 18, 2024 at 5:36 pm
      Among the deeply corrupt, for the most part, Greek politicians, there are 31 of New Democracy and 11 of PASOK “Hermaphrodites” who did not have/have the genetic glands to determine their location, and despicable continue to pretend and lie. All these sub-existing and abstaining politicians are equally corrupt and jointly responsible for the outcome of the law that was passed. Their raison d’être in Parliament is none other than their vote for YES or NO.
      Unfortunately, these political scum will continue to be in the… Here parades and events, continuing the game of cultivated professional deception.
      Helleniscope, as for AHEPA’s stance… don’t hold your breath!
      On another front, while Turkey justifiably celebrates the success of approval for the purchase of 119 F-16s, Greece’s corrupt political apparatus cheers congratulating it on success. LGBTIQ people. The degradation on all sides is not only serious, it is also nationally dangerous. So condolences to all those who move on the criterion of partisanship. Now, it remains to be seen the attitude of here… patriotic organizations, because the US presenting themselves as lobbyists, are in fact content and aim only to ensure personal promotion/benefit/existence and… Selling tickets… celebrating the anniversary of their nationally useless existence.

  12. Just out of curiosity, I tuned on (nine) Sunday on-line Liturgies from across our nation and fast-forwarded to the sermons. Lo and behold, I wasn’t surprised that nothing was directly said to condemn Greece’s disastrous’ decision. One Priest came very close, almost up to the edge to blame both the social media and Hollywood. Otherwise–“crickets.”

    • Larissa … Please refer to my previous post to understand what is happening ..something which all Christian and believers in God have been desperately searching for .. and have been confused by the Great Government and Media ! Without firing A shot , and which my post explains ..he made myth of the U.S Empir3e of lies …that their endless wars built on the “Self Proclaimed “Saviors of mankind , not God by Jewish and Evangelical Zionist in America for decades and the protector of the Human rights and religious freedom of the countries of the world ! When in fact they have been the destroyers !
      Of course , they remain silent to what they see, but in God’s New World order…they CNN ,FOX News and all the Media outlets of the world are .going Blind! Importantly , of course who other than the “Monks of Mt Athos ..the Vatican of the Orthodox world and Original Church of Christ would lead the way , because they talk in Greek and all languages 24 hours a day to God, and they know what he has ordered. And to understand … and rejoice ….Because despite the Billions , and Billions of dollars since World War 2 spent by the Great Deceiver to twist our minds to cooperste with him …you will agree …their is no Human being in History outside of Christ who can breach the minds of 2.6 billions Christians and believers in God to reveal the demonic Evil that has hijacked the world ! Yes Larissa , you represent those Christians who now know that anybody who has remained silent to the attack on the clergy and Chucrhes of the Ukraine and in Palestine .including Bart and Epi .are evil forces of Satan!

      The cleaning has begun of our churches and Governments … and now demands the media itself to prosecute what has always ailed America and the world …the churches failed responsibility to rule the world , and enforcer the laws of God ..on this Evil Empire …it has begun as follows

      This: Letter to the American Church….Epoch Times and TV..


      From New York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas comes a riveting new film challenging audiences to take a stand in the face of evil. “Letter to the American Church” is a documentary adaptation of Metaxas’s latest book of the same name.

      Metaxas guides audiences through the striking similarities between the church in Hitler’s early 1930’s Nazi Germany, the political regimes of Mao and Stalin, and modern day America and her church. Audiences will see that silence in the face of evil is itself evil. Metaxas and his colleagues agree that this is the hour of the American church.


      Watch it exclusively on EpochTV.

  13. 5 months ago – “Imagine if Greece and Europe valued family like this.”
    [VIDEO] “Family Pride Parade” in Serbia

    ‘It’s a win for us’: Serbia’s cancelled EuroPride exposes ongoing LGBTQ+ struggle | LGBTQ+ rights | The Guardian

    Posted October 5, 2023
    ‘It’s a win for us’: Serbia’s cancelled EuroPride exposes ongoing LGBTQ+ struggle | LGBTQ+ rights | The Guardian

    Now THIS is my kind of “pride” parade! | Not the Bee

    Wouldn’t this be wonderful to see in America?

    Last year, the beautiful folks in Serbia had a wonderful idea. In order to protest an LGBT Pride parade scheduled in the capital city of Belgrade, the people of Serbia decided they wanted to have their own pride parade.

    A family pride parade.

    Straight couples and their children took to the street and paraded their families in the capital city.

    Now THAT is something to be proud of.

    In a sermon, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Porfirije, said the EuroPride event threatened traditional family values.

    “They want to desecrate the sanctity of marriage and the family and impose an unnatural union as a substitute for marriage,” he told the crowd.

    Maybe we should make July Family Month and have a celebration of normalcy.

    But, who am I kidding? If you were to publicly celebrate normal family values you’d be labeled a domestic extremist and tossed in jail.

  14. The Natural Family is the cornerstone of all civilization. Societies must do all they can to maintain, nurture, promote and protect this critical family unit. The moral fabric of a society is obliged to protect this family representation, and virtuous social contracts act like constraints surrounding and providing for its support. When the fabric is torn and/or the social contracts become immoral, working against the traditional family, then society as a whole is threatened with extinction. For society to survive, the fabric must be mended by readjusting the social constraints/contracts (public opinion) to once again favor the age-old Natural Family prototype.

    Natural Family Foundation – About NFF (

    “The Marxists believe that the family is the building block of capitalism and therefore want to destroy it and replace it with state indoctrination. The Scottish family party is a political party dedicated to preserving the family:

    “For Family, Marriage, and Life.”

    “Families are the building blocks of a healthy society. The government’s job is to support and encourage stable family life, for the sake of children, adults and the wider society.”

    The World Congress of Families (WCF) is a United States coalition that promotes Christian right values internationally. It opposes divorce, birth control, same-sex marriage, pornography, and abortion, while supporting a society built on “the voluntary union of a man and a woman in a lifelong covenant of marriage”. WCF comprises organizations in several countries, and most of its member partners are strongly active campaigners against abortion rights and same-sex marriage. WCF was formed in 1997 and is active worldwide, regularly organizing conventions.[8] Its opposition to gay marriage and abortion has attracted criticism.

    World Congress of Families – Wikipedia

  15. May God watch over the Greek people and the Church of Greece

    Ireonimos aside, the Church of Greece gave a valiant effort in fighting against this.

    Maybe this will awaken the Greek people and they will continue to fight back.

    • Petro, it was not a “valiant effort”.

      When a dog barks, the thief looks at the dog…if the thief sees a very short, secure chain on the dog that doesn’t reach him, he laughs, let’s the dog bark, and he proceeds with the burglary…

      A “bark” without a “bite” does not constitute a “valiant effort” for a resistance…

      The Church of Greece should have spent the Fall season collecting 2 million signatures, well ahead of this abominable law being introduced in Parliament, just like AB Christodoulos did once upon a time, delaying the National ID law and embarrassing the government. However, the reason Ieronymos is there, is precisely because they don’t want a “troublemaker” disturbing their plans ever again…


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