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At St. Bart’s NYC: The Amazing Interchangeable Flags!


Suddenly, the Rainbow Flag from outside St. Barts disappeared and was replaced with the Constantinople Patriarchate’s Flag! Considering that most of the Phanar Hierarchs are known and proud homosexuals – the two flags should be regarded as interchangeable! How much did the “flag change” cost GOARCH? (UPDATE: after 3pm the rainbow flag was put back up… Elpidophoros was gone by then..)

By Nick Stamatakis

An amazing phenomenon occurred today outside St.Barts in NYC: The Rainbow Flag that usually flies next to the American flag during “Pride Month”, June, outside the Church suddenly was replaced with the Patriarchate Flag!! Here is a closer shot…

What had happened? On the face of it, replacing the Rainbow Flag from St. Barts during “Pride Month” June is quite …sacrilegious.  The “iconic” Manhattan Church has made its existence synonymous with offering a vast array of services and resources to the LGBTQ+ community (please link here to amaze yourselves…) The Rainbow Flag outside the Church is not just a tribute to “Pride” but a signal that this Christian Church has completely succumbed to heresy.  How else to call the celebration of sodomy (deriving out of “Sodom and Gomorra” – and described with detail in the Book of Genesis)?

But Elpidophoros has already declared (in his recent disgusting interview with LIFO magazine – link here) that the book of Genesis, when referring to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra by God with sulfur and fire (Genesis 19), talks about …something else… Maybe the “lack of hospitality” (!!) as many protestants try to interpret the most graphic depiction of sin by the Old Testament?…  Please, oh please, great theologian Elpidophoros, please translate for us with your half-baked knowledge of Greek and even more “raw” knowledge of Theology, what Genesis 19 means… We are waiting…

Elpidophoros is still hiding behind his finger, still mincing his words, and still, like everybody else of the globalist elites, cannot grasp that the regular people are showing him their disgust. He cannot grasp that he lost “the game.”  Disturbed by the tsunami of rejection graphically pictured in the Euro-elections last Sunday, his advisors gave him a stark warning: “Listen Elpidophoros, Mitsotakis lost one million votes in one year – mostly because he introduced the same-sex marriage bill.  What do you think will happen if you enter St.Barts under the Rainbow Flag? Next day, you will be front-page news in many papers in NY and Greece, and the day after, you will pack your bags for your last trip to Istanbul…”

So, replacing the Rainbow Flag with the Patriarchate’s flag was ordered. Our sources from inside GOARCH tell us that it cost them a few thousand dollars in a “donation” to convince the cash-starved Episcopalian Church to change their beloved flag in the middle of June. Elpidophoros was pissed that he had to hide his acceptance of heresy. Please read the speech below from, and you will taste his anger.

Two small examples from this incredulous speech: He confuses our rejection of heresy in the form of homosexuality as a rejection of “connectedness to others” – unbelievable!!  And, boiling with anger, he accuses us of “a sham pretense to faithfulness” because, supposedly, we cannot … “communicate” with our neighbors… Have you ever heard anything more irrational?

Dear Elpidophoros, listen for the last time: We Greeks have proven throughout our history and even in modern history that we are loving people, and we are exceedingly tolerant of our homosexual compatriots.  Our greatest poet, C.P. Cavafy, was gay… Our greatest painter, Yiannis Tsarouhis, was gay. Our greatest composer, Manos Hadjidakis (who also spent his most fruitful years here in NY), was gay…  We absolutely loved them, and the Church’s doors were always open to them and to all gays (and also to thieves and adulterers and everybody else)… We respected them, and they respected us back.  They would never demand to impose on us their sexual preferences.

Faithless Elpidophhoros: What you are trying to do with your Fordhamite “Theologians” (Papanicolaou and Demacopoulos) is not part of our Faith.  You are trying to be part of an extremist movement that seeks to sexualize our children and impose on them unnatural sexual preferences and even mutilation of their bodies. You have to use the harshest rhetoric possible and distance yourself and the Church from such abominations – instead of talking of them as “neighborly human beings.”  We love our neighbors but will not let them jump on our beds!! Much more, we are not letting them abuse our children!!


June 11, 2024,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



source –

Celebrating the Feast Day of Saint Bartholomew at Saint Bartholomew’s Church in New York City

Today, June 11, 2024, His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America presided from the throne the Divine Liturgy celebrating the memory of Saint Bartholomew, patron saint of His All-Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch at Saint Bartholomew’s Church in midtown Manhattan. Participating in the Divine Liturgy were Chancellor of the Archdiocesan District Rev. Protopresbyter of the Ecumenical Throne Elias Villis, Rev. Archdeacon Dionysios Papiris, and Master Chanter of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine Dimitrios Katsilkis.

Saint Bartholomew’s Church is a parish of the Episcopal diocese of New York that was founded in 1835. The Church, constructed in 1917 is a Comm National Historic Landmark and has been recognized as a true example of early 20th century ecclesiastical architecture. This is the third time an Orthodox service has been celebrated at St. Bartholomew’s Church on this Feastday, and the first time that the Patriarchal flag has been flown outside this historic church.

In his remarks to the attendees, His Eminence thanked Bishop Matthew Foster Heyd of the Episcopal Diocese of NY, Right Reverend Dean Wolfe, Rector of Saint Bartholomew’s and Reverend Peter Thompson, Vicar of the Parish for their assistance in preparing this Divine Liturgy.

His Eminence also spoke about the meaning of celebrating this day at this church. “There is a reason that we come to Saint Bartholomew’s on this day, June 11th, the Feastday of the Ecumenical Patriarch. Yes, it is clearly linked to his Celestial Patron and the dedicatory Saint of this church, but there is much more.

“As I have said many times, His All Holiness is the very definition of ecumenical outreach, and even interfaith outreach, as I witnessed last evening at the Interfaith Center of New York, founded by another great personage of the Episcopal Church in New York, the late Dean James Parks Morton.

“Such connectedness with others is often feared in many Christian communities today, as if contact with those of differing perspectives might somehow pollute one’s faith. The political echo-chambers that afflict our Nation are being mirrored – and sometimes even inspired by – the ecclesiastical echo-chambers that pretend to be deaf to the voices songs that surround us.

“But we are here today – in this glorious and famous church – to demonstrate that the courage to listen is more pleasing to God than a sham pretense to faithfulness, that cuts off communication with one’s neighbors. And we are neighbors – of the same city and region, and, to an extent, the same history. This courage is precisely what His All Holiness Bartholomew has practiced for the duration of his Patriarchy – the longest in the annals of the Great Church of Christ. He has manifested integrity with love, steadfastness with mercy, and fidelity with candor.

“Thus, the Ecumenical Patriarch models for the Orthodox Christian Church, and for all people of good will, what it means to love your neighbor, even as you claim to love God. For as the Lord Jesus Christ taught us, it is impossible to love God unless you love your neighbor. I am mindful of what the word neighbor – πλησίον – means in the original language of the New Testament: literally, anyone with whom you come in contact. There is no sense in the word of choice, or personal inclination; merely the happenstance of place, for the word comes from the adverb, πέλας, that simply signifies ‘nearby.’

“The Patriarch welcomes all at the Phanar, the Sacred Center of worldwide Orthodoxy. Every human being is his potential neighbor, no matter their origin or experience. He embraces everyone as being homoousios to himself – of the same essential nature. Thus, he prepares the Christian world to celebrate the anniversary of one thousand and seven hundred years of the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea that bequeathed this amazing theological definition to the Church and to the world. This homoousion is why we acknowledge every human being as our neighbor.

“We all know how the Lord Jesus answered the legalist who asked Him, ‘And who is my neighbor.’ The ‘Good’ Samaritan is a parable known across all Christian communities, and yet, it’s principle message seems to be slipping away from those who bear His Holy Name. While we are called to see no stranger, more and more Christians are objectifying others without love, out of fear and insecurity, and magnifying hatred.

Thus, we have come to our neighbor’s church today. In honor of our Ecumenical Patriarch on the Feastday of his Heavenly Patron. To remind the world that the courage to stop on the path, and to reach out to those whom God places in your presence, is an act of love. Love of God, and love of neighbor. They cannot be separated.”

Also attending the Divine Liturgy were Orthodox hierarchs His Grace Bishop Irinej of the Serbian Orthodox Church Diocese of Eastern America, His Eminence Archbishop Daniel of Pamphilon, His Grace Bishop Sevastianos of Zela, His Grace Bishop Joachim of Amissos, His Grace Bishop Spyridon of Amastris, His Grace Bishop Athenagoras of Nazianzos, His Grace Bishop Nektarios of Diokleia, and His Grace Bishop Anthony of Synada. Ecumenical leaders included Rev. Jared R. Stahler of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Monsignor Giuseppe Quirighetti of the Holy See Mission to the United Nations. Rev. Sahag Yemishian, from the Armenian Apostolic Church (Holy See of Cilicia), Rev. Symeon Obadashian of the Armenian Apostolic Church (Holy See of Hetchmiatzin) and Rev. Dr. William Rush, Yale Divinity School. Special guests included Treasurer of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Elaine Allen, First Vice President of National Philoptochos Anita Kartalopoulos, National Council of Churches Associate General Secretary – Faith & Order/Interreligious Relations/ International Affairs Dr. Anthony Kireopoulos, Executive Director of Leadership 100 Paulette Poulos, and Archon Peter and Aphrodite Skeadas.


  1. Elpi the Prevaricator makes bold to say, “Such connectedness with others is often feared in many Christian communities today, as if contact with those of differing perspectives might somehow pollute one’s faith.” Fiddlesticks! We all distinctly recall that it was Elpidophoros, archbishop of the GOA, who meanly refused to grant religious exemptions to the faithful who could not, for conscience’ sake, submit themselves to inoculation with an experimental serum during the pandemic. So much for Elpi’s own ability to listen to differing perspectives.

    Elpi the Prevaricator boasts, “Thus, the Ecumenical Patriarch models for the Orthodox Christian Church, and for all people of good will, what it means to love your neighbor, even as you claim to love God.” What a patent lie! Bartholomew betrayed the Ukrainian Orthodox Church by unilaterally proclaiming the founding of a phony replacement entity in that cradle of Slavic Orthodoxy. Black Bart’s ultra vires meddling led to the disenfranchisement of the UOC in her motherland and the persecution of her clergy and people, and the theft of her property. History will not be kind to that schismatic, Black Bart of Istanbul.

    Elpi the Prevaricator exaggerates: “The Patriarch welcomes all at the Phanar, the Sacred Center of worldwide Orthodoxy.” Not so. Orthodoxy doesn’t have a headquarters like the Vatican. Constantinople’s Phanar is a mere shadow of its former grandeur, but even at the apogee of its trajectory, it never was the “sacred center of Orthodoxy”. The hierarchical authority of the Church has always been shared by the several patriarchates and metropolises. Thank God for the decentralization, especially now when Orthodoxy groans at the heresies and schisms caused by Bartholomew and Elpidophoros.

  2. Did the clergy think it was now “kosher” because they entered under the patriarch’s flag instead of the flag of the “fag”? Is a wolf in sheeps clothing not still a wolf? Is a man dressed in drag not still a man? The same goes for this so called church. Just because they changed the flag of sodomy for a day, doesn’t change what they represent and I’m sure they proabably have a dozen sodomy flags all over the church in the inside so it doesn’t change anything. You’re only fooling yourself! -And!-the people were not fooled-as can clearly be seen in the emptyness of the pews. You may say, well we enter stores with gay flags”-true, but I don’t conduct liturgies in those places. Do you think it is right and respectful to God to liturgize in a filthy place? or should we respect him by liturgizing in a clean space that doesn’t promote sodomy?
    Elpithoforos: these cheap low level “phanar tricks” don’t fool anyone and your stubborness will only sink you deeper and deeper until you’re gone and just a remote bad memory. What answer will the clergy give to God one day when they meet him? will they say, “I was just following orders?”, sorry to break it to you all, but that won’t suffice. You still have a brain right? you should know right from wrong-you preach it from your pulpit every week don’t you? Personally, I’ve lost some respect from those who I see in the photos today and frankly you should be ashamed and repent asap. I know most chickened out because they don’t want to lose favor with Elpithoforos but you need to be strong and do what’s right even if it costs you sometimes and God will take care of you I promise. To the clergy who attended: Here’s some advice, it’s better to lose your promotion or career than to lose your soul. What would Saint Paisios, Saint Nektarios, Saint Porphyrios have done? Do you think they would ever have attended? Certainly not. Do you think you are greater, smarter, and more spiritual then they???

  3. I was raised to respect our patriarch and see him as God’s vicar on earth.

    I was raised to bow my head and kiss the hand of our archbishop.

    I was raised to believe in God’s Word.

    Then these defiant snakes came out of nowhere to bless sodomy. The dirtbags are not telling us to love our sinner neighbors; they are telling us to love their sins! They teach us to sin, and they do it with an in-you-face attitude!

    Elpidoktonos is openly insulting and attacking our Faith, and he invokes Bartholomew’s support of his heretic views.

    We are past the time of cutting both of them off. We should have cut off all money to them long ago. Now we should cut off communion with them or, more accurately, they already cut themselves off our Faith.

    • At least Bishop Irinei was dressed in what are street clothes for a bishop, the same clothes he would wear into the McDonalds a block away for lunch. I like Bishop Irine and was very glad he did not vest and otherwise lend more credibility to this ridiculous event. Black Bart and Elpidokontos need to go. They make me ashamed to be Greek.

  4. Man, you have to be very thankful to God that no one pays attention to Elpidophoros or to Constantinople in general. They are the very definition of “never get high on your own supply.”

  5. They he managed to con one non-EP bishop into attending, that poor bishop Irinej.

    Epli sez: “a sham pretense to faithfulness, that cuts off communication with one’s neighbors”

    So did he serve communion to his non-Orthodox brethren in attendance? Or does he speak out of both sides of his mouth? If he were honest, should he not have communed everyone, and indeed concelebrated?

  6. Incredible news man!
    It’s high time Greek Orthodox are standing up to GOA mafia crowd. This should show them we’re not buying what they’re sellin.

  7. The Orthodox Christian communities are in complete disarray worldwide due to the Patriarch in bed with the US State Department. Truth!

    I will not attend any Orthodox Christian church while this division goes on.

    I attend my Bible.

    Read Malachi and refresh your mind what God said about wicked priests. We the flock are action less blobs of flesh doing nothing to save Orthodox Christianity.

    Only Helleniscope speaks truth, reveals truth. Enough said!

    • Allowing yourself to be driven out of all Orthodox Churches can only be the work of the devil. The devil knows scripture too, but to be faithful you must also receive the sacraments, and to refuse that places you under apostolic condemnation. Do not despair.

      • Correct – moving to another Orthodox denomination is the better choice. But I have heard many times over the last 5-6 years that some of us have retracted to their homes for an extended period of time. Their justification (Among many): Immigrants in America, our forefathers, did not have priests for many decades after their arrival. They worshipped and prayed the best they could in their homes. “Ecclesia” came later. The Faith survived by reading the bible at homes, and mysteries were performed occasionally when a priest happened to visit the area.

        Many returned to Churches after these “trial periods” (especially during the pandemic) and their internal struggles…

    • Jane,
      Please don’t stop attending church ( assuming health and distance issues are not an obstacle). The church always has issues and always will have. Our priests have a tough job to stay faithful to the teachings of the church often times without all the support that they need from their leadership. We are reminded of this during Covid times when our priests hands were tied by faulty leadership. I’m a convert since 1987. Many changes over this time. The internet is a mixed blessing indeed. If I was starting over again to begin my Orthodox journey I would ask my priest for advice regarding trusted internet sites. I’ve delved into way too many rabbit holes to count and the results were always a loss of inner peace and tranquillity. “ Me and my Bible” is a Protestant answer to a question we don’t need to ask. Lastly my dear sister I recommend Fr. Stephen Freeman’s blog, “Glory to God for all things.”

      • Jane’s concerns are very real. At some point the priests will have a choice to make regarding the “masters who they serve.” All of us understand they are in a bind: they have families, which means children to take care of and mortgages (in many cases) to pay. They depend on the leadership. Many are excellent priests. But those excellent priests – and I have seen it with my own eyes- turn into disgusting brown-nosers when Elpidophoros visits their parishes… The choice to leave the parish (or the different choice to move to another Orthodox denomination that is more adherent to the Faith) is an excellent signal to both the leadership and the priests: To the priests it says: you can stay silent or you can kiss the leaderships’ butt, but tomorrow there will be no parishioners to pay your fat salaries.

        So at some point you priests will have to decide: Which master will you serve? Jesus Christ or Mammon?

  8. The GOA wants this real estate which is not worth as much as it should be worth because the air rights were sold long ago. They hope to sell Holy Trinity and adjacent property ( those air rights are preserved) at a premium, buy St Bart’s on Park Ave at a steal and pocket the difference. By being on Park Ave , they get to portray themselves as the “ Greek St Patrick’s “, thereby upping the brand, assuaging their egos, and pretending to be in the Major Leagues.

    Get it now? This isn’t a gay thing, it’s a real estate grift.

    • Correct – I believe we had reported on the real estate story last year or the year before that. Many thanks for reminding and refocusing us..

    • Well, you know, in many respects this building looks appropriate. The inside has a nice basilica layout. So I might also want it to be an Orthodox Temple, but alas, these guys have specific positioning in mind. Sad.

  9. As much as I dislike what these bozos are doing to our church, this – “Considering that most of the Phanar Hierarchs are known and proud homosexuals” – is an absurd statement.

    • Why? Did you forget the story of the #2 in the Hierarchy, Emmanuel of Chalcedon? Also known as “Emmanuella”? And his infamous desecration of the Metropolis of Paris with the Bulgarian gay escorts? Do you want me to go down the list maybe? Or to go “up” the list? I have said many times that ten years ago we could find statements and even videos of Bartholomew condemning homosexuality. Not anymore!… Where is the absurdity?

      • Exactly, what in Sam Hill happened to Bartholomew to change direction from 10 years ago? Stockholm Syndrome?
        Too many woke clerics in his ear to brainwash him?

  10. I woke up with a bad taste in my mouth… and here is the source!

    Time for everyone to leave the Greek parishes empty, and out a hurting on the pockets of the archdiocese. Make it clear that this rhetoric and these displays are absolutely intolerable. I’ve already made my exit. I hope more people will do the same. But, many in the GOA have their heads in the sand and like the little monkey statues, have eyes, ears and mouths plugged and covered up. They don’t want to do anything bold. They have become accustomed to scandal. They have become sheep that are sheepish in too many ways. They are goodly souls, but their boldness has dwindled if it ever existed.

    Do not stay out of Church, but rather, flood the doors of other jurisdictions who have not committed the same level of sinfulness. We are not Protestants. Our life is together, and our life as Orthodox people is about Christ and not about our ethnicity in a primary sense. Christ came to make disciples of all men. Join together and celebrate the Lord’s Body and Blood, but go beyond the GOA borders and by your absence make some noise!

    We must do these things along with prayer and repentance and with the desire to see the GOA set right again. Though it is hard to imagine.

    We are forgetting here also, the “Ecumenism” at work in this display as well. We are ever seeing these men climb towards the decent into false union. In my humble opinion, it’s already been achieved behind closed doors and on paper. The wolves wait for the opportune time to unveil their unholy union with Rome, and no doubt with others soon after.

    If we do not feel pain of heart and disgust something is very wrong with us! If we are lukewarm, you know what awaits us all? Vomiting from the mouth of the Lord. Where are the once brightly burning candle stands? They have been removed! What’s left? Darkness and the spreading of it!

    But I am not afraid, for the Lord who we just celebrated in His Holy Ascension, sits at the right hand of the Father! Nothing passes His gaze. And He will enact Justice in due time. Yet we ask him like Abraham to spare destruction for the sake of a few. Yet we know how that story went. So, flee Sodom… run from Gomorrah! Be set apart and do not mingle with sin. Neither homosexual compliance, nor commingling our Faith with the Heterodox and Heretic. Let God Arise and His enemies be scattered. We never forget that Christ is our Victor. Glory to Jesus Christ, glory forever!

    Do not lose hope my brothers and sisters, but let us pray, repent and act in accordance with true Christian piety. May the Lord help us and have mercy on us, and forgive our slowness to stand up and stand firm. His help and bless all of you!

  11. Bishops who attended this abomination at St. Bart’s, you were all filled with platitudes about loving everybody and reaching out. Nice talk. But you are all shepherds of the Orthodox flock.And there is a huge problem in our Church that needs addressing. It is the growing separation between Constantinople and Moscow. If this is not addressed immediately there could be a schism. So, take all your talk about love, friendliness, and rather than using it promiscuously, apply to your fellow Orthodox and end this disgraceful lack of unity. Yes, the teachings of Christ are the tools you need to end this separation-love, forgiveness, humility, reaching out and more love. What on earth are you doing at St. Bart’s? Go, set up talks, and bring Constantinople and Moscow together around the chalice that is the symbol of our unity in Christ.


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