EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): As we commemorate the 46th black anniversary of the Turkish invasion to Cyprus, the usual establishment and “Deep State” parrots of the Greek-American media do not miss any opportunity to present Biden as a “friend” of the Greeks, as opposed to the “Turcofile” President Trump, hoping to convince some of the 80% (according to conservative estimates!) of the Greek-Americans who voted for Trump in 2016 to change their minds… They have been doing the same thing since the election of Jimmy Carter in 1976, when Church bells all over Cyprus stupidly welcomed his victory and ascent to the presidency expecting that he will kick out the Turks!…

Well, this is a good opportunity to remind them that it was Joe Biden who personally got involved (in close cooperation with Amos Hochstein) and presented to Erdogan the detailed plan for gas pipelines from Cyprus through Turkey to Europe, as a very interesting report revealed last year.  Should I remind everyone that Biden was also “personally” involved in the gas business in the Ukraine (he was very likely “assisted” there by his friend Karloutsos – now fundraising full-time for him) who was pursuing “other” business, (ie. the ill-conceived and ill-executed “Cacocephaly”/Autocephaly of the 25% of the Ukrainian Orthodox) where his son, Hunter Biden, was “hired” by the Ukrainian Gas company Burisma and made millions?  Does anyone believe that Biden’s involvement in Cyprus was “philanthropic”? Or that it helped Greek interests?

Finally, so we do not have ANY doubts about the “character” of people mentioned above, let me remind you here – and I am sure you do not know it if you only read Greek or Greek-American  media – that Amos Hochstein was very recently called to testify in a Senate Committee investigating Biden’s involvement in the Ukrainian Gas/Burisma scandal (Follow the link for more info). Biden’s son also got a $2 billion (yes with a “B”) “investment” from Bank of China (completely controlled by the Chinese Communist Party), in a company he established with John Kerry’s son and other “deep state privileged boys”…  

CONCLUSION: Joe Biden never worked for anybody else but the government and never had ANY ideology except lining his own pockets.  End of story.


Trump team is adopting a pipeline plan to wean Europe off Russian fuel


“I’m never surprised when an administration chooses to see that its predecessors did something right,” Hochstein said. “It’s a glaringly obvious policy choice that supports U.S. and regional interests. There isn’t much downside. But it does require attention to detail, and over two years there’s been an attempt to reinvent the wheel that has wasted time.”

Hochstein, who worked closely with Biden throughout his tenure in government, said that the map was personally presented to Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan during the 2015-2017 Cyprus peace process and laid the groundwork for rapprochement between Turkey and Israel after the Gaza flotilla crisis. “The Lebanese have it, the Israelis have it, the Cypriots have it – this was a huge focus,” he said.

One senior Trump administration official working on an effort to jump start Israeli-Palestinian talks would not say whether energy cooperation is a feature of the administration’s peace plan. But the emerging Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, based in Cairo, is the only outlet that has brought Israel and the Palestinian Authority around joint cooperation agreements in recent years. “Anything that gets the Israelis and Palestinians to agree on seven points is pretty important,” another official noted.

Read more here: https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/policy/environment/energy/article231114518.html#storylink=cpy

It is a rare instance of continuity between the Trump and Obama administrations. The map was first created by State Department cartographers and energy diplomats working at the direction of former Vice President Joe Biden, according to its architect, Amos Hochstein, former special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs.

“It took us a long time to create,” Hochstein told McClatchy. “There’s complete continuity, and it is thanks to the vision and leadership of Vice President Biden.”


Όραμα και καθοδήγηση του Τζό Μπάιντεν ο χάρτης αγωγών προς Τουρκία


Ο πολυσυζητημένος αυτός χάρτης με αγωγούς προς Τουρκία που ξαφνικά ανάρτησε η  αμερικανική ιστοσελίδα Μc Clatchy DC, (Sigmalive Μάριου Πούλλαδου 6.6.2019 «Αποκαλυπτικός χάρτης ΗΠΑ για ΑΟΖ που είδαν Ερντογάν-Αναστασιάδης»), είχε  χαρτογραφηθεί από το Bureau of energy Resources (που υπόκειται στο Στέιτ Ντεπάρμεντ των ΗΠΑ) επί διακυβέρνησης Μπάρακ Ομπάμα.

Όμως έχει και άλλη ουρά. Θυμάστε την πομπώδη εκείνη επίσκεψη Τζό Μπάιντεν (αντιπροέδρου των ΗΠΑ επί Ομπάμα) στην Κύπρο το 2014; Και τις αρνητικές επισημάνσεις του προέδρου του ΔΗΚΟ Νικόλα Παπαδόπουλου για τη μη αναφορά του στην κατοχή και στον ρόλο της Τουρκίας στο Κυπριακό;  Και την επίσκεψή του στα κατεχόμενα που μπορούσε η ΚΚ να αποτρέψει; (Σημερινή, 22.5.2014 «Ιστορική επίσκεψη, «ιστορική δήλωση» Mιχάλη Παπαδόπουλου ).  Ίσως η πιο κάτω αναφορά να απαντά στις τότε δικαιολογημένες επικρίσεις .του Νικόλα Παπαδόπουλου.


Ε, λοιπόν  στο  σχετικό δημοσίευμα της Μc Clatchy DC 5.6.2019 αποκαλύπτεται, σύμφωνα με δηλώσεις του αρχιτέκτονα του χάρτη Amos Hochstein, (πρώην ειδικού απεσταλμένο και συντονιστή για διεθνή θέματα ενέργειας) ότι αυτός ο  περιβόητος χάρτης, με αγωγούς προς Τουρκία, που έδειξαν και στον Ρ. Ερτογάν μεταξύ 2015-2017 αλλά και στον Πρόεδρο Αναστασιάδη (δεν είπαν πότε στον δεύτερο)  σχεδιάστηκε από χαρτογράφους του Στέιτ Ντεπάρτμεντ και διπλωμάτες «υπό τις οδηγίες του πρώην αντιπροέδρου Τζό Μπάιντεν».  «Μας πήρε πολύ καιρό να ετοιμαστεί… και είναι χάρη στο όραμα και ηγεσία του Τζό Μπάιντεν».  Αν εφαρμοζόταν η Ελλάδα έχανε το Καστελόριζο και εμείς…

Ήταν τον ίδιο καιρό που είχαν ξεσπαθώσει και κάποιοι στην Κύπρο υπέρ αγωγού μέσω Τουρκίας…

Φανούλα Αργυρού Λονδίνο 12.6.2019




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