EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis):  There have been three occasions since 1974 when American Heads of State have delivered significant letters to Greek Prime Ministers, regarding American guarantees of sovereign rights of Greece.  This is the 4th one and, although the wording is very strong as you will see below, we should not make the mistake to interpret it as equivalent to the France-Greece defense agreement which came with contractual obligations.  A letter does not have the same effects as a government-to-government agreement and it is not binding – it just a promissory statement.  A similar letter of 1990 was proved ineffectual a few years later in 1996 when the Greek-Turkish crisis at Imia appeared. The US then took a position of a “Pontius Pilate” between Greece and Turkey.  

What makes this letter significant is the change of circumstances. After the signing of the France – Greece deal, the 5-year MDCA between and the US, along with the several tri-lateral and multilateral agreements Greece-Cyprus-Egypt-Israel-Jordan-US in the Eastern Mediterranean where the US frequently takes part as a regular party, make a US intervention in favor of Greece very likely the next time a military episode erupts with Turkey as an instigator. 



  1. From what pieces of the puzzle I try and gather regarding the GOA, political plots and twists, the shredding of the US Constitution and learning here about Greek Orthodox hierarchy foils and mishaps: Patriarch Bartholomew “has been nothing more than a pliable religious figure who accepted the role accorded to him by the Western Establishment in exchange for political and personal privileges.

    As the relations between the West and Russia began to deteriorate in the mid-2000s, it appeared certain that Bartholomew would be increasingly “instrumentalized” by the emerging anti-Russian “war party” both in the U.S. and in Europe.” https://www.newsbud.com/2016/10/18/the-clash-of-patriarchs-kirill-i-bartholomew-i-the-future-of-the-orthodox-church/

    How do we follow God’s word in a world that is under a death sentence? Only those that have surrendered to Christ will be eternally saved. We, the sheep are living in Babylon and have been blindsided by our own preachers. What is the best way to mesh politics with Orthodox Christianity, according to God’s words? We counted on our teachers and they have failed us. Where do we go from here?

    I am delighted to read the Blinken letter, but not delighted with the Biden authoritarian role he is playing for his puppet masters. I love America. I love Greece. I read tonight that “It is the sacred duty of every true Christian to give to God absolute preference over every creature and, for God’s sake, to be ready to sacrifice at once every temporal interest, every human friendship, when these clash with his duty towards his Creator.”

    Are we living this way? Are the priests, archbishops, metropolitans living in accordance with what God wants instead of any mere human?If we think we can fix the GOA or world situation we need to take a step back and reflect what do we believe anymore?

    Thank you for another article that scratches my grey matter.


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