By Nick Stamatakis

I have noted many times the contrarian, anti-Christian, personality of Pat. Bartholomew and I recently have said that when he has a choice (and he almost always has) between continuing a fight on the one side and love and reconciliation on the other, he always picks to fight… I wrote recently that throughout his tenure he displayed the demeanor and the personality of an obstinate mule from his home island of Imvros – and then I was thinking that maybe I took the argument a little too far and I exaggerated… Yet, every time I try to “correct myself” the “leaders” I have described in very dark words come back to verify me with their own words and actions.

Such is the case with Pat. Bartholomew, who yesterday repeated his unnecessarily divisive comments against the Moscow Patriarchate and our brothers in Christ, the Russian Orthodox faithful. This time he went one step lower and used “street-level” language – completely inappropriate for any leader, especially the supposed leader of Orthodox Christianity.  He used the Greek expression “Σκασίλα μου”, referring to the fact that his actions in granting autocephaly to the 20% of Ukrainian Orthodox caused a “Schism” and the Russian Church does not commemorate his name in services.

Instead of expressing his Christian love for his Russian brothers in Christ and his hope that soon a reconciliation process will bring results in order for Orthodoxy to be re-united (and let me note here that the Russian branch of Orthodoxy including the Churches that follow Moscow are probably over 70% of world Orthodox Christianity), he chose instead “Σκασιλα μου” /  “I don’t give a s..t”…

“Skasila mou” is accurately translated, not as some of Bartholomew’s defenders did (“I don’t care” or “What do I care”) because for “I don’t care” there is an exact translation in Greek: “Δεν με νοιάζει”.  If he had said “Δεν με νοιάζει”,  it would probably not attract the attention that it did. In Greek media today there are hundreds and hundreds of posts titled with his inappropriate comment: “Σκασιλα μου”…  Which best translates as “I don’t give a s…t”…  His choice of words reflects not only his Anti-Christian, contrarian personality but his many failures…

Let’s enumerate:

“Σκασιλα μου” /  “I don’t give a s..t” – that because of my decisions and actions in Ukraine, neo-Nazis, the descendants of former Nazis among others, are taking away or destroying the Churches of the 70% of the Ukrainian Orthodox who chose to stay under the Moscow Patriarchate.

“Σκασιλα μου” /  “I don’t give a s..t” – that this 70% of Ukrainians who chose to stay under the Moscow Patriarchate are suffering harsher religious freedom suppression than the Patriarchate is suffering under the neo-Ottoman Turks.

“Σκασιλα μου” /  “I don’t give a s..t” that I was specifically warned that my decision about Ukraine would cause violence.  I went ahead anyway because the teachings of Christ mean nothing to me.  I prefer to act as an obstinate mule from Imvros and kick in every direction using my rear legs, than as a descendant of Andrew the First Apostle.

“Σκασιλα μου” /  “I don’t give a s..t” that I caused havoc in Ukraine because I care more about the millions of $$ that I received from America for that purpose (and you Archons and the rest of the faithful will never learn exactly how I received them – unless you investigate former Ukrainian President Poroshenko…).

“Σκασιλα μου” /  “I don’t give a s..t” that I minimized Orthodoxy – one of the four “ecumenical legs of Hellenism”, along with Diaspora, Navigation and Cultural Heritage).  I care more about material indulgence.  My predecessor Pat. Demetrios lived in a small room in the Patriarchate – but I live in a multi-million dollar villa overlooking Vosporos paid for by one of you – the late Alex Spanos. I teach my subordinates, the  “Hierarchs of the Throne”,  to do the same: AB Makarios of Australia bought a $6.5 million apartment overlooking Sydney harbor, and recently, my second-in-command Emmanuel of Chalcedon bought a $1 million house in the glitzy northern suburbs of Athens, and then he stole all the furniture of the Metropolis of France where he used to serve for twenty years to furnish it!! I surely lead by example!!

“Σκασιλα μου” /  “I don’t give a s..t” that I undermine the second ecumenical leg of Hellenism, Diaspora, by instructing the Archbishops of America, Australia, England and Canada to put a lid on any political action against Turkey by the Greek communities under their command.  I am a Turkish citizen, all my hierarchs are Turkish citizens, we have taken an oath of allegiance to Turkey and we all intend to keep it!! I blessed the Turkish troops as they invaded Syria to kill the fighting Kurds and I may even bless them again if they invade any Greek island.  Anyway, the Greek Islands along the coast of Turkey are already under my ecclesiastical jurisdiction and “Σκασιλα μου” /  “I don’t give a s..t”  if either Turkey or Greece has sovereignty over them!

October 30, 2021, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com

Helleniscope calls on each and every one of you, clergy and laity, to follow this link to change.org and sign the declaration of Independence of our Church from the Patriarchate 




Ecumenical Patriarch: Moscow Patriarchate does not commemorate me, what do I care?

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew underlined the responsible attitude of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in the ecclesiastical dispute that has erupted with the Moscow Patriarchate.

Although the Moscow Patriarchate has ceased commemorating the Ecumenical Patriarch on the pretext of granting autocephaly to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, the primate of Orthodoxy clarified that the Patriarchate of Constantinople continued to commemorate the Patriarch of Moscow and advised the primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine to do the same.

Regarding the attitude of the Moscow Patriarchate, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew spoke of ingratitude. “As you know, in recent years (the first throne) has been tested by an ignorant attitude of the Russian Orthodox Church towards its Mother Church.

We are the Mother Church because we gave them Christianity. We enlightened them. We gave them the Cyrillic alphabet through which we wanted to help them promote their culture. And, as we say in the liturgical language, they turned their back on the benefactor.

They were angry with us because we made the Church of Ukraine autocephalous,” the Ecumenical Patriarch said during an event in New York, which is the last stop on his US apostolic visit.

It is reminded that according to the tradition of the church, the granting of autocephaly is a unique privilege of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Over the centuries, the Ecumenical Patriarchate has repeatedly granted autonomy to local churches, starting with the Russian Orthodox Church itself in the 16th century.

“Why not do it, as we did with Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Romania, Albania? And it is the exclusive privilege of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to grant the autocephaly. All these churches that I have listed have become autocephalous by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, which empties itself for granting territories under its jurisdiction to become autocephalous independent churches,” the Ecumenical Patriarch explained.

In this light, after the crisis that arose between Ukraine and Russia, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew responded to the request of the people of Ukraine by granting them autocephaly.

In retaliation, the Moscow Patriarchate decided to stop commemorating the Ecumenical Patriarch. Remaining faithful to the ecclesiastical order and with a sense of responsibility towards history, the Church of Constantinople did not react to this move and continued to regularly commemorate Patriarch Kirill.

“So why not do the same with Ukraine with its 40-50 million inhabitants. Our Ukrainian brothers wanted not only now but also much earlier and now even more intensely to have their own church and not to belong to Moscow, not to depend on Moscow, not to be oppressed by Moscow. T

We did so with a sense of responsibility towards history and towards Ukraine and its people. They angered and severed Eucharistic ties with the Ecumenical Patriarchate. They struck the name off the diptychs and they do not commemorate me. Couldn’t care less about it (that they do not commemorate me),” said Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

Message of support to Archbishop Elpidophoros of America

Referring to the honor and the recognition for him by the US side, he noted that they reflected the high prestige enjoyed by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, which was, unfortunately, much larger internationally than inside Turkey, which is its historic headquarters.

Regarding US President Joe Biden, he referred to their friendship but also to the handwritten footnote that the US president added in the last reply letter he sent to him, which said “Be well because we need your leadership.”

The United States is one of the largest and most important provinces of the Ecumenical Throne. Referring to its importance, the Patriarch praised Archbishop Elpidophoros, saying that in a short time he managed to find solutions to the three major problems of the Archdiocese regarding the completion of Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church and National Shrone, the Hellenic College Holy Cross and the Pension Fund for the Clergy.

“After 12 years I have the blessing of God and I have the pleasure of being close to the Greek community in the USA. This time I found a new Archbishop at the head of the Archdiocese. Young in age and young at the beginning of his term.

The Patriarchate has full confidence in Archbishop Elpidophoros and for this reason, we elected him unanimously and sent him to lead as many years as the Lord allows.

We chose him because under the current circumstances we could not find another better and more suitable for this position.

I am glad to see that you embraced him with the same love that he came to you. And the mutual love, trust and vision that you have is the best guarantee for the success of his ministry.”

BELOW THE PATRIARCH’S SPEECH ALONG WITH THE VIDEO (“Skasila mou” is in the end around minute 57)


Helleniscope calls on each and every one of you, clergy and laity, to follow this link to change.org and sign the declaration of Independence of our Church from the Patriarchate 



Πατριάρχης Βαρθολομαίος: «Σκασίλα μου» αν δεν με μνημονεύει η Ρωσική Εκκλησία

Μιλώντας σε εκδήλωση της Αρχιεπισκοπής Αμερικής κατά την υποδοχή του στη Νέα Υόρκη, τελευταίο σταθμό της 12ημερης επίσημης επίσκεψής του στις ΗΠΑ

Μακριά από κάθε εκκλησιαστική διπλωματία, χρησιμοποιώντας τη λέξη «σκασίλα μου» εμφανισθηκε στη Νέα Υόρκη ο Οικουμενικός Πατριάρχης Βαρθολομαίος, αναφερόμενος στην αντιδραση της ρωσικής ορθόδοξη εκκλησίας να μη μνημονεύεται το όνομά του και να εξαιρεθεί από τα εκκλησιαστικά της δίπτυχα, λόγω της αναγνώρισης της Εκκλησίας της Ουκρανίας ως αυτοκέφαλης εκκλησίας.

Μιλώντας σε εκδήλωση της Αρχιεπισκοπής Αμερικής κατά την υποδοχή του στη Νέα Υόρκη, τελευταίο σταθμό της 12ημερης επίσημης επίσκεψής του στις ΗΠΑ και ενώπιον επιφανών μελών της ομογένειας, ο κ. Βαρθολομαίος κάθε άλλο παρά μάσησε τα λόγια του. Μίλησε για αγνώμονα συμπεριφορά της ρωσικής εκκλησίας προς το οικουμενικό πατριαρχείο – τη μητέρα εκκλησία.

Patriarchal Exhortation by His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew - Greek
«Τους βοηθήσαμε και εκκίνησαν την πτέρναν κατά του ευεργέτου» με αφορμή την αναγνώριση της Ουκρανικης εκκλησίας ως αυτοκέφαλης.

Αυτό αποτελεί αποκλειστικό προνόμιο του Πατριαρχείου και έχει δοθεί αυτοκεφαλία σε πολλές εκκλησίες, γιατί όχι και στην Ουκρανία. Γιατί τα 40- 50 εκατομμύρια των ουκρανών πιστών να μην καταυναστεύονται από τη Μόσχα; Εκοψαν την επικοινων´, με έβγαλαν από τα δίπτυχα και δεν με μνημονεύουν. Σκασίλα μου που δεν με μνημονεύουν», είπε και συνέχισε: «Εμείς μνημονεύουμε τον Κύριλλο και είπα στον Επιφάνιο (επικεφαλής της Ουκρανικής εκκλησίας) να κάνει το ίδιο».

Helleniscope calls on each and every one of you, clergy and laity, to follow this link to change.org and sign the declaration of Independence of our Church from the Patriarchate 


  1. Stop giving this man air time, ignore him and wait for him to go to his eternal reward (punishment).

    The GOA isn’t going to change. These people aren’t going to change. The laity haven’t been able to stand up.

    Leave the GOA, that’s the simplest answer

  2. Yes…yes…please leave the GOA…good people and priests! You’ll find nice homes in the OCA, AOCA and ROCOR! (Brothers and sisters…we await your arrival!)

    • Except those other jurisdictions are filled with bishops who live in fear of death and Covid. In the GOA there are still some who don’t… Houston only the GOA stayed mostly normal. The others had reservations masks no kissing icons.

  3. It is highly unfortunate the Constantinople Patriarch to behave in such a way.

    This is the second time he is indulting our Russian Orthodox brothers and their Church, with insults not suiting a true Orthodox Christian, even worse if this person happens to be the Ecoumenical Patriarch.

    The elderly father Gavriel of Skiti of Osiou Christodoulou, wrote to him twice urging him to come back to the Orthodox Church’s order, but the Patriarch has repeatedly ignored his letters.

    Therefore, elderly Gavriel has stopped commemorating him, as he has crossed the red line.

    The Ecomenical Patriarch follows the orders of the Illuminati’s Deep State, and this proved once again with his ruling on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church fate.

    He also showed respect to Pope of Rome and the world chief rabbis.

    He is favour to unite all monotheistic faiths into chrislam, but he will not live enough to see thus happening.

    Unfortunately, he has magically convinced the Autocephalus Aricbishops of Hellas and Cyprus to follow his beliefs, to an extent that someone may wonder of these to Idependenr Churches, of Hellas and Cyprus, are still autocephalus…

    May the Holy Trinity bless him and guide him to return back to the well chartered waters of Orthodoxy.



  5. As our regular readers know we have already published the list of parishes of OCA, ROKOR, ANTIOCHEAN and other Orthodox Churches. However, we need to have a certain sensitivity for the 4-5 generations of Greek Americans who gave everything they could in order to build the over 550 parishes of GOA. The total value of their properties is probably approaching $2 trillion!!! Yes, trillion with a “T”!! Do we have the right to allow this band of unscrupulous “Church leaders” to put their hands on the sweat and tears of our fathers and grandfathers? Without at least giving a fight? You can bet there will be many legal fights… The Churches are empty and the Istanbul gang does not care. In other words, they plan to sell the properties and pocket the money.

  6. Once again, I am thankful to the factual revelations presented on this blog about the facade of piety of the Patriarch, protecting priests, and hierarchal incompetent frauds. The Greek Orthodox Church here and abroad is an excellent front for criminal operations. I spent some time today researching their debauchery. This church has shamed Our Lord repeatedly. There is no fixing anything because even the priests say nothing. Oops, forgot! The priests are guilty for not speaking out. The mammon they receive for keeping silent is just too good to give up.









  7. Thanks Jane, never knew about the
    St. Irene, Astoria scandals,
    just depressing that the low minded get all the attention and the gems of Orthodoxy, the angelic ones go unnoticed.
    Please people, let’s not forget the gems – silently doing God’s work and remain unsullied.

  8. He watches with a smile and a nod as the fascist OCU schismatics raid and confiscate the canonical Churches. He turns a blind eye to the elderly men and women who are beaten by these same schismatics. No problem for the EP. He created these laymen who are dressing up as clergy. He created his own autocephalous Halloween party masquerading as a church! And if anyone does not like it…he doesn’t give a sh!+. There does does not seem to be a bottom to this abyss.

  9. Be prepared because many will fall from Grace
    The beast is just getting warmed up
    But those who stand firm until the end will receive the crown of glory

    Revelation 13:16-17


    «Επιδημία μου είναι να αποθανών για την πίστη και την αγάπη του Χρήστου!»

    Ο Άγιος Νεομάρτυς Αργύριος

    Δίστιχος ο Πατριάρχης και ο Ελπιδοκτονος δεν θυμούνται αυτά που έμαθαν στο κατηχητικών σχολείων…..


  10. Exact point in the video is 59:20, for those of you who got confused when the video got to 58 mins and he didn’t say it.

    Lord have mercy on us!

    • Correct, but the point is to get the whole picture… Also very important is the emphatic verbal and body language right after “skasila mou”… Which shows that he truly meant the translation I applied: “I don’t give a s..t” – or something even more obscene than this…

  11. Linguistically and etymologically, is a “skasila” a sorrow, like a heart that broke?
    Skao + -ila = Burst + shed = Skasila. Is that like an outhouse shed?
    I don’t know how this works in Greek lexicology.
    I guess it means that Skasila Mou is My Heartbreak (sarcastically). Is that right?

    • It’s definitely used sarcastically, meaning in our case the translation we gave… when you translate an expression you have to catch the actual meaning of it – and our translation does it quite well.


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