PHOTOS – From…  Such is the spiritual quality of our “Archons”… They think this is promoting Orthodoxy…

UPDATE FRIDAY 11/5: Some friends suggested that it is not unusual in Mt.Athos for abbots and others to be depicted in hagiography as offering a church to the Saint it is named after.  Even if that was the “background thought” it was inappropriate for Bartholomew to de depicted as a “κτήτωρ” / “founder”) in this particular Church – for a number of obvious reasons.  What explains Bartholomew’s insistence is his lifelong FUTILE struggle to outdo the late Iakovos in fame and achievement… In vain, as Iakovos was a leader and Bartholomew will always be a “mediocrity”, if not an outright failure…


Shame to the Hagiographers of Xenophontos Monastery at Mount Athos for their atrocious consent to this blasphemy.  But the highest award for “hubris” goes to disgraceful Pat. Bartholomew himself, who brought indescribable shame to Orthodoxy…  We had many heretic and sinful Patriarchs – but he holds a unique place and he should be classified next to the worst Popes – the Borgias and the rest – since his main goal is to unify with the Catholics…

By Nick Stamatakis

When in the future, students of Theology try to define arrogance in Christianity (obviously the evolution of the ancient Greek notion of “hubris”), this icon at the Narthex (Lobby) of Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero, picturing His “All Hubristic Arrogance” Bartholomew offering Saint Nicholas the miniature design of the Church, would certainly be a prime example.

We had heard the rumors that such a blasphemous, arrogant “iconography” was in the works by the hagiographers of Xenophontos Monastery of Mount Athos, who should be ashamed to eternity for the atrocious depiction of a sinful, egotistic Patriarch at an equal level with Saint Nicholas.  We wrote the rumors and warned several times against such a desecration. Yet, here we are today having to report one of the most immoral acts in Orthodox history… If it was ever appropriate for Bartholomew to be pictured next to Saint Nicholas he should be painted kneeling and asking for forgiveness for his many sins…

I am truly at a loss for words for such monumental arrogance!!.. The contrast of Bartholomew’s egotism and vanity next to the Saint’s symbolic humility says it all… But if anyone is still in doubt as to what is the root cause of the demise of our Church and the Schism of World Orthodoxy you now have a name to attach to it: The rotten “leadership” of Bartholomew…

As for the interpretation of “Skasila mou / I don’t give a s..t if the Russians commemorate me” that Bartholomew said a few days ago, it is now as clear as day, isn’t it? It comes straight from an arrogant and egotistic heart…

Saint Nicholas, the eternal symbol of love, humility, and selflessness for all Christians is looking upon us with pity… As for Bartholomew, he can rest assured that his nemesis is near…

PS. What can anyone say about the semi-finished church with the taped floor and the construction materials all over? We now have the real reason in front of our eyes for the “big rush”, to speed up the “Apostolic” visit to America… It was all about self-serving arrogance… Bartholomew was always and will die jealous of AB Iakovos’ glory… The fake “glorification” seen here is very ephemeral… Iakovos, with all his mistakes, was a world-class leader in contrast to a failure like Bartholomew.

PS2. We just verified that this is not the first time Bartholomew has done the same. A few years ago in a Church in Constantinople, he was “hagiographed” with a halo, looking like a saint…

November 4, 2021,

Helleniscope calls on each and every one of you, clergy and laity, to follow this link to and sign the declaration of Independence of our Church from the Patriarchate 


  1. Οι Εκκλησίες που ακολουθούν το νέο ημερολόγιο και είναι κάτω από την μπότα του Βαρθολομαίου, αν δεν αντιδράσουν
    δυναμικά θα υποστούν μεγάλη αφαίμαξη. Κερδισμένες θα είναι οι Εκκλησίες με το παλαιό οποιασδήποτε Εθνότητας. Εκ των
    πραγμάτων αποδεικνύεται ότι η Εκκλησία που παρέμεινε με το παλαιό ημερολόγιο είναι η σωστή. Αν διαβάσετε την βιογραφία του
    ΑΛΗΤΗ Οικουμενικού Πατριάρχη Μελέτη Μεταξάκη που υπεχώρησε στις ορέξεις του τότε Πάπα και προξένησε το Σχίσμα θα το
    διαπιστώσετε. Τούτος εδώ πριν τον πάρει ο ΧΑΡΟΣ να το θυμάστε ότι θα προχωρήσει σε συνεργασία με τον μαφιόζο σημερινό Πάπα
    για να συνεορτάζουμε και το Πάσχα με τους Καθολικούς σύμφωνα με τα δικά τους πιστεύω. Οπότε ευτυχώς και έγινε το Σχίσμα
    για να υπάρχει ασφαλές λιμάνι για όλους τους Ορθοδόξους πιστούς. Ήδη πληροφορούμαι πως η Αγία Μαρκέλλα στην Αστόρια τις
    Κυριακές και τις μεγάλες εορτές είναι ασφυκτικά γεμάτη.

  2. Very sorry to see all of this. I have no church now. I am not interested in all the divided churches, the demands to wear masks and sit apart. I am not interested in whether a church makes pirogies or spanakopita. I am interested in praising God. I am tired of ethnic pride displays. I am God’s elderly child. So, I will read my Bible, pray myself, and maybe one day there will just be the Orthodox Christian church. I doubt I will get to see it.

    What I noted in the Greek church I went to was a big club. Nothing more. Orthros – no one showed up. Feast days, only a few. Special study classes- a handful. I was a convert 2013 at 63 years old. Oh well..I study by myself now – watch sermons by Fr. Peter Heers. Mark my word, soon enough there will be the NWO church. It’s all very sad. Wear your mask, argue over spoons and how the convert didn’t fold the baklava right or make pirogies the Russian way. The painting of Bartholomew is a disgrace. The hierarchy is a joke.

    • Jane …nobody can say it any better…I’ve experienced the same exactly as you describe. My ancestors would have cringed in shame and horror at this κατάντια!

    • Oh, Jane, I’m terribly sorry that you have been so disappointed. We have some things in common. I, too, converted at the age of 63, in 2017. And I have witnessed the ethnocentrism of both Greek and Russian parishes. I also will be making a change soon as I can no longer stomach the apostasy of the Greek hierarchs and the pettiness of our parochial leadership. But, I won’t leave the Church altogether; Lord willing, I’ll go to another parish after I speak with my priest and ask for his understanding and his blessing. The parish is farther away and the rules are stricter, so it will require a bit of a sacrifice, but for the sake of my soul, it will be worth it.

      A certain bishop with whom I once served would often say, “You cannot have God as your Father if you don’t have the Church as your Mother.” We are the Church’s children, however elderly, and we mustn’t make the mistake of abandoning our parents, however much our “Mother” may have offended us. We are the Eucharistic community; We mustn’t stop sharing in the “cup of blessing which we bless” (I Cor. 10:16) lest we grow weak from hunger and thirst and fade away.

      I have know Christians who have quit church in disgust and gone their own way. Over time, they tend to walk off into self-deception or lose their faith altogether. I wonder if there is not some way that you can participate in the worship and mysteries of a parish nearby while you read your Bible and continue your private prayers.

  3. Whenever I think it can’t get any worse…this man opens the abyss a little wider. This makes me sick to my stomach. God help us all.

  4. It’s interesting that there isn’t an icon (or several) to the Thousands of Holy Innocents martyred of September 11. This edifice is not meant to be anything holy, sacred, or spiritual. It’s meant to be a GREEK statement of affirmation with Bartholomew ensconced as some ancient statue. The grifters said it themselves, calling it the Parthenon. That’s were their heads are about the sacred graveyard they occupy. These aren’t priests, they are charlatans.

    Exceedingly bad taste, corrupt intent, and a shameful outcome. The world is laughing at them.

    If I was NY’s Governor, I order the NYNJ Port Authority to close the place, empty it, and turn into a public accommodation.

    We must all turn our backs and close our wallets.

  5. Didn’t St. Nicholas slap a heretic at the First Ecumenical Council for daring to damage the unity of the Church? Does he do schismatics too?

  6. The pretentiousness in this photo is obnoxious but not shocking. It is beyond disheartening to see the pillaging of the faithful by these imposters. I pray for our Church and the future of it in America.

  7. I have attended St. Sophia in London for the past 30 years and am a member of the αδελφότητα the past 7 years. The heretic Bartholomew is coming here for 5 days the end of this month to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Archdiocese of Thyatera. I will boycott this event but most here are blind to Bart’s heresies, in fact Nikitas our Archbishop is an ardent supporter of Bartholomew. When I voice my opinion to others at Aghia Sophia they look at me incredulously. It is truly depressing.


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