It’s hard to count the ironies and the double standards… What’s the truth about the health of the Archbishop?

By Nick Stamatakis

In a report just two days ago we noted the irony of the major super-spreader event on Saturday, Oct. 30 (along with other events during the “Archon Weekend”): While the major purpose of the event was honoring Greek Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla (and also two Regeneron scientists, Yancopoulos and Kyratsous), the event ended up being live proof for the ineffectiveness of the vaccines!

Initially, a letter was sent by the Archons organization asking all the participants to be tested and announcing that a few of the present that night have been tested positive.  Later on, it was clear that the number of those who tested positive was between 10 and 20.  Today TNH reported that former AB Dimitrios, the Metropolitan of Boston Methodios, Chancellor Fr. Andreas Vithoulkas, and Fr. Panteleimon Papadopoulos – among others – were tested positive.  The majority of those who tested positive were vaccinated!! The same was reported by other Greek-American news-media (link here).

Many questions arose regarding the health of AB Elpidophoros. In the beginning, it was announced that he was not feeling good as he was very tired… Then he was reported to have been diagnosed with “vertigo” – but a day later “he was feeling much better and resumed his schedule”… Considering the similarities of “vertigo” with covid symptoms, his fast recovery, and taking into account the above names with whom the Archbishop must have had close contact that night, it’s not hard to question whether he actually had covid and not vertigo. Why would he hide it? It is more than obvious… The “superspreader Archons Weekend” was already a public relations disaster, there was no need to add to it the infection of a vaccinated Archbishop…

Then take a look at these photos below from the Archons Dinner of October 30: Do you see anyone wearing a mask? No, you do not.  Why should they, they are all vaccinated, you would think… Yes, with some …exceptions.  It turns out that several unvaccinated clergy and laity were allowed to enter – obviously violating NYC covid rules… Again, the elitist mentality at GOA in all its glory: Rules for thee but not for me... We are getting reports from many churches where ALL the faithful are supposed to wear masks… Why the double- standards AB Elpidoktonos?

The ironies and the double standards are so many – they are hard to count… Let’s recapitulate:

  • In an NYC event, GOA and Archons broke the rules and allowed unvaccinated to participate.
  • Nobody was distancing and nobody was wearing masks.  Then why do they enforce masks in churches and schools?
  • The majority of those testing positive were vaccinated!
  • All this in the presence of Pfizer CEO Albert Burla who was honored for producing a clearly ineffective vaccine!!
  • Meanwhile, the emphasis should be given to the two Regeneron honorees (Yancopoulos and Kyratsous) for their production of “monoclonal antibodies” – who are almost forgotten and nobody pushes, despite having produced miraculous results!

Yes, my friends, those of us who have faith truly believe that we have seen one more divine intervention By Saint Nicholas himself!!

November 9, 2021,


  1. This article has never, sadly, been more timely. This time, threats to freedom justified by terrorism have reclothed themselves in the trappings of a medical pandemic – this is a war against God by those that despise God.

    We do not just face a war on freedom. We face a war on human beings, and on all that makes us human.

    Congratulations and a deep bow to Regeneron honorees (Yancopoulos and Kyratsous) for their production of “monoclonal antibodies” – who are almost forgotten and nobody pushes, despite having produced miraculous results!

  2. Yancopoulos and Kyratsous for the gold medal win!!! I am not vaccinated, had C-19, received monoclonal antibodies and recovered quite well. As someone who is considered the “at risk” category, I’m grateful for Yancopoulos and Kyratsous for helping me recover. I also work for a Federal Contractor and received a religious exemption and accommodation from taking the ineffective vaccine. I prayed for days regarding my exemption, should I put I’m Greek Orthodix Christian? Will my work HR and attorneys reviewing my exemption google and find out the Greek Arch approves of the vaccine and threatened priests? Should I delete the Greek and write I am an Orthodox Christian? Should I just write that I’m Christian and forget the Orthodox? In the end, my exemption and accommodation request said, I was born and raised a Greek Orthodox Christian…God prevailed over Archbishop Elpi.

  3. AB Elpi got Covid19 probably from
    Patriarch Bartholomew who they refuse to admit truth got virus despite Vax!

    Thanks to abomination Elps,
    our Orthodox Church is truly contaminated.

    Archbishop Iakovos is spinning in grave.

    • Sir Gatanas: The woman in the light blue suit in all photos –please identify…. invitee –she looks familiar from the old days… Is she allegedly the big dem who was once married to our big dem NY gov-who was wed in an orthodox ceremony many decades ago by Iakovos? Please confirm…

      • No Larissa, I don’t see any woman in light blue dress
        how cringeworthy seeing certain people I’ve known in these pictures.
        They’ve lost their way

  4. Bottom line is this:
    we the faithful are held hostage by a bunch of mentally sick lemons 🍋

    they’re nerds with Theology degrees BUT lacking in critical thinking,
    lacking in moral compass,
    lacking devotion to Jesus Gospel,
    lacking obedience to Tenets of Christianity especially Eastern Orthodoxy!

  5. Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, on Tuesday, said people who deliberately spread false information about COVID-19 vaccines, are “criminals.”
    And the GOA honored this man?!? The EP and the AB are proudly standing on either side of him. They believe it is a miracle “vaccine.” They are refusing their priests to write religious exemptions. This is absolutely demonic. I have never seen anything like this in my life.

    May God deliver these hierarchs from their delusion!

  6. Under H I P A -why would the above names even be mentioned— under H I P A is it anyones’ business who is vaxxed/ who is not? I’m not pontificating in a self-righteous manner- but all of our privacy rights have been turned upside down with their wokeness — they want the little ones vaxxed and masked in their parochial schools– no religious exemptions— violating H I P A laws on the books– what gives? What a bowl of mess they’ve created for themselves!


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