EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): The photo from this NY POST piece of October 2020 (below) maybe not very clear but it shows Hunter and Joe Biden with Kenes Rakishev (left) and Kazakhstan’s former prime minister, Karim Massimov (right)… Who is Karim Massimov? Up to a few days ago he used to be the right-hand man (and Kazakhstan’s Intelligence director) for Nursultan Nazarbayev, the strongman who milked the rich Central Asian country for untold billions and escaped a few days ago to an unknown destination abroad… Karim Massimov is now arrested for treason (here is the BBC report)  – and, yes, he is in the hands of the Russians… Should we assume that he will “spill the beans” on the Bidens? Yes, we should… And this is one more reason why we are very confident Vladimir Putin will get what he wants out of the ongoing US-Russia negotiations… 

We already know that there is a Ukrainian connection in the Kazakhstan revolt by a “businessman” who is now hiding in Kiyv…  The Bidens through Hunter’s well-known involvement in the natural gas giant Burisma, have another “shady business” there…  And of course, there is a Turkish connection: At least three Kazak policemen were found beheaded, which shows the presence of Islamists.  Who sent the Islamists there? President Erdogan of Turkey has been using them in Syria and elsewhere… The US establishment, in order to “thank” Erdogan for his “help” in Kazakhstan, announced a few days ago that they will withdraw their support from the East-Med pipeline connecting Greece with Cyprus and Israel… They keep supporting Turkey’s “rights” in the EEZ of Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean… 

One of Helleniscope’s most popular posts refers to the Biden’s connection with the gas pipeline from Eastern Mediterranean through Turkey (here is the link).  Amos Hochstein, the major proponent of this deal (along with Biden) is now a high-ranking State Dept. official, appointed by Blinken as the “Senior Advisor for Energy Security”…

We can now see clearly all the questionable business links – all of them are from a little to a lot against the interests of Greece – and for the most part against the true American interests, the interests of the people and not the elites…

I have said many times that Greece will be well advised to keep Russia’s and China’s doors wide open.  And start demanding more support from the US for the same “Law of the Sea” rights the US establishment is ready to go to war (against China!!) in Taiwan and the Philippines…


Photo shows Joe Biden meeting Hunter’s alleged business partner from Kazakhstan


By Ebony Bowden

A new photograph has emerged of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden posing with Hunter Biden and Kenes Rakishev, a Kazakh oligarch who reportedly worked with the former veep’s scandal-scarred son.

The snap, first published by a Kazakhstani anti-corruption website in 2019, follows last week’s bombshell Post exposés detailing Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings and a report claiming Rakishev paid the Biden scion as a go-between to broker US investments.

In the undated photo, shared by the Kazhakhstani Initiative on Asset Recovery, the former vice president can be seen smiling with Kazakhstan’s former prime minister Karim Massimov and his son, who is flanked by Rakishev.

A Daily Mail report published Friday detailed Hunter Biden’s alleged work with Rakishev, claiming he dined regularly with the Kazakh businessman and attempted to facilitate investment for his cash in New York, Washington, DC, and a Nevada mining company.

But Rakishev, who enjoys close ties to Kazakhstan’s kleptocratic former president, reportedly ran into trouble when Western business partners realized that the opaque origins of his reported $300 million fortune could become a “liability,” the Mail reported.

The photo’s authenticity has not been independently verified but comes as the family faces growing scrutiny over Hunter Biden’s overseas business interests while the elder Biden was President Barack Obama’s vice president.

Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessm

The Post published emails last week indicating Hunter Biden introduced his father to a Ukrainian oil executive before the veep pressured Ukrainian government officials to fire the prosecutor involved in an investigation of the shady organization a year later.

Biden’s campaign denied that the septuagenarian candidate had an “official” meeting with Vadym Pozharskyi but later conceded they couldn’t rule out that a meeting may have happened.

Other emails believed to be from Hunter Biden showed him leveraging links with his influential dad to boost his pay on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma.


  1. Yes they did. Nothing will be done about if either.
    How on earth can we have another election?
    The entire system is corrupt. God is showing us the filth inside the cup.

  2. Yes, the current Marxist USA govt is itching for a showdown. Another puppet set up attempted, so we could park our warheads closer to Moscow? It will not be in US favor nor anyone’s for that matter! Putin won’t mess around with incompetence…. Keep your eyes on our radars located through the nation. If we lose connectivity, it might be too late! 😱

    May God help us all….🙏🏻☦️

  3. America has never seen anything so evil, so corrupt as Joe Biden’s filth and Joe Blow destroyed his pathetic son too.
    Liberalism is like Teflon


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