OUR MAIN PHOTO: “Let’s finish it and let’s go for the pardons!!…” Karloutsos seems to say to Biden, as numerous legal cases against the “Family” come to a head…

By Nick Stamatakis

When the history of this era is fully written the Karloutsos – Biden relationship will certainly take a central position in the analysis of the corruption that has brought down the American hegemony.  Just the fact that the two “Crime Families” take front and center at the crucial developments around Ukraine would be enough to award them the “top corruption honors” from the historians of the future. Please do not take my word for it – just do a google search or use the Helleniscope search function and you will come up with plenty of information… Better yet, you can search the numerous databases from Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell…

As someone who spent a great amount of time over the last 5 years studying and writing about Ukraine, I can assure you that the timing of the Karloutsos presidential award is absolutely perfect.  A few weeks or months from now there will be no Ukraine as we know it; the honors to Karloutsos would not only be meaningless but also should turn into a “dishonorable mention” or an impeachment by the next Congress or Administration.  Why? Because, as Helleniscope has explained a myriad times, Karloutsos’ and Pat. Bartholomew’s involvement in Ukraine, using the non-issue (prior to 2014) of “autocephaly” was a major tool that was used by the fools of the “Deep State” in order to cause chaos in the country and unnecessarily provoke the Russian “special military operation”.  The Russian operation – despite the western fake news that ignores the reality on the ground – has been proven a great success for Russia: Not only they are about to occupy almost half the country in the South and East, but they have proven how “naked” the King (West) was: the economic sanctions backfired and created huge problems in E.U and the U.S., the whole world is united against the West, a new financial system is rising from the BRICS and above all, it was shown that the US is incapable to deal with Russia militarily.

A total disaster – and Karloutsos (with corrupt Pat. Bartholomew) was smack at the center of it…  Helleniscope was once again proven right as we were among the first, since 2018 and before, warning GOARCH and the Patriarchate to stay out… We do not expect them to learn any lesson. We the faithful Orthodox should learn our lessons and find a new way for Orthodoxy, with Panorthodox unity in mind along with keeping politics out of our beautiful religion…

But the timing of the “presidential award” is even more perfect as the Karloutsos Crime Family is entering a very critical time with many legal issues coming to a head.  This is nothing new for them as our readers know. Years ago, Mike’s brother-in-law Leonidas Agorastos served a 33-month jail sentence when he pleaded guilty to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars by inflating the restaurant’s bills… All indications are that Mike was also guilty… Did Leonidas take the hit to save the Karloutsos name? What a real mafia family!… You can read the whole story by clicking here

But there are many other current legal cases against the “Crime Family” that have recently gone from bad to worse:

  1.  The infamous Greek medical marijuana case against Mike Karloutsos FOR EMBEZZLEMENT threatens the “Family” with millions of dollars of damages and, of course, jail time…(here is the Helleniscope link).
  2. Marc Palladino, a lawyer who is Karloutsos’s son-in-law, has recently lost his law license (here is the Court order MARC PALLADINO COURT ORDER AGAINST HIS LAW LICENSE), because he was guilty FOR EMBEZZLEMENT, as he took money out of a client’s escrow account.
  3. Above all, the “father” of all corruption himself, is the main figure in two federal investigations FOR EMBEZZLEMENT in GOARCH: one for the Archdiocese itself and the second one for the $$millions missing from the funds destined to construct Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero…

Yet, the “Family” makes believe that nothing is going on and in the end they will “prevail”… That’s why one could see a “hagiography”, an icon of Karloutsos himself in the Convention Hall Icon display, where the 46th Clergy-Laity Congress is currently wrapping up its session….

Yes, my friends, shame was never the strong suit (lol) of this corrupt-to-the-core family…

Let me close this post with a number of photos of Biden and Karloutsos, that talk better than a thousand words…

The Bidens and the Ukrainian “businessman” – Hunter’s involvement with Ukrainian gas company Burisma paid off a couple of millions….

Biden gets Athenagoras awads for his corruption…


July 7, 2022, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



  1. Clapping my hands for the revelations provided by Helleniscope to wake up sleeping Greek Orthodox Christians about how they were used to enrich demonic Karloutsos and his gang of thieves. Imagine how many Orthodox confessed their sins to this devil of a priest. It’s so shameful. As for the Biden clan – they are dead wood waiting to be burned in the River of Fire.

  2. GROSS ~ The Prince of Darkness Karloutsos getting America’s respected award yet he’s
    always hated America,
    this effeminate, leftist charlatan priest.
    The White House billed him as “advisor to several Presidents”?
    Hey boy Alex! You’re no Billy Graham – BG was genuine advisor to Presidents bc he loved Jesus — and you don’t!
    Everybody loved Billy but nobody trusts you.

  3. It’s so obvious that these church “leaders” have no love for others who don’t also reciprocate in kind with some sort of a mutually beneficial relationship- a quid pro quo or a tit for tat, if you will. They are narcissists. Sycophants. They are but dead man’s bones walking who only look out for themselves.

    Fortunately, these elders have lost their following, Their audience for the most part have left the room, except for those who walk with admiration and pride alongside them. We see with the company they keep that the apples don’t fall far from the trees… Their time has long past come and gone. Their expiration dates are overdue. They have soured; rotting from within and are finally beginning to stink! Please don’t let this taint your love for what Christ has done for us all.

    The Bible is a living footprint, a map of how we as Christians are to model our lives. We all fall short of perfection and purity. God redeems ALL who have sinned and it’s not too late for our church elders to confess to the wrongs they’ve committed with their wayward ways and errors in judgement and behavior. “Love your enemies! Do good to them. Lend to them without expecting to be repaid. Then your reward from heaven will be very great, and you will truly be acting as children of the Most High, for he is kind to those who are unthankful and wicked.
    Luke 6:35 NLT

    Fr, Stavros’ topic of the day is about Patience and Long-Suffering… Perhaps it is God’s will that the Greek Orthodox in America was to suffer in order to realize the oppression and corruption within the church in order to finally be set free.

    Let me leave you with Fr. Stavros’ prayer:

    “Lord, thank You for the many positive things that happen in my life. (list some of them) Help me to be patient with the things that are not great in my life (list some of them). Help me to be patient in time of tribulation. And be patient with me when I act like less of a Christian than I should. Amen”.

    “Be patient with whatever is less than perfect in your life today!” Be patient with the church, change is coming.

  4. This fiasco is just monumental INSULT to
    American tradition – imagine a criminal like Rasputin Alex is wearing it!
    One more thing he’s “stolen”

  5. Please provide proof of any current/pending Federal investigation and/or Federal charges against the GOARCH as I have not come across any active Federal investigations and/or charges.

    The only current charges are state charges against former employee Demetriou which are not subject to presidential pardons.

    Please provide proof of your conclusory and baseless allegations…….

    • First, if you are so concerned reveal your name. Second, please provide proof that the federal investigation into Saint Nicholas and into GOARCH has stopped… YOU CAN’T… It is widely known that the Feds are continuing the investigation into the Church’s finances AND into Saint Nicholas… Why am I so certain? Because they have offered Jerry Dimitriou a “plea bargain agreement”. As long as this plea bargain agreement is valid the federal probe will be going on… And Mr.Dimitriou will have plenty of opportunities to reveal anything else he knows… And who else was involved… If anyone knows and if anyone has proof of wrongdoing this is Mr.Dimitriou. Until his case is closed and until he reveals “his cards”, no one else is innocent. Especially Karloutsos. And I will leave it here… For the rest, you can ask your lawyer… I am not a lawyer – I am just using common sense…

  6. I see a charlatan whose name is Karloutsos in his “portrait” who true to his ecumenical nature wears no crucifix. That says it all.
    We the flock by prayer and devotion to our Lord Jesus are left to deal with the wolves by ourselves.

  7. Agorastos lol bought. What a moniker. Like their hides. Like the “award” most likely…bought.

    The waterworks was a PHL favorite. Sunsets on the terrace overlooking boathouse row. Lunches in the shadow of the art museum. Superb while it lasted. Until those freaks “made it like their faces,” as my Yiayia used to say.

    Sadly there’s no coming to justice on this earth for them. Probably won’t be in their neighborhood when they get theirs.


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