By Nick Stamatakis

It’s not the purpose of this short note to write the history of hand-kissing – the oldest among us have a very clear understanding of the practice as a show of respect to the elderly or the teachers and also as a chivalrous gesture when it comes to women – an excellent example below when French president Macron kisses First Lady Melania Trump’s hand:

But when it comes to Karloutsos kissing Biden’s hand during yesterday’s ceremony of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, we are forced to remember that he is fond of hand-kissing in a different way, always denoting submission and subjugation… It certainly brings back very negative memories…  The most annoying of all of Karloutsos’s hand-kissing instances is the one where he, an Orthodox priest, bends to kiss the Pope’s hand… To most Orthodox people this is extremely repulsive… It takes us Greeks back to an era where the “Turk’s turban was preferable to the Catholic tiara…”, which refers to the devastation the Crusaders – supported by the Pope – brought to the Greek Lands… (Parenthesis: Even today when we visit Venice we admire the four horses resting inside St.Mark’s Basilica – but those of us who know history are full of anger because these wonderful sculptures were plundered from Constantinople!!! We are keen to demand the Parthenon marbles back from Britain but we forget the rest of our history!!)

And so when Karloutsos takes subjugation and submission a step further by kissing Governor Cuomo’s hand as in the photo below, the connotations are clear and they take us

to Sicily where hand-kissing was a widespread and necessary mafia ritual denoting the subjugation to the Godfather… Some among us remember numerous occasions from Crete in Greece where people were seen kissing the hand of the local “mafia leader” Constantine Mitsotakis (the late father of Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos…) who had anywhere between 8-10,000 godchildren (mostly in Crete)!… And of course, we cannot fail to remember the famous scenes from the “Godfather” series…

And so kissing Biden’s hand yesterday cannot be taken as anything positive.  On the opposite, it’s a completely repugnant gesture – and please allow me to stop here with the Biblical verse “Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips….”  We were scandalized enough the last few days by “Karloutsos & Co”….

July 8, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.


  1. NO words…I can barely contain my disgust. Ok. The former NYS governor— woman abuser, the Pope – fellow cleric, but this kiss of the child predator’s hand crook and fraudster and supporter of abattoirs for the unborn – goes beyond the pale… into the darkness of a hollow heart filled with the stench of nothingness.

  2. Nick, so glad you wrote this on Rasputin’s repugnant hand kissing as I’d just seen photo of him kissing Biden’s hand in TNH.
    It’s over the top cringeworthy!
    What is wrong with this man?
    As I’ve written before:
    Alex Karloutsos is one effeminate, leftist charlatan priest ~
    forever subjugating himself to corrupt powerful people instead of defending our faith and our heritage.

    p.s. Especially that stupid photo kissing hand of disgraced Andrew Cuomo. I wonder does Rasputin ever feel embarrassed?

  3. Nick, You nailed it! One mafioso kingpin Karloutsos, kissing the big honcho mafia boss’ ass… Lovely thought isn’t it? This is why birds of a feather must stick together. They think that by bestowing this honor so undeservedly achieved upon Karloutsos, that this shield of armor will cover-up and continue to protect their great reset world order scheme. Ha! Thank you Brandon Bidenopoulos for once again exposing the truth in who you both truly are! You have given us a gift and God will use it for His glory, not yours mind you; you can count on it!

  4. It’s perfectly charming to see French President Macron kissing First Lady Melania, it’s respectful manly gesture…

    not so with ass kisser Karloutsos.
    Every photo of Alex slobbering on degenerates is vomit inducing

  5. A famous saying comes to mind, “Tell me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”
    What a shame our church- filled with such a rich history and traditions now being run by a mafia in black “slim fit” suits. When will people wake up and understand that the Greek Orthodox Church in America is run by a mafia who use all the money the few remaining church goers donate to line their pockets and siphon it off to a handful of bishops in Turkey? Is that why we donate? so that instead of the money being used to teach our children Greek and Orthodox traditions and values it is used instead so these bishops can buy first class plane tickets and staffs and crowns with more jewels? What business do we have being run by a handful of bishops who most don’t even know how to speak English, living in a hostile country thousands of miles away? Can you imagine how insane it would be if for example you had JP Morgan or Tesla being run by a CEO who doesn’t speak English or even live in the US but resides in a hostile 3rd world nation thousands of miles away? It’s laughable! How many Orthodox schools have been built in the last 50 years? churches? seminaries? old age homes? what a disgrace. Even the Catholic church in America isn’t this corrupt. Look at all the schools, universities etc they’ve built. Wake up people we need to demand an end to this before there is no church left altogether in America! We have the power not them! We have to put a stop to this nonsense!


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