By Nick Stamatakis

“God, please give me the power to hear every word of this holy man forever,” my mother said about ten years ago, referring to Metropolitan Nikolaos of Mesogaias… Today Helleniscope presents a few videos, so the faithful can get a taste of the wisdom of this exceptional Orthodox leader… We have periodically referred to Met. Nikolaos (here is his short bio), and you can use our search button to find more…  Please follow this link to his Metropolis’ website to fill your heart with his sermons and talks with English subtitles... 

But Met. Nikolaos is not about words but action.  To him, Ortho-doxy equals Ortho-praxis.  The Faith is meaningless if it is simply big Phanariot empty words by double-faced leaders, the kind of who we recently had the misfortune to serve in GOARCH. You can see his countless actions and ministries by following this link... And then the comparison is clear…

GOARCH has to transform itself from a country club for the rich led by Karloutsos and Catsimatidis to a Church of Christ…  No one is better equipped to achieve this than a Metropolitan with the education, charisma, stature, wisdom, and experience of Nikolaos…

Again, I don’t know him personally and I have not asked whether he is willing to come back to America and serve this Church… This would be a big question for anyone… But I can already imagine his likely answer: I cannot help anything and anyone who is not willing to repent and save themselves…

And so, the only way for him to come is for us to show that we deserve a leader like him… And for Patriarch Bartholomew to humbly request it from him personally… As he did request very humbly from Arch. Anastasios (Yianoulatos) in 1991 – among the first and probably the best decision he ever made as a Patriarch – to leave his mission in Africa and lead the Church of Albania and re-constitute her after many decades of the harshest communism humanity has seen…  In 1991 Pat. Bartholomew saved Albania by installing as an Archbishop one of the top leaders of World Orthodoxy, Anastasios. 

The Patriarch is faced with a similar choice today: after decades of secularization, GOARCH needs to move to spirituality and towards a pan-orthodox unity in America… The Patriarch can save his tragically failed tenure – now faced with the huge debacle of Ukraine – and leave a legacy for the ages with just one move…

I have to repeat that nobody can save this Church without first turning it into an autonomous jurisdiction… Once again, I will say that the Patriarch does NOT have ample room to maneuver: One more failure now, and most Greek-Americans will move to ROCOR or Antiochean or other Churches, and therefore, many of them will end up under the Moscow Patriarchate!! 

And for those who have doubts and wonder what’s the point of raising the possibility of Nikolaos’s “candidacy” without even asking him, I will say this: Just mentioning Nikolaos’s name, getting to know him, and putting his Orthodox word and praxis on the table raises the bar and offers a model for all the rest.  The rest of the “candidates” have to compare their mediocrities with him… But above all, I do believe that the Grace of God plays a role in critical moments such as this… And so this is more of a prayer and a humble request to God than anything else…



Please follow this link for an exceptional RECENT analysis by Met. Nikolaos of Mesogaias regarding the global financial crisis




    • You can see some of his views below…

      He published a very detailed analysis about the effects of coronavirus and the societal reactions… He was against closing the Churches, and he was accused by the government of this… I am sure he was against the multiple spoons… You can find more online but you will have to google it in Greek. One thing is for sure: all his view are well informed and immersed into the faith without ignoring science. After all he ia Ph.D in biomedical engineering and an expert in bio-ethics…

  1. His Eminence Nikolaos is already an Angel just for not being another double crossing GOA Rasputin Karloutsos & his mercenary gang, I’m certain is plotting
    damage control for Elps who’s back in NY.
    Please God –
    free us of Elpidoktonos asap!

  2. The Holy Spirit is truly with this shepherd. His face is glowing with the uncreated light of God. His yes are illumined with the love, joy, and wisdom of Christ. You can sense these truths just watching a few minutes of his videos.

    • There are many indications he is finished. As I said the Patriarch does not have much room for one more mistake on America. If he himself doesn’t understand the dire situation his handlers at the State Dept will tell him. One more mistake and the Greek-Americans – including their monasteries- will be in ROCOR and under the Moscow Patriarchate…

      • I don’t understand you mentioning the State Dept. Can you explain what that has to do with the Greek Archbishop? Thanks.

        • Since 1945 and President Truman, the Patriarchate is a tool of Foreign Policy for the US. They are directly and indirectly involved in its affairs. Recently in the Ukraine Autocephaly case, this became even more evident… Id we the faithful go under ROCOR for example (as many already have) the State Dept loses this game inside the US!! Do you remember the case of Judge Bibas of Pennsylvania who issued an order against Trump after the election? He is very Greek but under ROCOR – an inconvenient fact that all Greek (and other) media missed, although they applauded him for the order he issued. And as you know, ROCOR is under the Moscow Patriarchate…

    • I am not so sure. Elpidoforos is being buttered to become Ecumenical Patriarch. So I doubt he will be removed because the Metropolitan of Glyfada didn’t do his due diligence… Elpidoforos is a politician not a Church hierarch… the same applies to Alex (not to be confused with his brother) Karloutsos. These guys don’t care about the flock and they don’t care if the churches are empty, they care about money.

  3. Keep The Pressure On!
    Yes we need to finally be heard and
    reason corrupt heretics get away with all
    is laity is passive and take no action to stop them. Elpi should be immediately deposed by all faithful.

  4. Unfortunately dear friends there is a spiritual
    desert amongst and around us created by
    the head of our church and our trust to any
    officer…. is in a big dilemma . Fortunately there are still a handful of Hierarchs and priests who
    are the hope for the correction and continuation
    of our Holy church Gds’s wheel .

    • Everything can happen with God’s will!! Certainly Karloutsos and the fat cats would not like him – they will be done if he comes… The alternative is most of the Greeks moving under ROCOR and the Moscow Patriarchate – there are many example already.

      • First of all RocOr is not exactly canonical… in new lands the Ecumenical patriarch has absolute jurisdiction… even though I disagree with the Patriarch on Ukraine I do agree that it is his right according to the canons to appoint Bishops, and to authorize autocéphaly and autonomy to various local districts. Autocephaly, or autonomy or not… we are all’under The Ecumenical Patriarch. So moving from Goarxh to RocOr the fact notwithstanding that it is indeed spiritual adultery it doesn’t help GOARCH since it helps those entrenched cliques within GOARCH get stronger. If GOARCH were to become independent then all hell would break loose and the big money makers the ones you frown upon would rule… Independenxe from the Ecumenical? ABSOLUTELY NOT. That’s what the enemies of Hellenism and Orthodoxy want! And the Turks of course! They want the destruction of the Ecumenical Patriarch! Please stop being their useful idiot!

        • When the Ecunenical is heretic and does not budge then the faithful will not sit under a heretic Church. Especially in America… Where canonical jurisdictions do not mean much but where the Constitution was established on the basis of faith.

  5. What Prince of Darkness Alex Karloutsos did in Crete 2016 will hang over like a black cloud on his death bed –
    and his dozen other abominations —
    boy will karma bite!

    I heard home boy Alex’s Greek festival at his country club had surprise visit from
    Elpidoktonos – guess he needs lesson in damage control .

  6. In 1992 I visited Mt. Athos and found myself next to a monk on the bus from the port of Daphne. We began talking and I discovered the monk was a scientist trained at Harvard in bioengineering (PhD) and MIT in fluid dynamics (MS). He had recently finished post doctoral work at Boston Children’s Hospital. There he worked with vascular surgeons who were to do operate on children with complicated circulatory systems. He advised them on the biophysics of the blood flow involved in re-routing blood vessels. I met him again on the boat when I left Mt. Athos, then he was living in Athens at a metochion of Simonas Petras monastery. I thought how great it was to have a man like this, I hope someone has the sense to make him a bishop. The Church in Greece did, here he is. What a treasure is Met . Nicholaos! The American Church could sure use him, I hope we can snatch him away.

      • Maybe God’s intervention… His faith was evident all through his academic life… And in general, academia in America is faithless, and I know it firsthand. At about the same time (the early 1990s), I decided to abandon an academic career first for journalism and then for the business world. At that time, the whole of academia had started the leftward turn that has now become so disgustingly oppressive.


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