By Nick Stamatakis

For the past two days, we have been receiving information from the omnipresent “Helleniscope Team” about the “Great Vespers” at the “Gay Temple” of St. Bart’s NYC, where the Archbishop and his entourage decided to to “honor” Pat. Bartholomew.  Many thanks to all of you guys – you are unbelievable!! Do you realize that we are part of a new era in journalism where this community uses its vast reporting abilities – we are everywhere!! – and Helleniscope as a vehicle?  All of us should be very proud!!

First things first: The Change of the Flags.  As we all know, AB Elpidoktonos has repeatedly refused to raise and honor the Greek and American Flags at Saint Nicholas of Ground Zero, while his “assistants” constantly murmur inconceivable arguments about the “ecumenicity” of the “Shrine”… But everybody saw and honored the huge Rainbow Flag outside St. Bart’s…

But wait!… This was not the same Flag we saw yesterday!! This was from last year!! Why did they change to a new Rainbow Flag – the one below?

Yes, my friends, this is the new “All Inclusive”, “Intersex Progress Pride Flag,” or “All inclusive Pride Flag”, or any other combination of progressive adjectives that denote that you …lost your natural gender and you are … trying to find who you are now…”  Who is included in this new flag?  Transgenderism of course!! Don’t be surprised at all, if you see it outside the 79th Street headquarters!  Why hide our “Pride”?  We are run by the “Gay Brotherhood” of Phanar, and our Flags should denote that!! We are not Americans or Greeks! We are a new “species”, with no gender, no nation, no religion, but somehow we have ecumenical qualities….

A subdued Vespers at Saint Bart’s Last Saturday Evening…

Right after the Vespers, I started receiving photos and comments that were basically saying that this was a “very subdued gathering”, “not in the main church but in a side room”, “very few people”, “not a fading smile in Elpidoktonos’ face”, etc… It was a small gathering for sure and the verification came from itself where these two photos were posted:

They barely show any faithful attending at the vespers where you can see about fifteen priests and cantors…  The photo that shows the Archbishop among the cantors (with the tired, dark, and sad face of Elpidoktonos) is significant:  One member of the chanting team sent a group email to all the rest telling them that “he is not coming, because of the gay flag and the despicable events this church promoted – esp. the gay flag around the Holy Cross!!”  This alone could explain the dark face of Elpidophoros during the Vespers!… Also, in contrast to the last time, there was no dinner or coffee afterwards! A name day celebrations without offering something? Hmm…

But the Archbishop found the courage to give his prepared “Homily” – you can read it below, and those of you with greater theological knowledge than mine can analyze it… But when a homily starts with praising the heretic Patriarch for being a “politically correct” “Green Patriarch”, you do not need much theological knowledge… You just need a strong stomach… Because he was trying to dress heresy with sanctity, we all know that this has the same effect as trying to put lipstick on a pig!.. Impossible!…

He refers to Jesus’s pronouncement, “I will never cast out the one who comes to Me”, but he fails to mention that Jesus blessed the marriage and family between a man and a woman… And he fails, even more, to explain that Jesus has open arms for all of us, the sinners, but he expected us to repent from our sins!! He did not approve and did not bless our sins!!

Will Elpidoktonos EVER find the courage to utter these simple words?  “Our Church is open to all, and our hearts are open to all sinners!  But we in Orthodoxy will stick with the Bible and the Apostles and will never redefine sin!!” If he could say these simple words, all our Churches would be packed with faithful every Sunday!!  But he will not! Because he is a “leader for hire”, in other words, he is a “puppet” like Zelensky! Those who control him have instructed him to redefine sin!  And it is not simply about homosexuality!  Please look at our big cities across America, from New York to Chicago to San Fransisco:  In all our cities, the most basic biblical Commandment, “no theft”, is being redefined on orders of the Globalists.  And Elpidophoros is doing perfectly well in his job of blessing the thieves!! Did you ever hear him say otherwise? No, and you never will…

June 12, 2023,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



Homily by His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America at the Great Vespers on the Feast of the Holy Apostle Bartholomew

Saint Bartholomew’s Church
New York, New York
June 10, 2023
Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Christ is in our midst!
Once again, we engage in an ecumenical salute to the Spiritual Father of Orthodox Christianity, His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome. We have come again to the magnificent Saint Bartholomew’s Church, one of the great aesthetic achievements of Manhattan.
I wish to express my gratitude to Bishop Andrew Dietsche of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, and to the Right Reverend Dean Wolfe, Rector of this extraordinary parish, for their Abrahamic hospitality in welcoming us for this festal vespers.
We celebrate the Ecumenical Patriarch’s nameday here in a church of another Christian community, because His All-Holiness is the very definition of ecumenicity. He, following in the footsteps of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ, is continuously reaching out to those beyond his own circle and family of faith. The Ecumenical Patriarch is a spiritual father for all people, whether they realize it or not.
For His All-Holiness has deep concern and care for all of creation. We know of his steady and strong advocacy for the environment – his commitment to a sustainable planet for the whole human family, all eight billion of us.
How can one love creation but disdain the creatures who inhabit it? It makes no sense, and it is contrary to the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His All-Holiness acts like a spiritual wheel in the world – holding the traditions fast in the hub of the Holy Mother Church. But he reaches out as well through spokes that extend in love and compassion to all people. No one is ever beneath or unworthy of the love of God. How could it be otherwise for us?
Being in this church, borrowed from another Christian tradition, is a sign of our expansive and embracing love for all people. It is a symbolic act that many will try to interpret through their own filters of grievance, prejudice, and lack of basic human kindness. But the truth of our presence and prayers here tonight is the same as the vision of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, which he enunciated a few years ago:
It is our belief and, at the same time, our hope that Christianity can be viewed as a religion of love and dialogue. The visions of the Gospel are what the Orthodox Church seeks to incarnate and support in the modern world. *
Because of this vision, His All-Holiness has stood – an immovable rock of faith and piety – against the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the complicity of the Russian Orthodox Church in its shameful support for this unconscionable war of aggression.
The Church is to be a place of love, acceptance and redemption. It was the Lord Himself Who said:
I will never cast out the one who comes to Me. †
What a difference from those who promise the Kingdom for being death-dealers, rather than death-healers!
His All-Holiness has now served on the Apostolic Throne of the First-Called Disciple Saint Andrew longer than any hierarch in the history of Christianity. This alone stands as a cause for great rejoicing and gladness. But more than his long and glorious tenure, he has opened the Mother Church’s embrace to the world, by engaging world leaders at every level. And now, with World Orthodoxy on the brink of fragmentation, he has stood firm for the truth of the Gospel. The truth that we are subjects of the Prince of Peace, not the common warlords of this world. The truth that the love of God is for all People, without reservation and without condition, as the Apostle reminds us:
“But God gave sure and certain proof of His own love for us, because while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”‡
Therefore, brothers and sisters in Christ,
Let our evening prayer arise like incense among all the glories within this sanctuary.
Let us give thanks to our Merciful God, Who has bestowed upon the Church and the entire human family such a person as the Great Ecumenical Patriarch, His All-Holiness Bartholomew – Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome.
And let us cry out: Many Years, Most Holy Master!
Ἕτη Πολλά, Παναγιώτατε Δέσποτα!
Christ is truly in our midst!
Who was, and is, and shall ever be.


  1. Jesus’ love forgave the adulteress from being stoned … and then He said to her:

    Bartholomew and his satanic cabal refuse to abide by Jesus Gospel —
    they follow Diabolo’s CNN, Soros, Joe Biden.

  2. The LGBT movement represents contemporary paganism and seeks to undermine religious freedom. A Russian Orthodox hockey player earlier this year was condemned. Because he refused to wear the rainbow. Christians are coming under pressure to wear this demonic symbol..
    The President and the Democratic Party support the mutilation of children. No word from the Archbishop condemning these evils.
    The Archbishop seems intent on joining the pagans. The temple the Archbishop served vespers in is a pagan temple. The Episcopalians have not been Christians for many decades now..
    Of course, Orthodox should not worship outside Orthodox Churches, but the Episcopalians are the worst places the Archbishop could have chosen.

  3. All the evil we see is because we have impugned the law of God. Are we not Christ’s ambassadors? Then we must speak His law! We must confront evil when it raises its ugly head and smash it into the ground.

    It’s time to tell Bart and Elpi to go pound sand.

    Homo sex acceptance has led to the genital mutilation of children. We have decriminalized genital mutilation by spitting on the law of God. Elpi works for Satan.

  4. ANAXIOS is understatement!!
    When will there ever be demonstration
    outside Archdiocese?
    Our passivity is making Elpi laugh & thrive.

  5. Ξεπέρασαν τα Σόδομα και τα Γόμορρα , διότι εκείνοι δεν είχαν σημαία ενώ οι
    σημερινοί απόγονοί των ύψωσαν και ειδική
    Θέλω να ζώ να δω τον Βαρθολομαίο και
    τα τσιράκια του…… να διώκονται από τον
    ίδιο τον Θεό τον όποίον εμπαίζουν…,

  6. Christians love the sinner but abhor the sin… Pride is indeed one of the so called 7 deadly sins and sexual relations outside the sacrament of marriage is a sin… So yes homosexuality, same as adultery are sins. Can you imagine if our Church and our Archbishop celebrate “pride in adultery”? It’s one thing to be sinful, we all are and another thing to be unrepentantly and PROUDLY sinful… Christians have NO place in aiding and abetting the sinners and lead them even more deeply into sin… All the Clergy that participated in the travesty of last Saturday should be put on pause from their Clergy duties. Same applies to the Chanters (who are also the role of Clergy as well, they are not musicians or actors btw) should also be out on pause. Actually, recently an unworthy Priest in the Archdiocese of Greece was put on pause from his Clergy duties exactly for doing the antiCanonical things that our Archdiocese is becoming a champion of… i.e allowing women in the Altar (and the chanting stand I will add) and for mocking the sacrament of baptism by baptizing children of homosexual couples… So shouldnt the fate of our Archbishop who also used deceit to get his antiCanonical will and wish through last year in Glyfada, Greece enjoy the same fate? Well he should. The Archdiocese of America, the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the Archdiocese of Greece and every other CHRISTIAN (the adjective Orthodox is redundant yet necessary with so many pseudoChristians usurping the term) all abide by the same Holy Scriptures, Holy Tradition and Holy Canons… Those that don’t like them they are welcome to leave the Christian Church and start their own… like so many throughout the roughly two millenia of our Church. So the same fate of that unfaithful Priest in Greece should befall on those Clergy and Chanters that participate in similar actions. We are not going to o leave our Church and the flock to the wolves… Regardless if these wolves sport Priestly garments…

  7. I’m very glad that non-GOA bishops (with the exception of Saba of the Georgian Church) stayed away this time around! We need to start circling our wagons and be unified against this stupidity…or we’re all doomed.

      • Petros, I was thinking the same thing about Bp. Saba, too. Though, his missteps often don’t get reported or magnified very much due to the size of his flock here in the U.S. (At least, in my opinion.) On a side note, I saw something about two months ago where a Georgian bishop in Europe somewhere openly welcomed a schismatic OCU bishop into his cathedral, and gave him a tour. (I kinda think that the Georgians are sticking it to the Russians, here and there. Well, just because.)

  8. Praying for the few who stood their Eparchial ground by their outright public defiance of the AB. The Pharisees in the Greek Orthodox Church who stand in solidarity with Elpidophoros will soon be standing in complete isolation for all to bear witness. Everything upside down is now right-side up. Confusion confounds Epidoktonos as he and his minions continue to stumble around tripping and falling in the dark of night, while banging their heads against the same walls which do not move or can not be swayed with blood splattering everywhere in vain. Satan knows, if he can seduce just one more false prophet, he can fool and persuade other followers of the occult.

    In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, may God bless those who seek His wisdom and righteous ways and may God fan into flame a small flicker of light within before extinguishing in the hearts of these who continue to defy the Holy Father.

    • Follow the money. As long as people are willing to foot the bill for his capriciousness, Elpidoktonos couldn’t care less.


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