Elpidophoros’s proposal for mandatory Greek Schools everywhere was rejected, and his 9% increase in parish contributions over the next two years was also thrown out! His efforts to present himself as a true “American” or a genuine “Greek” patriot were ridiculous, as our photos prove! Finally, AB Nikitas’s presence, representing the Patriarchate, was quite pronounced! Is this the third or the fourth time AB Nikitas visited America since the beginning of 2024?

By Nick Stamatakis

Throughout the holiday week, we received messages and information about the chaotic meetings and other events at the Clergy-Laity session in San Diego. Some of these were quite interesting and symbolic of GOARCH’s declining state of affairs.

First, we learned that many parishes objected to the Archbishop’s proposal that every parish have a mandatory Greek School—and they prevailed! Elpidophoros wanted to be seen as promoting Greek schools. Still, when the Education Office has a budget of about $200,000, he could not be convincing unless he presented other plans, something we have not seen yet.  I am not lamenting this situation, but I see it as an opportunity: When Islamist cleric Fethullah Gulen (apparently with help from Karloutsos) was able to open tens of charter schools in several states, then we would be patently fools if we cannot coordinate and do something similar based on the existing “Hellenic” charters in FL, DE, NC, NY and our other schools elsewhere.  Financial backing is not the primary element here, as (esp. with a Trump win) federal vouchers will be expanded, and state and federal funding will be available.  Cooperation is needed to create a “blueprint,” a “plan for a prototype” to be applied in most situations. We can do it.

Then, on Tuesday, the big explosion happened when it was learned from many sides (including Kalmoukos’ reporting on TNH) that the Archbishop’s proposal for a 9% increase in the parishes’ contribution to the GOARCH’s budget WAS REJECTED: 95 of the parishes present voted against while 64 voted for it. The Archbishop picked up and left in a fury, obviously mad that he was rejected. What infuriated him the most was that all the Metropolitans (except for Nicholas of Detroit) stood up and spoke against the increase!  Things like that are not usual in this Church to put it mildly.  Has the time come for an American-made revolt against 79th Street and the Phanar? Time will tell…

The seeds for such emancipation we could see in many photos were the presence of the “Patriarchal representatives” AB Nikitas of Great Britain and Met. Cleopas of Sweden was rather pronounced.  Judging from the photos below, one could assume that AB Nikitas was given a very prominent place, right next to Elpidophoros. As if they were visually preparing the “succession”. Take a look:

Was this the third or the fourth visit to America by AB Nikitas in 2024?

Finally, Elpidophoros made an excessive effort to look and act like a natural-born American… His “encyclical” on the 4th of July is a monument of false and distorted “Americanism”: “The Fourth of July is our National Birthday, celebrating the Declaration of Independence, a truly remarkable document that every American should read every year on this date. For with mere language, it renewed a positive vision for the human polis, one that has stood the test of time, but which has always been a process. Through the centuries, our Nation has suffered incalculable harms: slavery, the Civil War to end it, genocidal programs against Indigenous Peoples, and battles for equality, suffrage, and economic opportunity by women and all manner of minorities, racial, ethnic, and otherwise. The Constitution of our Nation, ratified fourteen years after the Declaration of Independence, predicted that our United States of America would always be in process to “form a more perfect Union.”  Somebody, please explain to this misguided Archbishop that the Founders never sought to divide this Nation but to Unite all of Us under God.

He also tried to present himself as a “true Greek” by organizing a poorly attended event on the 50th black anniversary of the invasion of “the island of embrace, Cyprus.” Well, if someone thinks that on the 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of 1974, the proper description of the island is “Cyprus, the island of embrace,” they are pure idiots. You cannot pretend to be an American when you do not feel it, and you act daily as an Ottoman Sultan… You cannot pretend to be a Greek when it takes ten lobbyists to convince you that you have to use the word “Turkish”when talking about the 1974 invasion of Cyprus…

Emblematic of his efforts was his visit and participation in the supposedly patriotic event “Moonlight on the USS Midway” (link here for the event’s details). He even managed to get into the pilot’s seat of one of the planes on exhibition there. Here is the photo we received from an anonymous photographer.  How ridiculous!

Here is how the plane should look to fit his true character and ethnicity:

July 5, 2024, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.





      • Well, the only good proposal he did, was rejected by the majority of the parishes!

        Unfortunately, that is clearly a result of the AHEPA domination in our parish councils…

  1. If I’m not mistaken, in an early interview (think right after enthronement), Elpi was asked about Greek schools and the Greek language the Greek language department at the Archdiocese. I paraphrase, but it went something like this: it’s not my responsibility to teach your children Greek. Seriously.
    This pivot is a move to appease the “omogenia”as he keeps trying to shallowly remind us he is a part of. It was a “necessary” change of tune when he didn’t find the American landscape as he thought he would. Every move he’s made since he’s arrived does nothing to preserve our traditions and culture so why is he stuck on Greek education?
    I’m not knocking the need for Greek language education. I’m a product of “Greek school” and can speak, read, and write Greek fluently. I am grateful for this. I am questioning motives

    • Mike, the purpose of a church is to live and spread the gospel of salvation and new life in Jesus Christ, not he promotion and perpetuation of a language and a culture. Please read the scriptures and will clearly understand the purpose of a church.

      • The Greek Orthodox Church of America was created by Greeks. If you don’t feel Greek and you don’t want to put up with Greek language, you can go to another Orthodox Church, there are plenty…

  2. Are there any possibilities for funding independently run Orthodox Greek schools with a classical pedagogical approach to learning in the US? I mean without the GOA? With conservative values?

    Thank you for the laugh, it’s hard to unsee something so disturbing, but you are right, the Turkish flag is better suited for the sultan!

    • We already have several Hellenic charter schools as I said. We need to promote more of those, as the wider American population will be attracted to the quality of education. A panorthodox high school will start this September in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, while a panorthodox Chrysostom Academy k-12 is in operation for the past two years by the Metropolis of Pittsburgh. We need to expand on both of these ideas.

        • We shall see… Maybe our “Archons” will stop funding the degenerates of Constantinople and give just a little money to create an advisory committee. The state and federal governments in most of America usually fund these schools.

  3. The passing of a budget is immaterial. Neither NY nor the Metropolises are held accountable to a budget, case in point , St Nicholas Shrine. So Clergy-Laity showdowns are a waste of time and money because NY will do as it wishes, it’s accountable to no one.

    What Elpi and His Band of Byzantine Wanabees fail to realize is that most parishes operate month-month-on very slim numbers. He’s got at least a third of the parishes teetering. Many will collapse on his watch. Growth is, of course, zero. Families have abandoned GOA. THANK YOU SPYRIDON, DEMETRIOS AND ELPI—all inappropriate, ineffective, uninspired, and inept pseudo-leaders.

    The strategic issues were never discussed or agreement reached. Elpi, like others before him, sought to wrap himself, undeservedly, in the glories of US military history, as if to project power and influence. That Cyprus and Greek language was even discussed at the C-L shows how off target their priorities are and who controls the agenda.Not Americans.

    The whole thing, beginning to end, was just pathetic.


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