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UPDATE Friday, June 4, 6.30 pm: It seems that Helleniscope’s comments on the lack of any sense of humility by Pat. Bartholomew were matched by countless voices throughout GOA.  In panic mode, the “hierarchy” is now pushing another story, that their “hidden” goal since AB Elpidophoros’ arrival to New York was to buy that beautiful Church, St.Bartholomew of the Episcopalians!!  Yes my friends, the bankrupt GOA, who could not get a 5,000,000 loan and had to beg ALMA Bank for help, wants to buy a historic landmark whose value as land (Park avenue and 50th Street next to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel) is in the hundreds of millions…  Who are they kidding?  If you were true Christians you would admit that you violated the most essential cornerstone of our faith, humility, AND YOU WOULD CANCEL THE NAME DAY CELEBRATION. But you are not!! This new “excuse” appeared probably after Helleniscope’s critique of the event (link here)… It was definitely the result of a huge negative reaction by the public…

Let me add here that the story of the purchase of this beautiful church, built in Byzantine style, is very old and goes back to the 1950s when there were many discussions (some say the talks involved even Aristotle Onassis!!)  to buy the Church and make it the Cathedral of Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in Manhattan… I am currently researching the issue and I will return with more information. Stay tuned…


By Nick Stamatakis

Helleniscope had noted on many occasions the arrogance underlying most decisions and actions by Patriarch Bartholomew since the time before he became a Patriarch. During the 1990 visit to the US of Patriarch Demetrios, he showed his true character when he made quite a scene as he demanded to be treated as “second in rank” and AB Iakovos be seated as “third”!!  How could such a self-centered hierarch reach the top of Orthodoxy is a different story that deserves to be analyzed in full so such mistakes not be repeated in the future. In our Orthodox faith, humility is the “mother of all virtues,” but for Patriarch Bartholomew, this means absolutely nothing at all.

The latest manifestation of lack of humility is coming and will take place on Friday, June 11 in St.Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church in NYC, where AB Elpidophoros and GOA will celebrate Pat. Bartholomew’s name-day! Our best wishes to the Patriarch of Constantinople, but this is not the case, and this not the place for celebrations…

First, we had many other Patriarchs, and NONE has celebrated his name-day in such a grandiose way by ANY of our previous Archbishops… Second, does Patriarch Bartholomew truly believe that he advances his good name in America by allowing this to happen? We are hoping he does not. On the opposite, we would like to assure him that the remaining few faithful in this Church are considering this act one more step in the wrong direction. Forcing Metropolitans (it first happened in Chicago) to celebrate Pat. Bartholomew’s name sounds absolutely inappropriate in America. Bishops and the Archbishop have better ways to spend their time!…

Then, if GOA and AB Elpidophoros wanted to pay tribute to the name-day of the “Pope of the East” why not do it in an Orthodox Church? Don’t they think this decision sends the wrong message in all directions? It tells the few remaining faithful that it does not mean much to believe in Orthodoxy…  You do not have to go to the Orthodox Churches, you can go to ANY Church! Is this the shameful message the fools in the GOA hierarchy want to pass? If this is the message, the faithful certainly received it.  Many faithful have migrated to other Orthodox Churches in America, especially to those that keep our faith and traditions… And they have no reason to look back! Do they want the faithful to get baptized in or get married in other Churches? (I know I hit a nerve now, as money is at the top of their priorities…)

Is Pat.Bartholomew such a shallow character as to believe that these “honors” to his name-day mean anything? Yes, my friends, he is both shallow and arrogant, and he has proven it on many occasions and continues to prove it.  He believes that if he acts like a Pope, if he gathers as many billions of dollars as the Pope controls in his “safe” in the Vatican, if he follows Pope’s fallacies, he will suddenly rise to the status of a Pope. It never crosses his mind to follow the humility example of Jesus himself and “wash his disciples’ feet”… Never, ever, and he would think to do anything resembling humility… Because HE IS THE POPE OF THE EAST…

We are still waiting for an official announcement denying that he wanted (or does he still want?) his iconography to be painted in the lobby (“narthex”) of St.Nicholas at Ground Zero.  It was certainly initially discussed seriously enough so that the information be leaked outside the closed doors… We are certainly hoping this is not the case and that the plans desecrating the symbolic humility of Saint Nicholas are now canceled…

But celebrating Pat. Bartholomew’s name-day at the Episcopalian Church has one more dimension, that of promoting Ecumenism.  This degrading heresy reduces all that we hold sacred and holy to a “concoction” of Christianity and is the most difficult to accept. Let me assure everybody in the “hierarchy” that Orthodoxy has had many heresies in the past – and they all now belong to the “trash can” of history… This will be where yours will end up also…



  1. Once a “Pope”, always a Pope. Just as bad as Judges being appointed for “life”. Power, greed, narcissism, ego, and pride are the root of arrogance and mental health maladies. Humility is the antithesis. Pride is the opposite of humility. How can we as a church denounce and overthrow this marginalized man of the temporal world? Clearly his only friend is satan and those who choose to worship a secular so-called, “monastic” life.

  2. Well we’ve learned Patriarch Bartholomew and his collection of sleazy Hierarchs he refuses to defrock certainly don’t live
    chaste, holy lives .

    We have no leadership until autocephaly from Istanbul

  3. Just when you think you cannot be appalled any more from his antics, it appears you can. Shame!

  4. In my view, this is but another example of Elpidophoros’s detractors wanting to take pot-shots at him and the GOA. An Orthodox sacrament can canonically be celebrated outside an Orthodox Church if performed on a consecrated antimension, a sacred and liturgical adornment that has been blessed, which then can function as a substitute altar. As for Orthodox services celebrated in Anglican Churches, one need only recall the approval given by Archbishop Athenagoras, of blessed memory, for sacraments to be conducted in Anglican churches in outlying communities where an Orthodox church did not exist. And many such services took place during the early years of immigration.

    The awesome basilica of St. Bartholomew on Park Avenue was, indeed, available for purchase years ago at a bargain basement price, but sadly was rejected. Such a move to create a visible presence and testament to our Faith in Manhattan would have made more sense than the profligate spending now happening for the creation of the St. Nicholas shrine at ground zero. Sadly, that was then, and this is now.

  5. Criticizing blatant displays of arrogance is the main issue here. As for Ecumenism, Patriarch Athenagoras was a well-known leader of this heretic movement. In Orthodoxy, we have had many heretic Patriarchs – Athenagoras and Bartholomew are not alone. They all are now forgotten, and the true faith has, in the end, prevailed.
    Let me also note that before the Church was established, an ordained priest could have services in a house. These facts do not have anything to do with the arrogance criticized here…

  6. God’s plan is in full motion and in plain view for those whose eyes are enlightened. HE is judge, jury and prosecutor. The explanation of ‘Pope’ Bartholomew’s actions is actually quite simple and elementary:

    The root cause of strife is PRIDE. Pride comes before the fall. Pride happens when you place YOURSELF, before GOD in life. (James 4:6) God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble. Humility is about placing God’s view as more important than your own.

    Jesus came to earth as “one of us” and led a life of obedience and humility. When we worship our Heavenly Father directly, repent of our sins, become obedient as His followers and disciples, and not followers of men, we will we gain His favor and unmerited grace.

    Be filled with Agape not for oneself, but for others as Christ did and died for us.

  7. For those who live in New York and those who don’t— a must read this summer, “The Last Days of New York,” by Seth Barron– and as NYC is on it’s way out– tourism is too– my God! More tourists have been attacked — as for the elitists; they’ve escaped to the Hamptons and Palm Beaches….. So— it’s a moot point to think of great successes supporting institutions with hard-earned dollars— the middle class is dead in the water in the 5 Boroughs, as well. Let them eat cake would be a better slogan for what’s going on— pre-covid plans were most likely going to take advantage of a tourist boom and the booming trumpian economy— now left with a dying city, and failed leftist policies, the party’s over! Again– bloggers, please read “The Last Days of New York!


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