The Greek-American community lives the ultimate schizophrenia: It seeks to support Greece and Cyprus, while the Church, the most powerful of our organizations, is controlled by the enemies of Hellenism. THE TIME FOR AUTONOMY HAS ARRIVED FOR OUR CHURCH.

By Nick Stamatakis

When, in the Spring of 2019, upon the announcement of his election as Archibishop of America, I coined the term “Elpidoktonos” (Hope-killer), I did it with a question mark as I very clearly remember: “Will he prove to be a hope-bearer or a hope-killer?”, I asked in my article in the NY print newspaper where I was the main commentator…  I did it because, even before his arrival, there were plenty of signs of a misguided personality who had chosen not the service of Christ (certainly not the service of Orthodoxy) but the subordination to various “Popes” or “Ceasars” in his effort to serve his own master, Pat. Bartholomew and promote himself…

What were these signs? First, there was a report in the previous summer (2018) from a credible intelligence website that he was actually an agent of MIT, the Turkish Intelligence Service. Just like his master, Pat. Bartholomew, Elpidophoros had served in the Turkish Armed Forces (and according to sources, they both were assigned to Intelligence Units).  At the minimum, this meant that they were “compromised”, meaning that the Turks knew anything they needed to know to blackmail them.  Second, he wrote a despicable essay titled “Primus Sine Paribus” (“First Without Equals”) claiming that the Patriarch is to assume the role of “the Pope of the East” – a tenet that would demolish Orthodoxy as we know it. Third, despite being less than mediocre in Theology, his own field, he attempted an effort in geopolitics, writing an essay, just a few months before he arrived in America, on “Religion and Geopolitics in Ukraine”, a clear effort to gain applaud by the State Department, which controls the Constantinople Patriarchate geopolitically since the times of President Truman (1945)…

The signs were ominous and he did not …disappoint me.  The day after his enthronement, instead of dismissing or at least limiting the powers of Karloutsos he “upgraded” him to Vicar General of GOARCH – and this was the first time I was forced to use the nickname “Elpidoktonos” again. Karloutsos was – and is – the personification of the spiritual decline of our Church and its degradation to a “Country Club” for the wealthy few. An air of corruption runs through the Church and Karloutsos was in the middle of all scandals – the real reason for the federal investigations still going on today.

Since then the new archbishop would regularly give reasons for protest almost monthly – although I consciously abstained from using the very fitting nickname “Elpidoktonos” / “Hope Killer”.  His secularism (leading to secularization practices throughout GOARCH) his globalist Ecumenism (aligning with those whose only concern is power and money) the abandonment of traditional tenets of Orthodoxy (In Astoria he tried to redefine the term “heresy”…)  Until the pandemic arrived, when literally all hell broke loose: He aligned with the worst elements America’s decline brought to the surface, the communist BLM.  Since when our Church aligns with communists?  He chose to support those who exercised power and control pretending that they are for “science”… He went against the values of Christianity and the most basic human rights supporting “baby-killer” politicians like Cuomo and Giannaris and abandoned basic human and Christian values like control of our own bodies.  Not only did he support indiscriminate, endless lockdowns,  closure of Churches, vaccine mandates, and everything else coming down from DC but he recently reached the low point of denying the faithful “religious exemption letters”…

Of all the above the closing of the Churches – something that has never before happened in the history of Orthodoxy (at least to such an extreme degree) – was the most despicable of all.  Mr. Elpidoktonos, the reason for yours and the Church’s existence, was to provide a refuge of faith in times of crisis.  Instead, you agreed to an indiscriminate closing of the Churches.  Shameful…

But his “bowing” to Turkish authorities was what incensed the Greek-American community. Not all Greek-Americans are members of the Church – in fact, only about 15% are, and even fewer are regulars. But ALL Greek-Americans, like the Jewish-Americans and the Armenian Americans, are very much united in support of their ancestral homelands.  So when Elpidoktonos “plays ball” with the Turks, at the same time as their hands are full of blood in Cyprus, at the same time as they keep violating Greek territorial waters and air space, at the same time as they keep the Halki Seminary closed and  AS THEY TURNED HAGIA SOPHIA INTO A MOSQUE (!!!), then there is no excuse for his despicable choices…

Already, the prime minister of Greece Mr.Mitsotakis, and the President of Cyprus Mr.Anastasiades canceled their planned meetings with him this week in NYC.  Those few of the Greek-American community who have fought and are still lobbying for Greece and Cyprus in Washington DC are naturally “out of their mind”… Here we are, spending endless amounts of time and money trying to support Greece and Cyprus, while Elpidoktonos undermines all our efforts…  At a time when even President Biden refuses to meet Erdogan, he of all our leaders offers the Turks subordination… He participates in the opening of the “Turkish House” while the Turkish-Cypriot leader is present and he is even seen “bowing” (to kiss Erdogan’s hand?)… The word shame has lost its meaning…

I have said many times that we in the Greek-American community live a totally schizophrenic situation: We are trying to support Greece and Cyprus while our Church, the most powerful of our organizations, is controlled by the enemies of Hellenism.  I have described in detail the many episodes that prove that Elpidoktonos and other hierarchs have an open line with the Turkish foreign ministry.  And I have proposed the only solution for this schizophrenia: The administrative autonomy of our Church from the Constantinople Patriarchate – keeping the spiritual ties (and promising some financial support).  There is a myriad of reasons why this Church has to be autonomous – many more reasons than those for which the 25% of Ukrainian Orthodox were granted autocephaly… The top of these reasons is that the Turks would not be able to blackmail our leaders anymore…

Please take a look at how the Armenian-Americans (ANCA) reacted to the latest events: “Shunned by the DC establishment (hawks, doves, and everyone in between) – desperately seeking allies – Erdogan recruits Azerbaijani diplomats, representatives of the illegal Turkish occupation force in Cyprus, and the Greek Orthodox Church for this staged photo-op in NYC.”  If the Armenians are annoyed by Elpidoktonos, how are we supposed to feel?

The community cannot wait any longer. The Hope-killer Archbishop, Elpidoktonos, HAS TO RESIGN NOW – AND OUR CHURCH HAS TO BECOME AUTONOMOUS.

September 20, 2021,


Ωρα για τον Ελπιδοκτόνο να παραιτηθεί, Ωρα για για την Εκκλησία μας να γίνει αυτόνομη

Η ελληνοαμερικανική κοινότητα ζεί την απόλυτη σχιζοφρένεια: Προσπαθεί να υποστηρίξει την Ελλάδα και την Κύπρο, ενώ η Εκκλησία, η πιο ισχυρή από τις οργανώσεις μας, ελέγχεται από τους εχθρούς του Ελληνισμού. ΕΦΤΑΣΕ Η ΣΤΙΓΜΗ ΤΗς ΑΥΤΟΝΟΜΙΑΣ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΕΚΚΛΗΣΙΑ ΜΑΣ.

Του Νίκου Σταματάκη

Όταν την Άνοιξη του 2019, με την ανακοίνωση της εκλογής του ως Αρχιεπισκόπου Αμερικής, επινόησα το παρατσούκλι “Ελπιδοκτόνος” το έκανα με ένα ερωτηματικό, όπως θυμάμαι πολύ καθαρά: “Θα αποδειχθεί Ελπιδοφόρος ή Ελπιδοκτόνος;», ρώτησα στο άρθρο μου στην έντυπη “Εφημερίδα της Νέας Υόρκης” όπου ήμουν ο κύριος σχολιαστής… Το επινόησα επειδή ακόμη και πριν από την άφιξή του υπήρχαν πολλά σημάδια μιας παραστρατημένης προσωπικότητας που δεν είχε επιλέξει την υπηρεσία του Χριστού (σίγουρα όχι την υπηρεσία της Ορθοδοξίας) αλλά την υποταγή σε διάφορους «Πάπες» και «Καίσαρες» στην προσπάθειά του να υπηρετήσει τον δικό του αφέντη, τον Πατ. Βαρθολομαίο αλλά και να προωθήσει τον εαυτό του…

Ποια ήταν αυτά τα σημάδια; Πρώτον, υπήρξε μια αναφορά το προηγούμενο καλοκαίρι (2018) από έναν αξιόπιστο ιστότοπο ότι ήταν στην πραγματικότητα πράκτορας της MIT, της Τουρκικής Υπηρεσίας Πληροφοριών. Ακριβώς όπως ο αφέντης του, ο Πατ. Βαρθολομαίος, ο Ελπιδοφόρος είχε υπηρετήσει στις τουρκικές ένοπλες δυνάμεις (και σύμφωνα με πηγές, και οι δύο είχαν καταταγεί στις Μονάδες Πληροφοριών). Αυτό σήμαινε κατ’ελάχιστον ότι ήταν “ελεγχόμενοι”, πράγμα που σημαίνει ότι οι Τούρκοι γνώριζαν οτιδήποτε έπρεπε να γνωρίζουν για να τους εκβιάσουν. Δεύτερον, έγραψε ένα δοκίμιο με τον απαράδεκτον τίτλο “Primus Sine Paribus” (“Πρώτος Χωρίς Ισους”) υποστηρίζοντας ότι ο Πατριάρχης θα έπρεπε να αναλάβει το ρόλο του “Πάπα της Ανατολής” – ένα δόγμα που στην ουσία γκρεμίζει την Ορθοδοξία όπως τη γνωρίζουμε. Τρίτον, παρά το γεγονός ότι ήταν λιγότερο από μέτριος στη Θεολογία, τον δικό του τομέα, επιχείρησε μια προσπάθεια στη γεωπολιτική, γράφοντας ένα δοκίμιο, λίγους μήνες πριν την άφιξή του στην Αμερική, με θέμα “Θρησκεία και γεωπολιτική στην Ουκρανία”, μια σαφής προσπάθεια να κερδίσει το χειροκρότημα του Στέιτ Ντιπάρτμεντ που ελέγχει το Πατριαρχείο Κωνσταντινουπόλεως γεωπολιτικά από την εποχή του Προέδρου Τρούμαν (1945) …

Τα σημάδια ήταν δυσοίωνα και οι πράξεις του με επιβεβαίωσαν. Την επομένη της ενθρόνισής του, αντί να απορρίψει ή τουλάχιστον να περιορίσει τις εξουσίες του Καρλούτσου, τον «αναβάθμισε» σε  vicar general της Αρχιεπισκοπής – και αυτή ήταν η πρώτη φορά που αναγκάστηκα να χρησιμοποιήσω το ψευδώνυμο «Ελπιδοκτόνος». Ο Καρλούτσος ήταν – και είναι – η προσωποποίηση της πνευματικής παρακμής της Εκκλησίας μας και της υποβάθμισής της σε «Λέσχη» για τους λίγους πλούσιους. Ένας αέρας διαφθοράς διαπερνούσε την Εκκλησία και ο Καρλούτσος βρισκόταν στη μέση όλων των σκανδάλων – ο πραγματικός λόγος για τις ομοσπονδιακές έρευνες που συνεχίζονται ακόμη και σήμερα.

Έκτοτε, ο νέος αρχιεπίσκοπος έδινε τακτικά σε όλους μας λόγους διαμαρτυρίας σχεδόν κάθε μήνα – αν και συνειδητά απείχα από τη χρήση του πολύ ταιριαστού ψευδώνυμου “Ελπιδοκτόνος”. Η πολιτική εκκοσμίκευσης σε όλο το βάθος και πλάτος της εκκλησίας), ο παγκοσμιοποιημένος Οικουμενισμός του (ευθυγραμμίζεται με εκείνους που το μόνο μέλημά τους είναι η εξουσία και το χρήμα), η εγκατάλειψη των παραδοσιακών αρχών της Ορθοδοξίας (Στην Αστόρια προσπάθησε να επαναπροσδιορίσει τον όρο «αίρεση»…).  Η άφιξη της πανδημίας άνοιξε τις θύρες της κολάσεως για την εκκλησίας μας: Ο Ελπιδοκτόνος ευθυγραμμίστηκε με τα χειρότερα στοιχεία που έφερε στην επιφάνεια η παρακμή της Αμερικής, το κομμουνιστικό BLM. Από πότε η Εκκλησία μας ευθυγραμμίζεται με τους κομμουνιστές; Επέλεξε να υποστηρίξει αυτούς που ασκούσαν εξουσία και έλεγχο προσποιούμενοι ότι είναι υπέρ της “επιστήμης” … Αντιτάχθηκε στις αξίες του Χριστιανισμού και στα πιο βασικά ανθρώπινα δικαιώματα υποστηρίζοντας πολιτικούς “δολοφόνους  εμβρύων” όπως ο Cuomo και ο Μάικ Γιάνναρης και εγκατέλειψε τις βασικές ανθρώπινες και Χριστιανικές αξίες όπως ο έλεγχος των δικών μας σωμάτων. Όχι μόνο υποστήριξε τα αδιάκριτα, ατελείωτα lockdowns, το κλείσιμο των Εκκλησιών, τις υποχρεωτικές εντολές εμβολίων και όλα τα άλλα απάνθρωπα που που αποφασίζονταν στην αμερικανική πρωτεύουσα, αλλά πρόσφατα έφτασε στο χαμηλό σημείο να αρνηθεί στους πιστούς “επιστολές θρησκευτικής απαλλαγής από τα εμβόλια” …

Από όλα τα παραπάνω, το κλείσιμο των Εκκλησιών – που δεν έχει ξαναγίνει στην ιστορία της Ορθοδοξίας (τουλάχιστον σε τέτοιο απόλυτο βαθμό) – ήταν το πιο απαράδεκτο. Ο βασικός λόγος για την ύπαρξή σας και την ύπαρξη της Εκκλησίας, κύριε Ελπιδοκτόνε, ήταν να παρέχετε καταφύγιο πίστης σε περιόδους κρίσης. Αντίθετα, συμφωνήσατε σε ένα αδιάκριτο κλείσιμο των Εκκλησιών. Ντροπή….

Αλλά η υποταγή του στις τουρκικές αρχές ήταν αυτό που εξόργισε την ελληνοαμερικανική κοινότητα. Δεν είναι όλοι οι Ελληνοαμερικάνοι μέλη της Εκκλησίας – στην πραγματικότητα, μόνο περίπου το 15% είναι και ακόμη λιγότεροι είναι οι τακτικοί εκκλησιαζόμενοι. Αλλά ΟΛΟΙ οι Ελληνοαμερικάνοι, όπως οι Εβραίοαμερικανοί και οι Αρμενοαμερικανοί, είναι απόλυτα ενωμένοι στην στήριξη των πατρογονικών πατρίδων τους. Όταν λοιπόν ο Ελπιδοκτόνος “παίζει μπάλα” με τους Τούρκους, την ίδια στιγμή που τα χέρια τους είναι γεμάτα αίμα στην Κύπρο, την ίδια στιγμή που παραβιάζουν τα ελληνικά χωρικά ύδατα και τον εναέριο χώρο, την ίδια στιγμή που διατηρούν κλειστή τη Θεολογική Σχολή Χάλκης και μετατρέπουν ΤΗΝ ΑΓΙΑ ΣΟΦΙΑ ΣΕ ΤΖΑΜΙ (!!!), τότε δεν υπάρχει δικαιολογία για τις αντεθνικές και ΠΡΟΔΟΤΙΚΕΣ επιλογές του …

Ο πρωθυπουργός της Ελλάδας κ. Μητσοτάκης και ο Πρόεδρος της Κύπρου κ. Αναστασιάδης ακύρωσαν τις προγραμματισμένες συναντήσεις τους μαζί του αυτήν την εβδομάδα στη Νέα Υόρκη. Οσοι από την ελληνοαμερικανική κοινότητα πολέμησαν και εξακολουθούν να ασκούν πιέσεις για την Ελλάδα και την Κύπρο στην Ουάσινγκτον είναι φυσικά εξοργισμένοι πέρα από κάθε όριο … Λένε και σκέφτονται: Εδώ είμαστε, ξοδεύουμε ατελείωτα ποσά χρόνου και χρήματος προσπαθώντας να υποστηρίξουμε την Ελλάδα και την Κύπρο , ενώ ο Ελπιδοκτόνος μας υπονομεύει. Σε μια εποχή που ακόμη και ο πρόεδρος Μπάιντεν αρνείται να συναντήσει τον Ερντογάν, ο Ελπιδοκτόνος, μόνος από όλους μας τους ηγέτες προσφέρει στους Τούρκους την υποταγή … Συμμετέχει στα εγκαίνια του «Τουρκικού Σπιτιού» ενώ ο Τουρκοκύπριος ηγέτης είναι παρών και μάλιστα φαίνεται να «υποκλίνεται» (για να φιλήσει το χέρι του Ερντογάν;) … Η λέξη ντροπή έχει πια χάσει τη σημασία της …

Έχω πει πολλές φορές ότι εμείς στην ελληνοαμερικανική κοινότητα ζούμε μια εντελώς σχιζοφρενική κατάσταση: Προσπαθούμε να υποστηρίξουμε την Ελλάδα και την Κύπρο, ενώ η Εκκλησία μας, η πιο ισχυρή από τις οργανώσεις μας, ελέγχεται από τους εχθρούς του Ελληνισμού. Έχω περιγράψει λεπτομερώς τα πολλά επεισόδια που αποδεικνύουν ότι ο Ελπιδοκτόνος και άλλοι ιεράρχες έχουν ανοιχτή γραμμή με το τουρκικό υπουργείο Εξωτερικών. Και έχω προτείνει την λύση για αυτήν τη σχιζοφρένεια: Η διοικητική αυτονομία της Εκκλησίας μας από το Πατριαρχείο Κωνσταντινουπόλεως –  με διατήρηση των πνευματικών δεσμών και κάποιας οικονομικής υποστήριξης. Υπάρχουν πολλοί λόγοι για τους οποίους αυτή η Εκκλησία πρέπει να είναι αυτόνομη – πολύ περισσότεροι λόγοι από όσους δικαιολογησαν να λάβει αυτονομία το 25% των Ουκρανών Ορθοδόξων… Ο κορυφαίος αυτών των λόγων είναι ότι οι Τούρκοι δεν θα ήταν σε θέση να εκβιάσουν τους ηγέτες μας…

Είδατε πώς αντέδρασαν οι Αρμενοαμερικανοί (ANCA) στα τελευταία γεγονότα: «Εκδιώχνονται από το κατεστημένο της DC (γεράκια, περιστέρια και όλοι οι ενδιάμεσοι) – και αναζητούν απεγνωσμένα συμμάχους – ο Ερντογάν στρατολογεί Αζέρους διπλωμάτες, εκπροσώπους της παράνομης τουρκικής κατοχικής δύναμης στην Κύπρο και την Ελληνική Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία για αυτή τη σκηνογραφημένη φωτογράφηση στη Νέα Υόρκη». Εάν οι Αρμένιοι ενοχλούνται από τον Ελπιδοκτόνο, εμείς πώς πρέπει να αισθανόμαστε;

Η κοινότητα μας δεν μπορεί να περιμένει άλλο. Ο Αρχιεπίσκοπος που δολοφόνησε την Ελπίδα, ο Ελπιδοκτόνος, ΠΡΕΠΕΙ ΝΑ ΠΑΡΑΙΤΗΘΕΙ ΤΩΡΑ – ΚΑΙ Η ΕΚΚΛΗΣΙΑ ΜΑΣ ΠΡΕΠΕΙ ΝΑ ΓΙΝΕΙ ΑΥΤΟΝΟΜΗ.


  1. Anyone who had eyes to see…and ears to hear…knew from the very beginning…that his name should have been Elpidoktonos. If he remains, it is going to get worse…much worse.

  2. The “actions” required to reclaim the Greek Orthodox Church suggested by the author of this article is one of the hardest sort. It is not a call to arms, but a call to speak truth, and refuse to lie or misrepresent reality for the sake of convenience. Ultimately, this is is not a political battle, though it manifests as one. This is a spiritual battle, and as such, one that has to be addressed internally and personally. We must lead by example, speak the truth, and accept the consequences. That is why I continue to read Helleniscope every day! Truth reigns and Helleniscope reveals truth to power!

  3. I agree with Mr. Stamatakis.
    This terrible leadership of the GOA must end before the GOA disappears. I thank Christ every day that we still have some humble parish priests who remain true to their calling, despite the despicable bullies occupying the seats of ecclesial power.

  4. Naaah, let’s just be obedient little AMERIKANAKIA to the Greco-Nationalist oligarchs here and abroad (and pay their bills) and SLAVES to TurkoOrthodoxy.

    We love our submissive role as village idiots. We’re masochists. Why stop now?

  5. I cannot say I am surprised by this. Back in 2018, Patriarch Bartholomew along with the Armenian Patriarch and the Rabbi of Constantinople gave their blessings to the Turkish Army when it was preparing to invade the Kurdish regions of Syria. Over the past two years the Ecumenical Patriarchate (and by extension the Greek Archdiocese in America) has greatly succeeded in subjugating the Church of Greece and creating a split within the Church of Cyprus. The Church of Greece was once the healthier version
    of Greek Orthodoxy (vs the Phanar and the GOA). Unfortunately, the Phanar and the GOA got the upper hand when the Holy Synod of Athens entered into communion with the fake “church” in Ukraine. There is nothing that Patriarch Bartholomew and
    Archbishop Elpidophoros have not destroyed. Look at the condition of the Greek Archdiocese, the the present problems in the Churches of Greece and Cyprus because of Ukraine, and the schism in Orthodoxy that may very well become permanent and
    irreversible if Patriarch Bartholomew is not deposed. The Archdiocese should NEVER have had a role in Greek and Cypriot affairs. The Archdiocese first priority is to to be a Church and focus on spiritual matters.
    Having failed in matters of faith and spirituality, it is farcical to believe the Archdiocese could serve any other purpose at all.

  6. The time has come to depart from Turkey. He is a Turk first and foremost. Constantinople is lost Agia Sophia will never be a church again it’s a mosque now and will remain one. Who are we fooling giving them tons of money the GOA is corrupt to it’s core.

    Time to breakaway.

    • The strategy is to go non-canonical, just like many American parishes were 1920 and earlier. A few liturgies later and the robes will follow the money (us) , they cannot afford to do otherwise. We need one or two brave priests to help for the short term.

  7. “The Archdiocese should NEVER had a role in Greece and Cypriot affairs”…
    thank you Theodoros;

    yes indeed,
    Archdiocese has no focus in spiritual matters, it’s agenda is out to bring down the church!
    They’re not holy men but a collection of reprobates.

  8. Autonomy is not necessarily the answer….the corruption runs thick…a lot of defrocking is necessary before this organization can hit the “reset” button…it’s certainly incapable of self-governance right now….

    We can easily join another Spiritual Jurisdiction…Church of Greece, Church of Cyprus, Patriarchate of Alexandria, Jerusalem …given the fact that already there are so many Canonical Bishops claiming jurisdiction over NYC and North America in general, in full violation of Canons, what’s the difference if we add another Canonical jurisdiction to the mix?

    Just as a reminder, Russia and Georgia have a historical precedent to host Greek parishes in their jurisdictions…remember the Pontian Greeks who settled all around the Black Sea? Their Churches were just as Greek as ever, even under the Georgian / Russian Patriarchate…Also, don’t forget Antioch is a historically Greek Patriarchate, with a Greek Typikon…their current Patriarch is a good, spritual man. Not a problem to swap over.

  9. Regarding the Antiochian Church, while services spoken in only English are a refreshing change from the GO Church, I find the services so watered down, abbreviated and rushed to meet a timeframe, very disingenuous. It is still engrained in the traditions and rituals of Orthodoxy, which IMO, doesn’t serve or fill my heart with the love of the Lord. Organized “Religion” is dead no matter what denomination. Christianity is Christianity. Those seeking to continue distinguishing between this “Christian” and that “Christian” further divides, segregates and discriminates us. If you follow Scripture and read the Bible you will find all the truth and knowledge one needs while living in the temporal, secular world.

    • Margaret,

      Please forgive me I do not mean to be preaching, I understand what you’re trying to say but being a “lone ranger” Christian is definitely not the answer. First, we are warned against this in II Peter 1:20-21. And as a former evangelical, self-interpretation only brings division, not unity. Those who stay home and read Scripture are not following Scripture. The New Testament, especially St. Paul’s writings are filled with teachings about assembling together. Even when there were problems within the apostolic church no where do they suggest staying home and reading the Bible. First of all, they couldn’t because there was no complete Bible, just the Old Testament. And privately owned Bibles didn’t begin until after the printing press was invented in the 15th century. The Church has suffered through apostacy throughout the millennia. IMHO we need to stand up for the Truth of the Faith. Let us pray for good faithful leaders to rise.

      • The Church had to go into caves and catacombs and mountain isolation at many points of strategic inflection in its history. This is just such a time.

        • Correctamundo American! We are not far from needing to do this, otherwise, we will risk persecution. So how do we support one another through these turbulent times both in the world and in our church?

          Before anyone laughs at my suggestion, please know that there are thousands of non-denominational Evangelical “churches” throughout the country which have weekly small group meetings to keep people connected, engaged in the church and growing in their faith with fellowship. What does the Orthodox Church do by comparison? We make spinach pies. Zilch. Nada. Zip. Zero! The Orthodox Church has failed to teach our youth and adults the meaning of Orthodoxy and it’s importance.

          Once we get past the language barriers which remains IMO, one of the biggest detriments, obstacles and impediments to the knowledge and truth of Christ, the church will be better off. Very few non-Orthodox/interfaith marriages get past this point. The results? Leave and go to another church where the language barrier to understanding is no longer an impediment to the teachings of Christ. Awww, a light now comes on!

          One can call these groups as going “underground”. In a way it is…
          These small groups which are usually lead by trusted church leaders such as those in discipleship, seminary school or more “mature” Christians/Orthodox Christians. In our case, it could be Monks, other Priests, Presvbeteras, seminary students, etc,. It keeps the social aspect of “community” with teachings centered on scripture and allows for a more intimate and deeper understanding, discussion and knowledge of the Bible. Workbooks, video’s and movies can also be incorporated for teaching purposes.

          At this point in history, Christians supporting Christians is most important. Does denomination really matter? Anytime we assemble together, we can and DO make a difference when we can pray as a group and worship our Creator and Savior.

  10. It is a necessary for us to assemble Comcille. I have never advocated not to attend a church. Any church which aligns with Gods commandments and covenants is better than a church riddled with corruption, heresy and unholy alignment. I agree with what you write 100%.

  11. In the summer of 2012, my family and I took a cruise from Athens to Constantinople. It was the first time our three children were seeing Greece. In Constantinople, where the cruise ended, we found ourselves on a tour of the Topkapi Palace and it’s museum, where the sultans lived. I decided to ask our Turkish tour guide about the “Janissaries.” He proudly confirmed that the Sultans would “adopt” approximately 200 Greek boys each year (multiply that by 400 years of Ottoman occupation = 80,000 boys that had been abducted from their Greek families) to “save” them. These boys were “educated” at the Topkapi palace and considered the Sultan to be, not their military commander, but their “father”. We, of Greek descent, already knew that these boys were brainwashed and trained militarily to become the famous “Janisseries” that were used to fight against their own people, the most fierce members of the Ottoman army. According to our Turkish tour guide however, these boys were not used to fight against their own Greek brothers, but were sent back to Greece to “help” govern their people.

    Now that I read in this article that both Bartholomew and Elpidophoros are Turkish born and not only trained by the Turkish military, but served in Turkish military intelligence units, everything makes sense. No wonder the insistence on keeping the Patriarchate in Constantinople, which is governed by people hostile to Orthodoxy. No wonder Bartholomew’s huge donation to Ergogan to help Turkey “manage the pandemic” (why did he not donate that money to Greece?) No wonder Ab Sotirios of Canada sends money by the millions, to Constantinople. And no wonder the bowing and salivating of Elpidophoros all over Erdogan and his cronies…Are these the modern-day Janissaries who hear confessions from prominent Greeks and tell their secrets to the Turks? Or are they funelling money to Turkey via Constantinople, pretending to support the Patriarchate, but in essence betraying our mother land to their Turkish “father”? Such treachery and treason would be very difficult to correct when you live in a foreign country.

    Conspiracy theory? There is a saying that where there is smoke, there is fire. Therfore, when someone sees smoke, they do not ask if there is a fire. They ask WHERE is the fire? How thick does the smoke have to get before we wake up and start looking for the fire?

    • Thank you for the education, as a non Greek & relatively new convert to Orthodoxy, I’ve struggled to understand how AB E has not been deposed.
      Lord have mercy on me, a sinner

    • This is the most idiotic and antiGreek, antiChristian post I have ever read! And it shows how ignorant, superficial and illiterate most Greek Americans are. It also stresses the point that GOARCH cannot cut its umbilical cors with Constantinople or it will completely deCheisrianize and deHellenize itself. The number one article in the GOARCH mandaté is to follow the scriptures, holy traditions and Canons of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his Apostles founded. This traditions and these canons are in Greek… the majority of Greek Americans cannot even read their own name in Greek let alone read the canons, traditions and scripture of our Church in its original Greek language! How can they hold accountable their hierarchs, priests and make sure they themselves follow Orthodox practice? We need more connection and control from Greece and Constantinople not less. The Greeks of Asia Minor and Constantinople have maintained their Hellenism, Christianity and their Greek language way better than Angloservile Greek Americans and under much harsher conditions, Turkish terrorism and prosecution! Of course they have to serve in the Turkish army same as Greek Americans have to serve the American Army… This doesn’t mean they are trained Asnières officers or spies or agents of Turkey. How idiotic of you to make such a preposterous allegation! The problems we have with Elpidoforos have nothing to’ do with Turkey but rather if they serve Hellenism and Christianity and if they defend the GOARCH from angloJanissarism. Our goals as Greeks would be to liberate Constantinople and break the Ottoman shackles beholding the Exumenical Patriarchate! Not to surrender it to the Turks to the joy of our perennial enemies like the Pope should has for more than 1000 years wishing the destruction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople! It’s so disheartening to hear such sophomoric, ignorant and antiGreek and pro-Enemies of Christianity rhetoric by Greek Americans nonetheless! Your ancestors will be turning in their grave! It’s AngloJannisaries we should be afraid of… not the Greeks of Turkey who are some of the best Greeks on the planet!

  12. James G.— The phrase “Byzantine Intrigue” rings out loudly….There are some Americans of Greek descent who refuse to even step foot in that land; those of Constantinople/ and especially those of Smyrnan roots will never go there as tourists. These are by now, third generation–they’ve heard stories of horrors -stories passed down through the generations. Have you noticed that church trips to Constantinople/Phanar have not been arranged as late.. oh wait– let’s blame covid again for their cancellations…
    Globalism is their thing— they “own” it, thus they have turned off the great majority of our churched- our faithful– our attendees and supporters- oh it’s a fact that their leftists are growing in ranks–especially in NY and California— let’s pray they don’t get to take over and hijack what’s left of our church -in the manner that the left has hijacked our once okay democrat’ party…now unrecognizable!

  13. “The point is not to save that which is earthly but to save the soul, and not destroy it. Even the whole world is not important to us, and for Orthodoxy not even all the world’s possessions are as important as the unharmed soul of a man. The Lord did not shed His innocent blood and die for the Synod or for the hierarchy, but for the human soul, to save it.”

    – St. Nicholas (Golubev) of Vetluga (†1929)

    Look to the heavens and pray. God In time, will reveal His plan for each of us. Orthodoxy will be awakened and victorious as prophesied. Their evil days are numbered….

      • You’re very welcome….wise words indeed. Let’s not get caught up in the politics, when most of it is out of our hands. The evil is too great. Pray🙏🏻

  14. Μετά από τόσο κράξιμο….. όλες οι προσπάθειές
    μας είναι σαν να πέφτουν σε ντουβάρι και
    νομίζω ότι δεν αξίζει πλέον να ασχολούμεθα με αυτόν τον τύπο, καλύτερα να προσπαθήσουμε
    να βρούμε τρόπους να προχωρήσουμε προς
    την κατεύθυνση της Νέας Ανεξάρτητης Ορθόδοξης Χριστιανικής Εκκλησίας Αμερικής.
    Είναι η μόνη και ουσιαστική διέξοδος.

  15. Συμφωνώ στην ανεξαρτητοποίηση της Ορθόδοξης Εκκλησίας των ΗΠΑ.
    Δε χρειάζεται άδεια προς τούτο, αφού ποτέ του ο Ελπιδοφόρος και οι συνοδοιπόροι του θα συνηγορήσουν.
    Να γίνει έλεγχος αν οι τελευταίοι ανήκουν σε τεκτονικές στοές και σε θετικό αποτέλεσμα να ενημερωθεί η ομογένεια.
    Η τελευταία θα ζητήσει αποτείχηση εάν δεν παραιτηθούν ή δεν καθαιρεθούν.
    Ας κρατήσουν μαζί τους όσους πιστεύουν και ορκίζονται στον ΜΑΤΣ και με συμμάχους τους το HALC και τις υπόλοιπες μασονικές και παραμασονικές οργανώσεις, που έχουν και πολλά λεφτά και ας αφήσουν τους σωστούς Ορθοδόξους να βαδίσουν το ξεχωριστό δρόμο τους.
    Η Αληθεια δεν μπορεί να αναμειγνύεται με ψέματα. Θα πάψει να είναι η Αλήθεια, που είναι μόνο ο Χριστός.

  16. None of the Greek Orthodox Church priests supported legislation against the illegal Turkish occupation of Cyprus, Skopia illegally stealing the Greek history/name of Greek Macedonia, Turkish aggression to Greece in Washington DC. These churches use our Hellenic culture to make money off Greek food/Greek music at Greek Festivals in which most churches do not fly GREEK FLAGS AT their THREE DAY GREEK FESTIVALS! They are not there to continue Hellenism in America. I go further that we Greeks need separate organization from the church to promote Greek language, Greek culture, Greek food, Greek ethnos, etc. The church fails to be the leadership of the Greek American community.


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