PHOTO: The survivors of the infamous Mauthausen concentration camp welcome the 11th infantry division…
EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Yesterday I was commenting on Greek PM Mitsotakis decline into Fascism… I said specifically that Greece is targeted because of the freedom-loving nature of the Greek people: if the Greeks are defeated through vaccinations the whole humanity can proceed to totalitarianism.  Today a friend send me this FB posting from Greece describing the mandatory vaccination through the experience of a Greek-Jewish woman, reaching the same conclusion: “Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and France have been particularly targeted. I do not know why. Maybe because all of them together constitute what we call freedom and western man”.
BELOW THIS NARRATION IN ENGLISH AND GREEK… You can read it listening to the unique Mikis Theodorakis music about the concentration camp Mauthausen


A second genocide is taking place in Israel today. The situation is ten times worse than in Greece. And this time the governments do it themselves.
In conclusion, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and France have been particularly targeted. I do not know why. Maybe because all of them together constitute what we call freedom western man.
BE ANGRY, DEMAND, grab if you need what you deserve. For the country for you for your children. “
When Hitler came to power he began to issue decrees concerning the Jews.
– The first of these forbade Jews from entering restaurants, theaters, cinemas, and all kinds of entertainment.
– The second barred them from accessing hotels, moving from area to area, and playing sports in common sports and fitness areas.
The third forced public and private sector employers to fire all employees of Jewish descent.
– In the fourth he closed the synagogues and the schools and confiscated the property of the Jews which passed to the third Reich. In the meantime, there was the spontaneous destruction and looting of Jewish shops by a mob of German-Nazis.
– In the fifth decree (final solution) he picked them up and transported them to the railway stations. He told them to have a suitcase with them in warm clothes and that they would be taken to concentration-labor camps. They were, in fact, extermination camps.
When this was over, those who had survived (an average of eighty percent were lost) realized that OBEDIENCE is a disadvantage. And DISOBEDIENCE an asset. 
Only when they were counted did they find that by the time they realized it, 6 million souls had been lost. Most of my extended family scattered across Europe (mainly Austria) was lost in these death camps.
I am a Greek Jew and so I had the joy and honor to understand beforehand from the rest of the Greeks what it means to be targeted for who you are.
I also realized that targeting is based on the participation, tolerance, indifference of many.
Personally, I do not intend to let them give me the star again.
Only this time he will not say “juden” (Jew) but “non- vaccinated”. NEVER AGAIN !!!
DO NOT let them put you in the “ovens”! From this process, even if you come out alive, you are left with a huge psychological trauma, so deep that you pass it on to your children and grandchildren.
There is currently no Jew in Israel or Europe (America is another story) who does not bear this trauma. When we are still together we wonder how it happened. How we left them. How we went to our death so calmly, so obediently, so civilly.
The aggressiveness we feel is due to this. It is fear. Hit before they touch you!!!
A second genocide is taking place in Israel today. The situation is ten times worse than in Greece. And this time the governments do it themselves.
In conclusion, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and France have been particularly targeted. I do not know why. Maybe because all of them together constitute what we call freedom and western man.
BE ANGRY, DEMAND, grab if you need what you deserve.
For the country for you for your children. ”
From the testimony of a Greek-Jewish friend
Όταν ο Χίτλερ ανέβηκε στην εξουσία άρχισε να εκδίδει διατάγματα που αφορούσαν τους Εβραίους.
Το πρώτο από αυτά απαγόρευε στους Εβραίους την είσοδο τους σε εστιατόρια, θέατρα, σινεμά και κάθε είδους διασκέδαση.
Το δεύτερο τους απαγόρεψε την πρόσβαση σε ξενοδοχεία, την μετακίνηση από περιοχη σε περιοχη και την άθληση σε κοινούς χώρους άθλησης και γυμναστικής.
Με το τρίτο υποχρέωσε τους εργοδότες δημοσίου και ιδιωτικού τομέα να απολύσουν όλους τους υπαλλήλους που ήταν εβραϊκής καταγωγής.
Στο τέταρτο έκλεισε τις συναγωγές και τα σχολεία και δημεύσε την περιουσία των Εβραίων η οποία πέρασε στο τρίτο ραιχ.
Στο ενδιάμεσο υπήρξε και η αυθόρμητη καταστροφή και λεηλασία εβραϊκών μαγαζιών από όχλο Γερμανών – ναζιστών.
Στο πέμπτο διάταγμα (final solution) τους μάζεψε και τους μετέφερε στους σιδηροδρομικούς σταθμούς.
Τους είπε να έχουν μια βαλίτσα μαζί τους με ζεστά ρούχα και ότι θα τους μετέφεραν σε στρατόπεδα συγκέντρωσης – εργασίας.
Στην πραγματικότητα ήταν στρατόπεδα εξολόθρευσης.
Όταν αυτό τελείωσε όσοι είχαν μείνει ζωντανοί (χάθηκε κατά μέσο όρο το ογδόντα τοις εκατό) κατάλαβαν ότι η ΥΠΑΚΟΗ είναι μειονέκτημα.
Και η ΑΝΥΠΑΚΟΗ, προσόν.
Μόνο που όταν μετρήθηκαν διαπίστωσαν ότι μέχρι να το καταλάβουν χάθηκαν 6 εκατομμύρια ψυχές.
Το μεγαλύτερο μέρος της ευρύτερης δικής μου οικογένειας που ήταν διασκορπισμένη σε διαφορά σημεία της Ευρώπης (κυρίως Αυστρία) χάθηκε σε αυτά τα στρατόπεδα θανάτου.
Είμαι ελληνοεβραία και έτσι είχα την χαρά και την τιμή να καταλάβω πριν από τους υπόλοιπους Έλληνες τι σημαίνει να στοχοποιήσαι για αυτό που είσαι.
Επίσης κατάλαβα ότι η στοχοποίηση στηρίζεται στην συμμετοχή, ανοχή, αδιαφορία των πολλών.
Προσωπικά δεν σκοπεύω να τους αφήσω να μου ξαναβάλουν το αστέρι.
Μόνο που αυτή την φορά δεν θα λέει juden (Εβραίος) αλλά non vaccine (ανεμβολιαστος).
ΜΗΝ τους αφήσετε να σας βάλλουν στους «φούρνους»

Από αυτήν την διαδικασία ακόμα και εάν βγεις ζωντανός μένεις με ένα τεράστιο ψυχολογικό τραύμα, τόσο βαθύ που το περνάς στα παιδιά και στα εγγόνια σου.

Αυτήν την στιγμή δεν υπάρχει Εβραίος στο Ισραήλ ή στην Ευρώπη (η Αμερική είναι άλλη ιστορία) που να μην φέρει αυτό το τραύμα. Όταν είμαστε μεταξύ μας ακόμα αναρωτιόμαστε πως έγινε.Πως τους αφήσαμε.Πως πήγαμε στον θάνατο μας τόσο ήρεμα, τόσο υπάκουα, τόσο πολιτισμένα.
Η επιθετικότητα που βγάζουμε οφείλεται σε αυτό. Στον φόβο. Χτuπά πριν σε πειράξουν !!!
Στο Ισραήλ σήμερα γίνεται δεύτερη γενοκτονία. Η κατάσταση είναι δέκα φορές χειροτερη από την Ελλάδα. Και αυτήν την φορά την κάνουν οι κυβερνήσεις οι ίδιες.
Εν κατακλείδι έχουν στοχοποιηθεί ιδιαίτερα Ισραήλ , Κύπρος , Ελλάδα , Ιταλία , Γαλλία. Δεν ξέρω γιατί. Ίσως γιατί όλοι αυτοί μαζί συνιστούν αυτό που λέμε ελευθερία δυτικός άνθρωπος.
ΘΥΜΩΣΤΕ , ΑΠΑΙΤΕΙΣΤΕ , αρπάξετε εάν χρειαστεί αυτό που σας αξίζει.
Για την χώρα για σας για τα παιδιά σας.”
Από κατάθεση φίλης Ελληνοεβραίας


  1. The oligarch castle dwellers are demanding obedience through use and ownership of Big Tech. They want a feudal society and are achieving their totalitarian tip toe upon humankind faster each day. Can you feel it? Can you see it? Your liberties are being taken from you.

    What is your red line? Have you even thought about it? Please read the following:

    WE are the worthy posterity of our noble Founding Fathers.

    WE are the ones who have kept their Covenant and Constitution.

    WE are the ones who recognize and revere the God of nature who has blessed us with the fruits of their labor.

    All we have ever required of our fellow countrymen is to respect our Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness and, in turn, we have respected theirs.

    Now our endowed Rights have been stolen by those especially entrusted for their protection.

    Those who were created equal to us now think they have been elevated above us merely due to the office they have acquired solely through our good graces.

    The Governments which have been instituted among us exclusively for the protection of our Rights, have become destructive of those very ends.

    Our Safety and Happiness have been abused and usurped.

    The principles upon which our Country was established are now distorted and derided, if they are remembered at all. As all of history shows, the pursuit of such a Government is designed to reduce us to absolute despotism.

    Because we understand it is no light thing to alter, abolish or institute new Government, for far too long we have tried to content ourselves while evils were sufferable. But now there is no rule of law and our patience is viewed by our abusers only as consent to more abuse.

    These are the Facts of the Tyranny we have endured at the hands of our elected Governors, Mayors, Judges, Sheriffs, Police, and various County and City Officials, as well as through their unholy alliance with unelected Unions, Social Justice Organizations, and Bureaucratic Agencies and Social Media:

    We are no longer Equal Citizens before the Law or Society. We are divided along non-existent intersectional fault lines and granted special Rights and Privileges based on perceived grievances or denied them according to the same superficial criteria.
    We have no Right to the Fruit of our Labor. Our property can be seized and our livelihoods destroyed on the whim of a mob or the arbitrary designation of an elected official.
    Our history is rewritten, eradicated, distorted and despised.
    Our elected officials issue mandates and decrees with no rational scientific, economic, or legal basis. Moreover, they themselves do not adhere to the same rules they create and enforce under threat of violence.
    Our law enforcement punishes the law abiding while cowering before the criminal elements of society. Our judicial system protects the guilty while crushing the innocent with all the power at its disposal.
    We are censored, marginalized, and ostracized in the public and private sphere for not championing evil as good and good as evil.
    There are no checks and balances within our political, judicial or economic systems. An unholy alliance between these three segments of society forms a bulwark which allows for no questioning or redress.
    Our religious Liberty is trampled upon, our churches are locked down as “non-essential” and our deeply held convictions are banned as “hate speech.”
    Our families endure never-ending attacks and an uncertain future from the constant upheaval of random interference and overreach. Our children are denied their education, normal interaction with relatives and friends, and every hallmark of childhood itself.
    Our last check on Tyranny, which are free and fair elections, is nothing but a charade. Outcomes are predetermined, fraud is rampant, and there is no recourse.
    Because of their insatiable thirst for power, ignorance of history, arrogant and incorrect assumptions, intolerance for freedom, and contempt for their own heritage, these Tyrants and traitors within seek to conform us to their own will and unachievable Utopian vision. But because of their rejection of the God of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, they can only create a Hell on earth. This is a vision we reject and an agenda with which we cannot and will not comply. Because our abusers will never relent, they must be ended. We understand what this will entail, what will be required of us, and the personal cost we may well have to pay, but Freedom is so dear and our Legacy so worthy, that we are ready for this great undertaking.

    Knowing that our God is Faithful, our Cause is Just and our Liberty more precious than Life itself, we take up our Founder’s mantle and engrave on our hearts the words of their Great Seal: Tyrannis Seditio, Obsequium Deo “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.”

    Signed: WES RHINIER

  2. Yet– though I’m a conservative, who evolved after a 50 year “affiliation” with the dems, (having grown up at a time when dems were “normal” people) — my Jewish friends remain steadfast vax-to-the max liberals, who carry the dem party line no matter what insanity is attached to it… I remain friends with them, as long as we do not discuss this administration. One silver lining is a good Jewish friend who now in her 70’s — grew up in a republican household– she has remained true to her family’s deep involvement in the republican party— though they were NY rino’s — she has evolved, as I have to conservatism. There is hope…


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