EDITOR’S NOTE: (Nick Stamatakis): This post is a special gift to those of you who are watching too much cable news and cannot see through the lies and propaganda… Please take a good look at this map and the videos and facts from the whole story… Ukraine is a dead country walking – she has been supported in her walk by the military-industrial complex in order to make money for the corrupt DC swamp… And along with Ukraine the “collective West” has lost in its efforts to keep its dominance: Ruble vs USD exchange rate is at a 3-year high, the Russian military effort in Ukraine is financed by the high oil and gas prices and Russia and China are ready to return their currencies to the gold standard…

Take a look at this map… What do you see? Almost ALL nuclear power plants, almost ALL electricity production, ALL gas and oil fields, most agricultural production, and ALL industry are located in Eastern Ukraine.  Do you now see the Russian “plan”? Without the Russophone Eastern Ukraine, there is no Ukraine…

Those of you who understand Greek please follow these two links – they show that the Ukrainian lines are now “broken” in Donbas and they are in a desperate situation…




Concerning Videos, Images and Words from the Ukrainian Front


There are a collection of videos, images and words scattered around various social media channels that paint a horrific picture of a Ukraine headed for defeat. While one must always consider the possibility that the Russians staged these videos and images, it is unlikely.

First up is the wife of a Ukrainian soldier who is almost encircled in Severodonetsk. The worried spouse describes the catastrophic situation of the Ukrainian troops in that city and pleads with Zelensky and the Ukrainian General Staff to rescue the embattled soldiers.

Abandonment appears to be a more common theme among the Ukrainian troops battling the Russians. The following commentary is not unique:

The Ukrainian fighters hiding in the bowels of the Avostal Steel Plant echo sentiments of these POWs :

Ukrainian soldiers at the besieged Azovstal steel plant have vowed to keep on fighting “as long as we are alive”. Russian forces have continued shelling the steelworks building which is the last holdout of resistance in the ruined south-eastern port city of Mariupol. However, soldiers from the Azov regiment have refused to surrender despite being vastly outnumbered. “We will continue to fight as long as we are alive to repel the Russian occupiers,” Captain Sviatoslav Palamar, a deputy commander of Ukraine’s Azov Regiment, told an online news conference. “We don’t have much time, we are coming under intense shelling,” he said, pleading with the international community to help to evacuate wounded soldiers from the plant.

Unfortunately, this Yahoo article reflects the propaganda themes pushed by the west–i.e., the brave Azov regiment holding on like fighters at the Alamo against the Russian horde. For starters, this report whitewashes the fact that Azov embraces Nazi ideology and symbols. They are not just a regular group of patriotic Ukrainians fighting communism. Second, these guys are hiding, they are not “fighting”. One or two may poke their head out of their bunker to take a potshot at Russian troops, but Russia continues to rely on artillery and airstrikes as the primary means of destroying the neo-Nazi safehavens. The Russian forces are not rushing the buildings in a suicide charge. They are using drones to pinpoint the remnants of Azov. Once located, the site is subjected to an artillery barrage and aerial strikes. It is only when the rubble is smoldering and belching smoke that the Russian troops creep forward to secure the site.

The fate of the Azov unit in Mariupol is simple and stark–surrender or die. Many in the west fail to understand the sheer horror of the carnage. The following video (WARNING–GRAPHIC CONTENT) shows a unit of Russian troops tasked with collecting and burying the bodies of fallen Ukrainian troops. It is an ugly business:

Russia did not pause operations today in honor of Liberation Day. They continue to press the attack on multiple fronts. A primary objective is to locate and destroy western supplied military equipment and armaments. There was quite a bit of activity in Odessa on the night of May 9:

I agree with Andrei Martyanov–Ukraine is a dead country walking. The Ukrainian leaders have not yet awakened to the reality that they cannot defeat the Russians. Russia’s Putin is not a prisoner of a timetable and enjoys massive support at home. And his army is racking up territorial gains. Ukraine’s figurehead leader, Volodomyr Zelensky, cannot make the same claim. Military relief columns are not rushing to rescue trapped troops. They are going the opposite direction. The situation is made more dire because Ukraine is economically eviscerated and there is no hope of fixing it on the horizon. I conclude with this map that summarizes the losses:


  1. “According to Western experts” Ukraine has already lost the war..??
    Those experts better get themselves schooled by real war experts like Lindsey Graham, who stands alone in the absence of his colleagues John McCain and JoeBidenopoulos (his body is here, but his brain left this years ago) and the retards (I know I shouldn’t say that word) at the State and Defense Departments! How dare they say Russia is winning when ALL the media pieholes and government pension sponges say otherwise?!

    The only unforced error more stupid that the corrupt American Government’s filthy warmongering (for $$$), is the Orthodox Church’s wrongheaded foray involvement (perhaps Uncle Sam commissioned Pat. Bart’s icon of himself). Why, it’s reminiscent of Patriarchs ages ago who hired muslim pirates to wipe out legions of Christians who dared to disobey their whimsical byzantine follies.

    Eventually, we will all see who’s who and who’s lying, to a respectable degree, but for now, who would argue that Joe Biden saw a dream like St Constantine’s “En Touto Nika” ?? IOW, to be clearer, can you believe with certainty that Pat. Kyrill is a KGB agent and Putin is an atheist? Turn on the tv today to see the majority of American politicians hysterically fight to defend INFANTICIDE (baby has no choice), in a nation where 1 out of 4 women have had an abortion. Since he has shown he loves children, who truly are gifts from God, someone ask Elpidoktonos about his stance on abortion for me, I’d just as soon not speak to him.

    Don’t get me wrong, it grieves me that ANYONE has died in this farce, this ‘news distraction’. And that is why I detest these liars and greedy thieves who have so much blood on their hands (and apparently there is much more to come).

    It’s amazing to think God could forgive us our trespasses.

    • Tou write:Why, it’s reminiscent of Patriarchs ages ago who hired muslim pirates to wipe out legions of Christians who dared to disobey their whimsical byzantine follies”
      Please tell me which Patriarch and when did that?

  2. Whoever supports Putin who wants to revive the USSR , supports Erdogan who wants to expand Turkeys into neighboring Greece and revive the Ottoman Empire.
    Greece needs to increase military duty to 24 months as it is in Israel, produce drones, revive the Greek Defense Industry, reopen the shipbuilding yards in order to defend herself from the expansionist Turkey.

    • Leonidas,
      The latest news (please follow the two links I posted to infognomon) is that the “Grey Wolves” (the nationalist Turkish Group which is equivalent to the Nazis of Azov Batallion) are already near Odessa fighting with the Ukrainians against the Russians… Where does your train of thought went wrong? Russians and Turks are eternal enemies…

  3. Thanks Nick for latest info on Russia Ukraine war & I remember prediction written up in The Wall Street Journal made by a Greek monk from Athos – Elder Paisios that eventually Russia would go to war with Turkey & Russians would give Agia Sophia to Greece?
    Do you believe this could happen?

  4. Russians and Turks are NOT eternal enemies as Russia supplied the S 400 to Turkey, is building a second nuclear power plant in Turkey, have both carved out areas of influence for themselves in Syria and Libya and Armenia and their mutual annual trade runs in many billions of $.

    • Turkey will have to choose soon – east or west. In either choice, she will be the loser… but in terms of geopolitics, Turkey is an adversary to Russia… This is geopolitics 101…

  5. ERDOGAN IS TURKEY and he acts as he chooses disregarding any morality but utilizing every opportunity to strengthen Turkey.
    Today the Ukranians liberated villages east of Harkiv https://youtu.be/PRzrf-WI1gA

    Boris Johnson is protecting Sweden and Finland until they are accepted in NATO.

  6. Thank you so much Helleniscope for the update!

    Today’s DC swamp is no different than the DC swamp of yesteryear; anyone remember Vietnam Iraq, or Afghanistan? I’m having a deja vous!
    One thing straight, Turkey has no friends, they don’t know how to be one!

    Deceptions and Lies in America’s Wars, continues. Ukraine et al; the similarities, propaganda run amuck, and the common-folk libs are here sleepwalking, perhaps hypnotized, yet combative.
    DC swamp evil doers need a new playbook and mentor; Saul Alinsky would be so proud of their destruction.
    People need to wakie, wakie….Russia will persevere as they restore and maintain
    peace. They already have proven that!

    We need to pray more….

  7. Dear all,

    Be honest with yourself…. Ukraine will never win and it’s already the beginning of the end….. The Russian will never stop…. , journalists are lying to you and all the world. Ukraine will lose hundreds thousands of men if they don’t capitulate now…. be serious it s already over . UKRAINE LOST THE WAR !!!!!! (so NATO and… USA too :-) )


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