PHOTO: Tom Hanks, Biden, and Rita Wilson… Rita sang a few songs for the party…

According to NY Post “Biden said to Hunter-linked clergyman (Karloutsos) at Greek independence event: ‘I’m gonna ruin your reputation by talking’… But sickly Biden ruined the reception with his coughing and fumbling… Why did Karloutsos want $500,000 in cash from an Australian Bank in Sydney just before he flew back to DC?

By Nick Stamatakis

For a few months, rumors were running wild about Karloutsos’ whereabouts; He stayed in Greece for a few weeks in January and February, then he was rumored to be in Switzerland, and then about 7-10 days ago we verified he was in Australia.  What did he want in Australia? Initially, we heard that he wanted to prepare AB Makarios’s candidacy for the succession of Bartholomew – not an easy proposition by any account. Then just before he left Australia to fly to DC, he was seen in a Sydney bank, with an Australian Archdiocese associate, asking for $500,000 in cash!  The bank, according to our sources, refused to give him the cash or did not have that much readily available.  So Karloutsos left for DC empty-handed…

What happened when he participated in the White House celebration of Greek Independence did not make him that happy either… His close friend and brother-in-crime Joe Bidenopoulos, “Greece’s favorite son”, was sickly as ever, coughing and fumbling his words as he usually does (you can link here for a report from where you can see videos of the new disastrous Biden appearance). But the news came from NY Post (link here – and post below), when in a striking apparent Freudian slip, President Biden told Karloutsos that “I’m gonna ruin your reputation by talking”… Apparently, he was referring to an infamous April 16, 2015, dinner at DC’s Cafe Milano with then-VP Biden, his son Hunter Biden and international business associates from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. The dinner featured Vadym Pozharskyi of Ukrainian gas firm Burisma, which paid Hunter Biden up to $1 million per year to serve on its board, among other shady figures…

Clearly, the presidential Medal of Freedom can be seen as payment for Karloutsos’ silence… Some of the Russian oligarchs present at the dinner above, “mysteriously” avoided the recent sanctions of the administration against Russia for the Ukrainian confrontation…

Congratulations to the leaders of corruption!!




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Biden to Hunter-linked clergyman at Greek independence event: ‘I’m gonna ruin your reputation by talking’


WASHINGTON — In a striking apparent Freudian slip, President Biden told Greek Orthodox leader “Father Alex” Karloutsos Wednesday that “I’m gonna ruin your reputation by talking” at a White House event.

The 80-year-old president made the bizarre remark to Karloutsos, vicar general of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, at a celebration of Greek independence also attended by actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson.

Karloutsos, 77, reportedly attended an infamous April 16, 2015, dinner at DC’s Cafe Milano with then-VP Biden, his son Hunter Biden and international business associates from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The dinner featured Vadym Pozharskyi of Ukrainian gas firm Burisma, which paid Hunter Biden up to $1 million per year to serve on its board as Joe Biden led the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy, former Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov and his wife Yelena Baturina, who sought out property investments with Hunter Biden, and a trio of Kazakhstani business associates.

Pozharskyi emailed Hunter Biden one day after the dinner to thank him for “giving an opportunity to meet your father.”

The note formed the basis of The Post’s first bombshell report in October 2020 on documents from the first son’s abandoned laptop — directly contradicting Joe Biden’s claim that “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

Joe Biden
President Joe Biden praised the religious leader and the Greek people during the event.
"Father Alex" Karloutsos and President Biden converse in the front row of a White House East Room event on Wednesday.
“Father Alex” Karloutsos and President Biden converse in the front row of a White House East Room event on Wednesday.
"Father Alex" Karloutsos
Karloutsos, a Greek Orthodox leader, reportedly attended a 2015 dinner with Hunter Biden and then-VP Biden.
Karloutsos got a front-row seat in the White House East Room not far from Hanks.

“It’s great to be here with friends like Father Alex — father, I’m gonna ruin your reputation by talking,” Biden said.

The president added, jokingly, “And the only reason I ran for president and got elected was so I could award him the Presidential Medal of Freedom last year.”

"Father Alex" Karloutsos
Biden told Karloutsos he was “gonna ruin your reputation.”
"Father Alex" Karloutsos
Biden gave Karloutsos another shout-out after praising the “loyalty” of Greek Americans.

“As a matter of fact father, I still haven’t figured out, am I the reason I’ve been made an archon? Is that what happened?” Biden went on, possibly referring to an award he received from the church in October 2015.

“I don’t know, but you’ve been a great friend for a long time and your family as well have been great friends of ours,” the president concluded.

Moments later, the president took a seat one seat from Karloutsos, who proceeded to lean over Archbishop Elpidophoros Lambriniadis to have an at-times animated conversion with Biden.

"Father Alex" Karloutsos
Karloutsos got a prime seat for Biden’s celebration of Greek independence.
Steven Nelson

Biden left room after calling Hanks, whose Greek-American wife performed three songs at the event, on stage and praising the “loyalty” of Greeks.

“The one thing about the Greek community I’ve learned over these years — and it’s been 50 years, I hate to admit it, it’s that long — but is loyalty, loyalty, loyalty. And I tell ya, I think my sister and I, my family and I, have returned it. But you’ve been incredibly, incredibly loyal,” Biden said.

Tom Hanks and Joe Biden
Actor Tom Hanks also attended the event.
Tom Hanks, Joe Biden and Rita Wilson
Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson performed three songs for the celebration.

“You know father, I’m not joking about my affection for the church,” Biden added to Karloutsos.

Hanks, addressing his own attendance, said, “I am not Greek, but I had the good sense to marry one.”

Biden left the East Room without answering The Post’s question about why he met with his family’s foreign business associates.

Father Alex also did not respond to The Post’s attempt to ask a question about his conversation with Biden.

At the time of The Post’s initial reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop, Biden — who also met with his son’s Chinese and Mexican associates — vaguely denied the report and social media platforms censored the article for being potential misinformation or the byproduct of hacking.

"Father Alex" Karloutsos White House event
Biden sat near Karloutsos, just feet from Tom Hanks, who also got a front row seat.
It’s unclear if Karloutsos has ever publicly commented on the business dinner.

Ahead of the meal, Hunter wrote that the gathering would be “ostensibly” about his role a chairman of the World Food Program USA.

The Washington Post reported in 2021 that “Joe Biden only dropped by briefly to meet with one of the guests, Alex Karloutsos,” according to Rick Leach, former president and chief executive of WFP USA.

However, two other attendees told The Post that Joe Biden sat down and ate — with one guest saying the sitting vice president stayed about 40 minutes and even posed with the Kazakhstani group in a photo that emerged after he won the presidency.

"Father Alex" Karloutsos White House event
Neither Biden nor Karloutsos took press questions after their private talk.
Steven Nelson

“It was an odd dinner because there was [then-Kazakhstani Prime Minister Karim] Massimov, Luzhkov and his wife and it was not a big table and then there was somebody there from some food charity making a pitch for support,” a fellow guest told The Post. “I mean, it was was it was a little odd, the whole thing.”

Baturina is one of a dwindling list of Russian oligarchs who has not yet faced US sanctions over the more than one-year-old Russian invasion of Ukraine. Another Russian oligarch who sought out US property investments with Hunter Biden, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, also has managed to avoid Biden administration sanctions.

Biden is under investigation by the US attorney’s office in Delaware for possible crimes including tax fraud, illegal foreign lobbying, money laundering and lying about his drug use on a gun-purchase form. Hunter wrote in communications retrieved from his laptop that he paid as much as “half” of his income to his father.


  1. Όλοι αυτοί οι της Ελληνικής παροικίας
    προεστοί……, ξοδεύονται τα μαλιοκέφαλά τους
    για να πατήσουν το πόδι τους στον “ λευκό”
    οίκο , αλλά όταν τους ζητήσεις να βοηθήσουν
    τα Ελληνικά σχολεία γίνονται όλοι ΛΙΜΟΚΟΝΤΟΡΟΙ ……

    • Η ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΠΑΙΔΕΙΑ ειναι ΟΙΚΟΥΜΕΝΙΚΗ και ελπιζω η ΑΧΕΠΑ και το ιδρυμα Σταυρος Νιαρχος να ιδρυσουν 500 δωρεαν δημοσια GREEK CHARTER SCHOOLS στις ΗΠΑ για βελτιωση της Παιδειας της Αμερικανικης Νεολαιας. Η Κυβερνητης Χοκαλ της ΝΥ τα υποστηριζει οποτε ας αξιοποιησουμε αυτη την ευκαιρια!

      • Η Ελληνική παιδεία όντως είναι οικουμενική, αλλά το ανώμαλο και το
        περίεργο είναι πως οι μη Έλληνες την προωθούν , οι δε Έλληνες αντίθετα όχι
        μόνο δεν την προωθούν αλλά απεναντίας την παραμελούν δεν την
        θεωρούν ηγέτιδα γλώσσα, ενώ είναι η Μητέρα των γλωσσών. Στις κοινότητές μας καμία από τις πλούσιες κοινότητες
        έχει ημερήσιο Ελληνικό σχολείο, αν δεν
        κάνω λάθος μόνο ο Άγιος Νικόλαος Φλάσινγκ, ο Άγιος Δημήτριος Αστόριας
        ( δίδεται μάχη ύπαρξής του ) και ο Άγιος Κωνσταντίνος στο Μπρούκλιν .
        Οι νεόπλουτοι …. θεωρούν την Ελληνική γλώσσα ντεμοντέ και μιλούν την ξανθοκώλα ….. που οι μισές της λέξεις είναι Ελληνικές.

    • Brilliant statement Art Samouris –
      Alex Karloutsos aka Prince of Darkness
      has fallen so low…
      this ‘so called’ priest never belonged in
      the Church.
      What a disgrace.

  2. A roomful of desperados vying for recognition and lusting for power could never match the Father of our nation George Washington. Did anyone notice the painting of Washington hanging on the wall?

    Washington’s life and legacy serve to remind America of what the human mind and the human will are capable of. Washington won an impossible war and conducted an impossible experiment— all to form a self-governing nation. The best way we can honor his legacy is to once again become a nation worthy of self-government and liberty.

    • AMEN!!
      George Washington is also reported to have seen an Angel after he prayed
      & she showed him future of America –
      he saw this mess!

  3. Why is the GOA so enamored of celebrity? Our hierarchy is deluded in believing that going to the White House is worth selling the soul of Church. The archbishop and Fr. Karlutsos only bring shame and spectacle to the GOA. It endears them less and less to the faithful. But they don’t have enough humility to realize how they scandalize the Church time and again. Lord have mercy.

  4. Stamatakis said it best,
    Congratulations to the leaders of corruption!!

    What a disgrace as they stand there and laugh. Truly a disgraceful spectacle of narcissism, avarice, and psychopathy overall. They are all insane and misguided having money and fame as their one true God!
    Lord have mercy, indeed!



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