His true biography could be titled “Bishop Apostolos: The Definition of the Lack of Outside Good Testimony – Anaxios!!”

By Nick Stamatakis

We were bombarded the last couple of days with the news that Bishop Apostolos of Medeia was first in votes in the three-person selection to be sent to the Phanar – and therefore, he is almost guaranteed to become the new Metropolitan of NJ (link here for the news).  At the same time, his official biography was floated all over the media (here is an example):  Born in Rhodes, studied in Patmos, Thessaloniki, HCHC, a priest in Astoria, San Fransisco, etc etc…

But for those of us who have been around Astoria for sometime, it is not hard to retrieve his true biography. This true biography could be titled: “Bishop Apostolos: The Definition of the Lack of Outside Good Testimony – Anaxios!!”  Where to start?  You can enter his name in Helleniscope’s powerful search button and see what comes up… Scandal after scandal after scandal!!…

  • As a teenager, he was involved in a huge scandal – where he was caught in the act – in Agios Savvas of Kalymnos, a very much loved and respected Church on the beautiful island…
  • His service as a priest in Astoria (2002-2011) ended abruptly when he again was caught in the act (and I mean homosexual, although in his terrifying case, this may not have always been the whole story) with a prominent member of the community.  The whole community was disturbed… In less than 3 weeks, the then “strongman of Astoria”, “mafioso” Nick Andriotis, managed to get rid of him by sending him to San Fransisco to “help” Gerasimos.
  • In 2010 he was reported to have been involved, even though in a secondary role, in the famous (Old Calendarist) St.Irene Chrysovalantou scandal, where sexual relationships with an underage nun had caught the attention of the Orthodox community for months and ended up in the demotion of the two main figures, Metropolitan Paisios, and (now deceased) Bishop Vikentios…
  •  In San Fransisco, he ended up ungratefully undermining his Bishop… Who immediately asked for his removal…
  • He then went to Constantinople, in the “nest of homosexuality”, the well-known “Brotherhood of Phanar,” where the party continued. Apostolos enjoyed every minute and made powerful friends, Bartholomew and Elpidophoros.  Bartholomew exercised unbelievable pressure on then AB Demetrios, who finally succumbed, making him a Bishop in December 2014 (in our main photo).
  • You probably know the rest in recent years: He attached himself to “his master,” Elpidophoros, serving him as “caretaker” of the NJ Metropolis… Recently, the Archbishop’s plans to change the Charter were rejected, so he pulled out of his bag “plan B”: Installing his devotees in every metropolis… Same result, no new charter needed… But Faith and Christ are always absent…

Please do not get the impression that Apostolos’s “trespasses” and sins have exclusively a sexual character… What I have learned also has a lot to do with financial trespasses…

But the result is the same: Is the Patriarchate’s policy to have “homosexuality” and “greed” as the main qualifications for anyone to become a hierarch?  If we judge from the case of Emmanuel of France and his “assistant” Maximos (who were reported on a Paris Police report to bring Bulgarian gay escorts in the Metropolis Building), this is truly the case…

In such an environment of moral degradation, Apostolos seems to be highly qualified for any position in the Patriarchate!! He has the highest qualifications!!


PS.  I truly have no patience for “politically correct” comments about us being “homophobic,” etc.  I have noted repeatedly that modern Greece had her biggest poet (Cavafy), her biggest composer (Hadjidakis), and her biggest painter (Tsarouhis), all known homosexuals.  But they respected the public, and they respected themselves.  And we all loved them and respected them back.  We knew their idiosyncracies but deeply respected them and their work.  But the hierarchs referred to here have no respect for their service to the Church of Christ and to our community.  And they deserve no respect from any of us! ANAXIOI!!

July 6, 2023, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



  1. Δυστυχώς ο Σατανάς υπάρχει , έχει
    τρυπώσει στις κεφαλές των και τους
    σπρώχνει στον γκρεμό.
    Ζούμε τις γραφές της αποκάλυψης όπου σε κάποιο σημείο ο Άγιος Γιάννης
    ο Θεολόγος λέγει, πως θα έλθει μια
    εποχή που για να βρείς σωστό κληρικό
    θα πρέπει να διανύεις πολλά πάρα πολλά χιλιόμετρα.
    Όλοι αυτοί….. αντί να κρυφτούν πηγαίνουν και γίνονται κληρικοί για να
    κρύβονται κάτω από το ράσο ……
    Η ηδονή…… δυστυχώς καταλήγει σε
    οδύνη .

  2. Ewww… Bishop Apostolos I’ve been hearing about doesn’t uphold purity of a holy man at all – sexually or spiritually.
    Anaxios indeed.
    Now we see he’s a proud member of the cabal of homosexuals from Fanar.
    Btw: I remember years ago how obnoxious Apostolos got while sitting next to AB Elpidoforos and Elps and I were talking …
    he was just rude.

  3. Recently in Athens, an Archimandrite was “seen” by a layperson exiting a “house of ill-repute” in civilian attire. The layperson’s spiritual father’s comment to him was “you should thank God that at least this “fallen” Archimandrite is attracted to women”… It appears that’s where we’re at, folks, unfortunately.

    To repeat what I have typed in previous posts:
    I personally know of 3 cases in recent years where a Metropolis in Greece lost its Metropolitan to old age, and the local people were screaming at the top of their lungs with requests to promote GOOD archimandrites / priestmonks etc, only to be ignored by the Synod, who obviously promoted one of their own “boys”.

    We recently witnessed a similar “election process” in Cyprus, where the people voted for one Archbishop, and the Synod elected another one.

    This article is no different…scandal after scandal doesn’t seem to prevent promotion after promotion. (Recall the promotion from Metropolitan of France to Metropolitan of Chalcedon as well)

    Until the people cease to be ignored (illegally according to the original Canons), there will be no improvement, and the vicious cycle of scandals will likely continue. St. Paisios once said “the people know holiness when they see it”…

    However, as long as the money keeps coming in, the “Corrupt Ones” in power don’t care about what the people think.

    • We may have to start thinking about allowing married hierarchs. We in Orthodoxy avoided the worse as we allowed married priests. Why not married hierarchs? I know the answer is not that simple, but the moment the “leadership” wants to introduce all kinds of novelties (women in the altar, etc) why do they avoid the only novelty that makes sense and would allow the best leaders to be selected from a very wide group of clergy?

      • It’s not really about that….there are several worthy unmarried monastic priests who have not been allowed to become bishops because the “new regime” doesn’t like authenticity, and it’s possible that some of them don’t even believe at all…

        Let’s start with basics…let the people have a “real” say in who their bishop is.

      • 1 Timothy 3:2-12
        King James Version
        2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;
        3 Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;
        4 One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;
        5 (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)
        6 Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.
        7 Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.

        • The Church Fathers were fully aware of Timothy 3:2 when they established the canon governing who is eligible for being a Bishop. That’s why married priests whose wives die are eligible…precisely because they were the husband of one wife…

          Married bishops is not the solution to a the current problem. Respect for the opinion and participation of the people in the election of Bishops will be far more effective.

          • I agree that the people should have a voice in the selection of bishops, as long as we don’t wind up with priests “running for election” and appealing for popular support as I witnessed in the Episcopal Church. There is enough politicking in the Church already.

            Electing married priests to be bishops may not be the only solution to the current problem, but it may be one solution. The celibate clerical gene pool is too shallow, in my view, and conversely, there are too many good married priests out there who are disqualified from the episcopate simply because they are married.

            The demand for celibacy in the episcopacy has done the Church a disservice in two ways:

            1. Celibacy has created a temptation for ambitious priests to join a short list for episcopal elections. These lists are particularly short when one considers how the few Orthodox in this country are divided into so many ethnic jurisdictions – a status quo that itself exists contrary to the canons;

            2. Celibacy has awarded those clerics with homosexual proclivities the opportunity to join a small group of likeminded clergy who have no interest in marriage and families anyway. They find that there is no particular sacrifice in going without a wife, and are happy to have the male companionship.

  4. Thank you another scandalous revelation! I read Helleniscope to see the Light. Blessed are we who are given this gift by God, Our Savior. No longer do we sit in submission listening to the lies we are told by wicked hierarchs. I am grateful today for seeing lies unmasked. Stay frosty! Pray to God. We are being tested.

  5. Yes we’ve all felt the same relief when hearing of clergymen involved with a woman.
    Give them a medal!
    Bring back defrocked George Passias.
    But guaranteed this Fanar homosexual cabal will be found out & all their scandals … the faithful will vacate ecclesia

  6. Adding insult to injury, this is yet another nail in the GOA coffin.

    I guess it wasn’t enough to have the Archbishop falsely accuse Metropolitan Evangelos to get him dethroned. Was Evangelos not submissive enough to succumb to Elpi’s intimate desires, whims and commands for conformity to maintain his trust, support and confidence? Evangelos has long been an adversary to Elpi’s known hidden plan of world domination way before any other Metropolitans knew. Kalmoukas writes about this several times. Evangelos suffered humiliation without malice, could have easily sued, gone public etc., but kept silent so as not to hurt the church.

    I guess it wasn’t enough that Elpi wanted to dissolve the NJ Metropolis into NYC for the blatant money grab attempt.

    The GOA is now blessed with yet another ILL-SUITED hierarch as a new Metropolitan! Drum roll and trumpets blaring, please stop! This is no occasion for celebration, but another fiasco after fiasco to document in the history books.

    This is the gift that keeps these corrupt UNHOLY hierarchs giving…motivating them to continue accelerating and advancing their global agendas.

    I liken these childish, ignorant moves of blasphemy by the GOA to the same acts of treason, committing Illegal crimes and acts of pedophilia that the Biden administration is pathetically trying to conceal and contain. Pandora’s box is open, is it empty yet?

    Both Hunter and Big Daddy Biden’s insanely obvious trail of destruction in public view shows them playing the game of “Hide n’ Seek”. While doing so, they keep dropping long trails of sodium hydrochloride and cocaine powder so blatantly obvious, it is like the signature calling card of a serial murderer! These are mentally disturbed and unstable individuals who subconsciously have a deep desire to be “discovered”, found, arrested and seek help at the taxpayer’s expense. I didn’t say anything about jail time…as these people are above the law. We are the “commoners”.

    Yes, I would say this is the ultimate, GO F_ YOU to the GOA faithful!

    A destruction years in the making with an organizational web, foundation, an inbred attitude of arrogance, superiority and narcism so vastly deep and wide that the tentacles will keep breaking off in order to form new groups of yet more bizarre destructive and treasonous acts unimaginable against the children of God.

    This playbook has already been written. Pandora is Satan disguised as these insidious, heinous people in positions of authority in our Churches, Government, Education, Arts and Entertainment, Media, Healthcare, and at Home. Yes, at home in our Homeland and in our beds as many look the other way.

    Where was the AB and the GOA in the matter of openly discussing and urging parishioners throughout the world to the premier viewing of the Sound of Freedom this past week? THE UNITED STATES IS THE SINGLE MOST, LARGEST CONSUMER OF UNDERAGE CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING in the world! Let this sink in for a moment or two…

    When we as a nation fail to stop tyranny and injustice as we passively sit on the sidelines watching the FREAK SHOW around us saying, I can’t believe this is happening and do NOTHING, then we have lost and abdicate our freedom…Freedom of speech, right to bear arms and worship the One Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ as our Savior, King, Redeemer of all sins and our Salvation then, we are destined to an eternity in Hell along with them.

    • I have to say …Margaret karakas post basically captures the essence as to what ails America ..the inability to grasp the depth of the Depravity of the leaders of our Churches, Governments, Media and all the money changers who are “Influence Peddlers of Satan” not God !

      If they are True Christians and according to Google ..there are 2.6 Trillion Christians who could crush the entire .U.S and EU Crime Syndicate to end the abomination against humanity! 2000 years ago… the early Christian Church led by Jesus Christ and the 12 apostles did what the Christian Churches leaders are supposed to do on behalf of God…they confronted the Joe Biden Barbaric Roman Empire and the George Soros high Priests of Israel who were running a Racketing and Protection Racket which subverted the laws of God for money ,power and control over the people of Israel !

      What do you call a religious order and a barbaric government of Rome who pays a Jew 30 pieces of Silver to have arrested and murdered the leader of a new religious order who threaten their influence power, control and money, and is going to put them out of business to bring truth to the laws of God , you call them mobsters!

      What do you call the apostles of Christ who confront the Joe Biden barbaric Roman Empire and the George Soros High priest of Israel with their sins for subverting the laws of God and for crucifying the converted to Christianity , and they know they will die for confronting them…they are Servant of God protecting their sheep and the Original Church of Chrait!

      What do you call Joe Biden and the Barbaric Empire of America and the George Soros High priests of America who pay a Jewish Neo Nazi of Ukraine a 100 billion dollars to arrest and murder Orthodox Christians Clergy of the Ukarinian Orthodox Church threatening the power , money , and control of the U.S empire and Hgh Priest of America over the Ukraine…you call them mobsters!

      And what do you call Bartholomew , the Pope and the Christian Church leaders who fail to confront the “self Proclaime Zionist of the Holy American Barbasric Empire Joe Biden and the High priest of America …you call the cowards and non beleivers in God

      The last apostle of Christ was Martin luther King Jr. … and he did his job in confronting the U.S empire in demanding they stop their “Demonically Spirited” Wars in Vietnam and against the poor black and white humans of Americal !
      He also condemned the High priests of America for betraying Christians in not speaking up against America! !! of the 12 apostles of Christ were all crucified for confronting the Roman Empire and the High priests of Judaia …but in the end both of them wre put out of business!

      An appropriatedly so Martin luther King Jr. was arrested many times and then murdered by the Barbaric U.S empire and their high priiests…..and in the end the U.S empore was put out of business in Vietnam!

      Unfortunately, their are no Martin luther King Jr..in the Christian Churches of America..only business enterprises .running a Racketeering and protection Racket with the U.S.empire of lies ….and “Influence Peddling” righteous values of the U.S empire .

  7. The simple question is this, why after three generations can the Phanar not find an American born, raised cleric, who served successfully as a parish priest, without scandal, to become a Metropolitan? Is the Phanar and Elpi really Anti-American?

    The problem is the average GO parishioner does not know Bart apologized for mishandling Evangelos, Methodios or the suspension of the Charter. Apology yes, atonement, no. Why wasn’t there a letter to be read in every church in the Metropolis clearing Evangelos and Methodios as wrongfully accused? Was this just an afterthought of the Patriarch in order to “save face”. The Charter should have never been suspended.

    Where is the Metropolis Council for not speaking up and telling the people that Elpi was determined to dissolve their Metropolis. No authority from the Patriarchate to do so.
    Transparency apparently does not translate well into Turkey. Where is the Phanar’s P and L statement from America?

    • Four generations Margaret! My immigrant great-grandparents were among the founders of our Church. And nearly 100 years later we still have to import foreign bishops from the old country? Not the brave early priests who served a parish full time and often worked secular jobs in stores and factories to feed their families. Now we have effeminate imports from Greece who spend their days smoking cigarettes, sipping cappuccino and playing Byzantine emperors dress up.

      Our bishops are no longer believers. They like the easy jobs, fancy robes and attention. The people have been abandoned. And so they have looked to other sources for God’s grace.

      We have departed the GOA and the church our great grandparents helped to build for the OCA and are much happier. Not perfect but much better. And many visits to ROCOR churches and monasteries. The GOA is about dead.

      • Michael~
        Three generations in my family’s case of planting, founding and funding churches on both sides of my grandparents and parents. And, don’t forget about the financial support of programs and outreach within the GO Church both on a local and a national level that our families contributed to as well as, the financial assistance sent to relatives abroad who suffer(ed) economically from the hands of a broken and corrupt Greek Government.

        It’s all different now. As naturalized Americans of 3rd or 4th generation Greek descent, we no longer think of, or remember those relatives living outside America because we are far removed due to the passing of our elders, interfaith marriages, or having left the towns/cities in which we grew up originally, and the core family unit which was extremely close, or we do not speak the Greek language which makes communication awkward or difficult in order to maintain these relationships and ties abroad like our great, grandparents and parents did.

        Priests, politicians, governmental leadership back in the founding days of this country all had REAL daytime jobs outside of politics and gave their time freely above and beyond their employment to do the work and the will of the Lord in helping this nation and the world to advance Democracy. Why else would one leave their country of origin if, it were not in search of a more prosperous, free and better life elsewhere?

        If the countries of Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, China, Cuba, Haiti, Greece, Serbia and so on, were all so great, wonderful and financially stable, blah, blah, blah, why then are so many immigrants flooding into the United States today? They are certainly not all spies who work covertly for other governments trying to steel and infiltrate US secrets for the enemy and to arm a foreign militia from within. Why do we as Americans must accept a foreign born, Turkish State Agent as the Archbishop here in America who brings with him his filth, bias and absolute hatred of American values and traditions? This is reprehensible bordering on the absurd! I say write the Archdiocese protesting with arms waving high and fists pumped, the appointment of Apostolos before the next Planar Synod meeting which takes place at the end of July.

        Our Priests and Hierarchs are paid quite handsomely ($150,000+) in order to do their job standing in front of a congregation regurgitating the Divine Liturgy yet, they demand more! How dare they! Whether that’s by design so that the church hierarchy can control it’s parishioners by not teaching Biblical truths or not is yet a topic for a different discussion…Dare, I step foot on the toes of the many blind, faithful flock of sheep who remain seated in the pews…

        If a church of whatever denomination doesn’t teach, spoon feed, or educate the congregation, it’s parishioners and children of God the good news of the Gospel, or fudges with what the Gospel says with a different interpretation of fake/false “truth” hoods like what is being done today in many churches worldwide, THEN WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE CHURCH??? People who are not versed in Biblical teachings or who do not regularly read scripture or have little to no understanding of Biblical truths, fail to know and more importantly recognize, the differences between right and wrong.

        It’s time for both our nation and the Church to go back to it’s origin and purge the filthy, putrid stench from within the swamp that is both of a religious nature and a political nature and start anew. If that means leaving the Greek Orthodox Church altogether allowing the GOARCH to rot and die, then so be it.

        There is NO ABSOLUTE REASON why the GOARCH Church today should not have hierarchs elected of American descent in it’s own country where the Biblical doctrines taught are in the same language and can be understood by all the people in it’s land. Turkish does NOT translate into English.

        Being of Turkish descent has never been a necessity, nor should it be a requirement for an American GO Church. Smoking effeminates aside, these men are anything BUT anointed with the gifts of Teaching and Education, Prophecy, Church Administration, Healing, Mercy, Servanthood, etc,. If anything at all, they are guilty of being mentally polluted and filled with the deadly poison taught by these politically minded liberal schools of theology which place more value on the politics du jour and the money a church can bring in than the anointing of spreading the Gospel of God and the ability to reach out and save souls.

  8. Who are the real “Puppeteers”– who are the Wizards behind the Curtain? Globo-Homos perhaps? Sir G. is right— they do seem to be emptying out…the more that is being found out…the 1% has taken over while the 99% allowed it to! Dropi Mas!

    • International Modern diplomacy = influence other nations / leaders / organizations by any means to promote your interest.
      International Corporate “Business Development” = Influence Politicians by any means to promote your business’ interest.
      Uniate Movement = Infiltrate the Orthodox Church and influence populations by any means to bow down to the Pope.
      Etc, etc, etc…

      One of those “etc” is something like this “Infiltrate and influence religious organizations by any means in order to promote your interests”… “by any means” also implies “blackmail”…when someone has “dirt” on somebody, they are usually willing to do things “out of character” in order to save their position. Promoting compromised individuals into positions of ecclesiastical authority is the easiest way to achieve “leverage” over an entire Church…

      You can imagine such “leverage” conversations going something like this:

      – “…but he’s not worthy to be a Deacon/Priest/Bishop/Metropolitan”
      – “…yes, we know that, but that’s EXACTLY why we like him, and if you don’t want these video examples of your own “unworthiness” to fall into the hands of the media over the weekend, just make sure he becomes a Deacon/Priest/Bishop/Metropolitan by the end of the week…”

      This is exactly why the laity should invest in an army of private investigators, to apply the same “leverage” for a good cause: mass resignations of those who are compromised, so that they can’t be compromised by the enemies of Orthodoxy, who ultimately want our Faith to be compromised.

  9. In recent years, the quality of the hierarchs that the Phanar has sent to Greece, Europe, the Americas and Australia has been pretty bad in many cases. It’s clear that there is a systemic problem that exists at the Phanar that must be addressed if things are to change.Lay people and clergy of good character and with no prejudice must be appointed to study the problems and offer solutions.My personal suggestions for whatever they are worth:
    1.The Phanar has many archimandrites and bishops with a lot of free time on their hands. By some accounts, the Phanar resembles more of a frat house. than a religious brotherhood. I suggest bringing in a monk who is skilled in teaching skills and virtues that will be helpful to future bishops:humility, control of the passions,obedience and again humility.
    2.Insist that members of the Phanar brotherhood pursue their higher education in Orthodox schools and seminaries, not in Catholic and Protestant institutions.
    3. Keep Halki closed. I don’t see the reopening of Halki of any help in changing the systemic problems.
    I’m sure Helleniscope readers can come up with a few suggestions for improving the quality of the bishops associated with Constantinople.The laity expect better.

  10. Margaret says, “The simple question is this, why after three generations can the Phanar not find an American born, raised cleric, who served successfully as a parish priest, without scandal, to become a Metropolitan? Is the Phanar and Elpi really Anti-American?”

    Michael says, “My immigrant great-grandparents were among the founders of our Church. And nearly 100 years later we still have to import foreign bishops from the old country?”

    I say that one has to think like an imperialist in order to understand the mindset of the upper echelons of the Constantinopolitan hierarchy. The Phanar is like the capital city of an empire and because of their ancient heritage they consider themselves be the very fount of Orthodoxy. That’s just propaganda. The fact that we are living now 570 years after the fall of the Byzantine Roman Empire doesn’t seem to sink in with these prelates! For political reasons, the Phanar no longer has the critical mass of local laity to support them, so they cling to the worldwide “diaspora” to finance their lifestyles as peacock prelates of defunct metropolises.

    I served on a GOA parish council during the pandemic panic and remember distinctly how our treasurer said that our metropolis was mostly concerned that the parish assessment keep on coming into them. And a heavy assessment it was, especially during a time when the powers that be were so afraid of a germ and the lawsuits that might be levied against the parish and the metropolis if we didn’t follow the fastidious health guidelines to the “T” and someone got sick and blamed it on us. No one could come to church, even if he wanted to. The lack of faith was utterly astounding to me.

    Bartholomew and his henchmen are desperate to maintain the gravitas of the old brand name, especially in bitter competition with Pat. Kyril, so he is anxious to spread his spider’s web of hegemony all over the globe and pillage the funds that should be staying in country. How better to maintain his grip on power and money than to have loyal Greek-speaking hierarchs from the old world to do his bidding?

    When you realize that we are dealing with a colonizing religious power here, everything begins to make sense. Our Lord said that his kingdom was not of this world; Bartholomew would beg to differ.

  11. Margaret,

    I have to commend you for speaking out. I agree with everything you have written.

    The Phanar, well, let’s take a look, three years as you said, do you honestly think that Bartholomew would admit to his mistake for listening to the devil in which he has placed in the GOA? He suspended Metropolitan Methodios, dethroned Metropolitan Evangelos, suspends the charter and for what, for accepting lies after lies from Elpi the Satana. They have become the laughing stock in America, if not the world.

    They dethroned Evangelos, humiliated him tried to dissolve the Metropolis and all he got was an apology. He should have sued them, he should have spoken out and defended himself, he should have spoken out against all of them, but he didn’t, he did it all for the church. And he sits on the sidelines as we all do and watches the destruction of our church in America.

    The apology, agreed, agenda, agenda, that was more of a statement, to pull the wool over everyones eyes. The apology should have not only been in the Synod, but a press release should have been issued formally apologizing. A letter released throughout the Metropolis of NJ and Boston stating the facts and clearing both Metropolitan’s!!

    But again, no b…s!! Bartholomew has his own agenda along with The devil Elpi. When is he going to open his eyes and ears, perhaps we should send him some hearing aids and new glasses, because unfortunately with all the millions being sent and all moneys wasted at the GOA with heightened salaries and salaries that go Elpi’s Posi,no one can afford to buy him
    new ones. Maybe we should start a go fund me page for hearing aides and glasses.

    All this for what, for money and power! For ego and selfishness! One makes you wonder though, what else is behind the two of them, for Bartholomew not to hear our voices all these years and keep this So called Archbishop in the GOA along with his posi, perhaps one should check the family tree??

    Does Bartholomew not realize the legacy that he is leaving behind, does he not care? No one will look back and say what a great Patriarch, yet they will just look with disgust and disappointment because he let down the church in America!

    “The road to Hell is paved by the bones of priests and monks, and the skulls of bishops are the lamp posts that light the path”
    St. John Chrysostom

    As for the Metropolis council, do you honestly think the majority care? They all kissed Metropolitan Evangelos’ a.. when he was there. Claimed to be his friend. I wonder where are they now?? Just take a look at pictures posted from various events. Pictures are worth a thousand words! You have Tsivikos up Satans a.. along with Comodromos, Andris, Kakoyiannis, Sussou, Limberakis, Kartalopoulos (although I don’t think she was on the board, she was Philoptochos) Tsougaragkis, a whole other story in itself, just to name a few. I’m sure if we were to ask Metropolitan Evangelos none of them are around! And from what I have heard from countless people none have supported him in the Clergy Laity’s, with all the lies that were said, and why? Do they not have a voice? Of course not, they just want to show face that they are all buddy buddy with the devil until the next one comes along! And hopefully it will be sooner than later and let’s see if they will be able to have the same faces with him!
    In Greek they have a saying:
    «Κοίτα τους φίλους μου για να δεις ποιος είμαι» enough said!

    Unfortunately, this is the world we live in, there are people who really care about the church and are pushed to the side, and there are the money hungry , power hungry imposters of faith that make it unbearable for us to witnesses this destruction!

    -For the Son of Man is to come with His angels in the glory of His Father, and then He will repay every man according to his works (Mt 16: 27, cf. Rev 2.23).

  12. For the Son of Man is to come with His angels in the glory of His Father, and then He will REPAY every man according to his works. Amen!
    Thank you, Disappointed Greek.


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