By Nick Stamatakis

As the dust cloud of the Nov. 3 vote has still not settled, many among us are trying to find an objective way to evaluate the US election system’s performance.  Here is a Harvard University “Electoral Integrity Project” (you can read the results here: Electoral+Integrity+Worldwide) which seems to have done several studies. One of these studies is extremely interesting as it evaluates different election systems worldwide.  Where does the US rank? We are at number 57!! Yes, 57… Below Ghana, Barbados, Mauritius, and Vanuatu!!  Yet, the corrupt media, the unpatriotic Democrats, and, unfortunately, many “swamp” republicans (including a team of “national intelligence leaders”!!) want us to believe that the Nov.3rd elections were the most perfect ever!!


I will make this very short for my many democrat friends (yes, it’s a hopeful sign that I still have many democrat friends…) and everyone else on the other side of the debate on election fraud – especially to the leadership of the Democrat Party: If you are true believers in democracy, then take the 2005 results of the Federal Election Commission and apply them into legislation immediately. These results include the now famous 2001 report by former President Carter and Secretary Baker to President G.W.Bush on how to fix the US election system after the 2000 debacle in Florida. You can see these results by linking here.

Introducing such legislation will take some time – but we presume that you want this country to “heal”, correct? If you are sincere then make a commitment, along with the Republican leadership,  to make this legislation, based on the results of the Commission, a priority: the first legislation the new congress will complete.

I am not holding my breath…

December 28, 2020,





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