By Nick Stamatakis

Our community has been a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and has remained so “through thick and thin” despite all the opportunities the “big mouth Trump” has given all of us to stop and think twice about his character.  Why do I feel so? Did I make a poll? Why am I so sure?  Please be patient, and I will answer all of these questions.

Let me start with a general social/political assessment of our community.  We, Greek Americans, are undoubtedly on the conservative end of the political spectrum. First, we are socially conservative: We and/or our fathers and grandfathers came from families with traditional values, originating not in the Greek cities but mainly in the countryside, known for its stringent moral and social rules.  And we are religious: Not only do we organize our communities around churches, but we have been deeply faithful since ancient times. Why are we so “faithful”? One reason is that we have been dealing with “the Sea” since the beginning. Ask any seaman, and you will come to the same conclusion: there is no way to deal with the Sea without having faith in God – and I will leave it at that for now.

We also are fiscally conservative: We are business owners and professionals to a greater percentage than most other ethnic groups. In no way do we want the government to interfere with our businesses.  But it goes deeper: we “hate” the government by tradition: having earned our freedom after 400 years of Ottoman rule, we see the government as an “alien” and as a suppressor to the point that we are champions when escaping paying taxes to the “Sultans” of the state authority.

Archbishop Iakovos recognized these basic traits of our community very early and, to his credit, oriented the community towards the conservative Republican Party, which at his time was indeed the party of Lincoln. AB Iakovos truly saw himself as a “Lincoln follower”, when he marched next to Martin Luther King. He did that at the same time as the Democrats were the Ku Klux Klan members; One of these Ku Klux Klan members was the late Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, the mentor of Hillary Clinton – she called him a “great American” at her 2010 eulogy!!! (Could someone please pass this note to AB Elpidophoros?) The community may have voted for Democrats after LBJ’s “Great Society” and after the Vietnam War – like most Americans.  But we never lost our essential conservative nature – not even in the big cities.  In recent decades, despite the “ethnic love affair” with Dukakis and Tsongas, the Greek Americans were more consciously conservative than ever. In essence, voting for Trump in recent years – as opposed to Democrat Hillary or Biden – came naturally to most Greek Americans. 

But how did I come up with this 80%?  

First, let me explain that I might be one of the few – if not the only one – in the Greek-American media with a solid background in polling or, more precisely, taking the pulse of a social group.  My extensive training and experience in sociological and anthropological research gave me the confidence and the tools for such a statement. I know how to compose a questionnaire, and I know how to take a poll. In the days before the November 2016 elections, I could see that the questionnaires used by the polling companies were skewed to favor Hillary Clinton. I wrote about the defects, among many other indications, that proved the polls wrong, and, as a result, I was let go by the left-leaning website that hosted my articles then (, now  The supposedly “independent” website could not handle dissenting opinions…

But I did not only use polling to reach this magic 80%.  Anthropological training directed me straight to the people’s pulse, avoiding the polling traps – and they are many.  A foolproof method of measuring public opinion is related to using what I call “people’s pulse thermometers”.  Who are these? They are community leaders or others with extensive contact with the public.  Because of their work or position, they are good at taking the “opinion pulse” of people.  Here are some examples.

  • Leaders of various Hellenic Civic Associations or Parish Leaders.  These come in contact with tens or hundreds of fellow Greek Americans weekly.  Because of my background in community media (starting in 1991 with TNH), I had easy access to many of them.
  • Restaurant owners.  We Greek Americans are very “visible” (and influential) because of our extensive participation in the restaurant business.  Take a walk in the “Greek Town” area of any major American city, and soon you will be an expert pollster for the Greek community and the broader American society.
  • In 2016 I had a very close connection with a minister of the Greek government who happened to have at least 150 members of his extended family living in the US, and he talked to them at frequent intervals or met many of them in the summer on his island. That September of 2016, he explained to me that while in previous elections, he sensed some “balance” between voting Democrat or Republican, in this election, he saw something unexpected: Almost all his relatives were voting for Trump!! I had to believe him for many reasons but mostly because he was a minister of the Leftist Tsipras government!!

My human “opinion thermometers”, a method I still trust more than any official poll, proved right in 2016 more than at any other time!! The Greek-American community voted over 80% for Trump, and he won the presidency!  And they did it again in 2020, in even bigger numbers, but this time they realized later, along with many other Americans, that they were faced with much bigger obstacles…

So what do my living thermometers tell me now? They tell me that our community is outraged with the treatment Donald Trump is getting by the NY corrupt justice system; they are behind him in even greater numbers, and they will support him until they see him return to the White House to finish the job he started in 2016 and liberate our country from the “oppressing elite.”  Who could believe that in 2023, America would act like a third-world country and outlaw the opposition leader? When faced with injustice and “oppression,” we Greeks get mad as hell; it is probably the only time you will find us united.  And united we are, at over 80% supporting Trump…

Finally, I would be remiss not to mention the chasm between our Church leadership, our media, and the views of our community.  We have an Archbishop who is a globalist puppet and a BLM supporter; he is trying to lead a faithful community by teaching it heresy, and he is trying to lead a conservative community from the left. Is he nuts? I am not sure whether he is crazy or not, but I can tell you that he is morally and politically finished.  The same holds for the community media, who are leaning heavily to the left, except for Helleniscope, Monomakhos, and very few others.

PS.  Did you hear that Asa Hutchinson announced he is running for president in 2024 and called for Trump to drop out? What a loser!! Is he the guy who used to hang out with Karloutsos, or am I wrong?

PS2. Some of you told me you plan to go downtown NYC on Tuesday to demonstrate… Unless you are well prepared as a group to stay calm and controlled, I would suggest it is a much more effective way to give your support financially to the Trump campaign.

April 2, 2023,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.




  1. Totally agree Niko , I am making almost every day
    my own polls at the various cafe and Churches
    and 98% are going to vote Trump .

  2. Trump as president was unable to prosecute Hillary for the Steele dossier that Hillary paid for to accuse Trump falsely of colluding with Russia .He accepted the exoneration of Hillary by the FBI director for the private server she was using and for destroying evidence.Trump was friendly and admired Erdogan at the expense of Greece,Gave a date for pulling out of Afghanistan to the Taliban, mocked Biden as sleepy Joe, and was unable to capitalize on Hunters shady dealings in Ukraine and China even though he had indisputable evidence in Hunters laptop computer. He claimed injections of disinfectants would cure covid!!! He increased national debt by 8 trllion$ from 18 to 26 trllion$. He was unable to finish the border wall with Mexico!And who wants to hear his salacious dealings with pornstar Stormy Daniels ,not me or any member of my family!
    The 335 million strong USA ,a Superpower, leader of the FreeWorld, Victor in two world wars, founder of the UN,deserves a better President than Trump! Desantis seems to be one !
    Any way I appreciate your comments on the training the pollsters receive. That was enlightening!

    • This article is about Trump’s qualities or qualifications or performance. We are not dealing with these issues anymore. If quality of leadership was the issue Biden would never be elected President or holding any office in this country. We are now fighting for the fundamental rights we all took for granted. We are fighting for our constitutional democratic rights. And Trump seems to be the only one who has the guts to take the elites down. But it looks likely that these corrupt elites will first be defeated by their international failures – in Ukraine and in losing the reserve status of the US Dollar. This will bring them down before Trump does. Trump, if elected, will have tomop up the disaster the elites have left behind.

    • Don’t you understand that he was one against the whole seen system? Are you familiar with The New World Order, that they were scared to death
      when Trump was elected President? Leonidas, you don’t have to be an expert in politics to understand what is going on in America and in
      the world.

  3. The Democrat kangaroo court is desperate. They are out for blood and so are the rhinos in the Republican Party. Bloodthirsty demons still have a chance to back off if they care one iota about the direction this nation is going. Who is greasing their pockets? The root must be exposed.

  4. If a gag order is put on President Trump tomorrow know that free speech is dead. Wake up stupid!

    “So forget the payment to a Porn Star
    They can now gag trump, restrict his movements, and harass him to PREVENT him from running in 2024. They will listen to every word he says and are just going to wait to be able to throw him in prison on Civil Contempt indefinitely with ZERO Constitutional Rights. Welcome to the REAL America. They call it a “protective order” to protect the Government and Bragg as you are stripped of ALL your First Amendment rights.”
    So let the games begin.

  5. Human rights seems to be constricting “free speech” in this globalist arena– Rome is indeed burning, and they are throwing humans and human rights to the gladiators. As a baby boomer, I never thought I’d live to see this.

  6. What would a future president Trump (or DeSantis, or Biden, or Harris) do in the event of a future Turkish attack on the Greek islands or a Turkish attack to expand the zone of Turkish control in Cyprus? That is a question we should be asking.

    • Before we ask this question, we should find a way to put pressure on the traitors or “pacifists” or others who are in charge of the government of Greece and all three of the biggest parties. Our biggest problem is not the US government but the corrupt politicians in Athens and in Nicosia. Thank God, the new president of Cyprus, Nico Christodoulides, is a known patriot. But he will need all the help we can give him if he is going to bring any good results.

      • The hard fact of the matter is that the US and other nations should protect Greece from Turkey PERIOD and this needs to be made openly clear–even if we may not like the leadership currently in Athens.

        A US presidential campaign is a good time for those who want to be the US president to make clear their support for the Greeks.

        So, no we do need to ask this question NOW!

        • No John with all due respect as a third generation Greek American I am past what a president can do for Greece. Greeks are making their own stupid decision as part of the Beast known as the EU. I am interested in what a president can do to save our country and our values. Trump it seems is the only ballgame in town if you are an Orthodox Christian.

          • If Turkish officials are monitoring this site they will love seeing comments like yours, comments that imply that the Greek American diaspora no longer cares about what the Turks might do to Greece or Cyprus.

  7. I’m sorry, does anyone remember what happened in Georgia with the suitcases full of ballots stuffed underneath the tables and brought out from under at 3 am? Should we even vote anymore? I’m done….

    Jesus 2023…our only HOPE! Pray…. ☦️


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