“Aferim (Bravo) Yusufaki,” cries the Aghas, watching Yusufaki dancing the tsifteteli (belly dance), his whole being full of lust…

By Nick Stamatakis

Since our “Unholy” Fathers of the Phanar Synod decided to scandalize all of us during this Holy time of Lent with their various heresies and sins, from staying silent on the eviction and violence against the monks of the 1,000 yr-old Lavra Monastery in Kiev to “defrocking” Papa-Lefteris (Shame on them… No, they could not wait any longer, they had to do it now, before Easter…), I have decided to scandalize them in return by tingling their sinful existence in a way that will leave them shaking.  Here is the story:

In the 1970s, right after the fall of the military junta in Greece, the state TV (ERT), then in its beginning years, produced and presented a TV series based on Kazantzakis’ “Christ Recrucified” (translated in English as “The Greek Passion”).  You can read the story summary here in Greek and English). The series caused a never-before-experienced sensation in Greece (1975-76): I was a teenager then. I remember the whole country at a standstill once a week as families and friends gathered around the – not plentiful TVs sets then – to watch the series…

The most sensational part of the series was the depiction in the story (taking place in Asia Minor in 1921) of the village Turkish tax collector (“Aghas”) with the “yusufaki”, a dancing boy, part of the Ottoman culture.  The word “Kocek” or “yusufaki”, refers to the cross-dressing dancing and singing boys that, legends have it, were in times past preferable to women in Istanbul brothels!! I have seen some reports of fights in Istanbul brothels, as customers were fighting for the “koceks'” graces and prostitutes were complaining that the “koceks” were stealing their clients!

You can learn more by linking here… But I cannot resist adding an excerpt:

“…The youths, often wearing heavy makeup, would curl their hair and wear it in long tresses under a small black or red velvet hat decorated with coins, jewels and gold. Their usual garb consisted of a tiny red embroidered velvet jacket with a gold-embroidered silk shirt, shalvar (baggy trousers), a long skirt and a gilt belt, knotted at the back. They were said to be “sensuous, attractive, effeminate”, and their dancing “sexually provocative”. Dancers minced and gyrated their hips in slow vertical and horizontal figure eights, rhythmically snapping their fingers and making suggestive gestures. Often acrobatics, tumbling and mock wrestling were part of the act. The köçeks were sexually exploited, often by the highest bidder…”


As you will read in our links and any search, the “culture of koceks” started declining in the mid-19th century in various reforms of the most modern Sultans.  But we all understand that such a widespread phenomenon throughout the Middle East (from Turkey to Arab countries to Persia to Afghanistan) that ties together music, dancing, and tingling sexual appetites would not die entirely. It manifested itself in various ways in the last two centuries, and the phenomenon is still alive today and is being practiced in certain areas.  The Istanbul neighborhood of Kuzguncuk is one such place – you can see a complete recent report with many photos, videos, and analysis by linking here from the wonderful blog of Steven Jones, where our main photos come from…  Some of the photos and videos posted are amazing in their presentation of cross-dressing and belly dancing…

Our sources in Istanbul are reporting that the shores of the Bosporus, have been the favorite neighborhood of Patriarch Bartholomew (and some other hierarchs) since his youth – and please allow me to leave it at that… We are scandalized enough… 

PS. A wealthy Greek-American has recently told us that he has hired a private investigator to collect information and evidence regarding the past and present “exploits” of the Phanar degenerates… We will let you know the results…

April 7, 2023,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.

BELOW ARE SOME UNFORGETTABLE SCENES FROM THE 1970s TV SERIES – FOCUSING ON “Aghas and Yusufaki”…“Aferim (Bravo) Yusufaki!!”, cries the Aghas, watching Yusufaki dancing the tsifteteli (belly dance), his whole being full of lust…



  1. Come on, Hellenescope! This is the pot calling the kettle black.
    If you want to talk about buggery and sissy boys, start with our ancient Hellenes.

    What you report on is not news in the Middle East, the Levant, Persia, Arabia, or even Greece.
    All are cultures where the buggerer (the “pitcher”) is not viewed as a homosexual but only the “catcher” is.
    Greek men in Greece will still insist that’s true and you know it.

    The left-handed swipe at Bartholomew seems like a cheap shot without any real facts- and it seems tied to Hellenescope’s pro-Putin,
    pro-Russia position and the insistence on trashing Bartholomew at every turn in order to justify Russian aggression, more than any new info.

    • Homosexual relations in Ancient Greece should not be confused with what is described here, and in any way, they did NOT VIOLATE ANY OATH OR RELIGIOUS FAITH. P-lease! How much longer will we need to explain that our issue is not everyone’s freedom to do as they please in bed – on their way to “pursue happiness” per the American ideals – but the violation of basic tenets of Christianity?

      Helleniscope is PRO-TRUTH, before being anything else. Many of you were flying the American flags high a year ago and were “cursing” Helleniscope – unable to open your eyes and see what was unfolding: The big game by the elites who dominate Washington DC. Now many of you have changed your tune – and I am very happy to see that you have come to your senses. Helleniscope will always state the historical truth: that without help from Russia, Modern Greece would not exist. ANOTHER TRUTH: Russia is ten years ahead in missile technology (obviously – as we need them to go to the International Space Station. Another truth is that Russia’s sacrifice of 28 million people won WWII, not what you see in Hollywood movies. And finally: Russia is the most self-sufficient country on the planet, and sanctions would not affect them. We stated these truths very clearly in early 2022. I am not happy that Helleniscope was proven right. I would be happy if our corrupt leadership avoided war with Russia, as Donald Trump had suggested, and made an effort to ally with her and do business exploiting her vast natural resources. Business was the right way, NOT WAR.

    • You’re deluded pal & your stage name
      AmerikanakiForever stinks too.
      Look –
      I’d rather have Putin prohibit vulgar gay parades & defend Orthodoxy which Bartholomew fails to do & btw:
      many Greek Orthodox insiders have tales to tell on incompetent, effeminate Patr. Bartholomew &
      his disgusting choice of Archbishops –
      90% all practicing homosexuals.
      Do the arithmetic & go read Plato’s
      utter disdain for sodomites

      • Amen Sir Gatanas! Me too! Think what you all may, but Putin is more Christian than Biden think he is being a Catholic!

    • This “left-handed swipe” has legs when it come to Bartholomew. I’ve heard it before and I don’t speak Greek. Something about a family member acknowledging there is/was a dancing “boy” in the picture. It might have come out when Fancy Bear hacked into his emails. Remember that? There were comments made about Bulgarian Stallion get togethers at the Phanar, too. This made national news. It was as close as it gets to evidence. And no one bothered to deny it. . . or address it. This was right before the now Metropolitan of Chalcedon Emmanuel was supposed to come to America as head of the GOA. At the last minute, he was swapped out with your “sunflower.” It’s anybody’s guess why. – The problem isn’t even with the characters in this particular story. Stuff like this goes on all over the world. But if you Greeks don’t address this problem with Bartholomew and his merry men before they pass, it will become part of your children’s, children’s legacies, assuming the Greek church last that long. People ARE talking. People who’ve never heard of Nic. This isn’t a “Nic” problem. It’s a GOA’s problem and only the GOA can fix it. – Protect Bartholomew from himself. Renounce his delusions of grandeur. Burn that unholy building that was witness to this disturbing behavior to the ground before you see the first Anglican, Lutheran, or Catholic communing in it. Move your patriarch somewhere else like one of those Catholic monasteries Francis offered him. Let the ecumenical patriarchate end so your generation will be the last to make jokes about “sissy boys” drooling over men dancing in dresses.

  2. Pedaphilia was commonly practiced in ancient Greece. The gymnasium was where older men would abuse young men. Socrates said why should I have a woman when I can have a young boy. The act of pedophilia is a basic denial of human decency. Sin was rampant in ancient Greece, and in all other cultures, and thus Greece was and is in need of the Messiah-Jesus. Hellenism saves no one.

    • I cannot begin to count your logical fallacies. You cannot judge Ancient Greece’s morality from the point of view of Christianity. But you can certainly say that Christian Hierarchs violated basic tenets of their own faith and morality.
      I am hoping you can understand this. As for the rest, we need a good analysis about Eros in Ancient Greece. Stay tuned.

    • But JK – philosopher Plato condemned
      sodomites & the Ancient Greek Caligula depravity is one of many reasons our
      Messiah Jesus had to appear!

  3. As I stated, regardless of Christian morality, pedaphilia is an affront to human decency. Unfortunately, we all violate basic tentets of the christian faith and will be held accountable. We are all in need of God’s forgiveness.

    • I have said many times that ten years ago one could find YouTube videos of Pat.Bartholomew condemning homosexuality as a sin. Now we are a few steps away of him blessing it. This is the difference. If you are a leader of a faith you proclaim the faith – and if you have sinned you repent. You do not reward the sinners as Bartholomew has done repeatedly.

  4. Thanks, It’s just example & always spell
    holy name of Christ in capitals –
    bravo for wealthy Greek American who’s paying investigation on Phanar!
    About time – stuff is being exposed folks

      • Paul Craig Roberts authored two of the statements. The other graphic statement was correct medical knowledge ‘confirmed by CDC.’ Defining what’s graphic is subjective but I do understand. Thank you for your view. Love your blog


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