In a very fitting setting, in the “Gay Temple” of Episcopalian St. Bartholomew Church in Manhattan (photo above), the leader of the “Gay Brotherhood” of Phanar, Pat. Bartholomew will be celebrated on his name day tomorrow Saturday, the 10th of June, by the Archbishop and those who have no problem pushing homosexuality in Orthodoxy at all levels and then wondering why the faithful abandon the parishes…  Other Orthodox Churches in America have publicly declared the Faith and condemned homosexuality.  Why is GOA silent? Does the State Department realize that thousands and thousands of Greek Americans now turned to attend churches under the Moscow Patriarchate?

By Nick Stamatakis

Pat. Bartholomew’s career started with the fateful trip of Patriarch Demetrios to America in July of 1990 (link here for complete analysis by Helleniscope): It was the first time the Phanar used their own “double-headed eagle” flag, Karloutsos was omnipresent and, above all, he had a “meeting of the minds” with Bartholomew who was the number 2 on the Hierarchy as Metropolitan of Chalcedon. Their common goal: Power on both sides of the Atlantic, with the overthrow of Iakovos and the succession of Demetrios.  Bartholomew showed his true colors throughout the trip.  We have heard multiple eyewitness accounts from Astoria to Manhattan to DC, all recounting how he created huge scenes demanding forcefully to be placed as “number 2” next to the Patriarch, ignoring that AB Iakovos was a world-class leader recognized not only in the US but internationally…

The trip lasted the whole month of July, and when the sizeable Patriarchal entourage returned to Istanbul, they needed an extra cargo plane (in addition to the cargo space of their regular size airplane) to carry back all the TVs, computers, furniture, clothing, and everything else the Greek-American community donated to them!! America’s riches inflated Bartholomew’s and everybody else’s minds!! Their eyes glowed!! Two months later, on October 2, 1991, Patriarch Demetrios, a 77 yr-old, healthy man, suddenly died.  When they laid him on the casket, they saw the soles of his shoes had holes!! Pat. Demetrios was a holy man, who lived in a small room in the Phanar and never asked anything for himself.

Soon his family started to wonder why he died so suddenly.  They asked to see the dead body of the Patriarch.  They were denied this simple human right.  They asked again and again, and finally, they let them see him.  What they saw – and was reported to me by a family member – left them speechless:  Pat. Demetrios’ mouth and lips were black – a likely sign of poisoning!!  Who had the interest to do such a heinous act? Your guess is as good as mine… But his family, as holy as the dead Patriarch himself, could never bring themselves to report what they saw to the Police…

With his rise to the throne as tumultuous as described here, you can imagine Bartholomew’s future had much to show for such an arrogant, ambitious, narcissistic, and reckless personality.  Bartholomew was used to the mix of Byzantine and Ottoman “pretentiousness” and megalomania, prevalent around the Phanar and impressed upon Constantinople’s Phanariot elites for centuries…  Politicking, backstabbing, bribing, and micromanaging, to mention just the most “sanitized” traits, were part of daily life.  Bartholomew grew up with such “customs” and felt perfectly normal practicing them.  What was NOT normal, was the expectation that such a “Levantine” character could make decisions for the Church of America: GOA was at the apex of its growth in the 1990s, happily flourishing in the “Land of the Free”, in a country governed by laws and meritocracy and quite conservative as we all know.  Homeland, Family, and Faith were the three pillars of American society, and the Greek Americans of the 1990s were actual practitioners – they still are today.

PHOTO: The Abrahamic House in Abu Dhabi

I will leave aside the details of Bartholomew’s conflict with Iakovos, the other Archbishops, and also Karloutsos’ role in all this. Bartholomew’s personality determined his future more than anything else.  His arrogance and his “contrarian” character, lead him to be always ready to pick a fight instead of making peace.  His “blessing” of homosexuality was also central in his life… Eight to ten years ago, I found online videos, where Pat. Bartholomew condemns homosexuality publicly.  Not anymore… Since he became a conscious part of the globalist elites, homosexuality became a “virtue” in Constantinople and is treated as such by the “Unholy Synod” of Phanar…

To be topped only by his heresies: His “First Without Equals” Papism and his Ecumenism, looking to create a pan-religion, vehemently rejected by most Orthodox people… Let’s not forget that without any Synodical decision, Bartholomew is pushing a co-celebration of Easter 2025 with the Catholics… At the same time, he is part of the “Abrahamic House” in Abu Dhabi, where the co-existence of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity will be practiced.

PHOTO: The monument of Patriarchal arrogance, a hagiography in the lobby of Saint Nicholas of Ground Zero, picturing him at the same level as Saint Nicholas, instead of kneeling before him asking for forgiveness…

The recent developments and the road to Catastrophe… 

In the last ten years, his personality flaws and heresies were only a tiny part of Bartholomew’s disastrous tenure.  After the 2014 coup d’etat in Kiev, Bartholomew became a tool of the globalist cabal that sought to destroy Orthodoxy.  He was bribed with $25 million to grant the Tomos of Autocephaly to 20% of Ukrainian Orthodox, who now have turned to violently suppressing the 70% of Orthodox belonging to the UOC (under the Moscow Patriarchate). I remember writing 5-6 years ago that this may end the Constantinople Patriarchate as we know it.  So far, we have witnessed the Schism in Orthodoxy, while the final, inevitable for most analysts, victory of the Russians in Ukraine, along with their alliance with the Turks, will likely bring about many more problems, including the possibility of the Patriarchate being forced out of Turkey.  Last year the Turks turned Agia Sophia into a Mosque.  A few days ago, during the taking of the oath ceremony of President Erdogan, Bartholomew was “proudly” sitting on the left of the Turkish President while on his right (photo below) was Ali Erbas, the Muslim scholar who did the Muslim prayer in Agia Sophia last year!!  How long will it take for the Turks (probably pronged by the Russians) to kick Bartholomew and his degenerates out of Istanbul? Who is going to save the Phanar? The State Department, who, for fifty years, did not lift a finger to reopen the Halki Seminary?

The money flows to the Phanar and the new sources of income… 

The common denominator for all decisions made in Phanar is money.  We have written extensively about the many millions ($10 million?) of cash from the Greek Foreign ministry annually, going to Instmbul with the diplomatic mail… And we all know about the Church of America and other Churches paying millions annually…  I am sure you heard about Bartholomew’s recent visit to Italy;  He did not go there to pay his respects to his “Catholic Brothers”… The main reason for his visit is to collect the “8 per thousand”,  the compulsory tax for all Italians given to the religion of their choice.  And this amount is about $4 million per year… Did you also know that the Greek government pays the salaries of all the Phanar Hierarchs and priests in Europe? Yes, my friends, as Met. Emmanuel and his “assistant” Maximos were having fun with Bulgarian gay escorts in the building of the Metropolis of Paris, they were collecting a salary from the bankrupt country of Greece!! Shameless!!… And we have heard numerous reports of Met. Emmanuel’s (the “Foreign Minister” of Phanar) visits to Kiev, from where he usually goes straight to Switzerland carrying several suitcases, some filled with cash.  How much cash went to his joint account with Bartholomew and how much was diverted elsewhere is a different story…

“Why do they need so much money, if not for personal enrichment?” you may ask. And the answer is yes, their goal is nothing else than personal enrichment…  Enjoyment of all kinds of luxuries, is their “soft spot”… The Patriarch himself lives in the wealthiest neighborhood of Istanbul, overlooking the Bosporus in a multi-million dollar villa, partially bought with Greek-American donations!… Emmanuel, Maximos, and many others, often take luxurious vacations in exotic places…

But in recent years, it seems they have discovered a new source of income from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Gulf Arab states… The photo below is from a few years ago, when Metropolitan Emmanuel of France traveled to Riyadh, at the invitation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to chair the Board of Directors of the International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID), following his recent election as president there.  The Secretary General of KAICIID and the Advisor to the Court of His Royal Highness, Faisal bin Abdulrahman bin Muammar, welcomed the Metropolitan of France to Riyadh (photo below).  Emmanuel wanted to take his “assistant” Maximos with him on that particular trip, but Pat. Bartholomew, probably conscious of the brutal treatment of gays in Saudi Arabia, did not allow it… More recently, the “Phanar Hierarchs” discovered a new source of money from Qatar and other Gulf States… God only knows the real reasons why the Arabs pay them…

Celebrating the Patriarch’s Name Day in the “Gay Temple”

And so we reach the current events: the planned for tomorrow’s celebration of the Patriarch’s Name Day in the “Gay Temple” of St.Barts in Manhattan (official invitation above)… How “Gay” is that temple? Please look at their website, where a section named “Faith in color” includes events and photos mocking the Holy Cross with a rainbow banner and the LGBTQ sign on top instead of ΙΝΒΙ…

This pile of sins and heresies had a severe effect, especially in the grounded in tradition GOA, where the faithful leave the Churches in droves.  We wish that this was the real reason behind the recent apology Pat. Bartholomew “for mishandling the issues pertaining to the Archdiocese of America and the Greek-American Community. The issues have arisen from the decisions of Thursday, October 8, 2020, regarding the abrogation of the Charter of the Archdiocese, the dethronement of Metropolitan Evangelos of New Jersey, and the imposition of a suspension upon Metropolitan Methodios of Boston”. We wish that he wanted to show that he would change…


But we are afraid that in the byzantine corridors of the Phanar, there is no room for sincere apologies, and the main reason for this “apology” is politicking: the undermining of AB Elpidophoros’s desperate efforts to consolidate power in GOA as his successor is being prepared to take over.  A sincere apology by Pat. Bartholomew would be a recognition that all his endless mistakes regarding GOA stemmed from the fact that the degenerates of the “Unholy” Synod of Constantinople are in NO position to make decisions for the Church of America. They should grant this Church some form of Autocephaly, modeled after the Autocephalous Church of Crete or a variation of this.

During his 30-yr tenure, the populous Hellenic Diaspora all over the Globe and especially in America, Canada, England, Australia, and Europe, was put under partial control of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, through the various prelates who succumbed to “visits” by Turkish consuls and other officials.   Secondly and most importantly, with his unfortunate decisions on Ukraine, he undermined Orthodoxy causing a Schism.  Hellenism has four Ecumenical Pillars: Navigation, Culture, Diaspora, and Orthodoxy.  Bartholomew reduced the last two to a fraction of their importance just ten years ago, so he will pass to History as the greatest traitor Hellenism has had in modern times.  Bartholomew is the cause of the biggest modern disasters for both Orthodoxy and Hellenism.

June 9, 2023,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



PHOTO BELOW: A member of the Helleniscope team passed by Saint Barts in Manhattan today and took a photo of the “Gay Temple”, with its “Faith In Full Color” sign outside… All ready to celebrate the leader of the “Gay Brotherhood” of Phanar, Bartholomew…


  1. My friends who attended the last St. Bart’s celebration reported feeling horrified by the infamous gay rainbow flag outside church but nobody said anything to Elpidoforos.
    But they observed Anglican bishops looked quite proud, after all, they won the victory of contaminating Orthodoxy.

  2. “To those who scorn the venerable and holy ecumenical Synods, and who despise even more their dogmatic and canonical traditions; and to those who say that all things were not perfectly defined and delivered by the synods, but that they left the greater part mysterious, unclear, and untaught, ANATHEMA.”

    “To those who hold in contempt the sacred and divine canons of our blessed fathers, which, by sustaining the holy Church of God and adorning the whole Christian Church, guide to divine reverence, ANATHEMA.”

    “To all things innovated and enacted contrary to the Church tradition, teaching, and institution of the holy and ever-memorable fathers, or to anything henceforth so enacted, ANATHEMA.”

    The Example of St. Maximus the Confessor

  3. Canon XLV of the Holy Apostles
    “Let any Bishop, or Presbyter, or deacon that merely joins in prayer with heretics be suspended, but if he had permitted them to perform any service as Clergymen, let him be deposed.”

    Canon LXV of the Holy Apostles:
    “If any clergymen, or laymen, enter a synagogue of Jews, or of heretics, to pray, let him be both deposed and excommunicated.”

    Interpretation by Saint Nikodemos
    The present Canon reckons it a great sin for a Christian to enter a synagogue of Jews or of heretics in order to pray. “For what portion hath a believer with an infidel?” (II Cor. 6:15), according to the divine Apostle. For if the Jews themselves are violating the Law by going into their synagogues and offering sacrifices, in view of the fact that the offering of sacrifices anywhere outside of Jerusalem is forbidden, according to the Law (as is attested by divine St. Justin in his dialogue with Tryphon, and by Sozomenus in his Ecclesiastical History, Book 5, ch. 21, and by St. Chrysostom in his second discourse against the Jews), how much more is not that Christian violating the law who prays along with the crucifiers of Christ? Moreover, it is also to be emphasized that any church of heretics, or any religious meeting of theirs, ought not to be honored or attended, but rather ought to be despised and rejected, on the ground that they believe things contrary to the beliefs of Orthodox Christians. Hence it is that the present Canon ordains that if any clergyman or layman enters the synagogue of the Jews or that of heretics for the sake of prayer, the clergyman shall be deposed from office and at the same time be excommunicated on the ground that he has committed a great sin, but as for the layman he is to be excommunicated only, since, inasmuch as he is a layman, he has sinned to a less degree than has the clergyman, in so doing, and because as a layman he is not liable to deposition and cannot therefore be deposed. Or, to speak more correctly, as others interpret the matter, the clergyman that enters a synagogue of Jews or heretics to pray shall be deposed from office, while any layman that does the same thing shall be excommunicated. Read also the interpretation of Ap. c. VII and that of Ap. c. XLV.

  4. Since Elpithoforos and gang don’t mind conducting services in a protestant church that flies the LGBTQLMNOPQRSTUV+=%-0.0001 (I’m being sarcastic) -flag, which in effect represents sodomy-(because the definition of homosexual “sex” is sodomy), and since he doesn’t mind conducting services in a “church” that celebrates “Pride” which is pride for what? Sodomizing? and since he doesn’t mind going to a “church” that desecrates the symbol of the Orthodox Church and of all Christianity-the cross-by showing on their church website an image of a cross, with the flag of sodomy on it, and the words INBI removed and instead replaced with the phrase “LGBTQ+” which is blasphemous, then I have a great venue for his next vespers- THE SATANIC TEMPLE! Why not? one blasphemous place is as good as another. You should plan the next vespers there Elpithoforos! I’m sure they will welcome you with OPEN ARMS! Does everyone realize that by doing vespers in this “church”, Elpithoforos is saying (without actually saying it), that all of this I just described is OK??? That is the message he is sending as the leader of our church in America. Those who will go tomorrow, how will you answer God one day when he asks you, why did you go to such a blasphemous place? and why did you condone this blasphemy against me? What are you going to tell him? You think God will allow you into his home after this? You think God will welcome you? You think he will continue to bless you while you are on earth? This is not a game. The wrath of God was brought upon Sodom and Gomorrah because the people at that time had reached such a level of immorality -specifically HOMOSEXUAL activity -(because that goes against the nature of what God created), that God did what he did. Do we not understand???

  5. NYC is now considered a global city. Alas, Bart has given himself over to Satan just as many administrations have in the government. These are the times we live. Each Christian has a decision to make – attend such churches or pray in your own home. A dark veil has covered America. I am so sorry, so sad, but my strength comes from God alone. I wait for his instructions.

    This article had to be very painful to write. But we shall not submit, yield, or obey Satan’s minions.

    Thank you, Μr. Nick.

  6. Elpithoforus preach!
    It’s unbelievable how gay mafia bamboozled the masses & not enough fight back. I recall hearing videos of Vassula Ryden a Greek Orthodox “prophetess” speak out against homosexual agenda infiltrating church.
    Last I heard she was excommunicated by
    Patriarch Bartholomew.

  7. Αυτός όπου νάναι θα ψοφήσει αλλά το κακό που
    έχει κάνει δυστυχώς θα το συνεχίσουν
    όλοι αυτοί οι μνηστήρες που αφήνει πίσω του με
    πρωτοπαλίκαρο τον Αμερικής , ο λύκος μέσα
    σ’ένα απέραντο κοπάδι αμνών. Δυστυχώς η
    μαχόμενη γενιά πνέει τα λίσθια ανίκανη πλέον
    ν’αντιμετοπίσει λύκους και τσακάλια και η
    καινούργια γενιά που παρέλαβε την σκυτάλη είναι
    σχεδόν αφομειομένη , εντελώς αθώα και αδιάφορη, αφήνοντας το πεδίον δράσεως ελεύθερον στις ορέξεις των δούλων της
    παγκοσμιοποίησης . Η μόνη πλέον ελπίδα μας είναι οι προσευχές μας στα εικονοστάσια των
    σπιτιών μας. Ας ευχηθούμε να μην προλάβουμε
    να δούμε στις Εκκλησιές μας κοκκινοσκούφηδες………να συλλειτουργούν με
    τους δικούς μας γιατί αν δεν γίνει κάποιο θαύμα
    οδηγούμεθα προς αυτήν την απαράδεχτη
    ιεροσυλία. Η ζωή μας σκόπιμα θα γίνει πολύ δύσκολη και θα χρησιμοποιούν μεθόδους υποταγής για να μας παρέχουν τα αναγκαία για
    την επιβίωση , οι αρνούμενοι την υποταγή στους
    άθεους θα διόκονται , έχουμε ήδη πολλά παραδείγματα πιστών κληρικών που εξεδιώχθηκαν γιατί άκουσαν την συνείδησή των
    και δεν υπάκουσαν στους ακατανόμαστους ανωτέρους των οι οποίοι τεχνηέντως και με τα
    βδελυρά τσιράκια των…. λιμαίνονται τον μόχθον
    και τον ιδρώτα των πιστών και να ζούν όχι σαν
    κληρικοί αλλά σαν Πασάδες , έτοιμοι να κατασπαράξουν αυτούς που έχουν το θάρρος να
    λέγουν την αλήθεια.
    Κύριε Ιησού Χριστέ Ελέησόν μας.

    • Ας πάμε στη Νέα Υόρκη αύριο κύριε καπετάνιο και να σώσουμε την εκκλησία μας. είσαι αρχηγός και ο κόσμος θα σας ακολουθήσει. Why are we not organizing, if we had we would have had more people outside protesting then inside. Clergy and laity alike will show up to something like this if we plan it right and under the right leadership. We are stronger together and need to start organizing.

      • “This type requires prayer and FASTING”… [..In this case, “Starve him out!” ]

        – If people walk out of every service he shows up to, leaving him in an empty building,
        – If people stop donating until he resigns, STARVING out his beloved cashflow,
        – If people leave for more traditional Orthodox jurisdictions,

        If this occurs on a large scale, at some point he would naturally be instructed by his “owners” to take a one-way trip back home as a “failed cash collector & failed deceiver of the flock”…

      • Το κακό προχώρησε πολύ και οι συντρόφοι για αγώνες λιγοστοί και
        υπερφορτωμένοι στα χρόνια.
        Η ομογένεια του Μεγάλου ηγέτη Ιακώβου
        που έτρεχε και έκανε ογκώδεις διαμαρτυρίες έξω από τις Πρεσβείες, τα
        Προξενεία τα Ηνωμένα Έθνη και τον
        Λευκό…… Οίκο δεν υπάρχει πλέον,
        έμεινε Ορφανή από ηγέτη και από σφαίρες . Οι λίγες φωνές που ακόμη
        φωνάζουν είναι μια ελπίδα προς την
        Άνοιξη , ας την πλαισιώσουμε , ας την
        ενισχύσουμε τοποθετώντας γερά
        καντρώνια ….στο πάτωμα που στηρίζεται
        από πολύ σκληρό ξύλο που να μην
        πριονίζετσι από τους πληρωμένους
        Φίλες και φίλοι ένα ζευγάρι κούκων μπορεί να κρατήσει την Ελπίδα ζωντανή
        και να ξαναδούμε την Άνοιξη, όμως για να επιβιώσουν οι κούκοι χρειάζονται τροφή για να έχουν γερά φτερά και
        δυνατή φωνή που θα σπάζει τα τύμπανα ακοής αυτών που έχουν βαλθεί να καταστρέψουν τον Ελληνισμό και την
        Ορθόδοξη πίστη μας.

  8. I live 12 hours away. If I were able to go I would hold a sign that quotes Romans or Leviticus. Or a sign that says ΝΤΡΟΠΗ! ΑΝΑΞΙΟΣ! Or UNORTHODOX!

  9. Take Heed Elpidoktonos:
    You continuously live in the dark polluting the GOA with your heresy filth! We the people DEMAND YOUR IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION. NOW!!!

    The Lamp of the Body~
    Mathew 6:23 “The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good (healthy), your whole body will be full of light. 23 But if your eye is bad (unhealthy), your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

    Equally as important is the verse which follows:
    You Cannot Serve God and Riches~
    Mathew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money”.

    King Soloman, the wealthiest man in the entire world who wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes after weighing everything and seeking to place value on things, condenses life into a simple statement concluding with the following:
    Chapter 12:13 “Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind. 14 For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil”.

    I speak to Elpidorphoros and his unholy brotherly alliances directly~ ANAXIOS! ANATHEMA!
    We know exactly who you are and what you and AB Bartholomew espouse, how you conduct your lives and exert your influence upon others thereby corrupting them as one who lives in the darkness dwells with evil. It as clear as MUD. None of us are pure, nor holy, or nor cleansed, but are redeemed with humility and God’s unmerited grace, if we submit to our Lord and Savior turning away from evil for good with repentance. I speak truths rooted in the Bible by saying you make a mockery out of Christ and why He died on the cross for all of mankind. I pray for your soul. It is not too late. But on the day Jesus returns, your final judgement will await.

  10. “We have found this man to be a troublemaker. He starts quarrels among all Jews throughout the world. He’s a ringleader of the Nazarene sect. He also entered the temple courtyard in a way that violates our tradition. So we arrested him. When you cross-examine him, you’ll be able to find out from him that our accusations are true.”

    The Jews supported Tertullus’ accusations and asserted that everything Tertullus said was true.

    God does not send Jesus this time .. to confront the Emperor of Rome , Washington, Jerusalem and the Zionist high priest of Israel and America ..he sends the Jewish Convert Apostle Paul ..who persecuted , arrested and murderered the Clergy and Jewish Converts to Christianity to bring “Truth” to Christians of the World.. as to who and why they have provoked a “Holocaust” of the Orthodox Christian follower of the Original Church of Christ in Ukraine and Christians of ,Russia, Eastern Europe, America and the world ……

    Paul defended himself by saying, “I haven’t broken any Jewish law or done anything against the temple or the emperor.” And so haven’t the leaders of the Original Church of Christ ..the Orthodox Monks , Clergy, Nuns and Faithful of the Ukraine, Monks of Mt. Athos, Greece , or the leader of the Evangelical Christian populace of America …Donald Trump….

    God does not send Jesus this time .. to confront the Emperor of Rome and Washington, adn the Zionist high priest of Israel and America ..he sends the Jewish Convert Apostle Paul ..who persecuted , arrested and murderered the Clergy and Jewish Converts to Christianity, and knows exactly what Zionist Joe Biden, George Soros, and U.S congress are doing …..

    to tell

    The Orthodox Christian faithful and Clergy of the Original Church of Christ of Ukraine , Russia ,Eastern Europe, middle East and Vatican of Mt. Athos Greece, why they are being persecuted , arrested and murdered , not because they spread Russian Propaganda , but because they are the “Influence Peddlers of God and Christianity”, who are the Caretakers of the Christian World … and are obligated to do what Christ and the Apostles did 2000 years ago … confront the Evil U.S empire and the High Priests of America and bring truth to the world mobilize 2.5 billion Christians .. to cleanse the U.S government and the Vassal government of Greece and Nato to stop their genocide and Holocaust of millions of Orthodox Christians and Christians of Ukraine and Eastern Europe whose Nationalism and Identity is built on the foundation of Traditional Orthodox Christian Values …and must be removed.!

    Mistotakis and Bartholomew have already surrendered Greece Nationalism, and now are erasing the National Identity and foundation of Greece the “Original Church of of Christ” the Orthodox Church. to the “Influence Peddlers of the Satanic Cult of America led by Self Proclaimed Zionist Joe Biden and the ruling crime families of the Republican and Democratic parties , who believe they have already erased the Nationalism of America and its Christian identity!

    This is what they were born to do for to save Christians of the Ukraine, America, Europe and World .. And 2.5 billion Christians will Crush the “Most Degenerate Demonically Spirited subhumans in the History of Man … the Zionist Government of the United States of America!

    Of course the Clergy of the Original Church of Christ must confront this evil Apostle Paul and Martin luther King Jr…to bring truth to 2.5 billion Christians.who have been deceived to believe by the Great decievers army of Fox News that America has been the “Saviors of the World ” when they have been the destroyers of Christianity, and leave the Caretakers of Christianity little choice but to put them out of business as the Original Church of Christ led by Jesus and the Apostles,like Paul did …2000 years ago!

    Paul tells the Orthodox Christian Churches ..he is here now .. to fight the good fight….and they have been given not only the privilege of trusting in Christ, but the priviledge of suffering for him……

    “Don’t be intimidated by your enemies. This will be a sign to them that they are going to be destroyed, but that you are going to be saved, even by God himself. For you have been given not only the privilege of trusting in Christ but also the privilege of suffering for him. We are in this fight together. You have seen me suffer for him in the past, and you know that I am still in the midst of this great struggle”.

    Time for Orhtodox Chrfistian faithful to stop beign onlookers to Crfmes against humanity and start being fighters for humanity ….

  11. Well, that was very well said, Elpithoforos, (as an aside, I must ask why on earth you have taken on such an Alias ) but you do realize that in all likelihood, Patriarch Bartholomew probably already has already worshipped his father Satan at a SATANIC TEMPLE (FREEMASON LODGE), just not in public. He probably did so in the company of Grand Commander Archbishop Sotirios and Elpidophoros and all the other gay hierarchs he promoted to those positions. Clearly, these people do not believe in the Bible, or if they do, as the devil also believes in God but does not love or obey Him, they too, neither love or obey Him, but willfully oppose Him. Great will be their downfall if they do not repent, which if they did, they may find themselves just as murder-martyred as Patriarch Demetrios, since they are all very likely high ranking Masons who are sworn to secrecy… or else !

    • Arrow:
      it’s not just Holy Bible that’s imperative to guide us, it’s also our illumined Orthodox Saints who’ve reached Theosis!
      They had the experiential testimony of the Living God and condemn everything from Black Bart and Elps.
      Kyrie Eleison.


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